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eDreams - Return flight did not take place

on 12/01/21 I bought a flight ticket from NYC to WARSAW and back/ booking ref.[protected]/ The problem started with the return flight. The flight nr OS 628 from WARSAW-VIENNA did not take place in general. I have lost conec tion with flight from VIENNA TO NYC/OS 087/I had no possibility of reaching Vienna. I bougt a new ticket from Warsaw to NYC. The Edreams Company did not inform me, that the flight from Warsaw to Vienna had been canceled. Olso Austrian Airlines did not inform me. They were very suprise, that my flight were canceled. I called Edreams and AA, but they did not help me. So I expect compensation for additional costs and health.

Desired outcome: ticket refunds and compensation of 600 euros.

Update by Pawlowska
Jan 14, 2022

I bought round trip to poland. I had problem with my returned flight to nyc. the edreams did not inform me, that the returnd flight did not take place. austrian airlines also did not inform me about cancelation of flight lo 628 from warsaw to vienna., so I missed a flight from vienna to nyc. I had no other option but to buy a new return ticket to the usa. I had inform the agent from edreams, but he can not help me. olso austrian airlines showed no desire to help.

eDreams - Denied boarding

Hi, on November the 7th I've had flight from Zagreb to Eindhoven with a layover in London stransted. My flight to London was ok, but when I wanted to board the plane to Eindhoven, they didn't let me, and some 20 other people in the plane even though I have had a valid corona test. They reason was that for flights to Netherland they thought that you were supposed to have both vaccination and negative test results, which wasn't true. Because of that unrighteous moment, I had to buy another ticket with a different air company which let me board the plane with only negative Corona test, but as there where no flights to Eindhoven that day I had to go to Amsterdam, and from there I took a train to Eindhoven which cost me extra time and money.

Best regards!
Dorjan Kotarski!

Desired outcome: No one contacted me

Jan 08, 2022

eDreams - Unable to receive refund

I bought flight tickets through the eDreams site and added the cancel for any reason guarantee (at additional cost) which they promised would allow me to receive a refund of 80% of my payment. I have been trying for over a week to get in touch with the company unsuccessfully. When calling, they say that they can only handle flights with an earlier date than mine (which is less than one month away!) and point me towards their chat on the eDreams app. However, I have been unable to receive any help from their chatbot as well, and attempts to directly message the company through twitter have also been ignored. I am writing here as a last resort hoping that I have not been the victim of fraud.

Jan 03, 2022

eDreams - Refund

I have booked flight tickets in edreams on 19-11-2021 to Paris, the ticket cost is 22euros but you have debited 77euros including the subscription which i have not selected. Later i called the customer service and the agent who spoke promised that they will refund the amount but i have not still received the amount in my account. My card number ending with 2696 was the amount debited.
Requesting you to refund the amount ASAP
Name : Jessica Vargas

eDreams - Flight booking

Kimberly R. Dunlaps Booking reference: [protected] New Delhi, India - Moscow, Russia (layover) - New York, USA To whom it may concern: I, Kimberly Rochelle Dunlap, am a citizen of the United State...

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eDreams - Refund

Hi There.

I want to make a Huge Complaint about your customer service.

I`m trying to get my refund for months. You have already received the refund from the Airline. However, everytime I call Edreams, your representative gives me the same excuses.

I do not have the credit car that I used to buy the tickets. So, every time I call I provide my bank details. Then, they said that it should take between 7 to 10 days. Everyone said the same thing but I do not get paid.

I`m filing a complaint with ` Australian Federation of Travel agent`, the Australian Government Customer Care and Econsumer.gov.

Also, here is a list of the agents the I spoke. I call every week, however I forgot to save the details of many that I spoke.

IVAN - 2h56 pm on 08/12/2021 Call reference 6405511
Pinki - 03/01/2021 - 10h45am
Ivan - 03/01/2021 - 11h00 am

Desired outcome: Give my Refund


eDreams - No confirmation email received

I made a booking through edreams UK website https://edreams.co.uk and paid for it with my card. The transaction went through successfully (and was confirmed by my bank), but I never received a confirmation email from edreams. I've tried to contact the customer service using the online contact form and email but haven't received any reply. What can I do now ?


eDreams - Air ticket Refunds

eDreams booking reference: [protected]

Good evening,

I booked flights for my sister Irene Cheptoo Matingwony (My sister`s booking details are; Email; [protected]@gmail.com, phone number ; +[protected]. ) here copied for the following flights from Nairobi to Doha to Kuala Lumpur to Singapore then Melbourne. With the trip from Nairobi to Kuala Lumpur via Qatar Airway then from Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne via Scoot flights Airline reference FCN12X. However, on the material day, she presenteGood evening,

I booked flights for my sister Irene Cheptoo Matingwony (My sister`s booking details are; Email; [protected]@gmail.com, phone number ; +[protected]. ) here copied for the following flights from Nairobi to Doha to Kuala Lumpur to Singapore then Melbourne. With the trip from Nairobi to Kuala Lumpur via Qatar Airway then from Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne via Scoot flights Airline reference FCN12X. However, on the material day, she presented at the check desk at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport ready to board only for her to be told that due to the travel restrictions in Malaysia and Singapore, it was not possible to transit through three countries to Australia. She had to return home and informed me about the debacle.

When I called the travel agent e-Dreams on the 28th Dec 2021 to follow up on the refund, at first the officer told me that i can get a refund of AUD 290 for the entire trip from Nairobi to Melbourne, which I felt was a serious rip off to me after paying AUD 1196 and told them I disagree with their .On contacting the Qatar Airways for their two flight from Nairobi -Doha-Kuala Lumpur, they confirmed that they have been refunding all cancellations relating to covid 19 from 2020 but e-Dreams are telling the contrary of what the Qatar Airway policy is on Covid related cancellations which are not to blame on the passengers. It became apparently clear that e-Dreams are hell bent to ripping me off my hard-earned money. Now, after confirming with the airline that the funds are refundable I am you for your quick resolution in processing the refund for the flights ticktets.

I will appreciate your quick response on this matter to enable me book her another flight.

Desired outcome: Full refund


eDreams - Hotel booked in NSW instead of GOLD COAST.

Edreams booked my hotel in NSW and my holiday package is for Gold Coast. In the confirmation letter they have also give a false information, the hotel address is in NSW and the state is specified as GOLD COAST. That's fraudulent. They didn't contact the hotel to cancel this booking and after the date of arrival they sent me a letter that the money is not refundable. The longest I waited on the phone to get this fixed was 3hours and 15min and at the end they said the system is down. Can I get my refund back or its a rip off.

Desired outcome: Refund money for a mistake done by edreams.

eDreams - Refund for cancelled flight

Flight from Bangkok to hong kong cancelled by phillipines Airlines.. I requested refund..status says processing your request on the app.
Phillipines reinstated flight to go on the 2nd Jan...4 days after I needed it..
Still processing...this flight was then rescheded for the 5th! Then rescheduled for the 14th January...I still had my original request for refund pending...still nothing 3 mths on despite 5 calls..6 emails and a partridge in a pear tree! Please help!

Desired outcome: Refund

eDreams - I can't get refund

Hi, I booked flight to Vancouver and back to Toronto in January 2020 with eDreams.
My flights with Air Transat TS 930 on 28.05.2020 and TS 933 on 02.06.2020 were cancelled.
I requested from eDreams full refund in total amount of $331.80 on 06.04.2021.
EDreams informed me that refund takes 3-6 months to get it.
Now it's more then 8 months passed since my refund request but still I didn't get any refund so far.
I attached screenshots of my correspondence with eDreams.
My booking reference #[protected].
Nina Dorofeeva

Desired outcome: Full refund


eDreams - No response to a request to change tickets, loss of tickets

On 18.11.21 I book tickets to go to Thailand, the flight was planned on 11.12.21.
The regulations linked to COVID changed and I had to change the dates of the flight.
On 01.12.21, I sent a request for the change of dates in order to postpone my trip to Thailand.
I received a confirmation that the request was received on the same day.

Then, despite many attempts to call and many emails to try and get the file moving forward, I received no response from edreams.
I was unable to talk to a person, and I received standards acknowledgement of my messages, with no follow-up.

So I lost my tickets, and I have no way to reach anyone.

Desired outcome: I would like the tickets to be reimbursed

Dec 29, 2021

eDreams - Guaranteed refund still not received after 5 months for cancelled return flights

Booking reference:[protected]

Booked a flight from Marseille to New York, with a layover in Casablanca for early September 2021. The flight from Marseille was delayed making it impossible to catch the connecting flight in Casablanca. Immediately called Edreams and was told to cancel the flight, and that I was guaranteed a refund. Since then i have called and emailed them repeatedly and have been told again and again, that, yes, I am owed the refund, and if I can just wait a few days they will arrange it and get back to me. I even had them send an email confirming the guarantee, to make sure there was no discussion possible. However they have never called me back, and I still have not received the refund.

Desired outcome: I want my refund for the cancelled flights.

Dec 28, 2021

eDreams - Their slogan should be we don't care about our customer!!!!!!!

We have a booking for five adult and one infant from cairo to beirut return tickets, our booking where confirmed as i received an email from edeams and as usual within 24 hours prior to our departure we went to make an online check in to find out that one of group member's ticket where canceled, then i went to speak with edreams they said that the airline cancelled the ticket due to name of attendee is 3 letters only so contact the airline or cancel your trip which we planned and paid for hotels and restaurant and trip reservations most of our booking were not refundable since its new year's eve. so i called the airline and they told that the agency"edreams" could re-issue the ticket within the same PNR. so i called edreams back again explaining my case again and all that they trying to do is either cancel my tickets for the whole group. they evened tried to convince me that what was paid were only for 4 adults and 1 infant only. i cant believe such a business i actually thriving in 2021 with this way of irresponsibility and trying to use people and steel their money.

I will pursuit with a law suite against what we as people going through because of such a company I will eventually have to lose 5000$ worth of hotel and trips bookings.

Below you will find my booking detailed


eDreams - Flight change or refund requested and no solution yet offf

I booked a flight with the following reference number: [protected] and also the flexible option to change the flight

I requested the change for the flight online through E dreams on the 23rd and I was advised that I should get a response on the next 2 days.

On the 26th and 27th I call eDreams because I didn't got a response to my request but nobody was able to help me because the computers were not working in e dreams.

I called back on the 27th and 28th and I spoke to a few customer representative and each person told me something different but nobody was able to help me with the change or refund of the flight.

I am very upset because I wasted so much time with that and I still didn't receive a solution.

Please contact me on [protected]@gmail.com or [protected]


Dec 28, 2021

I need a solution


eDreams - Fradulant pricing

Worst experience ever. When i was making a booking the screen displayed R3103 and that is what i approved... but they took R4570 from my account...When i did a follow up was told its not their fault but the airlines fault as they change prices any time... why dont they inform people when prices go up during the booking process... never will i use them nor will i recommend them.

Desired outcome: Refund

Dec 27, 2021

eDreams - Prime

Username: [protected]@hotmail.com

I am writing on behalf of my mother who is not very computer savvy. She booked a flight last year and was charged the Prime fee without being aware of it, the fee was obviously hidden because she had NO INTENTION to join edream Prime. She has now been charged a second time. My mother has not been using edreams at all and has been charged over 100euros for a service she has not used at all. I have now taken charge and am going to cancel her subscription, however before I do I request that you refund her the money. I believe edrams makes a lot of money from older people who are not computer savvy. This is dishonest and cruel, since edreams is taking advantage of its most vulnerable users.

I am attaching invoices of both payments that need to be refunded.

Desired outcome: Reimbursement

Dec 26, 2021

eDreams - Flight tickets.

Reference: [protected]

EDreams website booking has stolen my hard earned money of 40 euros without my consent and charged extra to my credit card.
I booked flights for 182.76 euros. This was the final price and no optional extras were chosen. I saved screenshot of the tickets and then entered payment credit card details.
When clicking submit it was still showing 182.76 euros as I was conscious of not paying extra. The payment went through alright without indicating any issues or extra charges. However I am charged 222.46 (approx 40 euros more) to my credit card.

Extra amount was never authorized and consented for.

My bank has charged the 222.46 euros when I was under the impression that I am paying 182.76 euros.

Surely, someone can look into this and see that customers are not fraudulently charged by companies without consent for the extra amount. It's considered theft and fraud when amount is taken without permission even if it's via credit card.

Desired outcome: Refund my extra charges which was taken without my authorisation, consent or knowledge.

eDreams - Refund

Edreams not refunding. They are INDIAN cheaters and Indian company. UK is supporting this company to make fraud.

We purchased 3 tickets from edreams but unfortunately the flights from Jazeera airways cancelled the flights on 1 December and informed us they are refunding the tickets but edreams doesn't respond to any of my calls or queries. Airline confirmed through email that they have refunded but edreams doesn't respond

Update by Muhammad toor
Dec 26, 2021

I have the proof from the Airline that they have already refunded to edreams. Edreams is making false statement and not taking calls nor reply on the mails. Kindly please help. I will pay your charges once I receive the refund.


eDreams - Bargain tickets no bargain

The bargain tickets A9GSTJ reference [protected] we got through eDreams for a trip on December 21 from Bogota to Santa Marta Colombia on Viva turned out to not be a bargain. After arriving at the airport, the airline charged us several other fees. We tried to check in early but could not, and at the airport we were charged $60 for checking in at the airport. When looking for the tickets we indicated we had personal carry on. At the airport the airline charged two of us $100 dollars extra for our items. Of course we want a refund of those fees.

Desired outcome: Refund of extra fees

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