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Thrifty Rent A Car Complaints & Reviews

Thrifty Rent A Car / rental car

Apr 18, 2019

This is a copy of the complaint I sent to Thrifty regarding their lack of caring and customer service. I prepaid for a rental 4/17-4/24 I went to pick up said car. My master card would not read on your credit card reader.. the lady says the machine is finicky. I was told unless I had...

Thrifty Rent A Car / car rental 3/28 - 3/31/19

Apr 17, 2019

Thrifty car rental ripoff After successfully paying for my rental car and completing the agreed terms, I received an outrageous bill in the mail for toll charges while traveling in north carolina to attend my baby grandaughter's first birthday celebration. My tolls totaled $7.48 and I wa...

Thrifty Rent A Car / administartaive fee

Apr 16, 2019

Notice No.: 7471994161883 We received a notice for the rental car toll fees and administrative fees from thrifty. At no point in time when we rented the vehicle were we informed that there would be administrative fees for these tolls and actually the gate agent was very persistent to insure...

Thrifty Rent A Car / front counter service appalling

Apr 2, 2019

We flew from Detroit to Jacksonville on February 14th. We had arranged to rent a car through Rental car. When we got to the front desk, the woman was rude and unhelpful. AFter we got to the hotel, we realized that we had lost our passports. I called Thrifty since this seemed to be the...

Thrifty Car Rental / platepass toll collection system

Mar 24, 2019

I was driving a Thrifty Rental Car from BWI Airport to Rockville MD at 9:30pm on 3/6/19. Upon approaching MD 200 from I95 I saw a sign that this was a toll road. Since there was no toll booth to pay or pick up a ticket I drove on and activated the Plate Pass box mounted in the car...

Thrifty Car Rental / administrative fees assessed for invisible tolls in florida with no prior notice

Mar 21, 2019

Client Notice Number 7471993355464 I recently rented a car from Thrifty Car Rental for a business trip to Florida with stops in Orlando and Jacksonville. My GPS routed me from Orlando to Jacksonville on several roads that had tolls. Each of the tolls required that I pay cash, which thankfully I...

Thrifty Rent A Car / reservation

Jan 23, 2019

Carflexi no e-voucher Cff78c82 Je me suis présenté à l aéroport de Casablanca un jour après ma réservation car l avion a fait du retard on arrivant au bureau il m ont dit qu il n ont pas de voiture de disponible j étais obligé de prendre une autre voiture sur place qui a coûté 3 fois le prix de ma réservation je vous demande le remboursement

Thrifty Rent A Car / refund 15/08/18 not received

Dec 17, 2018

Ref. No: 03337470 Reservation Id. H6480928398 Dear Sir/Madam, I was informed by Thrifty UK that a refund of a car rental at Thrifty Brindisi was made. Since I did not get any refund, I contacted a consumer mediation. They were informed now that a refund was made on 15/08/18 to...

Thrifty Rent A Car / cleaning fee - rental agreement - 168636156

Dec 10, 2018

I completely cleaned my car and it was handed up clean inside out. charging me a cleaning fee must be a way to steal money from busy people. I called you and the rep said "lets split 50/50" - I didn't have time to argue as I was going to security in the airport and just told her to do her...

Thrifty Rent A Car / unethical behavior

Dec 4, 2018

Reservation confirmation # H86428054F2 Reserved for James Howell since he would be the driver. Thrifty rental record #166624135. 11-29 to 12-07-2018. Arrived at the counter at MCO- Orlando to pick up our rental car that had been reserved in advance. the agent reviewed the agreement ant...

Thrifty Rent A Car / extraordinary toll/fine

Nov 26, 2018

On Tuesday Oct. 23, 2018 I rented a car at the Albany, NY airport. I was NEVER told anything about prepaying tolls or I should pay cash if I was on a toll road. The car was equipped with an EZ-Pass on the windshield. During the 5 days I rented the car I traveled arrpoxinately 200 miles on...

Thrifty Rent A Car / rip off with admin fees.

Nov 9, 2018

Rented a Thrifty Rent A Car October, 2018, from Dallas Ft. Worth Airport to Waco and back in November. Drove on a North Texas Tollway toll road. Received a bill from Thrifty 11/14. Notice # is 7471889206627. Total Toll charges were $8.07. Total Thrifty Administration charges were $90.00...

Thrifty Rent A Car / very unsafe car

Nov 4, 2018

I rented a car for the weekend and the car I got had no tread on the tires... I reserved it for a 1 way trip from JAX TO TAMPA AIRPORT... The price wasn't bad, however, you cannot put a price on your safety and well-being. It just so happens to rain in Tampa and that's when I got very...

Thrifty Rent A Car / hold on my credit card

Oct 29, 2018

Last Saturday I returned a rental to your San Diego, CA airport facility and a $98.78 charge was made to my American Express account. Previously, you had put a $350 hold on my American Express account on Thursday when I picked up the car. Now that you know the AmEx bill has posted and you...

Thrifty Rent A Car / unaccepted tolls and insurances added to my rental

Oct 28, 2018

eDreams booking - Ref: 520638158 Rental records 116856784 2-14 October 2018. Boston Airport. I paid before $400 for rent by American debit card. I told to the cashier that I have insurance on our debit card and do not need additional insurance. He told Yes. They took after that another $720!!! -...

Thrifty Rent A Car / scared into added services plus unmaintained vehicle

Oct 16, 2018

1. We arrived on Sept 17th at 19.35 after a 10 hour flight from England, very tired and needing our hotel. The lady who served us scared us into taking the Toll Charge extra for $187.40 saying we could accidentally drive though a toll and that we would be charged a fee by them of many...

Thrifty Rental Car / customer service

Oct 2, 2018

Hello future Thrifty Car Rental customers … please be aware that if you try to use your Debit Card to rent a car you will be able to reserve the car but not pay for the car with the Debit Card. I just experienced this at the Portland, Oregon Airport, only to find out after I returned home...

ThriftyRental / thrifty car rental dandenong victoria

Sep 26, 2018

I booked an 8 seater but a day before from my pickup I got a call that the car you booked is not available. I can give a small 7 seater. Which was a definitely no from me. They said then sorry we can't give a car. Just happened one day before my rental. No ethics how to speak with a...

Thrifty Rent A Car / car hire cancellation policy

Sep 19, 2018

Hi there I cancelled my booking about 45 hours in advance of the booking. I was fully aware of the policy, but had been unable to access the site and for various other reasons this was the first opportunity I had. Nevertheless, I thought I would try my luck as I am sure that it may be...

Thrifty Rent A Car / administrative fees

Sep 14, 2018

We agreed to pay administrative fees when we leased this car, but how can they, in good conscience, charge a fee of $15 for each toll? Our total tolls came to $19.60, but with the administrative charges, the bill was $94.00. Of course, they do not tell you how much the administrative...

Thrifty Rent A Car / double payment, no answer from customer service, but 3 numbers since 3 weeks

Sep 12, 2018

) No. 290448535 from 7th August to 18th of August but the car (half year old) is broken, 3 calls to Service-man the last call ADAC and the car must be go to pick-up. So we can't fill the tank because the car was ko. 2 days before to return the car. The technical told us, we invoice about...

Thrifty Car Rental / car rental experience

Sep 11, 2018

I did the rental online and was given an estimate of $229 for the week. The cost was over double that. Then at the desk at Fort Myers airport, the agent proceeds to tell us that if we had booked through AAA, no charge would have been incurred for a second driver but would not take our...

Thrifty Rent A Car / toll fines

Sep 10, 2018

I rented a car at Denver airport on Aug.20, 2018, and declined the pre pay tolls option. There was never any operating toll booths or indication that toll fees were going to be charged. There was no information from Thrifty or Colorado that tolls were automatically charged I blame the...

Thrifty Rent A Car / dishonesty on additional items

Sep 6, 2018

In July 16th 2018 I rented a car through and at the Thrifty Rent A Car counter the attendant tried to convince me to accept several items where I said no to all of them. When I returned the car they give me the Statement of Charges where PREM RD SVC was ACCEPTED, and I...

Thrifty Rent A Car / car insurance

Sep 1, 2018

Imagine you and your partner have planned a vacation to the South of Italy. You rented a small car with at Thrifty for the period of 14 days. You want to pick up the car at the airport of Bari, Italy. The total price on was € 398.50 You think:'reasonable' In Italy you...

Thrifty Car Rental / véhicule non donné

Aug 30, 2018

Réservation: IT958744760 au nom de Jean Fabrice Murgia Confirmation n°: H65003301C1 Véhicule: Fiat Panda Dates de réservation: Du 6 août 2018 au 20 août 2018 Bonjour, J'ai réserver une voiture via Ryanair chez Thrifty en date du 6 août. Lors de mon arrivée à l'aéroport de Cagliari lieu de...

Thrifty Rent A Car / thrifty rental car is the worst... be aware renters

Aug 19, 2018

they are rip off. This company is horrible, horrible business, horrible customer care. Especially at the Orlando airport. I er country a car from another country for one price, when I arrived in Orlando and showed me my Fl driver license, the price doubled. Really?? They never told me that...

Thrifty Rent A Car / msp car rental blue chip member

Aug 16, 2018

Thrifty at MSP airport does not treat Blue Chip Members with respect and they do not honor the wild card. For a wild card they say that the managers only provides a compact and that is what wild card means at MSP airport. Thrifty also tells people they have 48 hrs to rent the car if paid...

Thrifty Rental Car / false damage claim

Aug 14, 2018

To Whom this may Concern: My name is Alan Jones and I'm writing to dispute a claim made by Dollar Rental Car Company. As a former member of the SIU (Special Investigations Unit) for Liberty Mutual Insurance, I am very knowledgeable when it comes to reading claims and documentation. I will...

Thrifty Rent A Car / service i’m complaining about

Aug 4, 2018

This Friday was the worst day ever I actually missed my grandmother viewing because of a rude customer service agent at the crown plaza in Orlando Florida. Her name was Nadia or Natalia one of those names. I went it rent a car she totally ignored me or even Recognize that I was there, she...

Thrifty Rent A Car / car not available at pick up when reserved

Jul 21, 2018

I came to pick up my reaerved car at 8:00 am. Waited 30 minutes in line then lady at counter stated there was no cars available, she gave the last ones to previous customers and that the other cars are being washed. It was gonna take another 30 minutes to get a car! What's the purpose of...

Thrifty Rent A Car / associate manager

Jul 15, 2018

Went in to rent a car for a week today 7/15/18 and the associate was very rude and iggnorant. I was told that I could not just walk in that I needed to reserve on line. Came all the way home to do it on line. printed out my reservation -- went back . He said that I could not have a 2nd...

Thrifty Rent A Car / poor customer service

Jul 8, 2018

7/6/18 customer #3062657. When I returned my car I told the rep that we were given a smoke smell car, with half eaten sandwich in the glove compartment and the previous renter paperwork in the glove compartment. She said they were busy being a holiday weekend & didn't get the car air out...

Thrifty Rent A Car / racial issues

Jul 6, 2018

I live in Honduras most of the year. My 28 year old daughter was visiting. She lives here part of the time. We booked a car for two weeks. She is traveling with her younger 15 year old sister. When she arrived at your desk they requested her driver's license. She presented her valid...

Thrifty Rent A Car / car rental overcharges

Jun 12, 2018

I recently rented a car from Thrifty Rent a Car at DFW. The quoted price was $14 plus per day for two weeks or approximately $220 for a week including everything. Upon my arrival I was shown the new total price and it was double what I had been told on the website. They added liability...

Thrifty Rent A Car / tires on rental car

Jun 1, 2018

I rented a car from Thrifty in the Savannah GA/Hilton Head Airport on 5/21/18. The price of the car that they originally showed me was twice the amount I reserved it for on Orbitz. They lowered the price but not to the contracted amount. The representative said the amount of the rental...

Thrifty Car Hire, King Shaka International Airport Branch / extra day rental charges and mileage

May 7, 2018

My husband hired a car from Thrifty's car rental, King Shaka International Branch, South Africa for the period 25/04/18 to 29/04/18. The administration went relatively well and was completed around 14h58. The assistant advised that we could bring the car back at the latest 15h30 without...

Thrifty Rent A Car / reimbursement

Apr 17, 2018

Thrifty Car Rental 5310 East 31st Street Tulsa, OK 74153 Fax Number (918) 669-8563 • Diana Cain • Ms. Sherry Campbell, Customer Advocate • Ms. Gabriela Diaz • Mr. Rich Halbrook, Executive Vice President • Shae Nelson • Kimberly Paul • Mr. Gary Paxton, President • Ms. Amy Vandenborn, Customer...

Thrifty Rent A Car / toll fines

Apr 15, 2018

Renting a car from Thrifty Car Rental in South Florida is a risk. Every time I have rented from them in the past two years, I have received notifications of Toll Violations resulting in fines. I travel with my own Sun Pass device and generally avoid toll roads when possible. My last trip...

Thrifty Rent A Car / thrifty car rental orlando fl airport.

Mar 29, 2018

Conf # h60435615c8 for March 26, 2018. Was told we can no longer use our own Sun pass for FL tolls. So I canceled that car an went to a different rental company. I have made a number of calls to different offices an get different answers. Some say it can be used others say no. I know how...