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GoldCar Rental Complaints & Reviews

GoldCar Rental / explicit fraudulent behaviour!

AlexandreB on Feb 21, 2018
I rented a car for 2 days, from Friday 16th Feb 2018 night to Sunday 18th Feb 2018 noon. The car had way more damages than the one noted on the check-in paper... it looks like a usual issue. So I noted every scratches on the body, and took pictures. I am a regular traveller, often renting...

GoldCar Rental / unethical behaviour / unauthorised credit card charges / no notification

lambkaye on Feb 19, 2018
I have recently hired a car from Goldcar Fuerteventura, and have been 'ripped off'. The rental was from 17.12.2017 to 31.12.2017 to be picked up and dropped off at the airport. I took photographs of every scratch and dent on the car at pick up and photographed the car at the end of the...

GoldCar Rental / car rental

r42 on Feb 18, 2018
rented car for 3 weeks through travel agent in Canada picked up car at Airport in Faro, Portugal on January 23/18 pressured to buy extra insurance even though we thought we were covered by Visa, assured this would give us total peace of mind about the car charged extra for driving to...

GoldCar Rental / unauthorized credit card charges

Ciara Q on Feb 12, 2018
Contract number: 13147647 We rented a car from goldcar in faro airport and collected the car on january 30th 2018. The car we got was a fiat 500 16st88. We inspected the car when we collected it and could find no obvious damage. We gave our credit card details and were charged €44.41 which...

GoldCar Rental / money taken from my deposit

Mr Steven Moses on Feb 11, 2018
I hired a car from gold car on 14 December to 18 December 2017. Booking reference ES826363440 collection and drop off at Alicante airport. I was told I had to leave credit card deposit of 1400 euros. The car was returned fully fuelled and in the same condition as I collected it. I now have...

GoldCar Rental / fine management fee. contract: 12862690 double charge

jurepuh on Feb 2, 2018
European Consumer Center in Spain Calle Príncipe de Vergara 54, 28006. Madrid. GOLDCAR CUSTOMER CLAIM SERVICE RE : GOLDCAR SEVILLA AIRPORT Dear Sirs, I am still awaiting for your answer by email in writing why you charge me two times by 45 Euro ( 05.12.17. and 04.01.18.) ttl 90 Euro...

Goldcar Rental, Toulouse / unauthorised removal of 500.00 euro from my account.

Will Hayes on Jan 31, 2018
I hired a car from Goldcar Rental in Toulouse airport on the 30 November, 2017 and returned it on the 05 December, 2017. The sales person has informed me that there was some damage on the car and myself and my wife went through the damage and it was as noted on the acceptance form which...

Gold Car / assistant at check in desk-further comment

Gwen O Connor on Jan 20, 2018
Further to my complaint and your response of 19/1/18-I fully understand that I must leave a deposit if I have independent excess insurance- I have rented cars for last 20 years . What your assistant was telling us was " that the insurance issued by Ryanair was not adequate for basic...

[Resolved] Gold Car / assistant at car hire desk

Gwen O Connor on Jan 13, 2018
I booked a car( booking number FR869085680 )with the company Gold Car on Ryanair.com site( cartrawler being the provider) fro collection at Nice airport. When we went to collect on Sunday 7th Jan the staff member told us that the basic insurance provided by Ryanair/CarTrawler was not...

[Resolved] GoldCar Rental / unauthorized credit card charges

0BertK on Jan 12, 2018
• Booking number DYS-23429386 (with the company Goldcar/Rhodium car rental company - contract number with Goldcar/Rhodium 12815481). • Pick up on Nov 10th 2017 at 20:30 at Alicante Airport • Drop off on Nov 18th 2017 at 06:03 in the morning at Alicante Airport. • We returned the car in the...

[Resolved] GoldCar Rental / unethical practices

ZZsolt on Jan 8, 2018
I have booked and prepaid a car for rent sometime in September, 2017, category BB, a Fiat 500 or similar. When I got to their desk at the airport on the 28th November 2017, they said the Fiat 500 is not available, there is a Fiat Panda instead. I was not offered any choice, after...

[Resolved] Gold Car Rental / returned half full fuel

Harold David Milner on Jan 7, 2018
Contract no 12342383 Client 3346031 Mr.Harold David Milner I Paid doyoudospain18th.August 2017 £62.06 For the rental of car On 21st September 2017 I rented a car and paid £67.72 (72.26€) On 20th.October 2017 I returned the car half full and told I would be refunded. But I was charged...

[Resolved] GoldCar Rental / unjustified charges for my rental contract 12466193 - rental 03/10/17 to 10/10/17

liri on Jan 6, 2018
1. 55 eur was distracted from my credit card on 28/12/17 based on a claim of a fine the car has received without producing any proof . I am certain that i have received no ticket and do not recall any breach of a traffic law. I expect to be presented with the ticket and if you cannot...

GoldCar Rental / car rental alicante - fraudulent activity

PeterWB on Dec 21, 2017
I've used GoldCar extensively over the years and they seem to have gotten their act together with good quality cars at reasonable prices. True they are extortionate with additional costs but you can minimise these if you go into your car hire prepared. I thought I had but however, after...

GoldCar Rental / goldcar is a scam! they charged us for "tickets" we never got.

Gabriela Garcia Medina on Dec 12, 2017
GoldCar is a SCAM, we received a letter via email stating that we were being charged 165 euros, for 3 tickets (that we supposedly received during our time in Italy). The problem is that we NEVER received a single ticket! In fact, we barely drove the car, since we were there for our...

[Resolved] GoldCar Rental / unethical business... white collar thieves...

Rajesh Ponday on Dec 7, 2017
Hi all, I m from india and was in spain btwn 14th&29th nov 2017. Hired a car @ airport palma... Returned in 2 days... Again hired a car at airport teneriffe for 3 days, here they charged me 35 euros extra.. Reason :- documents from the car missing??? I disputed it... Sent them 4 mail...

[Resolved] GoldCar Rental / car rental

Along444 on Dec 6, 2017
Reservation, made for November, 2017 in Tenerife Airport South (TFS) . I still have around 1000 Euros hold on my credit card, although the contract was cancelled due to a malfunctioning car, and all expenses should have been refunded. No one is answering the emails sent... Their customer...

[Resolved] GoldCar Rental / a fine, according to the company

Pedro Guzman on Dec 5, 2017
This is the email I have just received from Goldcar: Oficinas Centrales de Goldcar, 05/12/2017 Estimado cliente, Gracias por haber confiado en Goldcar para el alquiler de un vehículo con contratonúmero 12299137 entre el 12/08/2017 y el 17/08/2017. Debemos comunicarle que hemos sido...

GoldCar Rental / car rental faro portugal 30/10/2017 no. 12684674

Mike & Gill Smith on Dec 5, 2017
We have been charged for a parcel shelf that was missing when we started the rental. You could not have checked the car properly yourselves because we found 6 areas on the bodywork of additional scuffs and scratches which you agreed were there in addition to numerous others you...

GoldCar Rental / unexplained credit card charges

JaneRobbo on Dec 4, 2017
We paid for a hire car 18 October through Ryanair, a total of £33.79. When we arrived at the GoldCar desk at Malaga 9 November we were not asked if we wanted to purchase extra insurance cover or choose to have to 1100 euros as a deposit on our credit card. We would not have opted for additional...

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