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suspended without warning

I've been working for Dollar Tree since mid-March of 2019. I was hired as an assistant store manager (ASM), and even though it was my first management job, I tried my absolute best. Roughly three months prior to this incident, our district manager transferred to a new district, and another DM was brought in. The new DM was set on helping me get promoted to a full-time position as either a freight or operations manager, and I was encouraged to apply at several other locations that needed said positions filled.

On December 18th 2018, I arrived at work (as I have every day for more than nine months). About an hour before I was supposed to leave, the store manager called me into the office and informed me that HR was suspending me because I had "too many write-ups", many of which were MONTHS old, spanning back to when I first started. For some reason unbeknownst to me, corporate was digging up these old write-ups and "investigating" whether I was eligible to be promoted.

I was asked to clock out, and I complied. I went into the bathroom (because I needed to "go"), and then the store manager sent me a text prompting me to turn in my store keys. I notified him that I was in the bathroom and that i would bring the keys up to him when I was finished. He then sent one of my employees into the area where the bathrooms are located, and then he sent me another text moments later to the tune of "X didn't see you in the back room. I need you up here right now". Again, I complied, turning in my store keys. I was told that I would be suspended for three days (obviously without pay), or "Until HR finishes their review".

As I'm writing this, it's January 3rd 2020.
I have been suspended for more than two weeks without pay, save the whopping $148 that I received from my last few working days.

I've served Dollar Tree loyally since the get-go and have done nothing but sing their praises. I signed paperwork to take a loan out for a new car, and since the day I began driving it, I've been running to the bank for change and traveling as far as Natick Massachusetts to cover stores that needed help (I live in Worcester, so it's roughly a 50-mile round trip). I've been aiming for a promotion since August, and every time I've applied for a position after expressing interest to my boss (a man who encouraged me to apply), the positions were mysteriously filled shortly thereafter. I have come in early and stayed late. I've worked open to close (about a 15 hour work day). I've worked every holiday. I've worked on my days off. I've offered to come in to work at the drop of a hat because the company that allegedly cares about their employees needed help.

All that I've received in return is a biweekly paycheck of a less than livable amount and a "three day suspension" that has lasted more than two weeks.

Words cannot even begin to describe how frustrated I am with this company. The best part? I can't file for unemployment because I'm technically still an employee. So here I am, out of a job shortly after Christmas, with bills piling up to the ceiling. And for what? Showing ambition at work.

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    Yungmac Jan 15, 2020

    We’re you ever told that you can come back to work ?

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The Hispanic manager at Carthage missouri is very rood and hateful. when you have a problem she tells you it's not her problem and leave. We buy the Kansas City paper for coupons and have always been able to check and make sure they are in paper since they get left out some times today she would not let us make sure paper was complete two I bought had coupons missing and she said that's our fault and we can't change papers! The only reason they have a line at door waiting to open is for the coupons and not the whole paper. Everyone is tired of her rudeness and unwilling to help out. Half the time she comes in late and seems drunk or high. She is the worst example of customer service.

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    shadowg Dec 29, 2019

    I have a feeling that there is more to this story than what you are saying. People do not ask you to leave places if you are behaving yourself.

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Can someone help or # I can call. [protected] is my #

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