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Kroger reviews & complaints

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Kroger - Pharmacy

The pharmacy used to be top notch. We moved there because of issues with our previous pharmacy. The past year this pharmacy has gotten terrible and is now doing exactly like the one we left before! Rarely answers calls, the drive thru window has been closed for a very long time (which means going inside and possible exposures). I had one rx which was a controlled substance and they issued it out to someone NOT me or my family! When asked about if I or they needed to report it, I was told "No, happens a lot". What?!?! They have lost scrips, don't stock maintenance meds we use all the time and then give us grief about needing a few days worth until they can restock it. They make it seem our fault by saying we need to call it in sooner—we call in our meds a week out. If we call it in sooner, they say it's too soon! When I've asked who to talk to about it, I'm told they're sorry for inconvenience but what can they do? How about get and train proper staff and teach them some customer service instead of being rude and dismissive?!

Desired outcome: Fix the issues!

The Kroger Pharmacy in Corinth, MS used to be the best in town. Not that way any more. I had noticed a big change in about the last year or so. I realize that people are short staffed because people won’t work. Most of the problem is with this one woman that works there. I don’t know if she was not cut out to be a pharmacist but thinks she is/was. Something needs to change in a hurry. They have lost several customers who have been with them for years and years over this one female pharmacist. She needs another lesson or two in social skills. They need to really evaluate and see if they can find someone who can deal with the public in a more professional manner.

Kroger - Pharmacy

The Martinsville, VA Kroger Pharmacy used to be very efficient, however, in the last couple of months, it is a disaster! When I use the automated system to refill my prescriptions and I get a pick up time, my prescriptions are NEVER ready. So I started waiting an extra 2 days, sometimes their ready and sometimes their not. But the most frustrating of all is the wait, which is 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours! The pharmacy line, no matter what time you go is backed up to at least the first self check out and last night the line was to the front door. Perhaps Kroger is getting a lot more prescriptions to fill because honestly, it is cheaper there with Good Rx, but if the volume is to blame, then the Martinsville, VA Kroger Pharmacy needs a bigger Pharmacy area with more people working.

Desired outcome: Better wait time and prescriptions ready when they say they're ready

Kroger - Kroger wireless

My phone that I bought from Frys three years ago, stopped working and kroger wireless customer support is non - existent. Sprint won't support my phone and kroger wireless support cannot be reached. It's impossible. The customer server number will not go through. When the automated message asked if you would like english, press one, nothing happens and the line disconnects and hangs up.
However, you guys had no problem to automatically take my monthly payment. So now I have a phone that don't work with no support and I'm out the monthly payment plus the fees from my bank to stop future payments. Kroger has flat out stolen from me. And I'm telling everyone I meet even if I see them on the street. Plus, I'm posting it everywhere. [protected]

Desired outcome: phone fixed or money back


Kroger - Heart failure/diabetic patient not getting prescribed medications in a timely manner from kroger's pharmacy!

On 1/10/22, my doctor called in 6 prescriptions for me at the Elizabethtown, KY Kroger Pharmacy — they only filled 3. I have Type 2 Diabetes and Congestive Heart Failure, and my medications are due...

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Kroger - Refund never given for non delivery of grocery order

Delivery order never arrived. Promised refund within ten days. Never got one. Tried calling multiple times and emailing and using chat options and can not get through or anyone to help. If I ever connect the connection is garbled and can't even communicate. Wait times are 30 min but just get disconnected. Trying for call back and nothing works. Worst customer service of all time. And where is my refund? Likely other times this happened that mu groceries didn't show up a couple times over last two years I just trusted the retune would happen and didn't check my accounts. I now regret that trust. This is worst service by a company I have had in decades. Terrible.

Desired outcome: My money back.

Kroger - Pharmacy

I have given chance after chance on staying with Kroger Pharmacy. They are the rudest staff ever. For the third month in a row, when I would call to see if my prescriptions were ready, I was told...

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Kroger - Boost

My experience with Boost has been horrible. I feel like I wasted my money. They rarely have sale items. I usually have to go to my local store anyway to return items I didn't want. For example, once I asked for a pork tenderloin, and I received a rack of ribs. Today my shopper included a ham, even though I told her I didn't want it, because she didn't know how to remove it from the order. I'm done using this service, and I'm done with Kroger.

Desired outcome: Don’t know.

Kroger - Boost

The Boost program is awful. You have to use it right away to see if you like it because there is only a 7 day refund policy once you sign up. The company that runs this program is not Kroger and the delivery is not free because you will still pay a tip. Also, you CANNOT use coupons. I was 2 days late with my request to disenroll so I'm stuck having to have paid $59 and no delivery service. Don't enroll!

Desired outcome: Refund

Kroger - Store Manager

The store manager at 5400 Cornerstone N Blvd. Dayton, Ohio is absolutely TERRIBLE! This woman is so rude and ignorant to her employees is crazy. Evelyn is her name and I witnessed her being rude to her employees and none to friendly to customers. The complaints that you hear from employees while working as she was belittling someone was sad and uncalled for.

Desired outcome: This woman should not be a manager.

Dec 30, 2021

Kroger - Grocery Pickup - Charging for Items not Received

We've tried their grocery pick-up service several times now, and have problems every time, usually related to our grocery order not being ready on time (you can spend 2 hours waiting in the parking lot), or substitutions being made on items when we'd requested no substitutions.
However, with our most recent pickup, the store charged us over $130 for items we didn't get! It was things our family really needed; like like diapers for our twins. Now we are about to run out of diapers, and we're also out over $130. This is completely unacceptable; this store not only needs to make this right, but they also need to review how they are running their pickup service, to make sure this doesn't happen to other families.

I placed this order through the Kroger app on 12/28/2021. The order was supposed to be ready by 5pm EST 12/29/2021. It was not brought out and placed in our truck until 7pm. After getting home with the order we realized how many things were missing. Order#[protected]

Desired outcome: Refund or the groceries we paid for but didn't get

Kroger - Deli party platters

I ordered $500 in party platters for my Christmas parties and they were distorted . I ask for no lettuce due to my mother and daughter both can not eat lettuce as they break out in hives and this was on my order but they ignored it on all four platters of sandwiches and pinwheel platters. The brownie platter was supposed to be 16 count and it was only 12 and they were stacked on each other cause them all to stick together and then when they put the lid on them they pushed it down on the edge of the brownies causing the brownies to squeeze out all around the side of the container, I couldn't even fix them they were all smashed together like a big mess I had to throw out. The only 2 platters that were correct was the fruit and vegetables trays. I had 5 trays that's were horrible and it was the day before my party and couldn't reorder so I was in a position and had no choice. I had to go and buy bread, meats, cheese and make sandwich platters with no lettuce after spending all that money. My party was not the way I wanted it to be because of the way you employees didn't care enough to do the trays the way they were ordered. They showed me the paper were it said no lettuce. The pinwheels are too hard to just unwrap and take the lettuce out so they were trashed as well. The cookie platter they just didn't make because it was on the back of the paper so no one saw that part of the order. It was a huge mess and I asked for a discount and they did nothing I was ignored. I have been buying trays from Kroger for years and I spend a lot of money for these trays to be good and correct. I would like to be compensated in some way for this big mess or I will never return to Kroger again for any more of my party's. Very disappointed customer.

Desired outcome: Some kind of compensation

Horrible experience

Party trays were all ruined and looked like 5 year old children put them together. I had to put my own trays together as fast as I could after picking up these trays at the last minute I had to take them with lettuce after I told them no lettuce but when I tried to remove the lettuce the pinwheels fell apart. I felt so sick knowing I had people coming to my party expecting food. I’m so disappointed over all this. They knew the trays were all wrong but offered no discount or to remake them.


Kroger - Slip and fall accident warning

Be wary when dealing with The Kroger Company if you have been injured at any of its business premises, like Fred Meyer or QFC. Because it self-insures, Kroger uses Sedgwick, a claims administrator, to handle its claims. Sedgwick thinks nothing of employing improper and dishonest claims settlement practices, including overdue responses to demand letters, low-ball settlement offers, and improperly deducting medical expenses that were paid under your own health insurance provider (Google "collateral source rule").

Be smart and hire an experienced personal injury attorney if you have significant medical expenses and/or permanent residual effects. Otherwise, you will be at Sedgwick's and Kroger's mercy and get nothing or next to nothing when you settle your claim, just like I did.

If customers knew how dismissive Kroger is of its victims just to protect its bottom line, they would refuse to shop at Kroger or any of its subsidiaries.

Kroger - Wokism

I have shopped Kroger's for over 30 years. It is one of my favorite grocery stores. But sadly they have become the most Woke grocery store out there. How about you just sell groceries and treat everyone with respect. Between you and CVS, I will have to start shopping elsewhere. It is not a sin to say miss or sir. You should not be forcing your employees to embrace LGBTQ.


Being 'woke' does mean exactly what you want the store to do. "Sell groceries and treat everyone with respect."

Which is what they are doing. You want the stores to not care about anyone except people that are like you or think the way you think and being a rude person. That's wrong. I'm glad that stores and hopefully you will start treating everyone with respect. No matter if they don't say Sir or Miss or love a person that is their same sexual orientation.

Your committing a sin. "By not loving your neighbor." Mark 12:31

31 The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ No other commandment is greater than these.”

Kroger - 3rd party pre-paid cards.

I went into a Smith's grocery here in Las Vegas. Grabbed a $50 i - tunes gift card, case of water on the ay to cash register to pay. I was charged appropriately and went on my way exiting the store...

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Dec 06, 2021

Kroger - Harrasment

I work at a store in Kroger's company I witnessed an employee she targeted by them . The managers and the managers friends employees and girlfriend employee they are so mean to her . If anyone nice to her or be friends her they talk so bad about her and she a good worker a caring person. They have pushed her I thought she was going to commit suicide she was saying life not worth it. You guys need to get on your managers and teach them how to be it's not right what they are doing

Desired outcome: To monitor your managers

Dec 05, 2021

Kroger - Order pick up time

Your customer care page sucks and will NOT let me submit my complaint so here goes. I did an online order 12.3.21 for pick up between 4 p.m. - 5 p.m. on 12.4.21. I received a text message stating...

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Kroger - Pharmacy

Avoid the pharmacy at Cave Spring Corners in Roanoke, VA. Today I showed up for my vaccine booster shot appointment, only to be told "you'll have to come back sometime later". Apparently nobody in...

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Kroger - Alcohol return

I reviewed the grocery ad for Fry's (Kroger) on Wednesday, November 24th. There was included in the ad where you could get 25% discount on wine if six bottles were purchased. I purchased six bottles of wine and when I got home I noted on receipt that I only received 10% discount instead of the 25% discount I was anticipating. I then looked at the weekly ad again and noted in small print that this discount was only good November 26, 27, and 28. I called the store on November 26th and asked if I could return the six bottles (10% discounted) on November 26th and repurchase, thus, getting the 25% discount. They said that I could not do this -- that they did not take alcohol returns. Why can I not return this unopened alcohol? There is no law in Arizona that alcohol cannot be returned and I do have my receipt.

Desired outcome: Would like them to refund me the additional 15% if I go back to the store with the wine.

Kroger - Sub: Complaint Letter for Poor Customer & Management Service

November 22, 2021

Kroger Marketplace #697

318 Mall Blvd Suite 100

Savannah, GA 31406


Scarlett Brown

424 Elkins Cemetery Road

Guyton, GA 31312


Sub: Complaint Letter for Poor Customer & Management Service

I am writing to express my concerns about a recent incident I experienced at Kroger Store #697. I would like to bring to your attention the fact that I received extremely poor customer service during my last shopping trip, which took place on 11/22/21approximately 10:30am.

While shopping, I notice a sales associate wearing a red vest watching me throughout the store. The associate followed down 4 different aisle but discreetly kept her distance.

My last stop was to pick up my medication from the Pharmacy while purchasing two last items that I forgot before leaving the store. Now the sales associate is less than 4 feet away from me at the register paying for my medications. Now she is 2 feet away from me at the register looking at my items.

I turned to the sales associate to ask her why she was following me in the store. She stated she worked at Kroger and she could walk anywhere she wanted too. I asked her once again why she was following me in the store. The associate continued to deny she was following me. I asked the associate if she was in line to pick up medication and she stated "No". So then I asked her once again why are you following me.

The associate stated she knew I had coupons and wanted to make sure I was not trying to use the coupons again.

I told the sales associate how I could use coupons to pick up medications. The sales associate continued to raise her voice with several other customers being present.

I went to customer service to ask for the manager of the store. A woman named Stephanie asked me what my issues were. I once again asked for the store manager.

Within 5 minutes of waiting for the manager of the store, the assistant manager came out of the office to speak to me. The assistant manager told me without a word being spoken by me. It was the sales associate's job to follow me in the store. It was her job to make sure I was not using additional coupons in the store.

At this point once again I was targeted and harassed for no reason.

I am a frontline health care worker and I always try to treat people fairly. I also know there are two sides of every story. This store constantly stands by targeting African American people for no reason. Me picking up medication had nothing to do with the early purchase that day using coupons. Last time I checked all money was green and nobody really cared what color you were so long you were spinning $$$ it.

I can say this is not true for store #697.

We ALL have the right to shop any store we choose whether or not you are African American, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, or White. No matter what race, sex, or color he or she may be. It shouldn't matter whether a person is using a coupon or a EBT Government Assistance Card. There should be no form of judgement by any employee of any facility.

I hope to hear back from you about this incident soon. Please contact at your earliest convenience at [protected], or email me at [protected]

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.


Scarlett Brown

Dear Scarlett,

I am not a Kroger employee. In fact I have an enormous complaint (although dissimilar to yours) against a Kroger Pharmacy in Garland, Texas, Have you heard from them as of yet? Was this ever resolved?

-Jonathan E. Kiser


Kroger - fuel island / fuel points / customer service hours

Kroger store; 3095 Goodman Rd E. Southaven, MS. 38672.
I show 209 points on my card. went to get fuel and pump only recognized 10 cents instead of 20. WHY ? went to ask attendant, he had "O" clue on why it was doing that and did not even offer a solution. Does Kroger not hire people that have knowledge of their position, or area they are working?
Went inside store to try Customer Service and they were "CLOSED"? Why is customer service desk closed when the store is still open? Does Kroger not feel the need to have people in key positions the entire time the store is open?
This store continually fails on service and product availability. I try to use it because it is close to my house, but I find myself traveling a few miles further to a different kroger that is much much better organized and managed.

Desired outcome: Hire people that care about customers.

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