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digital coupons and incorrect pricing in the store

I am usually not one to sweat the small things. However, I am a college student who works part time and lives paycheck to paycheck and is also trying to plan a wedding. When I saw that Dollar General was offering a digital coupon that would give you five dollars off of a $15 purchase of school supplies, I thought about how desperately I could use new binders because mine have been reused over and over. I asked the cashier as I checked out if my coupon was applied because it didn't seem so… And it is truly my fault that I didn't check thoroughly… However when I got home I checked my receipt and saw that six items were not priced correctly, and they were actually cheaper than the given price in the store aisle. Items that were listed as a dollar we're really $.50… Items that were listed as $1.50 were really just a dollar. So I actually ended up just spending the money with no savings, and the digital coupon deal was the only reason I bothered. I have a hard time spending money and do my best to be thrifty. So it was a little disappointing… But then it was downright infuriating when I tried to call corporate and a very dense woman on the other end of the phone talked to me in circles, simply repeating that I couldn't redeem the coupon if I didn't spend the $15. I called the store as well to tell them of their mistake and the gentleman was seemingly less than professional and slow to respond. Needless to say, it's frustrating when no one wants to do anything about these mistakes and rather than honoring a discount, a customer just ends up having their money taken. I know to many it may not seem like much, but to some people every bit counts. At least for me it will be cathartic to boycott Dollar General and make Meijer's my one stop shop from now on!

  • SubSquirrel Jul 26, 2019

    Return to the store with the items and coupon. Explain the situation calmly and next time watch as things are rung in.

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  • Sa
    Sanction Aug 08, 2019

    Actually, those items would of been on sale, and if you had bothered to read the fine print, that you agreed to when you signed up for their Digital Coupons, you would know, that the coupon would be applied after other discounts are taken into consideration. You didn't spend $15 dollars, so not sure why your complaining about it not working lol. Blaming the store for something thays your fault...
    Wow, so entitled.

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