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Kroger Complaints & Reviews

Kroger / shopping

Terri Wyatt on May 25, 2017
I went grocery shopping around 10:30-11 am today, a Thursday. Every single aisle had an employee stocking items blocking the aisles and products. When I got to the meat section, I wasn't even able to select what I needed because of two employees restocking and changing the meat with their...

Kroger / self checkout

Ladysan1 on May 24, 2017
The employee that is suppose to be at the checkout area is never around. Sometimes you have to wait over five minutes for someone to come. The can extremely rude to the customers. I rather got Walmart than go to Kroger at least Walmart's employees stay in their spot and are there to help...

Kroger / store not meeting community expectations/needs

dplv on May 24, 2017
Our local Kroger grocery store is filled with wonderful, pleasant, helpful, and hard-working employees. That being said, the store is hard to enter and exit (due to only ONE door). The store is so jammed that it is hard to find things. Many items of use to serious cooks/chefs are not...

Kroger / pharmacy

Chasedavis on May 23, 2017
My wife went to fill her perception and was accused of being a pill head and that her chart was flagged. Now we found out she has the same name and birthday as another person, but there was really no excuse for the way she was treated. this occurred at the Jonesboro Arkansas Kroger on...

Kroger / store extremely rude to anyone using coupons

Allie M on May 22, 2017
I shop regularly at Kroger and most stores are very friendly. However, the one at 1920 E League City Pkwy in League City, Tx has the rudest customer service managers I have ever encountered. I do not ever print coupons online as I realize that many are fraudulent. The ones I use are...

Kroger / Bakery

Pamela Scott on May 22, 2017
On May 10, 2017 I ordered a blaze birthday cake for my son's 2nd birthday party on May 20, 2017. I walked in 2:40pm to pick up his cake and they did not have my order. They couldn't find my ticket. His party was for 3pm and my receipt was in the car. I asked for a manager multiple times. I...

Kroger / manager

Dawn_Gray1977 on May 21, 2017
James Phillips manager at Kroger's in Sulphur, Louisiana is an ###. Have witnessed him talking down to multiple employees and threatening to write them up for no reason. Seems to me they were just doing their jobs but apparently not good enough for him. But from what I see as a...

Kroger / I fell at your store

letmesay on May 18, 2017
My husband and I were walking through the meat department of your Walton KY Kroger yesterday. All of a sudden, I am on the floor. My knee is bruised, swollen, and burnt from sliding it on the concrete floor. My toenails (I was in flip flops) were bent back and broken from trying to catch...

Kroger / Kroger clicklist

Jandkjude on May 16, 2017
I have tried giving click list multiple chances but multiple times have been given expired, moldy, or leaking products. I prurchased my items on Monday May 15 and picked them up around 2:15pm. I returned three items yesterday (two cauliflower and a bag of mandarin oranges)because they were...

Kroger / No registers barely open

Brityn Nichols on May 15, 2017
I am super upset with my recent trip to Kroger's on May 15 2017 around 830pm... I literally went in for a few items took me 2 minutes to grab I have a picture to prove the lines (2) one regular register and only 4 u scans open line went almost to the end of the store. I waited in line for...

Kroger / kroger brand peanut butter multigrain toasted cereal

Meichardsin442 on May 15, 2017
I purchased a box of cereal last week and was about 1/2 way through it when today I was pouring into my bowl and a big glob of cereal and peanut butter flies out. I wasn't to thrilled about a wet good being in my cereal. It smells funky and looks like the peanut butter is bad, if that'...

Krogers / Pharmacy

Dr. Scott Davis on May 15, 2017
I live in Cassopolis, MI, but it's 5 miles from the Elkhart, IN line so we do most of our shopping in Indiana. I'm disabled from failed spinal surgeries, that left me with 36 screws, 2 rods, 1 plate, and 2 pedicle bolts into my hips. Yeah, not a lot of fun, but often lots of pain. My...

Kroger / cashier customer service

MorganMartin on May 14, 2017
I came across a lane that was fairly short, so I got in line. I quickly realized it was 15 items or less, and since I had a total of 33 items sold, I proceeded to move to another lane. A Kroger employee, a man that I do not know the name of, was standing at the end of the lanes and told me...

Kroger / Canned goods

nicholekwee on May 12, 2017
On May 6 I purchased two cans (one of enchilada sauce and one or refried beans) from Kroger. The cans left dark rings on my wooden kitchen island that we cannot get off. I have never had this issue with canned goods purchased at Kroger before, but my kitchen island is now seems to be...

Kroger / Refusal of service animal

Sharon Bailey on May 12, 2017
11/30/2016 - I Sharon Bailey, had entered Kroger on Stone Drive in Kingsport Tennessee with my service dog, Bella. Upon entering the store and stopping at Customer Care to speak to my husband Ronald Bailey, Lori Odell called to another lady and pointed to me. Ms Hannah Bays, a manager...

Kroger / mrs white

Chris Stillman on May 10, 2017
I'm a customer that went into kroger on chenal and bought items and was told I have been there all day i'm handicap and have a learning disabilitie she is discriminating on me just because i'm different please do something about that I will if something doesn't so please I don't like being...

Kroger / Employment

Bonny1980 on May 9, 2017
I have done 4 or 5 application done 2 or 3 drug test. That is as far as it goes. I have nothing on my backround check. Never failed a drug test. Had an interview set for May 1st at 10 am. Just a quick reminder about your upcoming interview for the e-Commerce Selector position! Here are...

Kroger / self checkout

TuereE on May 8, 2017
On Sunday May 7, 2017 while at the self checkout line at approximately 4:45 pm. After the end of my transaction I requested $40 cash back. I walked away for a short while came back and the money was not there . When I advised the store clerk and management by the name of Michael they...

Kroger / Stalking

Ashleyy on May 5, 2017
May 04 2017 around 8:19pm, I enter the store & ask where can I buy a carton of cigarettes, a young lady told me go to register 9. So I walk to register 9 after a couple minutes the Cashier next to 9 by the name of Jahvisha said I can help, as I'm telling Jahvisha what I need she i...

Kroger / Service

DeBora McCrary on May 4, 2017
I recently went in the self check out at your Troy, MI store. I did so because I had several coupons and I didn't want to gold up A main check out line because I have experienced problems in the past with Krogers when it comes to couponing. After being overly anylized on every item, Diane...

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