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GoldCar Rental Complaints & Reviews

GoldCar Rental / Failure to deliver car

Gazaroo on Aug 20, 2018

I refer you to my agreement no. 14011434 We arrived at malta airport on Saturday night 18th August. I had a pre booked car thru Argus. They told me they would drop as to our hotel and deliver the car the next day at 9am. I waited and notified the hotel staff at paradise bay resort. I tried...

Goldcar / car hire

Nick Quigley on Aug 19, 2018

I have just come back from a holiday and received a 150 Euro charge for a deep cleaning which I found amazing given the fact that we picked the car up and it wasn't clean due to being used to carry child seats around. Is this legal - no where was it pointed out I had to check the car for...

GoldCar Rental / unethical behaviour

saraher on Aug 19, 2018

When I picked up my rental car from Goldcar (Contract 14372976, Customer Code 12840660) on 12/08 from Verona Airport I was told by the staff member that despite having private excess insurance she would not be able to give me the car I paid for unless I either took additional insurance for 199.95€...

GoldCar Rental / private car hire

GaryDS on Aug 16, 2018

I rented a car between 2pm on July 26 and 2pm on August 7 and returned it early, on August 7. I have since been charged 80 euros for 'late return'. This is not true, and I have a breakdown information form (for a flat tyre had) signed, dated and timed by staff at the Rome office, proving...

GoldCar Rental / hidden charges,

Danielbenton50 on Aug 14, 2018

I have found my experience with Goldcar to be nothing short of a joke. From a hidden charge (£296.67!!!) that we were only advised of upon collection of the car purely because we taking the car outside of Italy to Slovenia, which was I ly payable by credit car, to not getting the car we...

GoldCar Rental / special car cleaning charge - ref contract 13994346

Graeme Finneberg on Aug 14, 2018

I've just returned from Alicante and returned my car in exactly the condition I would expect after 12 days normal usage only to be told I've been charged €30 for specisl cleaning? I was never told by anyone that the car would require a valet before returning or that I would be charged for...

GoldCar Rental / car rental

Ajtx on Aug 13, 2018

We hired a car booking reference number 14227164 from Malaga Airport on 1st of July until 16th July under name AnnJane Thompson. On the 6th July we got a puncture in tyre and on further inspection could see that this tyre had already been repaired. We spent the whole day trying to get...

GoldCar Rental / hire car cleaning fee

Leonie Walton on Aug 13, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam Upon return of our rental vehicle we were later sent a document which included a cleaning fee deducted from our credit card. When I was next in the office I asked them why and they said they couldn't tell me even though they were the ones who supposedly did the clean and to...

GoldCar Rental / bod notification - contract: 13214168

Donal O'Carroll on Aug 12, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam Frankly I'm astonished by the temerity of the letter you sent me by email this evening. On the afternoon before I picked up your rental car on Saturday August 4th, I went out of my way to explain to your representative that the car was short by approximately $20 in fuel. It wa...

GoldCar Rental / carhire in majorca airport - palma

tomhickling on Aug 10, 2018

I would like to lodge a complaint against GoldCar car hire, and request for a refund for fraudulent and unauthorised charges they made to my credit card and are not responding to a case that I have raised. I hired a car through the RyanAir and fully paid for everything listed as well a...

GoldCar Rental / Rent a car charges

Vicky Crookes on Aug 7, 2018

We booked a car via the internet to be collected and returned at Malaga Airport in June 2018. The quote on the email was €148.45. When we got to the Goldcar office in Malaga they asked if we wanted to upgrade the insurance so as to reduce the excess to zero (should we have an accident). The...

GoldCar Rental / Dishonesty

Stephen Bibbington on Aug 7, 2018

Prebooked car from Roma IT paid for 'super relax cover' to avoid need for credit card deposit. Goldcar use Google algorithms to put themselves top of any search for Italian car hire without credit card. You can not just relax, you can SUPER Relax, just don't expect to drive away, or see...

GoldCar Rental / car rental, had to pay more because our booked car was not there


Never have such bad service or better said NO service! Booked a car at Pisa airport and paid everything in advance. Unfortunately our plane was delayed, they could of course know that given the flight number that was known to them. To be on the safe side, we had already phoned from the airport...

GoldCar Rental / car rental damage rip off

Bart Holomew on Aug 6, 2018

Hired a car at Faro Airport 23 August 2018 to 4 July 2018. Tried to sell us excess insurance, but we have our own policy and refused. Picked up car in the dark, small marks on body but didn't notice minute chip in windscreen. On return were charged 400 Euros for windscreen damage - we...

GoldCar Rental / rental car

sstupay on Aug 6, 2018

We had a terrible experience with Gold Car on our honeymoon. We reserved the car through discover car hire and had a quoted price and coverage through them. When we went to pay the balance, we were overcharged by almost $200. They were deceitful and dishonest. They did NOT explain that...

GoldCar Rental / unauthorised credit card charge (post rental)

Family Kay on Aug 6, 2018

Car rental from 7th - 17th July 2018 - Florence Airport, Italy. Contract No: 14031559, Client No: 12510807. Complaint/Claim: Unauthorised credit card charge: €64 for re-fuelling. I dispute the claim that the car was not returned full of fuel, and have evidence to prove that the car wa...

GoldCar Rental / overcharging and a very damaged car on collection

Andrew Bailey on Aug 4, 2018

Booking number: CFDBO2A6 e-voucher 3867042 confirmation no 14411612 on arriving at Goldcar Malaga Airport I was shocked that the EUR 37.49 which was payable at the rental desk turned into EUR 303 On my car rental agreement the "Premium Location" fee & airport taxes were included yet I wa...

GoldCar Rental / cancelación de reserva n° 14427995

Veronika Kassir on Aug 4, 2018

A quién corresponda, he realizado una reserva por el total del alquiler de un vehículo pero no puedo hacer uso del mismo porque me han hurtado una riñonera durante mi viaje hacia España donde tenía entre otras cosas, mi licencia de conducir. El domingo fui a sus oficinas en el aeropuerto y...

GoldCar Rental / Car Hire Alicante Airport - ref 14094920

Brian Davidson on Aug 3, 2018

I had pre booked car hire for 4 days - see ref number. On collection at airport the rep asked me to pay 140 euros. When I asked why he said for full tank cover. However this was only 75 euros. I asked him to amend the payment to reflect this. He stated that we would need to put an exce...

GoldCar Rental / overcharge

srups on Jul 31, 2018

Information below explains my situation. These are copies of emails I have sent to Goldcar without a single acknowledgement or response. See content. I strongly advise that you respond. From: Peter Trevitt [] Sent: 24 July 2018 09:26 To: 'Goldcar' Subject: FW...