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pick me up?

Initial call was confirmed that they could pick me up within the hour. After an hour and a half I called...

charge fees on my card card without my permission

I went to Enterprise at the Bradley Park Drive one, after the Enterprise on Manchester expressway recommended...

scratch scam

I believe I got hit with the standard dent scam from these people. I rented a car for one day to go to a race...

refuse to rent to me

I have rented several cars from this company and now they say that I cannot rent from them again. The reason is because they did not get their deductable on time. Well you know what this has happened several times, but they would get it straghten out and rented to me 6 times after that. I would get cars which I would have to clean before I could drive them. I even saved them a trip from picking up the car when I took it back to them. My gas for carrying it back and they still had nerve to tell me I owed two dollars in gas for it. They also avertise unlimited mileage well forget that to because they discrimanate to people on who gets unlimited mileage and who don"t. Everytime they get in anew agent to work for them he or she thinks they make the rules. Well what is enterprise car rental company coming to. This company needs to get their act together and quit letting these idiots running it for them. There will be several insurance companies which will be made aware of this so they can use some other car rental company. Have a good day and sleep good at night. Because these people names will be turned over to the attorney office

Thank you
Ruth stewart

car rental

I recently rented a car with Enterprise, and I was very displeased with the service. I called to make a reservation and I was misqouted! I was very upset when I called Enterprise the morning before I went to the office to pick up the car, and I was going to be charged an additional fifty dollars. I called the reservation number I spoke with the supervisor who told me that there was nothiing he could do and that they would have to review the recording! And he says it was going to be a "needle in a hay stack". I was very upset with his sarcasm. I planned a last minute trip to see an ill family member. So I decided to get the car despite the price. So when I got to my destination the vehicle was infested with roaches! I had to return the car to the local airport in hopes to switch vehicles. It was an inconvience to take time to switch vehicles because of an insect problem!

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what a scam!

Be very wary of enterprise rental car!!! Very wary!!!

I needed a car while mine as in the shop. I rented the vehicle on a friday and returned it on a monday. When I went to pick up the car the manager took the vehicle to the back and "washed" it. She brought it back out to me and then proceeded arong the car with me pinting out that there ws a scratch on the mirror. "okay, I see it." the car was still soaking wet I couldn't see much and for the most part it still had dirt on it. Would have been difficult to see anything. But she breezed around the car in 5 seconds with me following her.

Upon returning the vehicle another gentlemen, I use the word loosely, checked the vehicle in. All of a sudden, he is opening the trunk and crawling on the ground checking every inch of the car. He went so far a to start brushing off the car with his arm checking for damage.

After his more then thorough inspection he proceeds to inform me I damaged the car. It appeared as if the car had been brushed up against in a parking lot. Not even a dent, just a scratch mark on the front bumper near the light. Impossible! I drove the car to my business where I have my own parking spot away from all other vehicles, so no one could have brushed it there. Then the car proceeded to be parked at my home in a one car driveway for the rest of the weekend until I drove it 5 miles back to them monday.in order for this car to have been hit in my driveway someone would have had to drive thru 3 backyards and my pool to brush against, not dent it, and drive back out the same way with out me noticing and my pool staying in tact. Totally rediculous.
After much arguing I left. I just recieved a bill from enterprise for $354 for the damage. What!?!?! First of all for something I didn't and couldn't have done, and second of all you have to be kidding me $354 to fix some paint on a 6 inch scratch.

This is a huge scam and I have spoken to others who have had this location try to do the same to them. Checkout is a breeze and the car is always brought out wet for you to look at it, check in they go over it with a fine tooth comb. They are doing this to make extra money, I am sure the car won't be fixed as the damage that was already on the mirror when I received the car had been there, they knew about it, I am sure someone was charged for it, and it as still there unfixed. Hmmm, whose pocket is the money going into?

Be careful when renting from enterprise and chckthe vehicle thoroughly, bring a towel to wipe it down, and make sure you crawl around the car looking for everything! Because they won't, but they will when you bring the car back!

  • Kr
    Kristen Wrzensiewski Sep 30, 2008

    I've had horrible service with Enterprise as well. My car was in the shop and my insurance was paying for a certain amount towards a rental car. Well that amount only really covered their tiny, compact cars...but they didn't have any at Enterprise. So..they gave me a huge v6 car for the price of a compact...but didn't mention that they would start charging me for the HUGE car in two days. So I took the car back after two days because I had filled it up TWICE since then. TWICE IN TWO DAYS. That is a whole tank of gas a day! I told them I wanted the compact car i requested and they told me that one had just come in. Yay! But it wasn't clean. I told them that's okay, I just wanted a four cylinder vehicle as I drive all over town daily.

    The guy (kid) who went to retrieve the vehicle came in and threw the keys at the girl at the counter and said "haha! no good on that one!" and ran around the counter...Apparently the power steering was ruined on the car. So I had to keep the huge car for another few days...at the end of the rental they asked me how everything went and I said horrible. The lady was really rude and said "HOW SO?!" and I told her about paying extra for a car I didn't want, and the $100 in gas in 3 days. And that I requested a 4 cylinder. At this point some OTHER guy jumps in and says "THAT CAR IS A 4 CYLINDER." And I said "No, the car is called a G6, because it is a V6." After arguing with him about it for 10 minutes I walk outside and look at the back of the car where it says "V6".

    I never got my deposit of $50 back and I didn't even bother calling. Worst experience of my life!!

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  • Be
    Ben Coleman Dec 11, 2010

    WOW! They did the exact same thing to me three years ago!!!

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fraud and scam

I rented a car from Enterprise Rent a Car, located at Brent Brown Toyota in Provo, UT. What a scammer (not to mention *) the manager of this location is! He charged me for 3 days beyond the day I returned the car! I went in to the store as well as phoned several times in an attempt to clear up the mistake. He called me a liar, told me that I was stupid, & refused to help me. He even went off on me in front of another customer! His name is Nelson Fotu & he is a dishonest, disrespectful, rude, & ignorant person! (not to mention ugly)!!! I will absolutely NEVER, EVER rent a car from Enterprise... all thanks to Nelson Fu* You!

  • Ro
    Robin Sep 23, 2008

    I am trying to find out where to set up a payment plan to pay back what I owe enterprise rental in Ashland va. I was told it had been sent to a collection agency named ic systems inc my account number is listed as 424637xxxx I would like to be contacted who has my account and set up a payment plan that I can afford so I can get this paid off. The total I don't know the account name is Devin Cockrum and I need you to answer me as soon as possible

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  • Js
    J.S. Dec 01, 2008

    I was majorly deceived by Enterprise recently, and I am seeing on the internet today just how incredibly many other people were. I was charged for insurance I did not ask for, and a worker lied to me about where the supposed suporting policy is stated. Enterprise is a scam. Somebody please do a news story on this!

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  • Au
    Austin Feb 11, 2009

    Our car was rear-ended, we took it to Service King Collision in Arlington TX to be repaired as per the faulty driver's insurance company(State Farm). As part of the coverage, State Farm provided us with a rental car for the duration of the repair. In the Service King Collision front office, there is an Enterprise Car-Rental office. Sean (We don't know his last name) told me that if I wrecked the car it would not be insured unless I purchased insurance through Enterprise. The charge for the insurance was $15 a day. The repairs took 10 days, the final charge was $190. I found out afterwords that my full coverage insurance would have covered this car in an accident. I was intentionally misled by Sean at Enterprise. I would like the $190 refunded back to me.

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  • Sd
    sdfsdfsf May 09, 2011

    Rude and arrogant and unbehaved manager.
    One day the tyre will retire and pass its due date.
    They called the repair shop and asked me to pay for the flat tyre. It seems that they call this repair shop very often as the manager said call Jenny like usual and ask her about the damages( I know what it means- it means the usual receipt/bill charges to earn money)
    Total Scam Enterprise! One of my friend got duped by enterprise for paying for the dents which were already there when she rented the car. The bill was from the same repair shop. They lure customers by cheap prices but give them a dent full damaged car, bad steering, horrible brakes but make money by getting their "favorite repairshop" get the damage bill charges from the customers!! Pls DO NOT RENT from London- PARK ROYAL ENTERPRISE!

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  • Sd
    sdfsdfsf May 09, 2011

    i cant agree with you more. My father was given a damaged car and he is 70 and drives very well. They rushed through the car damages when given the car to him but when he returned the car, the guy went through every corner of the car and pointed every dent and tiny scratch to him. My father did not bother to look through the tiny scratches as while renting they said we do not charge for small marks. But they they deducted a huge amount from his deposit from those 7 tiny marks. I am never going to them. Also, the manager was very disrespectful to my father when he asked about it. I do not respect enterprise for running a SCAM. Wonder how do they sleep in night by ripping off honest people like that??! I have completely stopped renting from Enterprise. I have heard from neighbours similar stories about Enterprise (near Hanger lane tube station).

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  • Ns
    nsar Jan 14, 2013

    Never again will i rent from Loveland, Colorado Enterprise..Their employees basically do not know what they are talking about, the agent who assisted us gave us false information regarding extra coverage saying it was a one time fee and thats the only reason why we add that coverage thinking it was a good deal and upon returning the vehicle of course they told us it was something different printed in our contract..We should have listened to our gut instinct when we were outside the parking lot prior to renting from Enterprise, a car drove by and someone yelled out to us not to rent at Enterprise coz its a ripp off..should have listened and went somewhere else..

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terrible experience - rip off!

I recently rented a car for more than one week because my vehicle broke down on I-35 and the dealer called enterprise for me. A lady came to pick me up from dealership and offered me a tiny stinky car without asking anything from me. When I argued I want to rent a bigger car she said that's the one dealer has reserved for me (plain non-sense and a # - I dont have any coverage through that dealer). I asked to upgrade the class and that I was going to pay for it but she refused and said they dont have any other cars in stock (I could see atleast 5 cars in the lot).

Worst thing is she did not mention how much it was going to cost and had put $17.99 per day as a basic coverage. When I said I have insurance and I dont need it she said I still need it and that if I want to cancel it I can cancel by calling anytime or by calling I can upgrade the vehicle too.

It ended up being $600+ for 10 days rental for a car which was not worth $10/day. I kept calling to upgrade and to remove basic coverage but they kept asking that I need to be physically present in order to do that and they knew it will never happen since I was a resident of San Antonio (who drives 100 miles to go and get an upgraded car and to remove the coverage?)

Unethical and bad business practices. These guys are not transparent.

  • Un
    unknown Nov 11, 2008


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  • Js
    J.S. Dec 04, 2008

    Enterprise is extremely corrupt. I paid for 5 days of their insurance and was charged for13 days that I never agreed to (but negotiated down to 6 days after the manager blatantly lied to me). There is no legal contract without agreement from both parties!!! The manager conned me by telling me in front of a room full of customers that I did agree because of a clause in the fine print on the back of the contract. It turned out that the clause was not there... after I paid for what I never agreed to. They were really dishonest in other ways too.

    I ask all of you to start chain emails about what a corrupt business the #1 car rental company in the United States is. It should be a huge news story, but it is not... YET. So I also ask you to send emails to news organizations, particularly Dateline and 20/20. Please also get as many other screwed over customers as you can to alert the news organizations about the corrupt business called Enterprise. Plus, the United States Attorney General's Office needs to know just how major this problem is. There are even web sites that are all about the corruption of Enterprise and how they treat their customers. This is big time. Let's spread the word as far as it can go! There is a lot you can do. Thank you. Have a great day.

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  • Ma
    Marc Ouellet Feb 06, 2009

    My friends, the scam has expanded to Canada, here in Quebec I was ripped off the same way, they made take the Collision Damage insurance without telling me what I was signing for and ended up charging me a hundred bucks for something I didn't agree.

    The guy told me it was an authorization to "freeze" a certain amount in my credit card so it would cover potencial damages to the car, he never mention that I had to pay something else from my pocket.

    Even if I argued with them and told them I didn't agree when I returned the car, they charged me anyway.

    I would like to fight back. but I really don't know how, does anybody has a suggestion ?, or are we powerless against these scams...

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  • Co


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unauthorized billing

The rental fees charged by the airport center are extreme. After the initial rental fee from the rental car company, there is:

1) "consolidated facility charge" — ok, every company's rent passed on the the consumer;
2) "transportation facility charge" — ok, the bus that gets you there;
3) "arena fee" — what is this?
4) "vehicle license fee recovery" — what is this? I didn't lose my license;
5) "concession fee recovery" — what concession??
6) "sales tax" — just more of the above but described with a little more honesty?

I recently rented a car in kc and these taxes added over $100 to the final bill.

  • J
    j Aug 25, 2008

    Are you completely naive or do you really think that you can purchase a service without paying sales taxes! Arena fees, concession fees, and sales tax are all local or state taxes. Why don't you do some research next time so you do not sound uneducated to the masses!

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  • Sa
    Satisfied Nov 05, 2008

    FYI, license recovery fee is for the plates on the vehicle and usually is a flat per-rental fee of around $2.00. Most of the remainder of what you list is airport fees. If you don't like them - if they're too expensive - take a cab off-site and rent from a neighborhood location... Cab fare both ways should be less than $100 in most cases.

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62 buckland hills dr manchester, ct

I wouuld like for someone to please contact me. about several problems that have taken place with me as a customer at your manchester location I feel as if I am being harrassed very badly by your staff as well as being discreminated against as well I have been very respectful to all staff members. after returning my first rental teresa backed into me and it has been problems every sincethen all staff members have been being very rude and direspectful to me as a customer that has rented from here for 4 to 5 weeks staight I dont deserve this type of treatment I rent from here because its near my home I have spoken to a manager about this (catherine) as well as (mike kolasike) about the treatment I have recived mike and catherine only listens to staff and was very rude to me when dealing with them I had reservations for a car on saturday july 5, 08 was dinied the rental for no reason also reservation for july 7, 08 and denied the rental lynsie told me to keep trying to contact mike until I reached him and I did he called me back yelling at me because I called him to many times lynsie has been extremly, extremly disrespectful and rude to me for no reason I feel like just because of the insident that took place with the passatt that is no reason for the discimination, harrassment and disrespect that I have been reciving and for mikes customer service to be the way it was to me im so very disappointed being that he is a higher boss. he never contacted me back until his staff calls him this is the 2nd complaint I am sending out no response from the 1st one you can reach me at [protected]) or [protected] thank you Dawn Smith.

[Resolved] discrimination

Before arriving at the Enterprise Car Rental desk I called from home to ask what I needed to rent a car and I...

empty gas tank full marijuana smell

My son and wife (who has with Multiple Sclerosis) were given a rental car last week which was completely empty on gas. They were told to hurry to the nearest service station to get their own fuel. The car did however come with a strong marijuana smell. They knew the smell was odd but not exactly what caused it.

I accompanied my son in returning the vehicle today. After confronting the assistant manager about why he let my wife leave with an empty tank and whether we would be reimbursed for the fuel, I got a ridiculous story about "company policy". My response to this was a simple and straightforward "#". The assistant manager then wanted to correct me and tell me how my language was inappropriate. I assured him that my language was absolutely appropriate and that his company policy was the inappropriate part.

I also discussed the consequences of what could have happened if my wife had run out of fuel upon exiting the Enterprise location and been hit by another vehicle, or if she had run out of gas and forced to leave the vehicle in 100 degree Fahrenheit temperatures with Multiple sclerosis.

Empty fuel tank + marijuana + company policy = #! = Enterprise.

  • So
    soccerguy33 Apr 29, 2011

    Somehow I think you are greatly over exaggerating everything. You're telling me you called them and let the phone ring for 45 minutes? I've never heard of someone waiting past 10 rings... the phone rings on average about 15 times per minute, so you let it ring 675 times?

    HA. Get out of here.

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  • So
    soccerguy33 Apr 29, 2011

    sorry tried to post that on a different page but it showed up here, disregard the above comment

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worst experience ever

Micheal Goldstein threw us out of the branch and here is my angry letter to Darren Moon.

Dear Darren Moon:

I am Jean Henriquez and I have been am Enterprise customer for quite some time. I was very discouraged and disappointed by my last experience with Enterprise involving one of your employees by the name of Michael Goldstein.

I had made a reservation online for April 27th 2008 until May 1st 2008 to rent a standard car while I was in NYC for work for 5 days. With me was my general manager, Esther Garcia, whom I made the reservations under because I had misplaced my debit card. I had called the La Guardia branch two days before to make sure that I was going to be allowed to be added as a second driver to the rental. I was told that as long as I had proof that I flew in from another city that I would be allowed to be the second driver without any additional information but my driver’s license.

When we arrived, tired and with five bags of luggage, Michael Goldstein was the agent that was available to help us. Michael started asking us for all types of information, such as where we were going, contact information in New York, the phone number to the hotel we were going to stay in, my mother’s address, her phone number and the address to the hotel in Providence, RI where we were having our other conference.

I am lamented to say that I regret renting cars from Enterprise before this experience.in fact, two weeks before I had rented from Enterprise in Detroit, I did not have to give them any of that information Mr. Goldstein asked us for. Michael Goldstein was rude and upset me to an extreme. He had us there for 45 minutes trying to rent us a car. I had asked him to add me as an additional driver and he wanted my information in which I gave him my driver’s license, cell phone number, and home address. He wanted a credit card and I told him that I did not have it with me because I had misplaced it along with my debit card. He proceeded to tell me that he could not add me as an additional driver.

Michael continued harassing us for information. After a while, he claimed that his computer locked up and passed us over to another agent to help us. The agent, Alex, was again taking our information and moving along with the rental when Michael came out of nowhere and told Alex to cancel the reservation. I asked him what he meant and he said that he wasn’t going to rent us a car. At this point I asked to speak to the general manager. He came around the counter, got on his cell phone and circled the building outside and came in to tell us to go outside to talk. I refused to go outside because we didn’t do anything worth having to go outside of the store to have any kind of conversation. Mr. Goldstein threatened to call the police and continued taunting me with that threat. As you can imagine, I was very angry and felt utterly baffled with how extreme he was taking the situation that should never have reached this level of discourse. That was when another manager stepped in to try to diffuse the situation. Michael threw us out of the property and we had to pay for a cab in order to rent a car from another rental car company.

I called a few times to speak with you and you were never available. No one tried to help us. Mr. Moon, I hope that you will take the proper course of action in disciplining and hopefully terminating your employee Michael Goldstein. I will be posting this letter and sending it to everybody I know, letting them know of my experience with Enterprise and how they did not care. Tripadvisor.com, myspace.com, craigslist.com, and angryconsumer.com are only a few examples of the places I plan to present this information to the public.

I hope that this experience and my willingness to make it a public matter will motivate you to do the right thing. Know that you lost a valuable customer and will lose many more due to my efforts. I will not be taken lightly. I’m sure you will review your customer service policies with the rest of your staff.

unauthorized charges!

I was a victim of auto theft. I went to enterprise to pick up a car. Even though insurance paid up to 500.00...


A deer hit my car and I rented a car from Enterprise Rental Car in Oxford, NC from Steve, the manager.

He told me I had to pay $25.00 for the car and I would receive the refund of that amount. When we walked out to the vehicle, he told me about the insurance in the amount of $17. After 2 weeks, I returned the car on Friday, May 9th. I
told him to make sure u send me my refund and he said ok. After checking my account, I had a checkcard transaction pending in the amount of $282.30 for Enterprise. I called Enterprise and talked with Steve and I told him this
amount was taken out of my check without my permission. He told me it was for the purchase of the insurance for the period of 2 weeks. I told him, maybe I misunderstood u. I thought the $17 was one time purchase just for that amount
of the insurance not for 2 weeks. He said he explained that to me. I told him if I didn't have to purchase insurance why didn't u tell me. He said he did, but he didn't. I asked him about $25 and he said that was applied to the insurance. He said this was on the contract, but I didn't read it. The copy was in the car and he got it when I returned the car. He didn't give me a copy of the receipt. I told him I want my $ back, he said he can't do that. I told him I don't have $ to give your company. He was not professional in explaining the
insurance information, didn't tell me this amount will be taken from your account. On the receipt the amount was $25 and this amount was taken out of my account. When I returned the car and checked my account on May 9th, this
transaction was taken from my account. Called him twice today to discuss my complaint and told me he would call me back, but he didn't. They owe me $307.30

  • Di
    Dina Johnson Sep 27, 2007

    I went to Enterprise to rent a car through my insurance company. I was accidentally overcharged by $100.00 from the get go. I caught the mistake and called the gentleman that helped refunded my card the difference which a debit card always takes longer for the credit to be issued. I received 3 overdrafts on my account because of this. I had made numerous phone calls and it took the next day to receive a call back. They went in and canceled all charges and credits. I thought that was fair enough but wanted them to okay the overdrafts as well. I went up to the local office where I rented and spoke with a different gentleman that told me that they have done all they were going to do. I called my bank and thankfully they adjusted my account and ate the NSF fees. I got home from work today which was 4 days later with a call from Enterprise wanting to charge me again for the rental. I can not believe after all that they put me through and it took me straightening out the NSF that they would have the nerve to call and ask for any type of payment. Will I ever use them again? ABSOLUTELY NOT come HELL or high water!

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  • Bi
    bill fenhouse Oct 27, 2008

    We also had a very bad experience with Enterprise car rental here in WI. I am warning you do not use a debt card from your bank to pay them. They make you sign your initials on a piece of paper, but don't tell you what it means. I told them we didn't have any money in our checking account because we were both injured in an accident and not working, they said they totally understood... then they started taking 100's $ out of our checking account and now it is at a -2k!!!
    They would call and ask how everything was going and turn around the same day and try to take money out of the account. I told the bank many times not to honor the requests they made because I was going to have the lawyer/insurance make the payment to them...but they don't really care!
    Now because of everything that happened we can not use our checking acct/debt cards...they would probably do the same to a charge card...but I can only speak for what happened to us. I really feel like they are a scam. We will NEVER use that company again!!!

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  • Le
    Lena2 Jan 15, 2010

    Entrprise did the same thing to me. Gabe from the San Antonio location, Tx location, located on Fredericksburg road and Huebner withdrew $122.15 from my checking account without my authorization. I was in an auto accident and my insurance was paying for the rental of thevehicle. as it was they were expecting me to pay $200.00 and did not want to accept my debit card for a deposit of $50.00 in which I was told that it would be returned to me. To top it off, i was still in alot of pain from the accident, and to walk to the van because they did not come to my door of the apartments. It was all a bad nightmare with that company from the beginning.

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attaching my name to another's reservation and submitting the unpaid charges to a collection agency

I had been a long time customer of Enterprise Rent A Car in Franklin, TN. One day I started receiving call...

[Resolved] rental insurance!

I rented a car from enterprise on 04-01 in which the representative misrepresented the insurance when I...

scam and fraud!

About two years ago in May or June of '06 my automobile was stolen. My insurance company provided me with a rental car (Chevy Aveo) from Enterprise Rent-A-Car for about 30 days. Fortunately my automobile was recovered and my insurance company took care of the repairs. After my automobile had been repaired I took the rental car back to Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Upon returning the rental car we did a walk around of the rental car to make sure there were no damages. There was two Enterprise associates, my father, and I doing the walk around. One of the Enterprise associates noticed that the headlight on the driver side of the rental car was askew. The Enterprise associate then proceeded to get down on all fours and look underneath the car and behind the front bumper. The Enterprise associate then reached up in to the area and proceeded to pull out a towel that had been lodged behind the lamp apparently in an attempt to keep the lamp in place! I was completely surprised that someone had lodged a towel in there in an attempt to keep the lamp in place. The Enterprise associate then started questioning me if I had put it there or if I knew how it got there. I told him I had no idea how it got there and that I did not lodge a towel in there in an attempt to hold up the lamp or for whatever reason it was in there for. I did find it odd that the Enterprise associate seemed to find the problem rather quickly. Almost as if he knew, but I doubt it.

I denied any claim to the damages and told them I was totally unaware of any of it. They didn't care! Enterprise Rent-A-Car had the rental car repaired and when I was told that I owed 750.00 my father and I were outraged! We received an itemized report of all the repair work performed and were blown away that the whole entire bumper had to be replaced, the grill had to be replaced, the lamp had to be replaced, and even something about a new gloss finish! They want 750.00 for something I did not do! I did not, however, sign up for the insurance package and they told me that if I had signed up for that, that I wouldn't be liable for any of this. I understand this but 750.00??? That's outrageous! I think they tacked on some extra repairs and thought that I'd pay for them!

So it is now almost two years later and it is now in collections. Today I received a phone call from Wakefield & Associates claiming that I have 24 hours to pay or this matter will be in the hands of the courts. They said it is my word against theirs. But I do not understand how an askew headlight amounts to 750.00 in repairs and keep in mind I didn't even do any of the damages. Why not go after the previous renter of the rental car or the one before that or every single person that rented that vehicle. There is no proof that I caused the damages to that vehicle and you know why there is no proof? Because I didn't do it!

I was almost going to pay them and get this over with but after doing some research on the internet about how horrible Enterprise Rent-A-Car is and listening to my father I believe this is a matter for the courts.

  • Jo
    Joey Raines Aug 11, 2008

    I also had a problem with Enterprise Rent-a-car. In July 2008 my family and I were coming back from a vacation and had a wreck. We needed to rent a car and got a Chevy Impala with about 28000 miles. The car was very nice and glossy looking when we rented it. We drove through a rain storm all day on our way back home. The rest of the trip was uneventful and no problems. When I returned the car to a local rent-a-car the next day it was nice and sunny. Well, I noticed that the gloss was gone and when I did the walk-around right there were 2 scrapes on the right bumper near the lights. I didn't see it on the walk-around when we rented but here it was in plain day. I know we did not scrape the vehicle but it appears that we will have to pay for it since I didn't get the coverage. I know it was a chance to take but it shouldn't have been a problem since I did not scrape that car.

    My advice to anyone is not to use Enterprise Rent-a-car and if you must then make sure you are covered as they(or someone) seems to be very good at hiding scrapes on these cars. By the way, the Enterprise Rent-a-car was in Mobile, Alabama. I don't know if they were responsible for hiding the scrape but you never know.

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  • Na
    Nancy Ilic Apr 02, 2009

    March 24, 2009 North Bergen, New Jersey

    The EXACT same thing happened when I used enterprise while my car was being repaired.
    When I rented the car the agent said I would have to wait for an Oil change/ the car was glossy/wet.
    When i returned the car it had a smooth layer of dust on the right passenger side door. The agent came rapidly out of the office (I thought was strange) did NOT TAKE A WALK AROUND WITH ME, and went straight for the Right passenger side of the doorl; took the tip of his finger, made a small smudge and said the car was scratched...like he KNEW EXACTLY that it was there, WITHOUT LOOKING AROUND THE CAR FOR OTHER SCRATCHES.
    when he washed the car (only in that area) I could see a whitish area, he stated it was a new scratch > When I told him I didn't do it, it was there he laughed and said there was no "record" of this new scratch. I said "if it was a NEW scratch how come it was as smooth as the rest of the car, that there was no indentation; roughness, irregularities noted ??
    He rubbed and area and a piece of a compounding material came off, he didn't say a word?? Not only that the scratch color was a grey mix, (the car was black) . He still said he had to file an accident report..I refused to use MY insurance for this.

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  • Le
    Lem264 Aug 06, 2009

    Yes Enterprise did something similar to me as well although it was a small knick in the windshield. While doing the walk around I pointed out a few "small scratches" and the Enterprise employee was like "oh no we're only looking for MAJOR damages" so I was like 'ok... no MAJOR damages on this car, and signed the rental agreement w/o their rip off insurance. When I returned the car, they charged me $50 for the chip in the windshield!!! And then the next week I get a letter in the mail from Enterprise Damage Recovery Unit asking for my insurance information so they can file a claim, but I already paid the local store $50 for it! Those ###s. I mean ok $50 I don't really care, I am so sorry to hear about your $750 charge. Please let us know how the court battle goes so I can reference it in future conversations with people about how they should never rent from Enterprise again.

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  • Mo
    Mohnish Dec 08, 2009

    Enterprise recently did the same thing with me. They gave me a upgrade when I was renting so I was happy that I got a good deal but two days into the trip, the A/C stopped working so I called them trying to exchange the car from a nearby enterprise but it was Sunday and they said that everything was closed. So we cut our trip short and started driving to an enterprise location some 150 miles away from the place we were and 20 miles later the car's engine started heating up. When I called them again, they said that I could not drive that car anymore and it needed to be towed and suddenly they were able to find an enterprise location nearby which was open on Sunday (cheats!!). In any case, 2 month later, I get a mail from damage recovery unit that I needed to pay up for the damage which I had done to the car (??). They explained to me that car heating and A/C problem cannot be related (I am not an expert on cars but anyways ...) so I must have done something to damage the car. They said that there is a dent in the grille, which was already there when I had rented the car (its in the rental agreement). Its a 2200 $ bill and when I read the bill closely, I see that they have charged me for A/C repair as well. I have asked my insurance company to deal with them but it seems I will end up paying atleast a part of it even though I did not do anything. ENTERPRISE is a big rental company but I did not know that they are even bigger fraud. There are so many similar incidents on the web. I just wish that I had read these before renting it from them.

    Could you please post how the court battle went so that i could use wisdom to fight these guys.

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