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mistreatment by staff.

I went to Dollar General store yesterday and was trying to buy my grandchild school supplies and she found some other school clothing and accessories she wanted. I have shopped at Dollar General for years and never had a problem like this before. I had a doctor's appointment so one of your morning female staff said they would hold my things for me in my cart. I really appreciated that. She has always been helpful when I come in the store. She is very friendly. I came back latter and when I attempted to check out an older man and a blonde haired woman said I didn't have any digital coupons under my phone number. I asked if I could change the number and they said that was not possible. I was going to spend over 100 dollars and I have never had a problem like this before. They also said they couldn't put in a different number for me. Some males behind me were saying some very rude lies about me with my grandchildren were there and these staff members laughed in my face. I have rarely been treated with more disrespect and contempt! I took awhile the night before making sure I clicked on all the digital coupons possible, but I was not sure of the correct number. I have shopped at many different DG stores in different places and I was shocked at how unhelpful this staff was. They had long lines in the store and one register open. I felt this was being done on purpose. Other customers started complaining while I was trying to check out. I use a walker. I came to your store because of the sales and was humiliated in front of my grandchildren and I left the store without anything. My granddaughter was very upset and my daughter planned to come back on the 3rd to buy more things and now we'll have to try another store. I have never had problems with changing a phone number before at any stores. I am very hurt and disappointed.

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    Gloria54 Aug 04, 2019

    I would like to file a complaint with corporate regarding the Dollar General in Grand Island. Specifically Devon and how he treated me today, bathroom policy (we are not permitted to use it anymore), and wouldn't give me refund for stale Tropicana Orange Juice ($4. - Tony). They have treated me terrible. Devon should definitely be fired. I would like my $4. refund. I would also like to use the bathroom if I need to, but I will not enter the Dollar General on Grand Island again, after the way Devon treated me today. Saying I was a valuable customer, but then making accusations repeatedly that I return too many things. He wagged his finger at me. I said I was going to contact corporate and he got meaner and said he was going to call the police on me because he said I threatened him. I didn't threaten him. I wanted to know if he would sell me a sleep top for $5. bc the shorts and eye mask were missing from it and it originally cost $10. for all 3 items. He began with just this once and then he started accusing me of returning too many things. I have lived on the Island for 8 months and I can only recall returning 4 items. Fluff because it expired the day after I purchased it (Tony) and I bought something else. The Tropicana o.j. because it was stale and Tony wouldn't give me the $4. bc he said I opened it. How else would I know it was stale! Also, olive oil and mashed potatoes and I exchanged them for candles and wax melts and spent an additional $24. on that trip (Tony). I have probably spent around $300. at Dollar General on Grand Island in the last 8 months. I don't deserve to be treated like a dog. Along with the $4. for the Tropicana juice, I would like an apology from Devon, I would like to be able to shop at the store and use the bathroom (Dollar Tree is the only other store like Dollar General on the Island and they both have different things.) I do not have a car. I walk, ride my bike, take the bus and am an honest and decent Christian senior citizen on a limited income. Plus, today I was about to buy the pj top and shorts, XL, the light green top said who loves you with a large owl and the shorts were gray with small owls and the XL, girls just want to have fun top for $5. bc the bottoms were missing. Also, today is August 3 and the signs for buy one item of clothing and get one item of clothing free were already posted. If they are posted, they should be honored regardless of dates, IMO. Finally, in the past 8 months I have been overcharged for Angel Soft 4 pack toilet paper, Ritz wheat crackers, and easy cheese. I never asked for a refund for these 3 items. I just pointed it out to different workers and informed them that the price on the shelf needs to match the price on the receipt (super refund in Erie County, NY). Also, I have brought to the attention of various works numerous expired items. Don't shoot the messenger. Corporate needs to come into this store undercover and see what goes on. I give it a F-.

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