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GoldCar Rental Complaints & Reviews

GoldCar Rental / fuel refund

Alex murray on Jun 20, 2018

I was forced to hire a car for 12 hours as I had made an error with my booking by selecting 12pm instead of 12am. I paid over 80 euros to hire the care to take us to Our accommodation and return to the airport the following day to pick up the car I had originally booked. I also paid for a...

GoldCar Rental / car hire incorrect charges.

Bruce Moore on Jun 18, 2018

Contract 13799349. Car hire Almeria Airport 22/05/2018 to 07/06/2018. Paid €76.37 for full tank of fuel under FlexFuel contract. I returned the car with fuel gauge showing 3/8 full and fuel for 270km. Odometer at start 38208 Odometer at end 39113. I should have received a refund for the fuel...

GoldCar Rental / car rental insurance

Alexandra M on Jun 14, 2018

Horror car rental experience! Let me explain: Thursday, 7.06, Malaga airport. I went with my husband and my baby to take the car booked online almost 2 months ago. The Goldcar lady quickly tells us the final price and we pay by credit card. After I check the receipt, I realize that noboby...

GoldCar Rental / cargo de 950 euros por un golpe que ya tenía el vehículo

Jaime Carro on Jun 13, 2018

Mi número de reserva es 13763814 en aeropuerto de Malta. Alquilamos un vehículo durante el periodo de 01/06/18 hasta el 07/06/18. Al recoger el vehículo este tenía multitud de golpes y rayones, era de noche y la revisión no se podía realizar muy bien. Durante los días que tuvimos el vehículo no...

GoldCar Rental / full payment not received.

Geoff Luker on Jun 13, 2018

Contact Number - 13942929. Vehicle Registration - 2058KBK. Fiat Panda. Date rented - 28th May - 8th June 2018. Airport - Manises, Valencia, Spain. Agent booked through - Cartroller Promotions. We collect and returned the car with no problems. The car was returned full with...

GoldCar Rental / extra charges on return

markap on Jun 7, 2018

Over 16 years of overseas car hire, this is the first company not to bother checking car on return. They were just uninterested and pointed to a key box. 48 hours on return to England, low and behold I have a charge of €200 for an apparent damaged bumper. What makes it worse is instead of...

GoldCar Rental / car rental

Martin challenor on Jun 4, 2018

When we arrived to drop the car off, there was a man directing the cars into the car park, he directed me in to the car park because we were in a traffic jam and told me to go into the office, I parked and did as he asked. I took the baby chair in to the office as well, but the ladies in...

GoldCar Rental / car rental

Elena Colajanni on May 28, 2018

I just rented a car at Goldcar-porto-airport-office. They charged me more than 180 euro for a little scratch on the door, that was so little that we haven't seen it when I took the car. I just drove to the place where I had to go and the car was parked in a garage where it was the only...

GoldCar Rental / car hire

RobMc69 on May 25, 2018

I hired a goldcar from nice airport, the car was returned in damaged and with full fuel, there terms and conditions state that the fuel deposit and the £1300 deposit will be returned within max 8 days, They have not returned my money ! After 14 days do far ! Their customer service will not...

GoldCar Rental / [censored] that work at the airport in madeira

Tobi Hughes on May 23, 2018

I'm sick of those people you call staff at the desk in airport Madeira island. Mónica is one rude [censored] and I receive complaint after complaint about your service. I will be starting a campaign with my blog to get gold car removed from Madeira island, I have...

GoldCar Rental / charged for damage which was on car when we picked it up

S&S on May 23, 2018

We collected a car from San Javier airport and noted the damage which was already on the car. On returning the car this damage was pointed out to us and we were told we were liable for it! We disputed this but got nowhere. There was a previous repair to the car for which we have been...

GoldCar Rental / no contact from customer services and owed money

stcae76 on May 22, 2018

I had a booking from the Alicante Office on the 25th April We checked the car but did not see how bad the tyres were until after arriving at our destination, the next time we went to use the car, they were bold to the wire on the front and highly dangerous to drive on. We also had a slight...

GoldCar Rental / car rental

Teteve on May 21, 2018

I rented in Catania (Sicily) a vehicle for a week, on the check-in nothing was announced on the vehicle and no one was present to do it with us at 10am, everything seemed in order, at back, bringing this car (a Peugeot 308) leaning down, a check out employee finds us a scratch of 40 to 50...

GoldCar Rental / car rental charges

Greg McCullum on May 20, 2018

I rented a vehicle from GoldCar Rental with my booking via Expedia for my holiday. I collected the vehicle from Majorca Airport on 12/05/2018 and when collecting was told I must pay 111.00Euros for fuel deposit which I was advised would be refunded to me when the vehicle is returned with a...

GoldCar Rental / car rental

Patricia Dias on May 19, 2018

We issued a formal complaint to Goldcar Rental through email. On Thursday 10th of May my husband and I rented a car from Goldcar at the international airport in Malta. The staff were friendly and presented a well-run service at the desk in the store. After everything had been arranged, we went to...

Goldcar / car hire

Matthew Dalgleish on Apr 29, 2018

Hello, Carhire at Catania aerport with Goldcar, on arrival I was refused a car, and no refund of the cost of carhire, booking ref:13389271 Because I did not have a credit card, I told the desk manager that I had the deposit covered on my debit card. The desk manager said it was company...

GoldCar Rental / car rental

Jrob131066 on Apr 25, 2018

After returning our car we have been charged for damage that was already present when we collected the car we stated at the time we were unhappy but was assured that all damage had been noted and we examined the car with a memeber if staff to make sure of this however on return to the uk I...

GoldCar Rental / additional charges

robin morgan on Apr 24, 2018

Goldcar claim I drover nearly 24, 000kilometres in three days. According to the receipt I have had €3, 600 deducted from my credit card for 23, 997 additional kilometres at a charge of .15 euros a kilometre for e rental April 20-23 at Nice Aeroport. So one of the following is true My...

GoldCar Rental / car rental

Llewynn on Apr 23, 2018

To whom it may concern, Firstly, Please see attached for picture. I (Hugo Nelson) paid for what the clerk deemed as new damage (a scuffed bumper) of a Goldcar vehicle registration: OQ2326 which I hired in Malta (Agreement no: 13463057). Date 8 April 2018. I cannot see why I had to pay for...

Goldcar / unethical behaviour - reservation 13377342

M & P Clark on Apr 16, 2018

we hired a car from Goldcar on the 31 March 2018 at 21:00 from Alicante with a drop off at Murcia 6 April at 18:00. The car was not the one we ordered she said at the desk your car has been given a way so you get an older car sorry. We checked the car over and took photos which...