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Complaints & Reviews

Kroger Pharmacy experience

I had a rough experience with a Pharmacist that acts like she doesn't like to answer questions. I was confused about an asthma inhaler product and thought some inhalers were HFA...


I had a interview 3/29/2020 in the Brighton Mi store I was told by the hiring manager they will never HIRE anyone that has a DUI on there records. No matter of the number of years. I had a DUI 10 yrs ago. I am going shout this to the world!!!

  • In
    Inarehe Mar 30, 2020

    I hope that the world tells you the truth. Thst this is your own fault. They did not force you to drink under the influence . You made this decision. Live with the consequences of YOUR actions.

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Kroger Same Day Delivery

Sunday, March 22, 2020, I placed an online order through the Kroger website to be delivered to me Monday, March 23, 2020, and I selected the time frame between 9 and 10 am, the whole total of my order came to the total of $27.29, and that's the end of the nice part because what happened to me afterwards was nothing but stressful!!!

Monday, March 23, 2020, I received a text from Kroger stating that my order was being prepared and I received other texts as well, fast forward to around 10 am I received a text message from them stating that my order was going to be arriving late, mind you this is two hours after the initial first text message from them.

Once my order did arrive, the milk was warm and all I had out of my original order was a loaf of bread.

Once I took the items out the bags I noticed that the receipt was missing so I went to my online account at their website, and this is where it gets really bad, I was seeing someone else's order on my account to the total amount of $143.59, I immediately got on the phone to complain about the charges, and have been getting the run around from them ever since I noticed those charges.

They have sent a charge to the bank in the amount of $145.59 ($143 plus $2 tip) thereby overdrawing my bank account, and their response is/was it's not our problem you deal with it because we are not responsible, and you need to straighten it out with the bank.

Two Kroger corporate supervisors told me this, but Kroger is the one who sent the wrong information to the bank in the first place, not me.

They have put me through stress all week long by hanging up on me several times, having me on hold for hours, and just plain on not really handling the whole situation properly.

I have documentation of everything that was done, and I even emailed them four times and have records of those emails as well, I also filed a BBB complaint on them that same day Monday, March 23, 2020, because they failed to respond to my questions concerning the overcharges, and now my account remains overdrawn by the $145.59, and their response is "You deal with it".

Okay I'm going to deal with it, so here it goes, what you put me through this past week has been nothing but stressful, to Kroger and it's employees that hung up on me and the ones who told me to deal with it, I'm doing just that.

Kroger is liable to me for any and all charges that may be outstanding, Kroger is also liable for all of the stress that it has caused me, and that is how I'm dealing with it!!!

If God has to intervene, then Kroger will have to deal with it!!!

I have stated more that I needed to, but they caused me a lot of stress just by not responding promptly when I first contacted them about the overcharges, and the supervisors I spoke with saw that it belonged to someone else but remained committed to telling me to deal with it on my own with the bank, and then hanging up on me.

I have phone records, emails, text messages, and screenshots just in case they want to play brand new!!!

I rarely leave online reviews but this situation calls for it!!!

D. Johnson
Defender of $145.59

Now Kroger can deal with it, Today and Forever.

P.S. This may be posted on other websites.

[Resolved] store

Hello everyone

I have worked at my Ralph's for over
6 1.2 years, never before had An issue
female manager, said
A customer saw me rub my face,
while I was bagging, I where gloves
and have ample tissues, everyone
rubs, or scratches at one time, common
she had the nerve to say stay out side,
so I am asking if anyone else
has had similar issues, and what they have
done to resolve, I am in the process
of waiting for Union store manager
refuses to help, assumes, everyone
for themselves, unfortunate I
enjoy helping customers and
95% of them enjoy my help, and
knowledge getting items top shelf etc,
It hurts me the Manager doesn't care
and they get bonuses they act like
prison guards, thank you for your responses

  • Resolution Statement


  • In
    Inarehe Mar 27, 2020

    I think you need to stop acting like a little kid.

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Silk Almond Milk — Expired products

On Thursday March 19, 2020, I purchased four 6 - 8 FL OZ packages of Silk Almond Milk (shelf milk)on sale for 2 for $10.00. Two cartons had an expired date of 11/19/2019 and the...

Pharmacy — Not Updating Prescription information appropriately

On March 23rd, my husband picked up my (Ulanda Forbess, DOB 4/8/57) medication and was given a medication, humalog, that I had repeatedly asked to be taken off my records as I no longer need the medication. However, this was not done, and he received the medication. When he went back to return the meds, he was told sorry no refunds, and that they would now cancel the script. When the pharmacy was told this was already done through the online system, she said it wasn't. In the end the pharmacist got rude, and told us not to do business with Kroger pharmacy again. In the end, we were out $25 for a medication that I can no longer take. No reimbursement, no refund, nothing. I am sick of the poor customer service at Kroger Pharmacy, loop 288, Denton, TX and will definitely take my business elsewhere. The pharmacist name is Kelli Lamb and the medication was Humalog 100 Unit/ML Vial, #6809921. I would at least like a refund on this medication since I didn't ask to pick this up and no longer require this medication. Thanks, Ulanda Forbess

shopping Spree

I shared the Kroger on give a way on facebook and the winner was to be announced at 3:00 . I immediately got a response that I had won a one hour shopping spree. Well I had to download a musical app which was to be free and as soon as I received my confirmation number on that, they would send me the price. I knew right then this was a scam and I hope you shut it down. I am a senior citizen and I'm sure they thought I would go along . I'm shocked that Kroger would go along with this and I won't shop with you any more and I am going to make sure my facebook friends know too. Carrie Annis [protected]

Returns and Delivery Service — Won't accept returned merchandise, even though unused not opened.

Two complaints in one:
First I did a pickup at the local Fred Meyers and I wanted to return a certain brand of bottled water still wrapped in plastic.

Next I had a delivery made and there was product on the delivery that I had not even ordered and worse than that the product wasn't evern in the order. I tried to contact the delivery service for refund and when I connected with them the said it would be 59 minutes until someone could get to me. Every 15 minutes the would tell that I had 59 minutes left before they could help. What a rip off. I will never use your delivery service ever again. I will not shop at Fred Meyers unless there is no alternative ever again.

  • Km
    Kmart 9459 Mar 22, 2020

    So your complaint is that you got free stuff, okay if that's the worse they did I guess we can live with that.

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Centrum MultiGummies — doesn't appear edible

I opened a new jar of Centrum MultiGummies this morning and noticed the seal was expanded. I punctured it with a knife and it blew out air.
Looking inside the gummies appeared dried and stuck together. They smelled like they were fermented. I am afraid to use them. I was expecting to enjoy this product and now I must find a way to replace it since I am confined to my apartment due to the coronavirus.

Pharmacy — Employee's continuous rude behavior and lies

I moved to Troy, Missouri almost 2 years ago (10/01/2018) and had decided to use Kroger pharmacy instead of Walmart or Walgreens. Renee, the pharmacy employee at the Troy, Missouri location, is the most rude individual and loves to lie to customers. I asked Renee to please call me when a prescription was ready as it was a serious scenario and needed ASAP. She said she would, 2 hours later I called to see if the medicine was ready, Renee said the prescription was not ready, I asked again if she would call when ready, Renee said yes, I called 2 hours after to be told my a different employee that the prescription was ready 15 minutes after I dropped it off, when I picked up the prescription Renee helped me, I asked why she didn't call, and Renee stated, "Oh...I forgot.". Every time I call to make sure the correct quantity has been filled on a prescription I have to pick up, Renee sighs, puts me on hold until it rings back, tells me the quantity and hurries me off the phone if I have further questions or not. Today (03/20/2020) was the absolute last chance Renee had to treat me like the paying customer I am, and not a person she has some type of issue with. I called this morning at 9:30am CST to transfer a couple of prescriptions to Kroger, and I spoke to Sara. Sara was incredibly helpful taking the information down for the 2 prescriptions I wanted to transfer to Kroger along with my new health insurance information. Sara told me she couldn't tell me when the prescriptions would be ready this evening, and I told her that I will just be in on 03/21/2020 to give them plenty of time. Sara thanked me and we hung up. I received a text message from Kroger at 12:44pm CST stating RX #xxx6888 is on order and will be ready on 03/23/2020. I called Kroger pharmacy at 12:45pm CST to see what prescription was on order. Renee picked up the call, put me on hold until it rang back to her, I told Renee about the text I received and that I would like to know what prescription was on order, Renee told me to hold on and was making clicking noises, she then asked for my date of birth, I provided my date of birth, Renee said the generic for my prescription because my insurance will not cover the name brand any longer, I asked for the cost of the name brand, Renee told me to hold and started making clicking noises again, Renee then told me the cost, I asked if Kroger would have both items on hand this coming Monday when I cam up so I do not have to make numerous trips as I just want to check out each product's packaging, Renee started getting flustered and rude while trying to tell me no, I tried to ask a few times if both items would be on hand but Renee kept cutting me off, I finally asked Renee if she needed to transfer me to someone else since she seemed like she didn't have any time and was getting so rude, Rene did then apologize for talking over me and asked what I needed, I again asked if both items would be on hand this coming Monday (03/23/2020) so I may see any differences since the generic is so new, Renee said she had to ask the pharmacist, I was on hold for a few minutes, Renee picked up and said the pharmacist will not allow me to take the items out of their packaging just to look at them, I told Renee I didn't want to look at anything but the packaging, Renee's response was, "Oh...well I dunno because we can't just hold someone else's prescription.", I told Renee that was understandable and asked if she might know when I could come up on Monday after the delivery so I was not making multiple trips, Renee started getting way more rude then before and was not listening, I asked my question again but slower, Renee told me, "Well now I don't like your attitude so you have to wait for someone else.", I was on hold for multiple minutes, Sara picked up the call and even said she could tell a huge difference in my tone from earlier this morning and currently, I asked Sara if she knew of a good time on Monday I could come up for the 2 prescriptions, Sara said delivery is 10am - 2pm usually so to call after 2pm, I asked for the outside pharmacy window hours since the sign on the window has different hours then the inside, Sara told me 9am-9pm, Sara then apologized for how rude Renee was today and asked if she could help me or answer any other questions, I told Sara no thank you, and that was the end of the call.

Renee needs to be written up or suspended because her attitude is never better, she never wants to help people, and she can't follow through on calling when a prescription is ready when it is an emergency situation.

Employee appreciation? — Pay

How is that Walmart are giving raises and cash bonuses to their employees during this crisis and Kroger does nothing. Hell even Fresh Tyme has given their staff $2 raises. Does Kroger not understand the responibilty they have in time of crisis!! They would be nothing without their employees. They are as important as first responders and medical staff right now. Their staff are basically rolling the dice by coming to work. Show these people some love!!!

A bag of coffee beans — Needed grounds not beans

I went in yesterday at 5 pm on March 18th 2020. I had my receipt and went to customer service desk. She stated she was absolutely no longer aloud to return or exchange anything further due to the virus!!! Is this true??? It was the Carrollton Kentucky Location. I accidentally picked up a bag of coffee beans instead of grounds. The bag is completely sealed and unopened. I just want to know if this is a correct statement going on at all Kroger locations now?? Please someone let me know. I figured they are open and have people swarming all around so what is the difference? My house is 3 minutes from there not in another country. She could have seen that by the receipt if she hadn't been so nasty. I had just went through the line and purchaced the item.

Vietnam veteran

Why is it so hard to aply for a job? I have put in application (or try to). I apply in Clarksville, Ind. I heard from Morgantown Vermont, Cody, Wyoming, etc...
I try help, & why do we have to give outnour credit card number just for a one dollar? We caan't walk four blocks to the tore and apply? Where/what happens to our application if we evr get it done. Many older people on fixed income don't have computers or can afford smart phones. Why do all companies discriminate against their elders? How come illegal immigrants who may not smart phones or computers get jobs but Americans have to struggle. Why did you quit making my bar of soap. How come I don't get lots of coupons?

Online order and the service that I did not receive

I ordered online 3 cans of the Lysol spray. Because you all said there was a limit of three per customer. and three of the three Pac Lysol wipes. I checked my emails and text...

getting to the fuel question area on the internet fuel points

Have called and you said you had an over an abundance of calls and the wait would be long...try calling this number...I go to the webside and this is what I got.
I called last week about my fuel points with your 1-2-3 mastercard-I had not been given credit--it supposedly fixed but but they are still not showinglup on my receipts.
This would be a general question-not a store issue

Freezer tape

I spent 20 minutes looking in the foil, wrap, parchment paper, and freezer paper isle for freezer tape. Some desk jockey in Kroger Corporate had decided in their finite wisdom...


Called in to re-fill a prescription on Tuesday 3/4/2020. Over 24 hours later I had still not received any notification that it had been filled. It was for an inhaler that comes in...

customer service

I needed help in being walked through opening an online account for Kroger. I needed it to accept my phone number . No ne wanted to help me and when I asked for a Store manager ...


Today at aprox 10:40 Feb 29 th I went to buy three fillet's at your meat dept. I noticed a customer was waiting for service and so I went and did shopping for other items. Upon coming back another customer was waiting for service. He then moved on and I went to the glass to wait for service. There was someone working on a prep table but did not have a direct line of sight to the glass display cabinet that had the meat. As such he would have to deem it on his terms on when to move to a position to observe if anyone was waiting. A my time is valuable to me I decided to purchase a prepackaged cut of meat. This cut was not what I was willing to pay but what I settled for. Maybe a lean team could figure out a better floor plan to fix this problem. As I am sure you company is loosing funds because of this. I love the idea you stores have with fresh meat being able to be purchased and not packaged as other companies do.


I know I'm not the only one that can clearly see that the manager Jessica in salina at the store 0074 isnt the best manager out there. Before she left the store she threated to take away my phone when all I was doing was checking the time then I was going to contiune working/cleaning the area. She verably said to me that she would take my phone and put it in the safe upstaires and I know for a fact that is not allowed I procceded to do my work after she left the room. Now that she has returned to the store in Salina and if she does it again then I might not be so nice this time. I held it back for the longest time and I will keep doing that. I do not feel safe while working with her at the building I after that and many other problems. I have heard many other complicates about her from others so I am not the only one. Also to clear things up I was in the backroom where no customer saw me checking the time on my phone it was simply for 2 seconds then I was heading right back to what I was doing.

unreliable plastic bags

36048 Yesterday I purchased a bottle of wine and while carrying it into my house it fell through the bottom of the bag and broke on a tile floor causing a mess and small chip. After...


The pharmacy a couple years ago, increased the service counters from 2 to 4. Yet every time I have been there, even during peak times, there have only been 2 counters open. They...


A few months ago, I started transferring my prescriptions to this pharmacy. In a month, they filled a prescription with the wrong medicine. When I contacted the pharmacy, Michelle...

generic brand for zantac

The news on TV told us to return to the place where we bought this medication that was recalled for a full refund, so we did, but the store refused a refund. That seems a bit...

traditional roast beef/customer service

On January 4, 2020 I purchased over $50.00 of groceries. amount them I purchased Krogers Traditional Roast Beef deli meat. Today January 6, 2020 I arrived from my office, I wa...

pick up order

I sent my order in and upon pick up there was a problem with the order. Every thing that was on the order I either got 2 or 3 of the same thing, Nothing has ever happened like...

rewards rebate

I have received a Fred Meyer rewards rebate, however, because I am currently in a location where there are no Fred Meyer stores, and only Smiths stores, they will not honor a $30...

cream of mushroom soup

Krogers cream of mushroom soup low sodium says 49 percent less has sea salt net wt 10.5 oz can after buying it of course heated some up to eat and it sticks real bad then read what it was made from soy beans I bought mushroom soup not soybean put it a container and after it cooled put in the frig a day later I looked at it and it had seperated the mushrooms and whatever from the oil looking stuff must have been the soybean stuff not fit too eat threw it away along with the other 8 cans I had bought unused use date was 04/01/22 or 21 other numbers vad f22a21 d0119 also khm3t this should not be sold to anyone just because you add a mushroom or two does not make it so

  • Sh
    shadowg Dec 28, 2019

    I am sure they added more than one or two mushrooms. Exaggerate much?

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barring me from store because I need a chair

I work with a separate company, but I go into the Kroger store to give out free samples. Store management wants me gone despite me filling out a form for reasonable accommodation...

I purchased a package of pineapples tidbits and a roach leg was in container.

36048 I Beverly Slater have been trying to reach someone for a year or more now and I am still trying to reach whom I need on this issue I have been facing. I purchased a package of...

customer service

This is a very nice Kroger in a nice part of town and it is the most convenient store nearest to my home. However, I despise going there when I have to get more than a few thing...

no salt vegetable juice

I used to love your no salt Veg juice, I loved the taste of the no salt, and i could add a little myself if needed. I am on an extreme low salt diet for health purposes. I used to buy it all the time, until you took it off the shelf a few years ago. I know your low-salt is available, but the no-salt is what I needed. Is there any that you could bring this back on the shelves, or where i can find it?

terrible service and failure to take appropriate action

I have called several departments of Kroger and gotten a complete runaround for a refund.
This is not a complaint against the specific Kroger Pharmacy but against the corporate offices which have been unhelpful and waste considerable time.
Quick summary:
On 8/4/19 I filled a prescription of OneTouch Verio Test Strips RX 6340724.
I was charged $9.98 and paid this although I was told by my insurance that I had no payment due the pharmacy. The pharmacy said they could only do what their system indicated and it said we had to pay $9.98.
We received an EOB which again documented the Maximum You May Be Billed was $0.00. I again asked the pharmacy and they said to contact the Kroger Corporate office. I did and was told to contact a different department Customer Relations Center (KCRC) at [protected] with Reference: [protected].
I called and got an extremely unprofessional and unhelpful lady. She first told me the reference number did not mean anything to her. So, I had to go over the entire issue with her. She asked for my credit card number (which I gave) and said to hold for a minute. After 20 minutes I was transferred (with no explanation from the lady) to a retail Kroger Pharmacy who, obviously, had no idea why my call had been transferred to them (nor do I as I specifically explained to this corporate person that I had already been told to contact corporate and this branch specific had nothing to do with my prescription).
I then replied to the first Kroger Corporate person for assistance (she had tried to be helpful previously). No response.
My insurance paid Kroger a check issued on 9/14/19 and was cashed by Kroger on 9/23/19. Therefore, I paid Kroger and the insurance company paid Kroger. Apparently, this is a double payment to Kroger. I am requesting my payment be refunded to me and this procedure be corrected so others are not scammed by Kroger in the future.
The Kroger Customer Relations Department is an absolute farce. This is now a quest to expose the incompetency of Kroger Customer Relations. They have wasted a lot of my time. If there is something for which I am not aware regarding my complaint then someone from Kroger Customer Relations needs to tell me. Otherwise, my money should be refunded. Additionally, this procedure by Kroger should be internally reviewed to see if others have experienced this same problem.


I bought a battery operated ceramic Christmas Tree on Tuesday, November 26, 2019. I tried to return it today and the customer service rep would not take the return. I did not have...

empty shelves kroger employees in aisles doing inventory? and getting in the way.

Tues 11/26/19 1:00 pm. I went to this store to do my thanks Giving shopping and was disappointed with the unavailable products I needed. The store was totally out of sugar...

double car carts

I shop at the north bend road location, and every time i go i have to use a double cart, because i have twins. I have had to clean leaves, and always have to dry cart off...

gas station employee.

I go to this store gas station all the time, the problem is that there is a cashier, named KEISHA, extremely bad attitude, never smiles, never says hello or thank you, stone face...


The pharmacy Dept is a train wreck. Not sure why it takes days to fill one Rx, consistently. Was also forced to pay out of pocket and when my insurance company contacted me with a...

holding my money for over 14 days

I made a clicl list order for krogers on the 13th of November somehow it got sent to the wrong Krogers after being told by two different Krogers travling to two different ones finally finding my order, I couldnt pick it up due to I was on lunch break . I ask the lady could i just pick it up later that day since it was all the way across town she said no and cancelled my order, I ask her how long would it take to put my money back on my card she said 24 hours its now been 7 days and im a single mother of two kids and had to go to food banks to feed my kids Im not happy I love Krogers and that is the only place I shop for grocerys. After calling my bank and dealing with krogers giving me a number to call that deals with click list i was on hold for one hour and 41 minutes on saturday and monday i have gotton no where my bank tells me that kroger signed a contract that states kroger will not release your money for 14 days unless you checkout. Im am very distraught with this and will never ever do a click list ever again . Krogers you need to fix this please.
Not A Happy Customer
Evelyn Hale

kroger brand refried traditional beans

36048 On or around 11/12/2019 I purchased a 31oz can of kroger brand traditional refried beans. On 11/15/2019 I opened the can for a dinner that I was preparing and upon removing the...