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At Accredo, we know that treatment with specialty medications can be difficult and stressful. We do everything we can to make it simple. Each patient is unique and has different needs. That’s why our services are tailored to you, making sure you receive the best possible treatment.
Our team of specialty-trained pharmacists, nurses, patient care advocates, social workers and insurance coordinators are here to handle everything about your medications for you. When needed, we can coordinate with your doctor and insurer to help you achieve the best possible outcomes from your specialty therapy.

Accredo Health Group Complaints & Reviews

Accredo Health Group / filling a prescription

Oct 16, 2019

I am having the worst experience with this company trying to get my prescription filled. They have called to tell me that my authorization was denied. Correction, they have the authorization on file and it's good for a year. Then they tell me that the order is "processing". They call my...

Accredo Health Group / general lack of customer service, withholding medications

Jul 31, 2019

My partner has severe Crohns. At every point, Accredo has made the process of setting up his infusion medications nearly impossible. Accredo withheld cost information until the medication was ready to ship, then demanded a $2500 payment. No one mentioned the Manufacturer Copay Assistance...

Accredo Health Group / refilling prescription

Jul 16, 2019

My name is David A. Williams, my RX # is [protected] dob 11/21/1962 I have enbrel co-pay assistance with Accredo. I have attempted 5 times since July 9th to refill my prescription. I have been told each time that my authorization has not been updated by the authorization department at...

Accredo Health Group / processing payments without permission

May 01, 2019

Recently, accredo refused to refill my prescription. Even though I had been trying to get this prescription filled all week, never was I told that there was an outstanding balance and that they would not refill the prescription until I paid the overdue amount. The amount was roughly $1200...

Accredo Health Group / prescription not being sent

Sep 24, 2018

Accredo is holding my daughter's medication hostage at this point. It is a time sensitive medication that I called for on time and they keep putting it on hold due to a billing issue. They never informed me of the issue either by phone or in writing. The issue was they were billing the...

Accredo Health Group / person lisa subject matter expert trainer

Jun 21, 2018

An employee of Accredo Health Group has been irate, harrasing me, using profanity on the job while employed at Accredo Health Group Memphis Tn and at my house and property. Her name is Lisa and she is a Subject Matter Expert and trainer very unprofessional and unethical in Authorization department . She is suspected to be involved in a fraud scheme too.

Accredo Health Group / dangerously out of control

May 30, 2018

I'm filing a complaint on a patient account representative by the name of lasonya who has repeatedly called my house badgered me harassing me using verbal. threatened verbal abuse and I am filing a complaint and want something done about it. Lasonya was cursing tell me handle it like a...

Accredo Specialty Pharmacy owned by Express Scripts / refusal to fill my specialty medication

Oct 25, 2017

Does anyone else have problems with Accredo constantly lying about why they can't fill your specialty medication?? it is still in processing? or is the prescription illegible? are they waiting on the doctor's office to clarify the order? do they need to verify the address again? Is there a...

Accredo Health Group / techfidera refills

Nov 29, 2016

These people are the absolute worst. Every month you have to call and resubmit all of your patient information to get a refill. You also have to have someone physically sign for your shipment. They also call you non stop for refills. One month I had 16 missed calls from them wanting me to...

Accredo / accredo should be shut down

Apr 09, 2015

I'm 56 yo with a very serious genetic blood disorder since birth. In spite of acute severe pain episodes and chronic damage to many organs, I have a degree in clinical lab science and worked 28 years in my field at two of the top hospitals in the country. I also have training and...

Accredo / annoying automated calls

Oct 03, 2014

It has been a nightmare dealing with this pharmacy. We have two insurances and the coordination of benefits through express scripts and Accredo has been difficult to say the least. Accredo additionally calls my cell # on the average 2-3 times daily ( while I am at work) to notify me of...

Accredo Medco / no delivery

Jan 04, 2014

It was very horrible experience being have to receive our medication through this online pharmacy, We had to call multiple times and spend hours on the line, but, still could not get my wife's refills sent; amazing they keep telling that it would be sent and when you call back week...