Dollar Generalfrozen sausage biscuits

C Jul 29, 2019 Review updated:

Today, 7/29/2019 I purchased a frozen box of Sausage Biscuits from dollar general on us 20 Swanton, OH today that was dated "use by 04/07/2019" ! This is unacceptable! I have the receipt and product. What will be done about this? I noticed that there was only one person in the store. She had to stock shelves, dispose of boxes, man the register and watch the front door, etc all at the same time. She was very friendly!
If there are problems with your distributors, fix it. No customer should have to drive back to a store for an eatable item that has been expired for 3 months!

frozen sausage biscuits
frozen sausage biscuits
frozen sausage biscuits


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