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Reviews and Complaints

Dollar Treefraud

I am a disabled senior, and drive for Uber and Lift when I can. I am getting a little hard of hearing, and needed a bluetooth speaker so I can hear directions.

At 1:02 PM on 7/26/2019, I bought a speaker from store #2967.

Once I was far away on my runs, I opened my new speaker. When I went to plug in the USB charging cable, I discovered that there was simply a hole where the socket should have been.

I attempted to return it, after 5pm, and was rudely told by the manager to look at my receipt where it said "We do not offer refunds." Before she went into the office and locked the door.

There is no signage anywhere to that effect. I was not informed until after the sale was consummated.

Surely you know enough about the UCC to understand that is Larceny by Fraud, civilly actionable, and criminally prosecutable.

I thought I would give you the chance to do the right thing before I bring action.

Yes, I will spend the $134 court cost to reclaim $5.08 cents, plus of course my legal costs.

Alternately, I will entertain an offer of satisfaction, and I don't mean 5 dollars.

I was treated rudely and indecently by the manager. I am a spectacularly upset customer.

I am semi-retired, and have all the time in the world to pursue this matter.

Eric Sipfle

This is my fourth time attempting to submit this. I had uploaded photos, but haven't been able to successfully submit this yet. Your Facebook interface is broken.

  • Th
    TheManager Jul 28, 2019

    “An offer of satisfaction?” Are you serious? Lmfao. Get bent. You get nothing.

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