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Reviews and Complaints

Dollar Generalthe unkept exterior physical appearance of this store.

To Dollar Store Corporate Management,

The outside perimeter of this store is in extremely poor condition as it relates to the parking lot, overall maintenance around the building, landscaping, overgrown grass, untrimmed shrubbery along with paper trash and debris. The property is totally unkept and a poor reflection upon both Pineview and Madden Hills Neighborhood residents that patronize this store.

The employees of this store are friendly and helpful and the overall interior appearance of the store is okay, although it too could be tidier in appearance.

This same request was also made and submitted in 2018. We are disappointed that again this year the conditions remain the same. We solicit your attention in cleaning the overall appearance of this store immediately.

Best regards.
Madden Hills Neighborhood Association
Pineview Neighborhood Association

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    Terry ciarlante Sep 16, 2019

    I think this is like my third comment on this situation I have made. This is this company’s M’0 . They pride themselves on putting there company in small bedroom communities. They have a responsiblity to those communities to maintain the codes And laws of that community. They don’t, I live in N?J. & I have made the same complaints. They built in my front yard and then forget about there neighbors. Rain water drainage, unkept lawns, trash blowing all over, no trash cans I can go on and on. The corporate office should be ashamed of themselves but like I see it not too many of those ppl stay with the company that long wonder why lol.

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Dollar Generalclosing the store 15 mins early

on saturday july 20th, 2029, at 8: 45 i arrived at the store. i was stopped at the entrence by a employee . she stated that they were closed. i asked the employee what time do they close.she said 9.i told her its 8:45 i still have plenty of time. she told me the register shut off automatically . thats a new one on me! i told her i just need 30 seconds .then she stated its already a line and i wont be out in time..i call bull crap on that.. i just want the company to know how their customers are being treated..thank you in advance for addressing this issue .