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Dollar Generalcashier

# 15373 store 1247 W 68 ST Hialeah Fl 33014 on 7//22/2019 18:29 PM $3.14 .I had brought 2 bras at store #15373 one i tried was great other i know size was bigger so did not try, wanted to see if other store could change for correct one. The young man cashier, I said here is the one i want and the one in bag i want to change, So he grab the bag and threw on floor, I said my receipt was inside i needed it for other item on it . so he got the bag open and threw on the counter . I said ok i want to change this for that, he push it and said OK, Looking at me like what, he said take it, I said but there is a alarm on it, he grab it and when he took it off i saw a small hole but i though for $5 it would be OK, then he gave me my change and some of my coins fell. I ask why are you so rude, He said he can be because he works at dollar general . I just left before I said something, I was so upset i had to sit in my car a few min. That Young man does not deserve to be working there . I have never had someone treat me like that . I WILL NEVER go to that LOCATION again . Writing this gives me flash back of him so rude . I am 58 Yrs old and I cant even believe it. Please watch the Camera if you have one . My Email i want a response back from the CEO of Dollar General [protected] Rosie