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Poor Pharmacy Quality of Service

Spend quite a bit of money on prescriptions at CVS. A review of my husband and my prescriptions will validate...

charged for wrong prescription

I called in 3 perscription to your store at 7208 fm78 in san antonio tx phone [protected]. My daughter who picked them up came home to see that i recieved one i did not order costing $30.00 when i called to exsplain they told me they could not take them back since they left the store ok understood mistake made by you not me. So my question is why cant you refund to me the $30.00 . I am solely on social security and think it would be a good gesture to do so. I Spend alot of money between myself and medicare a year, but will change to walgreens if you care less. In buisness its customer allways rite. My name is greg meisner birthdate 10/01/1952 you can check to see the money spent. I would at least like to know that this complaint has been recieved. Thank you

Pharmacist, Brenda Amelia Puteri Asmara

On Wed. March 4, 2020 I went to CVS Woodstock NY pharmacy to pick up two prescriptions that my doctor had...

Service at Pharmacy

Ive been a customer here for 10 years but in the last few months the customer service had become horrible. To...

incorrect medication

02/18- I called a few days prior for the CVS to transfer a prescription from the Walgreens where I am from to...

Harassment and Dishonesty

Dear Sirs, Upon a recent trip to your 24 hour store in Holiday, Fl, after gathering the items to purchase...

Extremely rude behavior of the service associate which also caught the eyes and ears of other customers

When I walked into CVS location on 1000 Market Street. I quietly approached near the counter. I asked male...


Not answering their phones

Store phone # [protected] I'm a pharmacist at a long term care pharmacy where we provide bubble packs and...

Shelves are not stocked with items in weekly circular

On Tuesday, 3/3/2020, I went to CVS on 1916 Williamsbridge Road, Bronx, NY and the circular sale started on...

Delivery of injectable medication

CVS Specialty Pharmacy's Service STINKS!

I am supposed to receive a self-injectable shot of Stelara once every eight weeks. I've done so through CVS three times. In all but one case, CVS SCREWED THIS UP so I had to take the shot as much as a week late!

They told me I would receive the shot on Feb. 28th, but IT NEVER ARRIVED. I called, and ONCE AGAIN was told there was some problem with the insurance approval - so why did they say it would definitely come on that date? The same thing happened once before! They had plenty of time to correct this, knowing exactly when I had to receive the shot.

They couldn't even tell me which insurance (Medicare or my secondary insurance) did not approve it yet. I had to call my doctor so he could expedite this. Meanwhile, I AM WITHOUT MY NECESSARY MEDICATION!

FOLLOWUP: My doctor told me he gets many complaints about CVS, but he has no control over the pharmacy - they are chosen by the insurance company, and CVS Specialty pharmacy has acquired a monopoly. No wonder an incompetent, greedy corpseration like this is a big-money Trump supporter! BOYCOTT CVS!

  • Cy
    CykoCy Mar 07, 2020

    Trumps fault? You hateful people on the left lose all credibility. Stay on topic and leave your hateful, ignorant personality at the door. And, no, that goo on your fingers is because of your choice in using one-ply toilet paper, not Trumps doing. Formulation or specialty pharmacies are aplenty. Just request your insurance to assign you a new one. They will...if you keep your politics out of the conversation.

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I am sending this feedback regarding to an experience last Saturday, Feb. 29, 2020. I walked to CVS store...

extra bucks and carepass rewards

most of the time when i shop cvs in bedford, pa they never have the coffee listed in the sale flyers. why not?

today, march 1, 2020 i stopped in to cvs because i have $5.00 xtra bucks and a $10.00 carepass reward.

to my great liking coffee was available, laundry detergent was available, and deodorant was available. i was so happy.

got to the register i had a newspaper coupon for $1.00 off the coffee, and wanted to use by xtra bucks and carepass. to my dismay, the system was down therefore, if left everything sit and left empty handed.

now, my xtrabuck expires of $5.00 is probably gonna expire before i get back in to bedford cvs.

please extend my expiration notice so i don't lose it.

i spend alot of money at cvs to be inconvenienced by all of this.

let me add that it was not the associates fault nor the managers fault. they were both apologetic and kind to me.

thank you for listening.

carol a. shaffer
397 main st.
mann's choice, pa 15550


I called this pharmacy to check prescription status 3 different times at different times of the day. They...


CVS survey, pick a free thank you gift.

I took the survey as requested and chose the La Pur "free" gift; all I had to pay was $5 shipping. I looked up La Pur and saw that there were complaints against them but didn't think they would apply to my situation. HA! Today we received a test from our credit card company asking if we charged $59.84 to Beautiful Healthy Complete. We replied "no" so they cancelled our card Not at home at the time, we called the credit company when we got home which in turn called the company in question so we were on a three party call. The person from Beautiful Healthy Complete said I had made a purchase in January and as part of my agreement with the company, I would be billed monthly for new product as stated in fine print on the receipt would happen, if I did not cancel within two weeks after receiving the product. I told them I had never heard of the company whereupon she read to me the description of what was sent to me--two La Pur products. In actuality, I believe the description on the internet of what I was supposed to receive was a small jar of facial creme; instead, I was sent the facial cream and an eye cream which I thought odd at first but then surmised it was probably an advertising technique to get you to like both products. Apparently, I was wrong. The beauty co. Insisted I was made aware of the "agreement" I made with them even though it was written in fine print and I may have missed reading it. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I unequivocally and loudly told this person I did not agree to this, I was not paying for any product, and do not SEND any product. By their admission that "I may have missed reading the fine print" I told them the Better Business Bureau would be hearing from me. Why would you continue to engage with these businesses? Why would you risk the relationship you have with your customers? I asked the credit card company if they have received many complaints about this company, and I was told, "Yes. Many" Now I have to deal with no credit card for at least a week and I am really REALLY ticked off. I would like to know how you are going to handle this situation regarding the surveys and the scams incurred tarnishing the name of CVS and angering your clientele. Thank you.

cashier, always on her personal phone

good afternoon.

I visit your store at least three times a week. and during that time I may purchase items that I need for the office which is next to the cvs, my office is HR Block . the young lady who is mostly at the register was on her personal phone again, talking to someone about getting in trouble and having to go to court, I really don't want to hear her personal conversations or do I care, this is not the first time, it is every time, this time I just stood there and looked at her, she said I am ready I still just look at her, she then told the person on the phone hold on, then she said I am sorry, ok after she checked me out she went back to her conversation, really, so you guys pay her to talk to her friends on her phone all day. so if this is the case, can I have this job. can you please train better or discuss this with her, maybe she don't care of you guys don't. or do we need to start filming these kind of actions.

  • Ra
    Ratery Feb 29, 2020

    If you do not want to her personal conversations do not eavesdrop. That simple. I bet you are lying about her though. The fact that you are saying "Can I have this job" makes me wonder if you applied for the job, and were rejected. Now you are trying to get her fired so that you can get her job. I would not want a back stabbing liar working for me. At least she got off her phone to help you. That is if you are telling the truth.

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Manager belligerent and unhelpful

I bought three items using a CVS 30% off coupon. Two of the items were the CVS brand (Musinex) tablets at $17 and CVS brand cough drops (like Halls) at $3. They only gave me 30% off the drops because of some unposted rule about only getting 30% off the second item. When I returned the whole thing (intending not to get the cough drops) they wouldn't give me the coupon back, told me to leave the store and called the cops. TERRIBLE customer service. I'd be surprised to ever shop there again, and it's been my regular pharmacy for over 10 years.

  • Ra
    Ratery Feb 28, 2020

    When an adult like yourself throws a temper tantrum like a four year old child they will call the cops. You should be ashamed of your behavior. Once you use a coupon they cannot return it to you, and you already used toe coupon for the drops. This is not terrible customer service. You need to grow up and learn that the world does not revolve around you, and that you cannot throw a temper tantrum when things do not go your way. I doubt that you will be missed. If they called the cops on you obviously you did something. Your parents obviously failed to teach you right from wrong so the cope were called. It is a shame that though you have been in the phramacy for ten years, that a ten year old is more mature than you.

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My son's pediatrician's office has called every day since Friday of last week (that is 4 days!) to...


I am submitting complain about a terrible experience in this CVS-Germatown#5460. I am community Health worker...

Specialty medication

Have been having problems receiving my specialty medication from CVS after switching to this store. The store...



They interfere with my doctors prescriptions. I called corporate to complain a month ago and felt...