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Hi. I was reluctant to give them even one star. My advise to everyone who wants.. Sorry considers using this company please don't. The motto of green motion should be: If you...

Green Motionextra charge after car return


We rented our car from "Green Motion" at Edinburgh Airport in 23rd July and returned it in the 8th August.
Our invoice is IED-118798
Our booking number RES-509381.
Our CarFlexi e-Voucher CF5BD383
Our provider charged us an extra 125 GBP due to a minor scratch in the wheel alloy.

We have been told we should get a refund from CarFlexi after sending the invoice attached

Thank you,

Isy Borensztajn

extra charge after car return

total scam. untrusted company.

I have made a reservation for 8 days in Kos Airport, Greece. I made the booking at . We received extremely poor service from the company in Kos Airport. I am most annoyed that we wasted a morning (and half a day of our vacation) arguing with the man at the front desk.

Unfortunately we did't have a credit card with us so according to their police we couldn't pay otherwise the deposit. However before us there was a British couple, who gave him a debit card for the deposit and he accepted it! (even if they say that is out of their terms and conditions.) We felt that he was making fun of us.

So at the desk office was an extremely rude man who did not gave us neither a refund of the 127euros we have paid online but also when we told him that we will rend another car for 160 euros but we will write a letter to the company about his indescribable behavior he said that he would give us the car with 15 euros/a day but since we will inform the company, we get it with 20 euros a day!!
I find this unacceptable and impolite for any customer. As the most unacceptable behavior i have ever seen was your employ, he completely ruined our vacation and showed us how impolite and rude people can be just to make profit.
He was under a legal obligation to offer the new car at a certain price not tell us that he would give us the card 15 euros but because of writing a letter to the company, he would not make any discount and give us the car for 20 euros. And of course when we asked for the receipts of the two cars we paid, he told as that we would get it when we return the car. It was not a surprise that we NEVER GOT A RECEIPT for the 160 euros and 127 euros (rentalcars) we paid.

I would like to mention also that before and during the booking i was trying million times to call at their office in Kos island in the number it appears online +[protected] but it wasn't working.
So i could not get any direct information about their terms. This caused considerable disappointment and inconvenience and as a result I had to hire an alternative car. The above make me feel cautious about the quality of your service.

I informed the company and rentalcars as well in order to provide us a refund, at least an amount of the first car we paid online and never got they replied that it is my fault and they can not do anything. Terrible Staf. Minus 100 stars if possible. Worst car rental experience ever. I'll NEVER come close to doing business with Green Motion. I also found out that they are ranked as one of the WORST car rental companies. Be careful not to lure you with "cheap" prices. They will fraud you at the end by extra fees and any other extra charge.

the company asked me to sign some extra docs like credit check additional to credit card.

598266 Green motion/ Istanbul airport company ask me to sign some additional bill (Turkish style credit check which is very unprofessional) . Never faced a similar matter before. And...

Green Motion Car Hire — 2 week car hire

Failure to refund Hoppa bus fare from Terminal to car hire site even though voucher says this will happen. First told ‘will be refunded at end of hire, keep receipts'. Why? Then...

charged twice for the same booking

I have booked a car for pickup on [protected] using Ryanair.Com. Booking number is GB594709470. I was charged CHF 53.94 by Ryanair on 20th May. When I went for collecting the car on 22nd May, the rental car model I have choosed FIAT 500 was not available. Booking agent has told me that the car doesn't have fuel in it. He offered me a free upgrade to a Honda Jazz. I took it reluctantly as I prefer a small car for ease of driving and parking purposes.
Today I have checked my credit card statement. GreenMotion has charged extra GBP 79.80 to my credit card account on 24th of May for no reason.
I would like a full refund of the same.

charged twice for the same booking

misguided and mislead by store manager and the advisor

I booked a car using their website for 3 days (Fri-Sat-Sun) and paid 96 pounds with full insurance. On the collection day at Birmingham Airport branch, there was a warning...

Green Motion — unethical car hire company

Almost every Green Motion complaint on this website and on the many, many travel feedback sites, has to do with customers being accused of damage they know they didn't cause, and...

car hire

I hired a car from their Heathrow branch in December after a flight. On arrival at their office the staff warned me that there were likely to be difficulties, and a submission of...

car hire

598266 Agreement # RNP00002365 Date 22/11/18 I hired a car from Green Motion Poznan Airport, and have been charged excessively (910 Euros) for 2 very minor marks on the car, which could...

car rental iceland

In October 2018, we rented a 2017 Jeep from Green Motion Iceland for two weeks. After the first week, the car failed us. See our video that shows our nightmare with this car...

car hire

598266 I used Green Motion in April of this year. I stupidly forgot to pay the Dartford charge and got a letter (which was sent bang on the post two week date which means the cost i...

nobody was there at the car rental

Zero, null. Unacceptable experience. Non-serious company: I arrived in Venice and I rented a car at Green Motion Venezia Airport through However nobody was there, it was a Sunday. I tried to call them during 30 minutes, I went to their address, everything was closed. I was furious, because this is so much non professional. I called, which continued to try to call them... without answers. I have to say that handled the case quite well, and their were able to handle with my unhappiness. The Green Motion company should be punished. I hope that rentalcars will remove them in their list of car rental companies.

fd18 fyh liverpool

598266 I have just returned from returning a car to your Liverpool office. To put it mildly, I am fuming. Your operative checked the vehicle and advised me that there were two scuffs on...

car hire (katowice airport / poland)

598266 Hi there, I have a problem with Greenmotion Car rental service in Poland/Katowice and would like to raise an official complain. I received an email (please see attached...

violation charges

Green Motion International is the worse company to get a rental car. They charge my credit card for a toll violation. I reviewed my travel plans and noticed that I did not have...

car hire reg no : lj18 voa

Hello Team, From the beginning of our Car booking I was asking you for 46 days - ends 3rd November. (Dealing with Green motion people, Birmingham Airport branch: Imran ...

car rental

Dear Scam Artists, You made my visit to Latvia a negative experience. I had hoped that returning the car to you would be the last time I would have to deal with your evil...

cleaning charge 1100 euro, completely insane.

My booking was done for 9 days and car was returned without a scratch or damage. My booking booking - Ref: [protected]. The person checked the car and returned my deposit when I...

[Resolved] unfair charge

I received the car with damages in 3 tires. When I return the car on 19 September 2018 they said there is new damage in already damaged tire. I said I didn't do anythink but of course I couldn't prove it, because I didn't take picture while I receive the car. Actualy even if would get the picture how I will prove already damaged car damaged again?? receiver said I have to sign the fiorm and if I want I can write the "I do not damage, I don't agree with it". He said custome service will rewiev and inform me by mail. But until now nobody contackt with me or informe me either by mail or telephone or message.. I checked my credit card and I realised that green motoın charged me on 19 sep (same day I return) 583, 28 USD without asking or informe or get confirme from me.. I am so angry and dissapointed..
I am waiting frist of all an explanatıon, with apoligize secondly money back immedeately..
Sevil Fesli

  • Green Motion International's response · Oct 02, 2018

    Dear Sevil,

    We have been in contact over several media platforms. I have had your case escalated to Head Office, you should receive an outcome within the next Seven days.

    Kind Regards,
    Communications Executive

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

[Resolved] refunding for a charge

i just got charged $107 from you guys. I called the green motion number and the person told me it was a "parking violation". I rented a car from you guys from July 22 to July 28...

green motion car hire warsaw modlin

We have hired a little car for couple days from Warsaw Modlin airport, just to get us to destination and back to airport. This was much cheaper than having someone to pick us up...

rental car

598266 We booked our vehicle via with Green Motion in Rhodes. The booking confirmation as confirmed by the booking voucher we were sent, confirmed pick up and drop...

car rental poland scam

> Hello, > during my recent visit to Poland i have rented a car from Green Motion in Poznan. The whole experiance started very negative when I went to pick up the car and the...

car rental

Paid in full to collect 2 cars from Aktio airport Sunday 24th June. On arrival at the car hire desk my 2 sons presented the vouchers JIG-[protected] and JIG-[protected].
The smaller car was handed over to a non named main driver Edward Jephson who took off with his fiancee and my husband who is terminally ill with cancer as they wanted to get to the villa asp. The second larger car had the named driver of my other son Julian who unfortunately forgot to take his credit cards and indeed his entire wallet!
The smaller car was for me and my husband but incorrectly given to Edward who produced his credit card so was non the wiser that he shouldn't have been given the car.
I was made to pass over 325 euros in cash (initially without a receipt or it was to be 480 euros)otherwise the very vicious lady on the desk at the time refused to allow me to take the car as I wasn't the main driver. I said of course I wasn't as I was on the other car that she and her colleague let my son Edward take in error. She suggested that I ask for Edward to return with the smaller car by which time he was already half way to the villa having been gone some 30-40 minutes ahead of me with my very ill husband. This was likely to be our last family holiday abroad. I had my husband's medication on me as we were supposed to have gone in the small car together but I stayed on to help resolve the issue with Julian who hadn't brought his credit cards etc. It didn't occur to me for one moment that having made an error on their part and given my car to Edward that she would flatly refused to allow me to take the bigger car although i had actually paid for it myself in the UK and obviously couldn't myself down as a main driver for both cars. I pleased with the lady and told her I needed to get to my husband with his morphine etc. but it completely fell on deaf ears. I have to say my behaviour wasn't great as I was so distressed knowing I had to get to my husband with the morphine. Naturally I thought I would almost be behind the other car.
Anyway someone did try to mitigate this loss of money and I was told that upon arrival at the airport providing that there was no damage to the car my 325 euros would be returned. Having parted with the money in cash I was conveniently handed a receipt on returning the cars to the airport! How convenient was that? This lady isn't playing fair in my opinion.
It really upset me so badly and took me a few days to get over it as I felt thoroughly badly treated by this dreadful woman.
I have all the paperwork should you require it.
I would appreciate a response as soon as convenient.
Curiously enough I live in Lidlington, not far from your main office!

[Resolved] car rental

I returned a car and they found a small mark on the windshield. It is not a crack, it is not a hole, it is just a stain literally smaller than 2mm. I was charged EUR 155 for...

car rental - london gatwick

In early March I booked a rental car through Green Motion (Gatwick) and paid them a non-refundable deposit (equivalent to more than one day of the fourteen day rental). The...

car rental

598266 Hello, I apologize if I'm posting this twice but I don't think the first one submitted properly. No one from Green Motion has yet to respond to me despite my immediately...

car hire / service

rental agreement RGW107912 period from 8thJune to the 12th June Booking no RES00247077 location Gatwick airport industrial estate
I waited over 30mins for the courtesy bus and on arrival at the booking hut there was a long wait to pick up my car, over an hour in total, The car i ordered was not available even though i pre booked, there seemed very few cars available on site . I was given an upgrade but was quoted 2500.00£ to pay as excess from my account to reduce this to 400£ i had to pay a further 17£ per day approx on top of the rental price .
The car was not ready it needed cleaning but because i was already nearly 2 hours late for my meeting i checked over the car with Michelle and was pointed out the slight scratches etc but the car was very dirty and i couldn't see any major signs of damage such a big dents scratches etc .On my eventual return home very late at night i noticed a damaged wing mirror which wasn't pointed out to me but was marked on the paperwork as a scratch although it was an actual broken plastic light trim on the wing mirror .On my return having hardly used the car i filled it to the brim with fuel which was more than it had when i picked it up . I was then told very rudely that i had damaged the car by the returns member of staff, he pointed out a tiny small impression ( not a dent ) which was probably at some time done by another car door opening onto the rear door of the hire car . i was told i would have to pay for this which i refused to do . My argument is that the mark was so small i couldn't have seen it if the car was so dirty when i picked it up and it was barely visible to the human eye .it was probably done before i picked the car up on site of by the previous hire-er.
Apart for Michelle who works in the office i found all of the other staff i dealt with rude and abrupt . I think the practice of charging such high excess fees unbelievable something ive notice other customers complaining about on the past numerous occasions that i have used your hire company .I think more time should be spent on customer service explaining why there were long delays and lack of cars rather than the lengthy process of trying to upsell insurance, car excess and mileage .
I travel too and from Spain on a regular basis on business and always hire a car usually Green Motion but i doubt very much if i will use you again or recommend you to any of my customers .

[Resolved] car hire

Hello, i'm very disappointed with the bristol branch and have rented many times and recommended, but won't ever again. I contacted bristol in a very stressful situation about my...

huge unlawful charge for minor damages

598266 We rented vw transporter at green motion gatwick for 14 days. Booking ref. Wos-[protected]. When we got the car back to the rental station on 13th may 2018 the man from green...

green motion booking number [protected]

Doc: dc/law ejc cork 345654. Green motion booking number [protected] I am writing this email to inform you I will not rest until I am suitably compensated for the suffering the...

Green Motion Car Rentals (May 7-10 2018) — they charged me more than my agreement with you and never deduct what I had paid you from their bill.

I had agreed with your company (voucher# 3642575) to rent a car from Green Motion for 3 days. I paid you $15.65 and was to pay Green Motion at pick up the balance of $45.93. After...

green motion heathrow car hire

598266 Return 6 may, started april 18th Ihr [protected] Booking res00238505 What a scam. The person receiving found mysteriously after 20 seconds a 1mm scratch on the front left wing of...

green motion krakow airport scam and fraud!

598266 Looking for legal support against Green Motion! Long story short: Car rented for a several days at Green Motion Krakow airport office. Gravel car park - fine. Clearly marked car...


Dear Customer Services, Booking reference number: RED00039329, Reference: I am writing to complain to you regarding an issue relating to my hire of one of your vehicles which...

car hire gb941624400 (east midlands airport, 21/4/18) - debit card not accepted.

On arrival at East Midlands Airport on Saturday April 21st I went to collect my hire car from Green Motion. I had pre-paid online for the car and associated insurance using my Lloyds Bank debit card. I had contacted the Green Motion reservations team in advance of my visit to the UK, as although I live in France I have not yet transferred my address on the licence to my French address. I wanted to know exactly what I needed to provide in order to collect the car, and I was given a list of four things:-
• Driving Licence
• Passport
• Boarding pass if flying in
• Credit card for security deposit
I had brought those things, except that I had a debit card, not a credit card. In every walk of life these things are interchangeable, although not for Green Motion, apparently. So, when I presented my debit card in order to pay the returnable deposit on the car it was refused. Your agent then said he could accept it if the excess was reduced to £400, but to do this there was an additional cost of £18 per day. As the car was only hired for three days the cost of this (i.e. £54) was greater than the actual hire cost!

In the body of the text from the terms & conditions on the Green Motion website it states:-

7. Methods of Payment
Green Motion locations accept all major credit cards for payment (Master Card and Visa). American Express and Diners are not generally accepted and may attract an administration charge - please apply locally for confirmation. Credit cards are accepted for pre-authorisations.
All credit cards will be subject to and must pass CHIP and PIN verification, cards without this facility will not be accepted. Un-embossed cards and cards marked Electronic use are not accepted for pre-authorisation. Cards must be in the main driver's name. Cash deposits/pre-authorisations are not accepted.

Cheques are not acceptable.

Pre-paid cards may not be accepted, please check with your renting branch at the point of booking.

It does not state that DEBIT cards are not accepted.

In my initial complaint to Green Motion I was told:-

"In order to assist you with your booking and as a favour on this occasion to help you out, you were advised of our excess waivers to reduce your standard excess and we would then feel more comfortable accepting your debit card. This is purely for the customer's peace of mind in the event of any damage/accident incurred to the vehicle we would not feel comfortable at all charging a debit card such a large amount as we can understand this would impact any daily expenses on a debit card."

Surely, that is my problem? They say they won't feel comfortable charging a large amount, but as long as it has been made clear to me that it could be charged then it is my decision? You have no idea how much I have in my bank account, yet you won't accept my commitment to make a payment? Furthermore, the payment would be declined by my bank if there were insufficient funds, so you would naturally ask me for another payment method at that point?

From my perspective this is tantamount to extortion or even fraud, as it was not made clear that a debit card payment was unacceptable but no return of my initial payment was forthcoming. I had paid the initial amount of over £50 debit card too, compounding the injustice! Furthermore, when my son offered to make the payment using his credit card that was refused.

So the car was not hired, I am over £50 out of pocket, and I hired an alternative car from Avis/Budget who were happy to help at short notice and happy to accept my debit card payment. It is an unacceptable practice for you to accept a debit card for the main payment centrally and then not at your branch. This is sharp practice at the very least and I am very keen to hear from you what you plan to do to restore my faith in your company and in Green Motion?

As usual with any complaint these days, it seems like you and Green Motion will do anything to obfuscate the process by which an individual should pursue a complaint, you quote terms and conditions which are at best ambiguous and at worst designed to defraud a genuine customer, and Green Motion told me that they "are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused me" but of course this appears to stop short of actually reimbursing any of the payment that I originally made to you in good faith.

Peter Sansbury.

Green Motion Car Rentals — charge for "damage" to car.

622392 I have hired a car from this company twice. On both occasions, on which I can state with absolute certainty that no damage to the cars occurred when in my care, I was charged...

[Resolved] cf4fce28

I booked the car an I became in amman another car than I booked
Ic becam a hyundai I 10 insted of toyota yaris. The car hast no abs and esp onboard. The car wa very dirty. I wated 1 hour till the agent came and picked me up and I must waited ant the car 1 hour. The car was damges all arround and very dirty. I fuxed 2 tires at my costes no body wanted to hear somthing.

Iam very upseted about this situation

  • Green Motion International's response · Apr 12, 2018


    Thank you for your review.

    We are very sorry to hear that you have had this experience during a rental with us. If you would like to contact us at [email protected] with the details of your rental and complaint we would be happy to look into this for you.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Kind regards,

    Green Motion International Customer Services Department.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

[Resolved] ripoff

My name is Krzysztof Nowak rented a car from green motion rental at Warsaw Airport on March 14, 2018 Booking Number-PL872351040 I was renting a car all around the world and had...