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Kroger / Gas

Ariel Bealer on Feb 20, 2017
Friday February 7th 2017 sometime in the evening my husband went to pay a bill at Kroger and then use a roll of dimes to get a little gas. Usually we don't use change but this week is a tight one with unexpected expenses. The girl the booth was extremely rude and told him to take the roll...

Kroger 475 / No work

Irenaover on Feb 14, 2017
I transfer from one store to another Iam status 3 full time for 9 years. On the e scheduling I had no hours posted for the week Feb 19 to 25. Now each day I go in to work I will have to get and override to clock in. Makes me feel like not an associate that works there at store but new...

Kroger / Car wash

Pnutt on Feb 13, 2017
Purchased a wash at the pump and when I went to get in line too many others were doing the same and my lunch was not long enough to wait. Today more than thirty days out (winter weather kept me from it), I found out there is a time limit. Asked attendant if there was anything that could be...

Kroger Security / Lack of security, customers harassed outside kroger

Laura12345laura on Feb 13, 2017
I am a woman in my early forty. Tonight Sunday, February 12, 2017 around midnight I decided to go to the nearest Kroger in Caroline street in Atlanta, GA to buy some snacks. It was around midnight when I parked my car and I approached the entrance. A guy blocked me at the entrance asking...

Kroger / Website

Talbott on Feb 9, 2017
I have tried several times to register my Kroger Plus card on my online account. I've called and Dawn a customer service rep told me to wait 24 hrs due to some technical issues. Nothing changed. I've send emails and have received auto responses promising resolution in 1 or 2 business day...

Kroger / Unfriendly coworkers

Sean Pilley on Jan 25, 2017
My Fiancee Megan Brock works for the Kroger store out in Bartonville, Tx Her co-worker Bertha is blantantly being rude and otherwise obnoxtious to the other staff and customers and the managament is doing nothing, so bad that everytime they hire someone Bertha runs them off and lack for a...

Kroger Store 316 / Managers

Kroger316 on Jan 15, 2017
We seem to have a huge problem at store 316 of Kroger. It's completely unacceptable that our supervisor and any other department is never later or never misses a break, or lunch. We were not busy and my lunch was late by almost 2 hours. No big deal except it came time for my last break and...

Kroger/Smiths / Age discrimination

SandyN on Jan 12, 2017
I filled out an application online and test online for a position at Kroger/Smith's in New Mexico. Received a call from Human Resources who interviewed me on the phone and then set up an interview with a store manager. I received several emails confirming my appointment and to arrive 15 minute...

Kroger / Salmon quality and shrimp origin.

Thelma Bice on Jan 9, 2017
The last bag of wild caught pink salmon I bought was inferior quality and higher priced. I checked point of origin on last bag, and it was China, whereas the other I had been buying was from Chile. The Chinese product was soft, and fell apart when grilled, while the Chilean product wa...

Kroger / Store employee

tarynginn on Jan 5, 2017
I was shopping at your Baytown Garth location and an employee bumped into me intentionally and then said "excuse you". She was in uniform, had a brown ponytail and I believe that her name tag said Carlie. It was extremely rude and not at all how your employees should be treating customer...

Kroger / Possibly left a wallet at the cashier's check out and it was not given back or turned in to customer service.

earleb on Dec 26, 2016
On 12/26/16, It is believed that I left my wallet at the cashier's checkout but it was not turned in to customer's service. I had at least $67 in the wallet (I know I had a $50 bill in the wallet). I had no DL or no type of ID in the wallet. But possibly some Kroger's coupons. When I went...

Kroger / Customer serviceptable

victor senegar on Dec 20, 2016
I have been a frequent customer of Kroger for many years. I have always had a pleasant shopping experience anytime I shopped at Kroger. The customer service of the cashier Sadie and her co-workers was terrible. This store is located in Macon, Georgia, off of Pinion. I went to this store...

Kroger / Kroger starbucks

Kroger1234 on Dec 20, 2016
Kroger fired me for drinking a cup of coffee that I made for a customer and the customer said they could not pay for it so I had it on the counter and it was there for awhile and I drank some of it before throwing it away, after working there for three years as the manager and being fired...

Kroger / Rude employee

Peggy Talbert on Dec 20, 2016
I had to go to service desk because my discount for soda didn't come up on register. Brad at Kokomo Indiana on Dixon rd waited on me, I've never been treated so rudely by any employee at Kroger. I spend a lot of money in that store every week and I will not be talked to like that. Whatever...

Kroger / Under filled product purchased

Paula Sparks on Dec 17, 2016
Hello, I love the Kroger brand Energy Drinks and usually buy them in the 2-pack but tonight I purchased the 6 - 2 fl oz pack. I opened the box and noticed the bottles had dried product on them, product dried at the bottom of the box, product dried on the seals of the bottles inside, and...

Kroger / I am complaining about I was wrongly accused of stealing

Mr. Cunningham on Dec 15, 2016
In December 2016 somewhere between 1-15 I was shopping in your store in Indianapolis, in on the corner of Michigan St. and Holmes ave.around 46222 zip code when a employee told me he had caught me stealing and had told me not to come back to the store.I had never seen the man before he...

Kroger / Lack of customer service

Stella57 on Dec 12, 2016
On MonDec 12 at 4:17 pm I checked out at your Kroger Store located at 1440 Studemont St, Houston, TX 77007. The checker named Miranda was fine; however, her grocery sacker named Linda was not. First I had given Miranda my bag to sack my groceries - she was the only one at the checkout at...

Kroger / Cashier

Jasmine Moore88 on Dec 10, 2016
I went to Kroger 6055 old national highway 12/07/16 @06:01 . My Cashier was Bianca. I received cash of $100.00 . Cashier gave me a single bill. I walked away from the store to pay my kids daycare. At my kids daycare they informed me that 100.00 was fake. I was so em brass. Never once did I...

Krogers / Fired unjustly

Josephpem on Dec 9, 2016
I was hired on at the new krogers in my town, once other managers learned of past work experience they wanted me in other depts, I obviously chose the one that best suited me, but literally the day I was supposed to start that position I was called to the office by a manager (christie...

Kroger / Kroger brand products and seasonal commercials

Tim Stephenson on Dec 8, 2016
I have been a loyal customer of Kroger for over 30 years, both in Sugar Land, and Houston Texas. I have found that more and fore of the traditional brands that I have used are disappearing from your shelves to be replaced by Kroger brands. While some of your products are OK, I am...

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