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Complaints & Reviews

stolen items

I took my car to the mercedes dealers in fresno to have my car serviced on monday the 10th of december 2007. That weekend I had gone christmas shopping for my nieces and nephews I had the bag in my car since I was leaving my car there I took my bag rented a car from enterprise that sits inside the mercedes dealer and placed my bag in the trunk. I then went to work forgot about the bag took the care back to mercedes because mine was ready and I forgot the bag. As soon as I remembered I called them a couple hours later and now there all just telling me "we did not see anything" in other words im out my gifts about a $200.00 value. If you cant trust them with $200.00 worth of xmas gifts at the mercedes dealers how can we trust them with our cars with thousand of dollars. I am very very mad and also sad at the fact that my family is not going to have xmas gifts. Thanks alot enterprise and mercedes in fresno

  • Ch
    cher ba Dec 12, 2007

    This sould be covered under your car insurance - submit a claim against them - or if you have receipts - take them to small claims court.

    But man, if you can afford a Mercedes, then $200 is not what you should be spending on Christmas presents for your family...

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terrible experience!

I rented a car from enterprise at 2301 W. Sample Rd. Pompano Bch, Fla.33073. On Sept. 28,2007. I returned the car back on
Oct. 1,2007. The amount for the car were $135.01. Enterprise failed to credit my account with the remaining balance of my $250.00 which they with held for the deposit. I contacted enterprise on Oct.5,2007 to see what the problems were concerning my credit. I spoke to Andy the assistant manager he inform me he were going to take of it it were never done. I spoke to John Savino the branch manager, he inform me he were going to take care of it and give me a call back. Nothing were done. I never received a call from John. Until I reported him to there corporate office. I called and complained to there customer care center [protected] nothing done. I called Jaime Pages at the corporate office to inform her of the problem she also said she were going to need a copy of my bank statement I faxed it over to her On Oct. 29,2007, never received a call back from her. I initiated all the calls concerning my money. Jaime Said she were going to speak to John. Nothing still not taken care of. John left me a message on my home phone on Dec.4, or 5th for me to call him. I called him back he pretended he had no clue as to why he needed to contact me. I began to tell him that Jaime Pages the secretary of the ceo told me that she see that the transaction were done indeed wrong. He stated he were going to contact her at get back to me, no phone call as of today from John. He totally ignored me and my situation. I left numerous messages for him to return my call he never did. I spoke to Stephanie one of the Managers and left my contact number. He never called. I called him On Dec. 5,2007 to see what the status he inform me to contact there accounted and that Jaime had no glue as to what I were speaking about. On Dec. 7, 2007, I contacted the customer care center again for the 4th time, I wanted to speak to someone on a higher level to get this resolved. I spoke to Don one of the customer care mangers he then got enterprise on the phone, we spoke to Stephanie again she informed me she gave John the message, they were going to take care of the problem on that day. Nothing has been resolved as of yet. The account after I left her a message on Friday morning De.7,2007 she called my home and left me a message while I am at work. I left my work number on numerous accounts no one would ever call they would call the home when I'm not there. I would like for someone to take care of this problem I have been battling with them Since Oct. 5,2007. All I've been getting were the run around. No one seems to care or want to conclude this matter. I would like to be credited back to my account from the remaining of my $250.00 dollars. This is why I am sending this complaint against enterprise, because they have handled my situation in a very disrespectful manner and a lack of concern, concerning a customer. I have never gone through this with enterprise before. I have been renting cars from them for a very long time. This is the first time I ever ran into this problem. This enterprise does not have a concern for there customers. I think the company needs to review who they has working for them. These people are giving enterprise a ban name as well as a ban repretation. I will never rent a car from that enterprise again.

Polly Fuentes.

  • Ta
    Tammy Feb 08, 2008

    We found 2 memory sticks from a digital camera in a car we rented from Enterprise in Anaheim, CA on Jan 3/08. I viewed them and there are photos on them. The employee at enterprise said that there was no way to track down the previous renters of the car. They suggested that we keep the cards delete and use them ourselves. Well, I don't want to delete them or throw them away. If i could find the owner i would gladly return them.

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  • Er
    eric e Mar 20, 2008

    what you need to do is contact your credit card company and file a fraud charge against enterprise. they will investigate enterprise

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  • Te
    tellingthetruth Apr 18, 2008

    Glad you are honest...if you REALLY want to see a bunch of crooked car renters, rent from Buget in BirminghamAL or atlanta GA- the same crooked cuban owns both.

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  • Te
    tellingthetruth Apr 18, 2008

    I know for a fact that on 9-11-01, the manager of the Birmingham location DOUBLED and sometimes TRIPLED "one way" rates. There were many planes deverted to Birmingham, because of the events, the airport became packed with paniced travlers just trying to get back home. Budget took advantage of the supply and demand theroy and hit those poor scared people with unbelivably high rates. If you rented from them on this occasion- please be aware that the rate they charged you was much higher than the day before, they are CROOKS.

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  • Fr
    Francis Rodrigue Oct 18, 2008

    I recently rented a car from Enterprise in Augusta, Maine. I picked the car up 10/06/2008. I kept the car for a few days and returned it. I was in such a hurry I forgot my tool bag in the back. $200 worth. I called the rental place 207-623-1855 the next morning. The tools were not found and the car was in Manchester, N.H. I called Manchester and asked what the procedure was when a car was returned. The man told me that the car was completely gone over with every return - front, back and trunk. So tell me, how did the employees of this very small Augusta location fail to see my tool bag. I am mad at myself for being in such a hurry that I left my tool bag behind, but even more upset that Enterprise would employ such dishonest people. There is no way in hell that those tools were overlooked, especially if someone was doing their job. Maybe they need a better manager at this store! The man who rented me the vehicle was Alec. So beware. If you are renting a car in Augusta, go to Budget. It is conveniently located at the Augusta airport. Prices are the same.

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  • Mi
    Mitzi Rene May 18, 2011

    I experienced this same type of situation. I went into Mill Valley CA to renew a contract for the airport. Instead of Mill Valley renewing my contract they Mill Valley office, Wendy Kastner rewrote a new contract so her office could benefit from my rental. She then charged an extra $1, 000 fee to my credit card. To date it has been worse than a circus. They are still holding my $1, 000 and I never agreed to have my contract switched. This office is vile. I never had the experience with the airport. They never thought up bogus charges to apply to my credit card. STAY AWAY FROM THIS ENTERPRISE CAR RENTAL HERE IS THE ADDRESS 35 REED BLVD MILL VALLEY. If you see Wendy Kastner RUN

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unauthorized charges

Enterprise is taking advantage of the consumers. Here's our deal. Our Insurance Agency arranged with...

assumption of damage by consumer!

On 9/5/07, my insurance company provided me with a rental car due to my car being in an accident the day before. The rental car was given to me with less than 1/4 tank of gas. After work (a 15 mile drive), I got 10.72 gallons ($30.00) worth of gas at a gas station near where I work, so I would make it home. The car died on the way home, now they are saying it had 15 gallons of "contaminated" gas and are suing me for almost $700.00 worth of damage, when I only drove the car a total of maybe 18 miles. My position is that the 4.28 gallons of gas that was in the vehicle when I got it could have been contaminated and no one complained of bad gas at the station that I got the gas from. Enterprise is saying that "the renter is responsible for damage to the rental vehicle regardless of fault of negligence." Absolutely Ludicrous!

  • Rh
    R.H. Dec 18, 2007


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  • Xa
    Xandor Tik'Roth Aug 09, 2010

    Mary... first of all... wow. I know some people like to complain, but I've never seen it taken to such detail...

    But I digress...

    While I agree that Enterprise's claim was a touch over the top, I mean, come on. It's not like Enterprise associates go into the car before you get in it and start messing things up. Obviously the first thing that Enterprise (or any rental car company, for that matter) is going to think is that you did something to mess it up. After all, you WERE the last person in the car.

    Enterprise has a pretty extensive legal department, though. I'd call corporate and talk it out with them. but then, it's already been three years and I hope you've taken care of this by now.

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enterprise made me miss my flight

Enterprise Rent A Car - www.enterprise.com

After waiting with about 10 others for Enterprise to open so that we could check in our cars in order to make it to the airport, the young woman checking in my car thought that it would be nice to tell me about how she was being "punished" by being scheduled to work the early Sunday morning shift. While obviously unprofessional, her chattiness with all of the patrons held up many of us who needed to get to the airport. As a result, I missed my flight.

  • Va
    valley Oct 31, 2008

    I call bullsh*t!! If checking in a rental car made you miss your flight you would have missed it anyway. Take some personal resposibility. Don't blame others for yor own failings.

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I rented a car 09/04/07 and returned the same day. The only outside damage was a mark on the front. I alway...


I rented a car from Enterprise in Killeen, Texas because I had to make an early morning appointment on Saturday morning. The rep advised me I should get the weekend special because the office was closed on the weekends anyways. I picked up the car friday evening and on Saturday morning proceeded to go to my appointment that was 50 miles away from my home. As soon as I got on the highway the tire was flat. I called the company to get the roadside assistance but they said it would be a few hours. I was told to put the spare tire on myself if I wanted to make my appt. On Monday I brought the car back and told them about the flat tire and being late to my appt. They could care less. The rep told me the tire had sidewall damage. He told me I must have parked too close to the curb that night. The thing is is that I parked the car in a carport away from any curbs or sidewalks. Then he calls the manager. The manager gets the tire and starts poking around with his key and tells me he found a hole and that someone must have slashed the tire. Now that they are claiming the tire was slashed, they tell me I am liable for that. I told them I had my own insurance but they said it did not matter because tires and stuff must be paid out of my own pocket. I tried to ask them if they could determine if the tire was damaged the night I picked it up but they wouldn't hear a word of it. They were extremely rude and accused me left and right about damaging the tire. Now they are going to try to notify my insurance. If anything, I don't feel I should be charged for the day the tire was flat and ruined the whole reason I rented the car.

horrible customer service

I had never rented a car before and wasn't familiar with the process. I feel I was taken advantage of because of my inexperience. They didn't even walk me TO the car, much less around it to look for damage. I never signed saying I agreed to the condition of the car beforehand and now they're trying to charge me for scratches on the underside of the bumper. This never happened while I was driving, and I was the only one that drove the car. No one I have talked to will listen to my complaint. Sometimes they're even rude. They'll only say, "You have two options: 1) you can pay us now, or 2) we can send this to a collection agency". They also claimed that I WAS taken for a walk-around, which is an outright lie. No one I have dealt with has taken me seriously, but I am not letting this go. I know customer service - I've worked in the industry for years - and this is some of the worst customer service imaginable. All of their arguments are irrational and insubstantial, and they WILL NOT listen to my very legitimate and rational complaint, nor the plain fact that I never signed the portion of the contract agreeing to the condition of the car beforehand. I will never use Enterprise again.

  • Pe
    peoplearestupid Feb 26, 2010

    do you have your copy of the contract? they check the past 3 contracts to determine if that issue has been noted before...

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  • Xa
    Xandor Tik'Roth Aug 09, 2010

    The other thing you could do is take it up with corporate. Call the 800 number and file a complaint.

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overcharge on a vehicle!

Vehicle was received very dirty. State Farm paid for the car on 7-19-07 to 8-10-07 and I Shannell paid for the vehicle on 8-11-07 to 8-31-07 with money orders. I asked for a receipt twice at the office in Balto., MD on Harford Rd and was told the computer is down. I returned the vehicle on 8-31-07 and now they are trying to bill me for taxes they claim state farm did not pay and also for gas which was place in the tank according what the paper stated. I was not given my refund of $100. There has been numerous time they try to lie to me and cover up. I now personally believe the computers were working and crocket stuff was going for on there I was not given a receipt. Enterprise or its employees need to be investigated, one claim to be supervisor in particular (Priscilla).

  • Th
    Thomas Melnyk Sep 25, 2007

    I had reservations for a full size car,uponarrival to pick up the car,I was told all they had was a VW passat.I said I had a full size reserved.He then stated I have a buick with minor body damage in shop.He said he could get that.I agreed and he drove me to buick body shop.He went in got the keys.He showed me the minor body damage and assured me it would not affect the driving.I was running way behind so I took the car.Got home had to clean the car after it had been stores outside.Wife not happy but we left for our three day vacation.Upon returning the car we saw they charged four days.Called they assured me the refund was to be put back on card.Stiii waiting

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unauthorized charges without permission!

I was sent to Enterprise rent-a-car by Future Ford of Clovis Ca. because they damage my car and they sent up the rental at no charge due to there error of damage to my car. So I went down to the car rental to get the rental on March 22, 2007 they told me that they needed my credit Card for only a preauthorize of 50.00 for gas purposes only by Enterprise rent-a-car only because the dealership will not pay for gas or tax. The only reason why I pick up the rental is because I'm disable and I needed a car for my doctor appointments and the dealership owed me this. The Ford Dealership contracts with this rental Company which was on the dated of March 22, 2007 and the Dealership ship is billed for the whole rental not customers and on contract it stated that as well and the Manager who approved this was Chris Klien of Future Ford of Clovis Ca. My credit card was on file for this contract by their request to make sure that the customer’s car came back with a full gas tank which it did and was that was verified by Assistant Manager by the name Angelo Young and his assistant Nathan of Enterprise rental Car in Fresno, Ca. Mr. young checked gas, mileage and closed my account paid in full. All I paid for was the tax which was 17.86 which was cash because I didn't want my card used at all. Then Mr. Young stated that everything cleared and they would never charge my credit card. Since check out date I have never conducted any business or authorized any charges. So on May 23, 2007 they charged my credit card without authorization or being notified of this charge which overdrawn my account over a 150.00 because this account only had very little money because I just opened it for little transactions only and I didn't use it but a few times so these charges damaged my account and so I had to closed it and all those over charges for the few charges I had done and all the overcharges fall on me behind this unauthorized charge which was not my bill to be charged for at all is killing and now I'm fighting them and hope to get a class action lawsuit against them for uncharged that in fine print stay if they want to they can charge what ever they feel fits to any of there charges made up or not and don't have to inform you any charges. Please let stop them and have some rights too and change the contract from being one sided but give us rights as consumers.

  • Eu
    Eugene S Williams Aug 29, 2007

    I purchased a used vehicle (2005 Chevy Malibu) from Enterprise Used Car sales. The agent presented me with a 106 point inspection prior to to the sale stating that the car had not damage and was in good condition. Less than 3 weeks after my purchase, I noticed noise coming from the front drivers side and contacted Enterprise about the problem. They sent me to the local Chevy dealer who investigated the noise and I was told there is not problem with the vehicle.

    The noise began to get louder, I called Enterprise again and they sent me back to the dealer who told me I needed new struts and shocks costing ($1500.00) parts and labor.

    My advise to you: (1.) Do not trust an Enterprise used car sales person regarding the condition of their vehicles. Have it checked by a reliable mechanic. (2.) Buy an extended warranty from a trustworthy broker. (3.) Make sure to contact Enterprise before the end of the regular warranty if you find a warranty issued with a vehicle you purchase from them.

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  • Ho
    hosedfamily Apr 06, 2011

    SAME thing happened to me. NEVER give enterprise a credit card for hold. If they refuse - then go elsewhere - because if they cannot get their money from the dealership for repairs or whatever they have promised, they will bill you. I was billed $196.00 because Go DODGE on arapahoe road in Centennial Colorado verbally gave promise they would pay the entire bill, "whatever it takes" because they had our Jeep in their shop over a month for repair. We believed them. almost 3 months later we get this surprise. I will fight it to the top of Chrysler Corporate, as they are the ones who also told us it would all be covered for the rental car.

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forced to pay extra money

I rented a car from enterprise on 5/26/07 and was returning it on 5/28/07. I was quoted a price which was reflected on my contract. When I went to return the car on 5/28/07 in the morning, they were closed. I was surprised to see the ink written sign was taped to the door. I put the keys in the drop box and left the car.
On Tues. May 29 I was told by the manager that I will be charged for an extra day because they were closed on Mon. I was never advised that they would be closed on the day I was returning the car and an extra charge would apply. The charge was not as big a deal as the misleading agenda. I will be forced to pay the extra on my credit card but I will never deal with Enterprise again. They are losing my business for approx. $20.00.

  • Js
    J.S. Dec 03, 2008

    Yes! Enterprise is all about deception. State Farm/Fraud set me up with a car from Enterprise because a State Fraud customer slammed into the car I owned. I asked the Enterprise criminal for a small car, and he told me he could let me use a car about the size of a Toyota Corolla. I told him that was what I wanted. When we got to the parking lot, he walked me to a gigantic Chevrolet that resembled a van on the inside. I told him I did not want one of those, and he said in a condescending voice, "It's the only red car in the parking lot." Huh? Looking back, I think he was saying, "Enterprise can get more money from State Fraud if you drive this one." I was in a major hurry, so I took it and left.

    I paid Enterprise for 5 days of their insurance because State Fraud would not pay for insurance on the Enterprise car. I flat out told the guy I wanted 5 days of insurance because I thought my own car might be fixed by then. Well, State Fraud took two weeks to tell me that my car was totalled and said I needed to return the Enterprise car once I picked up my wreck check. Enterprise called me the same day and told me I needed to go ahead and come in immediately (before getting my check) to pay for the past 13 days of insurance. What??????!!! I asked and paid specifically for FIVE days of the insurance. I had a huge argument with that criminal and his corrupt manager about contract law, and the corrupt manager told me that a clause about continued insurance without a paper signing was in the fine print on the back of the contract. I looked for it, and he said it would be way too hard to find it right away. He started to pull the contract out of my hand with the excuse that he was going to write something on it for me. I resisted and kept reading. I could not find the clause. He pulled the contract all the way out of my hand and used his excuse again. After about 30 minutes, I decided to give them a spec of the benefit of the doubt, and we negotiated that I would pay for 6 of the 13 days. The next day, I read the entire body of fine print on the back of the contract. The clause was not there!!! This criminal flat out lied to me in front of a room full of his customers. I naively assumed he would not dare do that, but he did. What a low life ###!

    I looked on the internet to see if anybody else has had such an experience, and I found a whole universe of information on the corruption of Enterprise. There are even websites dedicated to hatred for Enterprise's corruption. I can't believe they are still in business! Why are they?????

    Tell everybody you know what a scummy business Enterprise is, and tell everybody to spread the word as far as it can go. Dateline and 20/20 would love to know that the number 1 car rental business in the United States is blatantly deceptive toward its customers and that they are thieves who are no better than serial pick pockets. As far as I am concerned, Enterprise might as well be stealing stereos and televisions from people. Yes, they are on that level. The whole country needs to know this. Spread the word and tell people to keep spreading it, and flood the news organizations with what you know about that rotten company!

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what a cluster!

Having taken my credit card as part of the "Standard Procedure" since I will be driving the vehicle... even...

damage scam!

Subject: damage to car rental

Here is my account of events:

5:15 pm:
Lorena called me on my cell to let me know that she just got on the i-56 and that there was traffic so she would be late in picking me up.

6:00 pm:
I did a cursory walk around the car with lorena telling me that everything was alright. The car was parked in the compact space of “enterprise” allocated spot at “doubletree”. Car was not in a very illuminated spot. I assumed that there was no damage to the car and drove it directly home where I garage-parked it all night.

8:00 am:
Drove 165 miles to meet with pat brice (cell [protected]) for exactly 45 minutes. On way I stopped only once at 76 union gas station (i-15 and hwy 138) to fill up the gas tank. And drove off to my meeting.

10:55 am:
Arrived at the remote site where pat was working. And parked the car with passenger side adjacent to curb. Mine was the only car parked there on the road…very remote site.

11:40 am:
Drove back 165 miles non-stop to my office at 7920 miramar rd. I parked the car in one of the extra-wide parking spots immediately facing my office (I could actually see it from my window). I stayed in the office for about 80 minutes.

4:10 pm:
Drove back to double tree and parked the car in the tight spot next to the doubletree club van on my passenger side.

5:15 pm:
Dan pointed out the damage. And drove me home.

5:40 pm:
I drove in my personal vehicle back to double tree and found no damage to club van. The rental car was parked by dan directly underneath a working light pole. I went around the car and did not notice the damage even with the knowledge this time that it was there!! Extremely ease to miss under the circumstances.

6:00 pm:
I drove on to my office to the same spot where I had parked the car for 80 minutes and looked with my son (each of us equipped with a flash-light) for a loose broken 2”x3” plastic piece (off the hub-cap) that ought to have been lying there had the car been during that time. We found no trace of it anywhere within 40 feet of the location. We even had the hi-beam of our vehicle shining directly on that area.

I could not possibly have hit someone else’s car while driving or else I would have definitely felt it and we would have exchanged information. With over 25 years of driving experience I could not have possibly bashed the car negotiating a curve that would have had to have a blunt hard object protruding off it!!

This could not have happened in my garage.

The only 2 plausible locations where I parked 45 minutes in palmdale and 80 minutes next to my office and since the facts above suggest that did not happen, then the only remaining conclusion in my mind is that the car was actually already damaged when I picked it up and simply did not notice it.

  • Rc
    R Cooper Aug 23, 2012

    I rented a car from Enterprise on 5/15/12 and as always walked around and looked for any damage on the car and did not see any.
    I had the car for a week and when I returned the car, she (agent) said, that it had a 6" dent on the driver side door and asked me to look at it and I could not see any 6" dent.
    I could see two small nickel size dimples and that was all I could see and they could have been there when I rented the car, being it depends on the sunlight and angle you are looking at the car.
    I would think that if it was a 6" dent I would be able to see, but I could not and she rushed me into the office and said she would have to put my decuctable on my credit card that I used to rent the car and that she had to put it on the card before I left their office.
    They added $500.00 to my card and said, if the damage is less they would refund the difference, but I kept saying I don't see a 6" dent in the door and they kept saying it was there and I would have to pay for the damage.
    I felt like this is some kind of scam that Enterprise does often.
    Let's just say I will not be using ENTERPRISE the next time I rent a car.

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unethical business practices!

Enterprise rent-a-car, honolulu, hi charged $125 for new tire and $40 for gas.

My car was total during an accident so the insurance company arranged a rental car at enterprise. I went to the nearest enterprise and rented a 2005 dodge neon. The car obviously has a alignment problem since it always tilts to the right but I didn't have problem with that since I only drives about 10 miles a day. Couple days later I had a flat tire traveling to work, so I replaced the tire with the spare and returned the vehicle to them immediately, in a hurry I forgot to refill the gas. I told them that I would pay for the tire and gasoline. Couple days later they charged $40 for gasoline and $125 for a new tire onto my charge card and another $73.50 on pending for a reason they don't know. What kind of neon needs a $40 gasoline, and a $125 tire.

beware! charged $500 without notification!

I recently rented a vehicle from Enterprise in Cincinnati Ohio. I was informed we were the second drivers of the car which was new.

The Man renting us the car took a quick walk around the car and there was no visible damage.
I drove the car back to where we were staying and we settled in. The following morning while driving the car, I noticed a crack developing at the bottom of the windshield. There were extreme temperatures at the time and the crack seemed to grow before my eyes. At no time did anything hit the windshield (stone, rock) so I was a little weirded out by the whole thing and called the rental office right away. The woman working there said it sounded like something hit the windshield. I explained it had not while I was driving. I took the car by the office and she looked at the crack and located a tiny pin-head sized nick near the base of the windshield where the crack started. This mark would never have been noticed during a pre-rental inspection.

She stated the manager would be in touch before the end of the day. He did not contact us, so we called back and the office was closed. The next day was a Saturday and we still received no call. When we called them, they had closed. Our turn in date was Sunday so we dropped the keys in the drop box and left 2 additional urgent messages on the office voicemail stating we needed a call back immediately regarding the issue. We received no calls back. By the time we dropped off the car, the crack had reached across the entire windshield. On Tuesday, we received a call from the claims department "regarding the damage done to the vehicle". When I returned the representative's call, He was not there and did not return my call. On the following Wednesday, I checked my bank account and saw they had charged us $500. I was told when I called the branch that we needed to speak to the claims representative (pass the buck). The rep has yet to return our calls. Enterprise admits there is no way to determine the damage was done while we had the car and their employee also said that if there was a minor nick to the glass, it would only take the severe temperatures outside and the heater on the inside of the car to create conditions for this to happen in. Yet, they still, without giving us the courtesy of even a returned call, charged us $500. Bottom line - Beware.

never rented from enterprise and never will!

My fiance had recently rented a car(s) from Enterprise after his car had been totalled in a car wreck. Over the course of a week he was given three cars, the first two being sold within days of being in his possession.

He was put through the inconvenience of having to return these cars asap, at their demand. However that is not the issue at hand. When Enterprise received notification that his insurance company would no longer be covering the charges for his rental they became very demanding and rude stating that they needed their car back that day. My fiance spoke with someone in their office and told them that he would make his payment at the end of the week as he needed to still keep the car for a few more days. On one particular evening I was coming home and could not even pull into my driveway because a truck was blocking it. After flashing my lights they finally moved to allow me to enter MY property only to follow me into my driveway. A gentleman by the name of Patrick had asked me several questions, then becoming rude with me when I would not give him all the personal information that needed, however I had to remind him that I was not the person renting the car and he needed to speak to him. I was very upset that someone had actually come out to my home to discuss this when it should've been taken care of during business hours anyway. To add insult to injury they ended up coming back to my home even later in the night still asking about the rental. My fiance was so upset that he just drove it back in the middle of the night, at their demand of course. I have rented cars from companies that don't have the big name as Enterprise, but I can say their service surpasses them in every way. I should not be harassed at my own home in regards to something that doesn't even concern me! If harassment is part of their policy in conducting business then I will make sure to never do business with them. He spoke with his insurance company and they are going to file a claim against Enterprise.

  • Ly
    Lynda Aug 06, 2008

    They are threatening to me also. I have paid them and someone has not recoreded it or something. I have all the information from the credit card company and they should have it also. I received another call tonight and they say they did not recieve it. I told them I would pay another $250 this Friday as I rent by the month and pay weekly. I tried to leave a message again but it seems this new manager has done away with this too. This is in southern CA in Laguna Niguel, CA and her name is Stephanie. The former manager Erica was so nice and accommondating. I have rented there for one year this week. That means I have spent about $13, 000 this year at Enterprise. I think a long term customer like me should be treated better by Enterprise. Obviously, that is not their policy. Stephanie threatened to report the car as stolen to the police when indeed I have paid. What the hell is that? I think I will go to another rental agency and maybe seek legal advise also. Anyone who has sued them, please let me know.
    Thank you for "listening".

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money that was taken and not refunded

My son needed a car for a while. His car was being repaired from a previous claim from our nationwide insurance company in 8/2006. The company that was supposed to fix the sunroof did not do it correctly. It has to go back and have it redone in November 2006. Nationwide insurance authorized the car rental, however when we went to pick up the rental, the manager failed to contact nationwide for their authorization number and money was taken out of my sons checking account. I need to talk to a representative from enterprise to get the refund that is due my son.

  • Di
    Divine LissaMarie Jul 16, 2007

    I was sent to Enterprise rent-a-car by Future Ford of Clovis Ca. because they damage my car and they sent up the rental at no charge due to there error of damage to my car. So I went down to the car rental to get the rental on March 22, 2007 they told me that they needed my credit Card for only a preauthorize of 50.00 for gas purposes only by Enterprise rent-a-car only because the dealership will not pay for gas or tax. The only reason why I pick up the rental is because I'm disable and I needed a car for my doctor appointments and the dealership owed me this. The Ford Dealership contracts with this rental Company which was on the dated of March 22, 2007 and the Dealership ship is billed for the whole rental not customers and on contract it stated that as well and the Manager who approved this was Chris Klien of Future Ford of Clovis Ca. My credit card was on file for this contract by their request to make sure that the customer’s car came back with a full gas tank which it did and was that was verified by Assistant Manager by the name Angelo Young and his assistant Nathan of Enterprise rental Car in Fresno, Ca. Mr. young checked gas, mileage and closed my account paid in full. All I paid for was the tax which was 17.86 which was cash because I didn't want my card used at all. Then Mr. Young stated that everything cleared and they would never charge my credit card. Since check out date I have never conducted any business or authorized any charges. So on May 23, 2007 they charged my credit card without authorization or being notified of this charge which overdrawn my account over a 100.00 because this account only had very little money because I just opened it for little transactions only and I didn't use it but a few times so these charges damaged my account and so I had to close it and all those over charges for the few charges I had done and all the overcharges fall on me behind this unauthorized charge which was not bill to be charged for at all.

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car return problem

I called Enterprise when the repair work was completed and asked if I could get a ride to the collision shop or I could wait an hour for my husband to come home and take me. I was told in no uncertain terms it is policy for you to return the car to the shop and Enterprise picks it up there. The car was undamaged. Four days later Enterprise picks up the car and leaves a voice mail at a secondary work number informing me of a dent. I contacted them the following day when I received the voice mail. I was spoken to rudely by the rep who had previously been extremely solicitous. I was told it's out of his hands.

He gave me the adjuster's name and said he didn't know her extension and hung up. He had to give the # to me for a previous situation. How could he not have it? Although I followed Enterprise's instructions, I am considered responsible for alleged damages during the days it takes for Enterprise to pick up the car. The body shop owner told us these delays were typical, despite his complaints of lost parking spaces. When I finally was contacted by someone from Enterprise, my 72 hours were up and I had no right to see the car. I cannot repair the "softball-sized" dent on my own. Enterprise will repair it and charge me.

[Resolved] insusance rip off!

Car Renter Beware!

Recently I needed to rent a vehicle while mine was in the shop for repairs. It was a short term rental, only 3 days. When I picked up the vehicle they tried to talk me into taking their bumper to bumper car insurance for $12.00 plus some change per day and I informed them that I had excellent insurance and would not need the extra coverage. I walked around the vehicle with the agent and looked for any obvious damage before signing for the vehicle. I noticed small chip in paint but figured this was normal wear and tear and did not examine every square inch for any type of damage. I drove the vehicle less than 100 mile and had no incident with the vehicle. When I returned the vehicle a different agent walked around the vehicle and stopped by the windshield. When he can in to the office he asked me about the stone chip in the windshield and how the accident happened. There was no accident and nothing flew up and hit the windshield while I was driving. I also informed him that I didn’t note every little stone chip in the paint or examine the windshield for stone chips. He tried to make me sign 3 different forms about me having an accident with the vehicle and I refused. I did sign one form acknowledging that there was a chip in the windshield and that I wrote on the form I did not examine it for chips when I picked it up. I watched him walk around the vehicle and he walked right to where the chip was as if he already knew it was there. Enterprise had my insurance information and made no attempt to contact them, infact they had the windshield replaced the same day I returned the vehicle. Within 2 weeks of returning the vehicle I received a bill for $160.00 for a new windshield. My son took a picture of the chip with his camera phone and 2 different glass companies and my insurance agent all state that it was fixable and didn’t need to be replaced. My insurance agent filed a claim and the windshield will not cost me anything but still Enterprise is ripping off my insurance company. The moral to this story is check every square inch of your rental car for damage and make sure it is documented on the form and you get a copy of the form. And second DO NOT rent from Enterprise.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Valerie Feb 12, 2007

    I had rented a vehicle from Enterprise and I had a non-vehicle incident. When I checked the car in the lady who checked me in would not have seen the problem had I not brought it to her attention.

    Someone had come along and either knocked the rear view mirror off on the drivers side or they had used something to pry it out but left no marks. I took a picture of the vehicle and hopefully can attach it to this email. Enterprise is now trying to charge me over $200 for damages which I did not cause or create. The lady that checked me in went around the entire vehicle and found nothing wrong. Remember, I had to show her the rear view mirror was missing. Now they are stating there was other damage to the outside of the vehicle. The damage that their employees did not notice or make any comment about. Yes, the ladies boss came up and she also checked the vehicle over from stem to stern and found only the rear view mirror missing and NO damage, or so she stated, and did not incorporate it into the report she did. I gave them $25 for the rear view mirror and stated if they found it was more than that they were to contact me and I would get the rear view mirror here in my town and ship it to them for installation. I tried to attach three or four photos I took of the car on the left (drivers) hand side but was unable to do so. They are available on request.

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  • Ig
    iguanna May 23, 2011

    I have been renting from Enterprise lately & i was very happy until recently, they over charged me on my rental for a Vauxhall Mereva i was charged £75 instead of £44 for the special weekend, i mentioned this to them & i was fobbed off they told me the prices may have gone up so i accepted that, after a few hours of having the car i got a puncture, there was no spare tyre & jack in the boot just a stupid puncture repair kit, so i phoned the AA because Enterprise was closed i only had the car Friday half day Saturday & Sunday & Monday half day & lost out on Friday nights rental because of the tyre, the AA man came & said the tyre was damaged on the tyre wall & could not be repaired, i phoned Enterprise in the morning & they told me i would have to pay for a new tyre which was £65 so i had to spend my Saturday morning having the car tire replaced at Kwik Fit at my cost, when i eventually took the car back on Monday morning i mentioned the £75 i was charged & showed them a print out from the internet on a group C car they then apologised & refunded me the £31, just over a week later i received a letter from Enterprise saying that i was not covered for the AA even though they supplied me with the telephone number in case anything went wrong they admit there was an operator error (the AA said they would put the kit on for me but never did they just left without doing anything because the tyre couldn't be repaired) they are now saying this operator error is being passed to me & i am having to pay £72 call out charge, if this is how they treat their customers i am no longer a customer & i am in the process of speaking with trading standards about this, Enterprise are are ok when all is going well but if anything goes wrong then they jump on you like a ton of bricks, all this for a tyre puncture which in my opinion is wear & tear.

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  • Jn
    JnotrentE Jan 04, 2014

    Fresh out of college I worked for Enterprise for about six months. It was pushed to sell insurance even if they had their own or used a credit card that covered it. We were taught scare tactics to convince the customer to purchase the extra insurance. Enterprise made a lot of money this way on this needless coverage. Each employee had to meet a quota (up sale) and the ones that were very good at conning the customers received bonuses and were considered for advancement. Our branch did not have a drop (bad area) and the contract never ended on a Sunday. It was all about the money! I will never ever rent from them!

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  • Tr
    Trafton Foster Jun 03, 2016

    The driver's side mirror was dangling loose when we went out to the car at our motel in Moab. I taped it onto the mount and when we got back to the intake center in Salt Lake City explained to the young men there what had happened. They took the mirror off and found a plastic ring that held the mirror on the mount had cracked. The repair seemed minor. When we got an itemization we discovered that we had been charged 250 for the repair because we had left 250 on a charge card and all of it was there. The claim says that a 100 part was used with 60.80 in labor including painting. There was a charge for 17.20 for paint. None of this is remotely believable. I believe that the plastic disc was inserted, the mirror was put back and various charges were added on to use up the deposit.
    I would not use enterprise again and urge everyone to be careful,

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  • EnterpriseRent-A-Car Jun 03, 2016

    Trafton Foster,
    Thank you for your post and comments regarding your recent rental experience. My name is Kat and I am a Social Monitoring Coordinator for Enterprise Rent A Car and would like to assist you. Please email [email protected] with your contact information and rental agreement number so we can follow up with you directly. Please also type reference number 130916-002408 in the subject line of your email.

    Best Regards,
    Social Monitoring Coordinator
    Enterprise Rent A Car

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  • EnterpriseRent-A-Car Jun 29, 2016

    Trafton Foster, customer service and satisfaction are very important to us at Enterprise. I would like to follow up with you. Please email me at [email protected] with the complete details, contact information (including a phone number) and any rental agreement numbers. Also reference #160629-003331 in the subject. I look forward to hearing from you soon, thank you. Chris, Social Media Monitor, Enterprise Rent-A-Car

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positive complaint

I had a problem when I rented a car from the Enterprise in Farmington. I finally called the corporate office and spoke to a young lady named Amanda. She was very nice and pleasant. I started to get a little angry but she calmed me down and explained to me the situation. It was like she was trained to do so. I felt very comfortable listening to her talk. If every person that works for Enterprise is nice like her, they have a good thing going. When we got off the phone I felt so good about myself. Someone should tell that girl that she is doing a great job.

Richard H.

  • My
    My full name Jun 02, 2007

    They may be nice but their prices are a rip! $635 for a week and four days in a compact! What a rip off!

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  • Jo
    Joe Kennedy Jul 12, 2007

    I rented a car for a day to visit my brother as he was having open heart surgery about 200 miles from my home. The surgery was delayed so I informed them of it and asked if returned the car in the morning would their be any additional charges. she said there actually would be a 19.30 credit to my account after the question , her statement was true, but not the correct answer. I returned the car the following morning at 9am as she had specified and the "credit" was a actually what was left of a 100 deposit they charged me the previous day. had I known they were going to charge me another day for the rental, insurance and damage waiver. I would have returned it later in the day instead of rushing to get there at 9 am. I felt I was mislead because my question was specific. "will I be charged additional if I bring in the car later " I read the fine print and it says they can charge for that. They also charged me for a gallon or two of gas though I has filled the tank as well, AND when i gave back my sheet at check in, there was scribbled in something about a 100 detail charge for smoking, something that I never agreed to or even was aware of. These people will squeeze every dime from you that they can get. They were nice to me, but so what!

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  • Bi
    Bill Stevens Nov 30, 2007

    I rented a car on 11/15/07, with billing to be handled by my Insurance. When I retuned my vehicle on 11/27/07, I was informed that I had out of pocket costs totaling $280.15.

    Apparently, I was covered for a vehicle @ $27.99 per day and I was rented a car @ $47.99 per day. I was unaware that the insurance company did not cover the car I rented in full as I was told the vehicle rented was comparable to my personal vehicle.

    When I attempted to discuss this issue with Matt, the Rancho Santa Margarita Branch Manager, he became belligerent and argumentative.

    Matt had indicated that because he had circled the amounts on the right had side of the rental agreement that I understood I was renting a car that was not covered in full by the insurance company. I submit that the amounts in this column, to the consumer, are ambiguous at best. In any event, the amounts were not discussed as he claims. Furthermore, the amounts in the column do not clearly indicate what the charges are for. In fact, five out the six entries in that column, with the exception of the fuel cost line, mean nothing to the consumer.

    The verbal representation made to me at the time of rental did not indicate that I would be responsible for any rental charges. Furthermore, I signed or initialed seven items on the rental agreement indicating agreement to the terms. I would think that I would have been asked to initial or sign the daily rental amount when two different amounts appeared on the contract.

    Enterprise employs of a bunch of scam artists who engage in predatory practices and the parent company ought to be ashamed.

    I sent them a letter to their customer service address and what a surprise, no response.

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  • Do
    Dolores Trujillo Dec 07, 2007

    Enterprise is taking advantage of the consumers. Here's our deal. Our Insurance Agency arranged with Enterprise a rental car within the price amount to be paid by the Insurance, while our vehicle was getting repaired. Enterprise requested a card for file, which I can understand. They immediately withdrew $50 twice and credited us back that same day. Okay now they have $50 from us as a "down pmt" to be returned upon return of the vehicle. The rental was picked up at the Auto Collision place where the Enterprise representative met us and others with pre-prepared paperwork. When we returned the vehicle, the auto body shop indicated we leave the vehicle there. I asked that someone inspect the vehicle. The gentleman there did the inspection. I then immediately called Enterprise and told them we dropped the car off at the body shop where they told us to leave it and the guy there did the inspection and everything looked good. I asked about getting our $50 back; he said he would be on his way to pick up the car and once he got back to their place of business he would credit us back. Well low and behold, instead of crediting us back $50 - they charged an additional $285.97 without notice! When I found this out, I immediately called... took several phone calls, nonetheless they indicated we obtained additional insurance. We never requested additional insurance! and further more, the Insurance made the arrangements. I am fighting with them now to get our $335.97 back. Plus they didn't even notify us of the additional charge. Do they think because they have a card on file, they can charge whatever the hell they want!!! I think their outta be a class action lawsuit!!! (I will check into this, my daughter works for a good lawyer).

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