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CVS - Pharmacy

Ask for my records to be transferred from Grass Valley CA, to Galveston TX - CVS on 61st street. Absolutely no response when I asked the GALVESTON Pharm. about the transfer. Had my new DR Kassem to...

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CVS - Pharmacy issues

Physician sent by fax an order for albuterol after a covid diagnosis 1/10/22.. Two days later, no call from pharmacy regarding same. 1/12/22 9:34am phoned to check on this med to the pharmacy...

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CVS - Pharmacist

I am a cancer patient and am having extreme difficulties getting my medications from the CVS store # 1481 in Waldorf MD in a timely manner. My doctor calls in my monthy medications that are due for refill on the 7th of eah month. My oxicodone was available for refill on January 7, 2022. I called the pharmacy on January 7th as the website indicated the prescription was still "in process" and was told my prescription would be ready by 12:30. When my husband arrived at 5:15 it was NOT READY! The following day I called the pharmacy again and was told by ASIA, an employee, that the pharmasist on duty the day of the 7th could care less about doing his job! That was most distressing to hear. My prescription was not ready until JANUARY 9th! Another prescription medication, Alpropizale was to be ready on January 11th. Again i go to the pharmacy and its NOT READY. I checked the website this morning and it is STILL IN PROCESSING. I need these medications to be filled ON TIME. I have been on these two meds for over 5 years now. I had to switch to CVS due to my old pharmacy closing. I am VERY VERY stressed out over this situation and am most concerned that an employee would tell me that you employ a pharmasist that deliberately withholds customers medications. I would like for someone to call store 1481 and get my alpropizale PROCESSED. I take 1mg a day and get a 90 day supply. I do not overtake these meds and am now completely OUT. I can be reached at [protected]

Desired outcome: FILL MY RX NOW


CVS - Pharmacy

I held on a call for over 45 minutes before hanging up I had surgery earlier today and was calling to see if my meds were called in by the Doctor... went to the drive thru after leaving the hospital...

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CVS - Policy

If I pay for something with my DEBIT card, I should NOT have to wait for my money. With a debit card, CVS receives their money immediately and there is no possibility that they will not. How is thi...

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CVS - Prescription not filled

The pharmacy in Target on Old Country Road in Riverhead, NY has has constant staff turn over for a few months now. Each new person is less capable less courteous than the one before. Last night I...

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Jan 10, 2022

CVS - Management unprofessional

I went in to ask for a covid test. Informed the cashier, that it was not for me, nor anyone I've been in contact with. The manager (Carolyn - 5'2, light complexion, with long, dark hair) was next to...

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CVS - Order # [protected] ellume covid home tests

Folks — this order was place on 8/21/2021 for 5 Ellume kits — at a total cost of $194.95. All five were defective. You agreed to accept a return of the kits and issue a refund. Return Order # 437014. The kits were returned with a UPS lable you sent me on 10/27/2021.

I have the receipt for the order, the print version of the five failed tests and numerouse email excahnges with CVS.

I have never recieved a refund or any explaination whatsoever.

Desired outcome: please send the agreed upon refund of $194.95.

CVS - Customer service and pharmacy employees

I live in Barnesville, GA and the CVS down here takes almost 2 and a half hours just to get it filled and then they don't ever answer the last time I got my pain meds filled it took almost 3 hour...

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CVS - CVS on Green Valley Rd. In Cameron Park Calif. & at the register my phone # did not work!

We went to the CVS on Green Valley Rd. In Cameron Park, Calif. & At the register we had our coupons & 32% off to use & we gave the person working the register my phone # [protected] & they put my...

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CVS - Pharmacy staff

Hi, on 1/9/22 went to CVS on Boston St, Lynn Ma to pick up a prescription. I decided to go thru the drive-up window there was a car before me. when I got up to the window, they had signs up speak loudly and try to use card or exact amount. I noticed that the window guard was down so sat for a bit then rang the call button after 15 minutes no one answered so went into the store. As I looked there was now a bunch of cars in line. I'm in the store in line, a man just cuts everyone off and turned and said that he was in the right line, and we weren't. I asked the male pharmacists why you don't put a sign up stating the drive thru is closed, well he just walked away and the girl on the other side laughed and said Well the window guard is down she just thought everything was funny. A man who was also in the line said he hit the call button 3 times, and no one answered (sorry) there were also other people in line who came from the drive thru line telling the same story. So please tell me how hard it would have been to put a sign that said drive thru closed due to lack of workers and why not add a sign saying which aisle to stand in to get your prescriptions that would help with the confusion. As you can understand your staff could have acted professional and listen to what we had to say instead of walking away and also the girl thinking it was all a joke. I left the CVS on the commons and thought this store was a better fit, after this I'm not so sure. Well, I hope you address this before other issues happen. Any further information you need please feel free to contact me.

Jan 09, 2022

CVS - Answering phones

Complaint on CVS Pharmacy, Canal Street, Stamford, CT 06902, [protected] I have been trying since 1/6/2022, to speak to the pharmacy, in one day I have tried 3 -5 different times, my phone goes on...

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CVS - Covid-19 rt pcr report for travel not on time mentioned by cvs

Me and wife went to CVS Drive thru RT-PCR testing on 5th Jan. 2.50pm. Our confirmation numbers are 8176284 and 5175686. We are traveling on 8th Jan 2022 so we went on 5th Jan i.e. with in 72...

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CVS - UPS drop off denied

Dropped off a package to send it back to amazon and it got scanned and i left. The package showed up at my house with a new label on it probably from the scratched out bar code since the return I put on it was a QR code only. Tried ripping off label that made the confusion and had just the one needed on it. They saw me and the same girl came up to the counter with 2 other workers and some Rude manager said the package was unacceptable since the QR code didn't look like an ups label. They said the ups man would not take it when that was a lie he took it last time and sent it to the wrong address from the old label that was scratched out. This was suppose to be a quick and easy return and they told me to go out of my way across town to an actual ups store just to ship it because they refused to take a package I was told by an ups worker that they would accept at a place like cvs. Terrible customer service here and the manager should be fired for getting in my face with a stupid mask on muffling her words like a 3 year old having a tantrum.

Desired outcome: Fire the manager.

CVS - confusion with my account with Mount Airy pharmacy

The Pharmacy keeps getting my account mixed up with my son's account.
My name is Robert A Deyo, DOB 3/12/1946
906 Summer Sweet Lane
Mount Airy, MD 21771

My son's name is Robert E Deyo, DOB: 3/2/1980
Horse Chesnut Court
Mount Airy, MD 21771

My CVS here in Mount Airy said they don't include middle names or initials.

I called [protected] and they gave me confirmation number
S5088831 and then forwarded my call and I waited over 15 minutes with no answer.

Please correct this problem because I can't access my account online because it states that my prescription is assigned to another account.

There is no reason that these two accounts are connected and not reason to have to keep calling.

Robert A Deyo
deyo.[protected] (no longer bob.[protected]

Desired outcome: separate the accounts

CVS - I actually have the wrong form to contact you but I am a loyal customer of your Wise Ave store in Dundalk Maryland

I am 49 years old and on New Year's to was diagnosed with Lung Cancer and my family has set up a go fund me page for I was u available to work the pass two months due to my illness, my primary care...

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CVS - Maintenace / TRASH

The trash cans outside of the CVS Pharmacy entrance located at 4232 Ne Ocean Blvd Jensen Beach, FL 34957, Store #5119 are never emptied, spilling over and filthy. It is not only the trash cans but the surrounding area. This attracts rodents and insects. After witnessing this for months I find it necessary to escalate with the hopes it will be addressed. If not, we will be forces to call the town = PLEASE SEE ATTACHED Pictures

Desired outcome: immediately clean and maintain the area

CVS - Service in pharmacy

My wife had oral surgery today and could not get her pain meds because your phone system didn't take the prescription and when my wife called the dentist he reordered and she went back to pick it up...

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CVS - Service

Went there only because website said they had Covid tests in stock at both stores, neither did. The store on Main by the freeway entrance in Las Cruces, NM was an unacceptable disaster area when I...

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CVS - Poor service based upon lies

I received injections from a specialty pharmacy and a point of delivery is CVS. I wanted CVS in Lakesite, TN. My first delivery to them was a nightmare as they received the injection but no one knew...

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