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CVS Pharmacy Complaints & Reviews

CVS Pharmacy / Pharmacy technician

Elizabeth medlin on Feb 22, 2017
At CVS in gaffney SC manilla a technician is so rude it's unbelievable. They can't keep up with orders and I've been out of life altering meds for a month still waiting because now it's out of stock. Please do something. People like myself could die due to the ill manner of these...

CVS Pharmacy / Prescription drugs

Andries Holtzhausen on Feb 21, 2017
CVS is supposed to "manage" prescriptions for Blue Cross Blue Shield. Now I receive letters telling me to either use their 90 prescription service or pay for my prescriptions out of my own pocket. What is this except strong arm thievery? Years ago I tried the 90 day prescription service...

CVS Pharmacy / Behavior from staff

lauren coletta on Feb 21, 2017
From Store 913 Bridgewater Mass. My son was bedridden sick, to the point he could not move after leaving the doctor. He is in a different state than me and had lost all type of payment. I called and tried to tell the tech and RPH but they said I could not pay for anything over the phone...

CVS Pharmacy / Poor service

lindsaystjohn on Feb 20, 2017
I called three times today ( 2/20/17 ) to get a RX transferred from my previous pharmacy. no one would call me back even though i left my phone number all three times. I needed an albuterol inhaler for my asthma and allergies that flare up often. first call was placed at 9am when...

CVS Pharmacy / Services in general

I am sad on Feb 15, 2017
This CVS on Bladensburg Rd in Washington DC for years has been bad. When I say the CVS I mean the Pharmacy. Everytime you go in their the line is very long also, there is one cashier. Your spending 30 to 40 mins in the line. The drop off line is long because the person at the desk has no...

CVS Pharmacy / Service

Susan Curmi on Feb 14, 2017
Female Pharmacist at 14 Highway 36, Keansburg pharmacy very rude and plain mean. I tried to refill a perscpition a few days early and not only did she refuse she was very nasty about it, no call for this kind of treatment to a customer. I am changing pharmacys. Perhaps she sould be better...

CVS Pharmacy / Incompetence

Daniel Poitras on Feb 7, 2017
Guy at register doesn't know what he was doing. over the counter prescription . I was looking for CVS brand.. He gave me Advil, said the price was the same, but the unit count was 1/2 . ###... didn't know how to charge it out... someone else had to do it after he tried over and...

CVS Pharmacy / Pharmacy

Chrisee on Feb 6, 2017
In the last 2 weeks I have had 2 prescriptions refilled that were wrong. I have a problem with this and when I call them they act like it is my fault that they cannot read what the prescription says. This has not only caused me gas money and extra money, but a lot emotional stress. Please...

CVS Pharmacy / Work environment

Concerned coworker on Feb 3, 2017
There are many reasons in why I am leaving and in no particular order I will list them. One being I am not a person to this company, I am a number. I am replaceable I understand that but when the company you work for that supposedly has your best interest first, sure knows how to let you...

CVS Pharmacy / Plavix, generic

Debbie Swilley on Feb 3, 2017
Spoke to the pharmacist after she dispensed Generic Plavix. It was from Dr Reddy's Lab in India. I usually bleed and bruise easily. Since this refill no bleeding from cuts. I am retired Vascular Surgeon who dealt with Plavix most of my life and I know everything about it. If you don't...

CVS Pharmacy / Pharmacy dept, wrong meds dispensed, pharmacist decides she's a doctor

Michelle Montalbano on Jan 28, 2017
I am a physician myself and in Florida for 4 months. I have a wonderful relationship with my CVS in NY ( douglaston) and the pharmacist Maria there. I have been a patient/customer for at least 10 years, was is my entire family. I had to have my prescriptions refilled( ones I am on in ny for...

CVS Pharmacy / Pharmacy

Sonia I. Rodríguez on Jan 28, 2017
Yesterday, 27 jan 2017 I went into my cvs in fajardo to get my prescription for synthriod a medication that I need for life. I refused to put my driver's license on the receipt since this may lead to identity theft which I already experienced. The pharmacist refused to give me my...

CVS Pharmacy / My child meds

Vickey T Winds-coffie on Jan 27, 2017
I was told on Jan 26, 2017 My child meds would be ready at 8 they close at 10 so I couldn't make it I come the next day at 5 pm and they tell me sit and wait for me to fix it like wth you said yesterday at 8 it's the next day at 5 I speak English they were all being racist and started...

CVS Pharmacy / Pharmacy

Kimberly Ann Waidler on Jan 20, 2017
I have been a client of the cvs on linebaugh / sheldon in westchase florida for several years and the pharmacy staff (Ever changing) is an atrocity. Last evening, january 19th at approximately 700-730 pm I was going through the drive thru window to pick up a prescription for doxycycline...

CVS Pharmacy / Service

Rosalie Pastore Gravina on Jan 20, 2017
I cannot tell you specific dates but on multiple occasions I have had multiple incidents with CVS Pharmacy in Secaucus NJ. They are extremely lazy, They don't do their jobs. you need to do jobs for them. I have had to contact my doctors on multiple occasions and insurance company and even...

CVS Pharmacy / Next-to-non-existent customer service

jtkeroac on Jan 20, 2017
Dutifully phoned ahead to have med ready for pick-up at drive-through window. Drove to store, waited behind 1 car for a few minutes. Driver of car finished transaction within a minute and I drove up to window. Nothing. Nothing some more. After about five minutes, I hit the yellow call...

CVS / Pharmacy store

garystan on Jan 13, 2017
CVS Management refuses to issue receipts for items purchased. Which includes medical prescriptions and any other products in the store. They claim that they will send a receipt via e-mail. But I never receive any receipts in my e-mail. I talked to Customer Support CVS, and they stated that...

CVS Pharmacy / My son's medication

Kelly Laughlin on Jan 11, 2017
My 9 year old son's prescription was dropped off on 12/23/2016. After numerous calls I've been hung up on, lied to and continually been ignored regarding the issue. My son is bipolar and has been off his meds due to an error CVS made as was told by the woman supervisor. I was given 2...

CVS Corporation / Horrible treatment by loss prevention manager

Judy Perry on Jan 8, 2017
I'm sorry my friends but I need to vent about something that happened on Monday. Anyone who knows my sister Pam knows what a sweetheart she is and how honest she is. She has worked at CVS in Concord for the last six years and she was suspended on Monday because of a gift card which had a...

CVS Pharmacy / Pharmacist

Belinda Summers on Jan 4, 2017
I went to pick up my prescription the girl said I had to paid I said why this is medical she said I had my limit for this month 6prescription I said this was my first for this month I wanted to talk to the person in charge so the pharmacist said the same thing so I was asking Aaron what...

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