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[Resolved] short changed.

My name is Larry Camp, I live at 885 Elrod Street, Apt. 601, Cleveland, TN 37311. My phone is [protected]. On January 20, 2020 at 14:17 I made a purchase at the store address above, in the amount of $2.20 (tax included) with a $20 bill, and the cashier gave me back $7.80 because he said I gave him a $10 bill! I know for a fact it was a 20...because all I had in my wallet was a 20 and a 10, and I had just got the 20 from Walmart the day before from a purchase there, and have a receipt for that! The cashier called his manager who weighed and counted all that was in the drawer, and still claimed I gave them a $10 bill. I had waited in the line holding the 20 bill in my hand, and plain as day he looked at it when I handed it to him, so the cashier must be either blind or an outright criminal! I want the rest of my change due me, which is $10 more! The store phone number is [protected].

short changed.

  • Resolution Statement

    I made a mistake counting my money.

  • No
    normanbates2 Jan 20, 2020

    This is not dollar tree. You just put your personal info out there for everyone to see

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  • La
    Larry M Camp Jan 20, 2020

    @normanbates2 Thanks for letting me know, I'll check into it.

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