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FedEx Groundtuition reimbursement not paid out

I am a former employee who worked at Fedex Ground in Keasbey, NJ from 10/2007 to 09/2008. When I started working at this company, I learned about a tuition reimbursement program that very much attracted me to work there, even though this job was quite a distance away from my home in Newark, NJ at that time. I left the company in late September 2008 due to the fact that I moved to PA. I could not transfer to a Fedex Ground in PA because none was located near my home. When I started working at Fedex I received a booklet about the tuition reimbursement program which stated I had up to 6 months after leaving the company to apply for tuition reimbursement. I just finished my fall semester in college this year and contacted human resources to receive the form I needed to fill out in order to apply for tuition reimbursement and now I have been told that the program was changed and since I am not an active employee anymore, that I do not qualify for tuition reimbursement. Meanwhile, I earned all my credits during my 11 months there, my boss knew I would be leaving the company and moving to PA and he knew I was attending college and did not notify me that I had until September 2008 to fill out the form and apply for tuition reimbursement. Basically, Fedex Ground has screwed me out of my benefits that I earned while I worked there and I am sure they are doing the same to other former employees as well.


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    21th century boys May 04, 2010

    This is kind of like self-helping program, since you have to paid out first, and get money back later.

    Fedex have no responsibility to notify everyone what time should they submit/get paid for those program, and since you leave the company you will not qualify for any other benefits at all, this is civilian company and not military, even military don't push you to go to school and get those free college credit, you must do it on your own.

    Don't give me wrong, I am work in Fedex now for almost 7 year, this is fast pace and very good ethic company since if you want it you will make it happen, if you just sit there and think oh there is program oh I don't need research and those will be free money anyway, and later blame anyone you can because you don't get what you want...sorry this company is not for you.
    Policy is there, and if you don't read, and violated the law, you will still get punish for it even you have no idea about it.

    For college student such as poor as me, I recommend join military and get free college, I am reservist from Army and it is great experience and paid too. Trust me on this one, even cave man can pass basic training...

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    JpetteyTX Mar 01, 2011

    I currently work at a Ground branch in Wichita Falls, TX. I applied for the reimbursement long ago. But to even get the information is more of digging around yourself. The Branch i work at has a very poor rating because of the managers that work there. and i totally agree with that rating. Safety and Moral is not a concern there. Also giving their employees information of programs such as the tuition reimbursement program is not even the least bit of concern for them.
    I heard the program "through the grapevine" and decided to ask my immediate supervisor. He said he knew nothing about it and told me to ask his supervisor. Well, He said he had no idea where any of that information was. (and they wonder why their ratings are low) So i went to the head guy and I had to stay on him until he gave me the form. Which took about a half hour. All it took was for him to walk into his office, pull it from a file and hand it to me.
    Well, i received it and filled it out and sent it.
    3 months late i have not heard a thing, I'll be honest...I am really sick of this company and frustrated on how the employees are being treated at this certain branch. The average lifespan of an employee is 2 weeks...sad. I have been there about 7 months...which does feel too long. I have been waiting 3 months for the reimbursement. Almost looks like no receiving in sight. So, we will have to see what the next step is.

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    MaximoMassely, MD Jun 28, 2011

    I'm surprised people continue using Fedex ... This must be the worst company of all! They were supposed to deliver an envelope to my apartment last week; this envelope contained a new Credit Card. The envelope was never delivered although Fedex promised me day after day that they would deliver it ... and then stated that they were here and nobody opened the door... BS... I am home and nobody came... Well, thank God I called the bank on time and cancelled the account - they advised me that the Card had been activated...LOL... Unbelievable! Hope the whole country could read this post!!!

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    DandJLee Apr 15, 2013

    I work for ground in Nashville, Tn. In our guard shack we have all the paperwork needed for direct deposit, change of address and tuition reimbursement forms. The are on the wall for the taking. I also tried getting reimbursed for an EMT course last year, but was unable to get it. The reason was there is a cut off of I think 45 days to get your paperwork into corporate office. I was unable to get my school to give me my needed final grades due to summer break, over worked women who couldn't print me off a copy... Well, I did get my forms in 49 days, but was told I was too late. Oh, we'll, I paid for school on the front end and now work in my field of choice. I am still super happy there and have no complaints.

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  • Jo
    Joseph Kreifels Jul 14, 2015

    I worked for FedEx ground and took a business projects course at college. The paperwork said to file it before termination date, which I did. It's been almost 2 months and no word from FedEx yet. Looks like I'm out $1300

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    bmp0014 Jun 10, 2016

    I have worked for FedEx Ground for nearly 3 years now and I absolutely love it. The benefits are AMAZING to say the least. Usually a part-time job doesn't offer benefits, this company offers full benefits. As far as tuition goes, once you are reimbursed you have to stay with the company for at least 6 months to not be required to pay it back, so I don't see how you would think you could submit for reimbursement after quitting...even if it was on good terms. What company would do that? Also, the policy states, you must submit the application prior to classes starting to be approved by your manager. Once classes end, you submit your grade report and payments made. Of course this is now 2015, so back then, the policy may have been different. But why would you expect a company to pay for your tuition AFTER you quit them? You are no longer an asset to their company, kind of a no brainer. Anyone who says FedEx Ground is a terrible place to work either has been fired or simply is not in the know of all the amazing benefits you are offered for PART TIME WORK. Health, dental, vision, 401k...that they match, this is the only company I've ever worked for part-time that has offered all that PLUS tuition reimbursement of up to $1, 500/year!!! This is a great company that I will retire in, they treat their employees with dignity and respect. They hear out their employees and adjust to suit them.

    As far as packages being late or not delivered. We operate with human beings, these creatures, at times, make's bound to happen. It's unfortunate you were told numerous times your package would be delivered. When I have a package that hasn't been delivered on the day promised, I contact the recipient and ask them if I could give the driver their number to ensure their package gets delivered (just incase the driver cannot find it or cannot get someone to the door). I then ask if they'd like me to have the driver contact them prior to arrival. Whatever it takes to make the customer happy is my philosophy. I want everyone to love FedEx and utilize them because they truly are the best shipping company around!

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    Kyle Ziachary Morrison Nov 10, 2017
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    It’s really great

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