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I left cricket due to terrible service and ported my number over to cingular. However, cricket has repeatedly given my phone number out to new customers as their phone number. To top it off, I can't get in touch with anyone to fix the problem. I can't call 1-800-cricket because I don't have an account with them. Cricket dealers can't help me and the full service stores don't answer their phone or returm messages. If anyone out there has been through this and knows what to do, please let me know.


  • De
    dee Apr 11, 2008

    Location Type: Headquarters
    10307 Pacific Center Court
    San Diego, CA 92121
    United States (Map)
    Phone: 858-882-6000
    Fax: 858-882-6010

    corporate office

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  • Sa
    Sandra Aug 07, 2008

    I had to leave cricket myself due to service, bad phones, and when finally I didnt get any answers with the people from cricket, especially the ones from India who dont speak a word of English, I went to the Better Business Bureau and they help get another phone and of course it didnt work, but now I am gone from these people and I hope everyone will read this get away from this company they are as crooked as it seems.. they dont offer nothing good and it everyone would stick together and boycott this so called company believe me it would be worth it

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  • No
    Norma Jan 31, 2009

    Try getting help from the FCC. Good luck!

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  • Vv
    vv1972 Feb 12, 2009

    I had been a cricket customer for over ten years... Bought the newest phones they had and had insurance for each of them... Well the day came when I needed to "use" that insurance I had been paying on for many years... First I called the 1-800 number (joke) and they directed me to "the Signal insurance" where I spoke to a lady and she said my claim was approved and to go to a Cricket store to get my new phone.(Remind you that they didnt tell me there was an $85.00 deductable). So I went to the store happily because I thought " Wow that was easy" ... There a woman named Gladys told me that they had no phone there that was comparable to the phone I had and that I would have to go back to the insurance company... OK... So I did just to be told that I had to go back the Cricket store again... So I did where I now spoke with a man named Kevin who was also the manager of the store... Who directed me where?? You guessed it.. Back to the insurance company.. Now I work an hour out of town and I use phone alot.. (Hence the reason I have stood with Cricket so long)... And I need my phone in cases of emergency.. I even stated to the rep "Kevin" and "Gladys" that I will happily take a phone that is cheaper just because I needed my phone... All I got was the run around... So I looked for a Corporate email address to send my complaints... No luck... SO that is why I am here... Cricket has the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life and I am glad that I finally cut my service off with them. Word to the wise... Stay away from Cricket... I wished I would of...

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  • Ba
    barbara Mar 13, 2009

    I go t the phone service for my son when he went away to college. He recently joined the military and bought a phone of his own.
    We had the phone discounted (or so we thought) by actually walking into a credit store.
    On February 13th my account was charged for another month.
    I called again on February 20th and was told we will take care if, I am turning your phone off. As well you need to send the your information in for the credit, It was to take 10 days.

    I have know called back on March 13th, due to no credit. I have been told my request was denied, and my phone is not off.

    I finally get someone in India, who is rude and not helpful.
    I was told my son has to request to turn the phone off, We walked into the store together, I have called twice. He is in basic training and can not use a phone. (Which is why it is off).

    These people seem to be trained to take your money without any clear resolution, no one seems able to actual solve your problem.

    Why have all these stores around town if walking into them means nothing.
    What happen to the customer is always right.
    You would think in these difficult economic times, business would be looking to keep your business as well hope there customer would give them great word of mouth.
    I would have too say, Credit is worse than Sprint when it comes to assisting the very customer they need to keep this business afloat.

    Frustrated in Round Rock Texas

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  • Dj
    djpaynekiller May 14, 2009

    I hear you!! My phone would no longer take a charge so i went and bought a new battery for 24.00... That did not work so i canceled my service and went back to the store for a refund. They told me since my account was canceled that I was "stuck with it" and I was stuck with the 52.00 I paid in advance for my service which i cancled before my service for the month even started!! I then emailed cricket and they told me to go back to the store which of course was stupid!! I tried to call 1-800-cricket and of course i couldnt get a live person. The managers name @ this corporate store is Brandon Hardyman and I am contacting the BBB and complaining. How can you not accept a refund when you have a receipt???
    Jennifer Payne
    [email protected]

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  • Lo
    lotus Jun 02, 2009

    I have had the same problems with Cricket. I left them and transferred my number to my T-Mobile service, last year. Cricket continues to assign my number to new customers despite having been called directly by someone in management who assured me he would take my number out of their system. It's an on-going source of frustration.

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  • Lo
    lotus Jun 02, 2009

    I have located the company that owns Cricket, and contact information:

    Leap Wireless
    10307 Pacific Center Court
    San Diego, California 92121
    Tel: 858-882-6000
    Fax: 858-882-6010

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  • La
    ladyjazzy Jun 27, 2009

    I got a we miss you postcard come back to Cricket... Offer was to pay $20 and Cricket would wave any amount due on account to reactivate. I called the customer care line. Was told a specific address to go to for it to be activated again. Went to that address. At that place was told to go to a different Cricket store in another town. I went there waited for 2 hours to be told by a new rep he cant do it but his manager would be able to assist but the manager isn't in. So I went out of town again when the manager was there 1 day later and they manager told me the card expired today even though I came in yesterday. I am calling corporate headquarters to report this.

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  • Di
    Dissatisfied in Salinas Jul 06, 2009

    During this last Christmas, I bought my neice a Cricket phone and had it sent to her home that is located in Porterville, CA. Approximately 3 weeks after Christmas, the phone breaks into two pieces. My sister goes to the local store and they tell her that they will give her credit towards a new phone. She agrees to buy not only my neice a new phone but herself also. The store personnel told her the only way to get a family plan is to cancel the previous account (the phone and number that I bought her). The store clerk actually threw the broken phone in the garbage can in the store. They called me and told me what happened. I said ok. In May, I noticed a charge on our checking account that did not make sense. According to my bank, it was a charge for monthly service for Cricket wireless on the original Christmas phone. I hadn't noticed before because the bank statement said Wireless. I thought it was our service. They took out $270.00 and I can't get anyone from Cricket to take care of this. The Store says the employee didn't cancel the account and is not longer with them and because of this, they can't do anything. A $60 Christmas present cost us $320.00. We never authorized monthly service and from the beginning of January through May, there was absolutely no activity on this phone number or phone. They refuse to make it good. Whey would anyone do business with them!!! Dissatisfied in Salinas.

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  • Pi
    PISSED OFF in Fresno, CA Jul 24, 2009

    I have had my Cricket phone for 5 years rarely have a problem ... until now ... everyone I know who had Cricket phone left them for Boost Mobile ... I stood by my phone company until last month after making my ever inflated payment (seems they add thing to your account that you might enjoy!! how do u enjoy them if u don't know you have them???) they shut my phone off at midnight ... I did not realize this until the next evening so I drove 15 miles to the Cricket store and they appologized and turned my service back on instantly ... no big deal I thought ... this month I make my payment and the next day my phone is off ... AGAIN???? So I drive to Cricket and they say oh so sorry it is back on now ... and so it was for 2 hours until Cricket closed and my phone was shut off again ... that was Monday every day this week I have been into Cricket to have them turn my phone back on they will not refund the money I paid and they won't leave my phone on!!! When I complained and told them that I liked my Cricket service but that the customer service left something to be desired and I am not above cutting off the service and going to Boost Mobile they actually told me to go ahead!!! I spoke to India they hung up on me twice before ... I am going to Cricket today to see whose ### I shove this phone up!!! PISSED OFF

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  • Wa
    wattzlisa Oct 13, 2009

    CRICKET- Bad phone service, BAD PHONES, BAD representatives... BAD COMPANY... doing BAD BUSINESS...The sad thing is it isnt simply CRICKET operating like this.. More and more companies are taking advantage of the consumer.

    I'm curious as to which banks found Crickets "business" plan/model acceptable enough to loan them and or their "independents" money to start up this ridiculous excuse of a company...THOSE idiots should be held responsible also...

    Probably the same banks that loaned money to UNQUALIFIED homeowners JUST to put the fat commission checks in their pockets..

    IF everyone in America pulled their savings from all the banks and started to pay cash instead of having checking/savings accts it would be no time at all before they all either went out of business or had NO CHOICE but to start "playing" fair...I'm assuming they would choose the latter.

    We consumers need to realize we HAVE all the power...WE control what they do to us... If everyone cancelled their services which are OUTRAGEOUSLY priced or cancelled business with companies who take advantage of their customers, than these companies would have NO CHOICE but to start lowering their prices, increase savings/checking acct interest rates, honoring warranties, provide the actual services they advertise FOR the price they advertise OR go bankrupt... I'm for the latter to teach them all a lesson...

    WHO cares what happens to the "consumer" once they have our money is the attitude of aLOT of companies these days... They dont give a crap about customer satisfaction because it is GREED that runs this country now... I think we all start showing them how GREEDY WE can be with OUR money and simply stop SPENDING it on and giving it to these so called "businesses...

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  • El
    Elenor Morgan Jan 13, 2010

    I bought a phone for my 9 year old grandson because Cricket seem to have the best deal. I was suckered in by the free phone that didn't work properly so I called to have the service discontinued. I was shocked the next month I received a bill for over $100.00 after I had paid the bill in full. It was almost impossible to reach anyone who could help me but when I did after over 30 minutes of explaining they had made a big mistake because I had the phone turned off so there was no service. I was told that I would receive a refund in 7-14 business days to this day I have not received any refund and what is really scary they asked me for my credit card information. They said it was necessary to process my refund. I was scammed by a company who is taking advantage of people and there is nothing we can do but one day they will fail because of their unethical ways of doing business.

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  • Up
    Upsetman Jan 24, 2010

    You will not like me when I am angery. I am dissapointed and upset with the service I have recieved from Cricket and its staff. I plan to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and I encourage anyone with simular problems to do the same. I am sure that cricket has many angry customers, because of thier poor ethics and sly work habits. It is only a mater of time before they are taken to court.

    Here is the link to the Better Business Bureau where you can express your problems with Cricket.

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  • Ia
    Ian Garland Mar 15, 2010

    You think you had problems, my phone crapped out after 3 years, I had a Motorola razor, nice phone, went to a store on 1830 George Dieter, El Paso Texas, that was my first mistake, they didn't have any new razors but he had a used one, well if it works, I am happy, I paid $125 got home and the phone freezes up, turns its self off and on, if you plug in to charge it, it beeps every 5 seconds and then turns itself off and on every 9 seconds, I went back to the store and he said it was the battery? well he changed battery and said its fine, I said, no its not, you look at it for 1 min and say alls fine, I have it all day and its not working, while it turns itself off, I am missing calls, finally I took it back, store didn't open till way past 1300, sign said open 11 am? had to go back next day as his employee could not do anything?
    I said when will he be in? tomorrow, I was told he is sick today, Another lie.

    I go back next day and he looks like he could run the 100 mt dash in 5 seconds, he
    changes it out for me and flashed another razor, I go home charge it, same deal, same problem as the last one, its killing my business missing calls and wont show the missed calls, I called the store and left two messages, never returned, no surprise! I go to the store, a new employee same as the last, cant help me, Gee, never saw that coming, I said can you call the owner, he said he does not know how to contact him, Mmm, after 11 years in Law Enforcement, I have seen at all and heard it all, if you going to lie, make it a good one. So I said if your store was on fire, after calling 911 you would have no idea how to call your boss and tell him the stores on fire?
    He had a blank look on his face like my goats waiting to be feed.

    I went back at closing time and less then 10 days after he changed the piece of crap he first sold me, without asking how long I had the phone, he said, OH sorry its out of warranty? so how long was warranty? he wouldn't say, its not on the receipt, what a scam artist, so now I have to go to small claims to get my $125 back and fees, All I want is a phone that works or my money back, is that so hard?

    Cricket store owners are great Scamers & great liars.

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  • Mz
    MZ_B_57 Mar 22, 2010

    I just started services w/ cricket on 3.4.10. my phone was never activated even though the sales rep collected a pymnt for 1st month of srvcs + activation fee + T&S..I couldn't dial out or recieve calls in..Called c/s/r conncected the phone...Day 2 my web wasn't connected. day 4 I noticed my voice mail wasn't working..Day 6 The picture mail wasn't working.I've made several calls to them and the c/s/r do not speak english they are reading off of a script.I've been waiting for a tech call back for over 2 wks now and a sup call back for well over a week now.I finally called corporate and talked to a representative that speaks english and is telling me that they'll esc my issue..It's not worth the problems, headaches, and numberous phone calls to get cricket service.The customer service is horrible, the supervisors don't even know corporate contact information or flat out refuse to give customers that information.I am so ready to cancell this crappy service and just go back to Sprint. I encourage anyone who's had problems with them to call corporate office contact phone number at 858-882-6000. It's a shame that paying new customers can't even get services we're prepaying for...I'm so frustrated with them and the constant lies to get over and avoid resolving my problems..I can gaurantee you that if you don't pay the bill you get disconnected well I feel the same way too...If you can't provide me serivces for a phone I'm paying for give me my full refund and we can both chop this up as a lost...DO NOT GET CRICKET SERVICE IT DOESN'T WORK WHEN YOU PAY FOR IT...

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  • Aj
    AJOK May 20, 2010

    I tried to pay my Bill for two days. I put my credit card number on 6 times. it was all declined. I called in and gave them the credit card numbers over the phone twice, it still did not go through. They kept saying that my credit card had a problem. They keep telling me you might of put in the wrong information, the wrong zip code. Im sure 100% that there is no mistake, because I did it eight times. And the zip code and address is the same for the past 4 months. And I do not have to put in my address, everything is saved on the web page. Then to double check if my card is working I paid my cable bill online and it went through. So, I called back again they said maybe you have restrictions. I have had the credit card for ages and nothing changed. They said goto the store. I went to the store the 2nd day, and as I went in they said you will have to pay 7$ extra fees and charges because your not paying online. I told them I should not be held responsible, they said its not our fault . SO I left hime and I called the bank, and the bank said all the transactions were authroized of a total of 8 times. And the bank is not stopping your payment. Then I get the bank and cricket on a three way call, and the bank hears me giving cricket all the credit card information, and the transaction appears to go for 13 times, and it shows up with cricket as declined. So the guy tells me go to your nearest cricket store. I told him there will be a 7 $ fee, call them. He said I cant call them. Just tell them to check your account and I will note your account. I went back to the store. The guy said no its not our fault. I told him you can call cricket Customer service to verify I am saying the truth. He said I do not have time for this BS. So i called cricket twice while I was there, and the guy over the phone tells me give me your card number over the phone. I told him we already tried 12 times or more, so he said go to your bank and check. This moment I decided to not continue with Cricket! I went back in to the store, and I told the guy I was not trying to beg you to wave the 7$ fee. I was trying to proove that my card is really working well, and that If I pay cash this month, what assures me I won't have to pay cash next month and go through all of this once again. He said OK you proved it, either go get another credit card or Im sure Disconnecting is the best choice. This was the shop in Edmond, OK on Santa fe street.
    Bye bye Cricket, and thanks very much for the rip off, and the connecting fee, and purchasing a 200$ phone .

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  • Ti
    Tina Hawkins Jun 24, 2010

    Hello Cricket customers,

    The Cricket location at 8805 Woodyard road Clinton, Maryland 20735 is posted on the Cricket Website as an official representative, however, they do not honor any of the Cricket contracts. They take advantage of the perks involved with free adverstisement but they made it crystal clear that they will take your payments but will not replace faulty merchandise. They were very rude and disrespectful. Actually the hispanic guy in the store was flat out racist. I have reported this location to the Clinton police department and the better business bureau. They had derogatory things to say about the African American race. After paying insurance on a broadband wireless device for over two years they refused to replace the product after coorporate office sent me to this location. So from one customer to another please don't patronize their business because once again they do not honor Cricket contracts.

    A hurt and disrespected Cricket customer

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  • Gr
    Greyghost77 Aug 06, 2010

    All of the major points that everyone has complained about have also been our complaints with Cricket. It is impossible to reach anyone at their 1800 number and their alternate number has been disconnected. In five months of attempting to correct all of Cricket's errors, I was able to speak with a live person once but she was unable to speak English. The Cricket stores are just as shoddily run. They do not answer their phones, and they close their stores at varying hours that are not listed. We have been to the nearest store six times and they appear to solve our problems, but the same problems with billing, batteries, receiving calls for the last person that had our number, and trying to set-up voicemail continue. The internet site for our account continues to post the wrong acct info but under our name. Has anyone been told on the 1800 recorded voice that they do not recognize your name, address, last four digits of your social, your Cricket tele #, and your account number? It is truly unbelievable! Today, we will attempt to visit the store and cancel our phone. This should be another horrible experience judging by the comments of others that have attempted to cancel service. Wish us luck. The Better Bus. Bur and our states atty will be receiving our complaints and also a copy of the complaints listed on this site.

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  • Ma
    marhjan Aug 25, 2010

    Cricket Corporate info 6380 South Fiddler Green Circle
    Greenwood Village CO 80111 303-734-7720 Charles Huppon VP Product Development

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  • Sa
    Sanghir Oct 18, 2010

    Cricket is the worse!!! It's been over a week and my phone number has not been ported. My prior long distance company released my number almost immediately and this company still has not done their part.

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  • Sa
    Say It Isn't True Nov 01, 2010

    I'm dealing with a Cricket store here in Texas. I went last week to sign up for the wireless internet. I authorized my payment on my debit card and someone in this store took down my credit card number and gave it to someone in San Antonio Tx. I have really had a hard time with getting someone to talk to me but I now have the police involved and once my bank does what they do I will have my money one way or another. Cricket has crooks working for them!!!

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  • We
    weeze Nov 19, 2010

    So I've called cricket 5 times now... Got hung up on twice and then i get through to a manager and I explain that it says overnight shipping and no where on their site does it state that they dont ship on saturdays. So I do my order at 5 pm thursday i would expect to get my phone on saturday. The manager says that fed ex doesnt ship on saturdays, which is bull, and that i wont get my package until 4 days later. So I call corporate to tell them whats going on and they get my complaint down and tell me to call customer service again. So i call them again and they tell me the exact thing they were sayiung before i called corporate and they even said they see the notes from corporate and they blame it on fed-ex for delaying my package when they're website is promoting FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING and now i have to call corporate again to see what i can do about these illiterate and very unhelpful pieces of crap!

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  • Me
    melissa moore smith Nov 20, 2010

    I have been a cricket customer for four years and the last two weeks i have had problems with them shuting me off. They try to tell me four diffrent stories regarding my account. My account is so messed up right now and all i keep getting is the run around and they keep shuting my services off and i am sick of it. I am tepting too tell cricket to keep the phones off and go else where.

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  • Mo
    mohammad nasir Dec 18, 2010

    i agree with all the comments they are scam artist they dont even know who owns the company or the contact numbers for their corporated vice presidents or president, horrible customer serivce, no knowledge at all of the service. get out of cricket services and let them close their bussiness

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  • Mo
    mohammad nasir Dec 18, 2010

    does any one has phone number of the president of cricket wireless i want to give him my complaint personally so he know what going on with his company

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  • Up
    Upset-N-CO Dec 22, 2010

    I agree 100% with all the complains and comments made about cricket. This crooked company took my monthly bill money in Aug 2010. Then in Oct 2010 they took removed the payment from my account. I’ve been fighting this issue along with the 4 times they interrupted my service due to there company mistake!!! They have done nothing to get my money credited back to my account event though I have shown proof of payment 3 times! I want to talk to who ever OWNS Cricket...But wait...They may be just as crooked being there is no contact number but to the out sourced customer service dept. in INDIA!!! By far this is the worst customer service I have ever received!!! It’s been 3 months and no one can seem to get it together. UGH!!!

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  • Jk
    j.khan Jan 28, 2011

    Alright lets begin! FIRST OF ALL I DON'T EVEN HAVE MY PHONE YET! AND ALREADY I HAVE HAD A TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE WITH YOUR [censor] COMPANY! I go online yesterday to order my cell phone from cricket the phone i wanted claimed to be $49.99 and then the $45 a mo. plan i had no Add ons no insurance It claims to have FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING i look at the total due today and it was $164 and cents. UM NO. so i go back and try another phone still to high for comfort, finally i call the order service people to find out why its doing that she let me know about the mail-rebate blah blah okay i get that so i choose a cheaper phone no rebates and told her i wanted to finish it ON MY OWN online that way nothing will be messed up and im in control and i wont have to do the card info over the phone she insists on letting her do it for HER sales and commission and blah blah i felt bad for her so i let her have this one I let her know that i needed the phone by no later then Saturday (which btw is the whole reason i did it that night) she said it wouldn't be a problem and it will be there on Saturday the minute i get the email telling me that my order is processed i see that not only did she spell my BF's last name wrong but she totally messed my address up, WOW what a shocker, never fails. So i call back and am told that i will have to call the order hotline people tomorrow morning GREAT RIGHT?! more work for me cause YOU [censor]ED UP. Whatever. SOOO I call today they change all my information when i made the call with no problems at all, and then i verified that the change wont effect it arriving on Saturday the dude (with his lack of English) said we DO NOT DELIVER ON SATURDAY UM, ya, things just got bad i demanded to talk to a supervisor, so in the process of "transferring me" i get HUNG UP ON, or "disconnected" SO i call back and have to go through the WHOLE thing of explaining why im calling give them my order number and demand once again to speak to a supervisor, OH BUT NOW WE SUDDENLY CANT PULL UP MY ACCOUNT BECAUSE ITS MAGICALLY UNDER MY BF'S NAME AND WE HAVE TO SPEAK TO THE HOLDER OF THE ACCOUNT WHICH I COULDN'T HAVE SCREAMED ANY MORE TIMES THAT THE HOLDER ON THE ACCOUNT WAS ME! They pretty much told me theres not a damn thing they can do because the account is mine but we placed the order with my boyfriends card he's AT WORK UNTIL 5 AND I HAD EVERYTHING THEY WOULD POSSIBLY NEED TO ACCESS THE ACCOUNT AND THEY SIMPLY REFUSED TO OPEN IT UP, SOUNDING LIKE CREEPY DRONES REPEATING OVER AND OVER WE NEED TO SPEAK TO THE HOLDER OF THE ACCOUNT AND ME SCREAMING YOUR TALKING TO HER THE SUPERVISOR THREATENED ME AND THEN HUNG UP ON ME I HIGHLY SUGGEST SOMEONE WITH POWER FROM YOUR [censor] COMPANY GETS A HOLD OF ME AND TAKES CARE OF THIS IMMEDIATELY OR THERES GOING TO BE SERIOUS DAMAGE. THIS IS THE WORSE EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD WITH A CELL PHONE COMPANY AND I WOULD KNOW BAD I HAD AT&T [censor] THIS!!!



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  • Su
    sup3rcharg3d Apr 06, 2011

    Cricket wireless lol Where do I start. Well first cricket wireless stores are not part of cricket.????? How that works who knows. If you go to a store you can count on being scamed and lied to. You have to act like you want to buy a cricket phone to reach customer service. If you don't the automated service will hang up on you. I went online to get my account number to port my number to ATT and the account page said the last bill payed was 11/30/99. Was cricket even around back then ? I switched because I was tired of dealing with stupid people. I paid my bill and the next day they shut my phone off saying I owed a month of service ? I have proof I payed every month. So I asked where this charge came from. They could not answer the question. I was not suprized. they were told many times that I live in Orlando fl not alafaya fl. (alafaya is a road not a place ) Hmmmm I never recived anything in the mail from them. lol Cricket is clearly a halfass company. Be smart and just say NO !!! Tomarrow we are going to video the distruction of the cricket phone and post it on you tube. That will truely be the best thing to happen sence we made the huge mistake of getting a Cricket phone. Crickets need to be stepped on not put in your pocket.

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  • Kr
    Krystal Grant Apr 10, 2011

    Yeah, my phone won't let me push any option buttons, it won't recognize that I am pushing them. When I called customer service they got ignorant with me and then while I was talking tho the supervisor, she got an attitude with me, wouldn't give me her name, and when I asked to speak with her supervisor she said she didn't have one and said goodbye and hung up on me when I asked her again to let me speak with her supervisor.

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  • Jp
    jpb1168 Jul 25, 2011

    I was a MetroPCS customer and I saw the cricket commercials on how cricket was faster, so i went to give it a try what can i loose I don't have a contract phone. From the begining I had a problem they did not port my number correctly, and the phone I got did not have the features i needed so I called the store and the gentleman that sold it to me say as long as i did not go over the 30 min time on the phone he would be happy to exchange it for me. I went to the store in the morning and when i got there it was someone else at the counter and you know what that mean TROUBLE with a capital T. This sale person advised me that he can not exchange my phone and the other clerck is wrong, naturally i asked to speak to supervisor and the clerck did not like that and told me if i don't like it I can leave, I was already pissed off now im boilling. now because im complaining about service im a bad customer...also want to ad while im writing this im on hold with corporate office for 15 minutes and counting. The issue arise with a promotion cricket is currently running, they will give you a free phone if you exchange you Metropcs phone, so it didnt cost me a thing so i agree but whe the phone did not work to specification they would not exchange my phone even if i offer to pay, i was putting money in their pockets and still would not make me a happy customer...Still on hold with corporate 20 min and counting...I guess im going to keep this phone now since corporate is keeping me on hold this long, cause you know the rules over 30 minutes they can't exchange the phone. Anyway im stuck with cricket for a month until i go back to metropcs which i was not having any problems... If you call corporate and you are on hold f0r 25 minutes the music will stop playing and you will hear nothing, don't hang up it's just a trick to make you hang up so you can call again and be placed on hold for another 25 minutes...Worse experience of my life, worse! don't get cricket and believe me i will make sure I spread the word; if I can get 10 people to listen they will spread the word. DON'T GET CRICKET and stay away from Cricket store in MAys Landing, NJ in the Hamilton Mall the people who owns that store care about your issues or your complaints...customer service is not their problem

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  • An
    Angry Customer from Texas Jan 15, 2012

    Cricket sucks! I have been trying to get my sons phone replaced since 12/22/11 promised me a new phone within 2 weeks, 2 weeks came and went no phone..oh and The number was not suspended like I had requested so payment is now due on the 3rd. I pay for my phone not my sons (he is on my acct) so then 4th rolls around and they cut my service off . I call back to complain and They act like They will do me a favor and put service back on my phone till 1-13-12 and that by the thirteen my new phone will arrive for my son. Now I have no service (They were happy to take my money) didn't get a new phone. I entered The hospital for emergency and came out on the 13 only to find out no service on my phone so if anything were to happen I have no way to reach anyone. Cricket you suck. You all have phony names act's specialist dept are full of scripts... oh yeah Jessica, Angie, roger, Marlene, Ashley, Cindi...They speak horrible English so you know they all sit in a booth with a phony name that they have to use and give us all useless promises. I hate this company and I will never recommend or use your phones again. Go find another patsy to fool. Jerks!

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  • An
    Angry Person in Tx Mar 16, 2012

    I visited store 4539 FM 1960 W Houston Tx 77090 1/10/12. I purchased two phones and requested insurance for both phones. One phone wasn't working properly so I visited the same store Wednesday 2/15/12 to get the phone repaired. When I get to the store the rude rep tells me the phone is not insured and I would have to purchase another phone. I was outraged! I ask rep why should I be penalized for the reps mistake? She looks at me with a blank stare. I asked to speak to a manager and was told the manager was out until Saturday. I ask for the corporate number and another rep whom I wasn't talking to blurted out 1-800-cricket. It angered me because I know that's not the corporate number. I'm glad I found this website because someone was nice enough to post the real corporate number. I guess I will try calling them and see what happens. I am a first time customer with cricket and I am very dissatisfied at this point!

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  • Ll
    LLP in Phoenix Dec 14, 2012

    I purchased a ZTE chours phone from cricket in September and bought it specifically for playing music, I also got the 55 dollar montly plan with them to get unlimited everything. The phone costed me 119.00, in the beginning of december my music was cut off all of a sudden, so I called cricket and they told me that the phone that I had the ZTE chours was no longer compatailable with the muve music plan. So, now I am out of 119.00 and all the money I paid them, the phone is basically useless now to me because the whole reason I got the phone was for the music. The customer service line told me to go into a cricket store to see if they would do an exchange on the phone I have, I did that just to be told that I would not get an exchange on the phone and would have to pay another 103.00 to get another muve music plan phone. I am highly upset due to this and I want a refund they can have their useless phone back, because if I wanted a regular phone I could have went anywhere to get a regular phone. Befor I even went to cricket everyone was telling me that cricket was a bad service, but I over looked that and now I see that this is the truth.

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  • Jo
    Jonah Cruz Jul 29, 2015

    Dear Cricket,

    I'm getting slandered and propagandized rumored through Albuquerque corrupted government. This is my credential business that is licensed through the state of New Mexico. I hate to bring this up, but I'm getting rumored and hate crimes in job situation environments- including when I worked for a Cricket Promotion. Method Models manager by the name of Bobby or Robert is propagandizing my name over competitive hater impulsive arrogance. He's constantly asking young woman in the Albuquerque AREA to give him blowjobs or watch him off for work- no body really wants this person working promotions. He has a problem with my religious name- Jonah Francisco Cruz and he's highly disrespectful to the community in Albuquerque New Mexico including Raphael Vigil a Hewlitt Packard stoner submitting pornography alway slandering my name. I'm a much more qualified promotions owner. Here is my website- -----please cut the cheese with method models all they do is hate on Jonah Cruz across town. I can manage a more organized promotion service and be a lot more professional. Sorry to bring this up- but it's the truth and it's twelve years old already they way their company is ratting me out for no reason. I also own this tech business. --- so as you can see my hands are tied, i'm spreading malicious rumors- I doing a hell of job.

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  • Th
    the phone phrophet Dec 08, 2015

    I have them they sold me used merchandise as new and a corporate lawyer is very costly as they have to send him to the court where you file the suit as you received the merchandise there!!! All you people need to file suit they will settle quikly as a lawyer with so many cases would bankrupt them!!!

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  • Re
    Re'Nike speed Jan 03, 2016

    I was using your bridge pay payment plan yesterday and my phone was cut off today the reason why I used it was due to me having to drive from Clarksville to Nashville to pick up my kids from the my kids father from Chattanooga but seeing how my phone got cut off because your system didn't recognize the one button that I pushed for me to have access to bridge setup... made it where I had to all the way drive from Clarksville all the way to Chattanooga when I have not supposed to be driving past Nashville do to me having knee injury I have it all on recording how your staff treated me and everything else I've been with Cricket since I was 16 years old I am about done with Cricket I think that I'm going to wait out my little 7 days since I've already paid my $15 and then I'm going to go ahead and trade with somebody else because that is not how you treat somebody... all I asked was for some kind of compensation for my phone being cut off it could have been a $1 could have been $5 whatever the case may have been it could have been an extra day off my phone been off ...I didn't care just something ...something that said that you guys were sorry but the fact that you guys are like "well it was our fault but you're going to pay for it so I'm sorry kinda" attitude make me not want to deal with Cricket ...I would rather save my money and then to be giving you $40 every month and keep that 480 per year in my pocket I don't need a company that don't care about me to collect my money ...a phone to me is not that crucial I have a house phone I refuse to allow your company to be rude to me while collecting my money... without my money and the money of the other people you wouldnt have a company ...just a little advice for you since you are the president you need to make sure that your call center people treating people right because they will make you lose all your customers and I will be posting the call for the world to hear

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  • Dw
    DWH-kdh284 Mar 25, 2017

    @Re'Nike speed Cricket is run by KNK Group LLC, DBA Aio Wireless. AIO Wireless was bought out by At&t. AIO is listed as defunct but instead has used corporate loopholes to create multiple entities as KNK LLC nationwide and is pretty much the largest dealer network for Cricket Wireless. AIO towers have been integrated with Leap and AT&t so at the end of the day...KNK LLC is Cricket. Much of what everyone here states is true as Ingram Micro is the wholeseller of phones...almost all brands refurbished despite marketing stating otherwise. furthermore KNK Group LLC ports numbers via purchasing cheap sims or old cdma devices on their own to boost metrics and then resell already refurbished phones to the public. Even more fraudulent is the fact that all phones ordered by the dealers are purchased from 2wwi...Wireless Warehouse Llc (Ingram Micro subsidiary) but also a parent company of KNK Group LLC DBA Aio Wireless. Check your apn settings and you will see mms settings are at
    I have first hand evidence and knowledge of this and since discovery have been shut out of all communications including my home ISP. If you read this, contact FTC and repost on all social media as I have no access to the internet (borrowed my gfs phone) who also changed carriers twice. All my online accounts, mobile lines are filtered and redirected.
    This may be the only forum where my voice will be heard as KNK Group LLC has used malicious cyber attacks via malware, botnets, and a slew of other cybercrimes which have shut down my pcs and all IoT devices. I am not able to make calls as they are a telecom and have rerouted all my calls to VOIP via SS7 and SIP abusive practices in attempts to thwart any method of communique for the past three months. My phones have been all taken over by rootkits and system apps contain read, write, & modify for calls, texts, vm, apps, and network connectivity including creating network socket tunnels without my knowledge. i have had to shut everything down due to corporate greed and my substantial knowledge of their consumer and financial fraud. I have 0 access to any social media sites at this point nor any of my gmail accounts and all electronic devices have been fully conpromised. This group has even created fake app stores and used Google Games as an intermediary to stream files from my phone to my pc for file transfers which resulted in 500 gb data usage last month. Repost and contact FTC as well as for DWH or [email protected] as my communication efforts are thwarted by redirects for all mediums regardless of locale. Consumer rights have been fully abused and as a former financial analyst discovering such unethical and fraudulent activities, my civil liberties have not only been violated but at this point are nonexistent. In this era of IoT, cybersecurity is integral to the advances of technology. For three months, at least to my knowledge, my default gateway in my home has been hijacked, all personal identifiable files encrypted, most screenshots evidencing unchangeable system permissions modified, all online accounts no longer accessible as passwords have been changed, and malicious attacks to all devices allowing audio and video recording without my knowledge have imprisoned and shackled me and my significant others in my own home. Repost and contact FCC, FTC, EPIC, and (I have been able to somewhat communicate by making new emails at public libraries each and every time). I have attempted to go to the local authorities but turned away on three occassions as I cannot access nor contact online data brokers due to two step authentifications and no access to online emails or mobile lines. Additionally, Google to my ISP will not provide information of those whom I have even been able to traceroute ip back to the locations (on my pc which no longer has C:// access) unless legal or authoritative entities subpeona. SS7 is the schema for both mobile and wireless communications and is only accessible via telcos and ISPs. This map of communication has been effective but in its structure are layers that in the wrong hands can interweave mobile with wan (wifi) routing to isolate and commit irreversible malicious activities on individuals. Unfortunately, a band of ruthless greedy corporate directors and their sidekicks have abused their access and responsibilities to disempower and disengage any and all communications by and to me.
    Corporate cybersecurity firms are abundant but are a scarce resource for individuals. Privacy rights, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion, and other Constitional rights including consumer rights are the cornerstones scribed by our founding fathers in the Constitution. It seems these days, such rights are granted to corporations moreso than individuals. Nevertheless, all residents of the greatest nation of all of history inherently deserve such Constitutional rights. Innovation has now taken the driver's seat as the most influential factor for America's economic and social growth. If it were not for these Constituional rights afforded to all individuals, the Googles and Slacks of today may never have existed as it was this freedom of expression and invention which has provided the surroundings for these recent leaps in technological advancements. This nation is what it is today as a direct result of our founding fathers laying the brickwork for "individuals'" freedoms as the foundation of a fledgling nation, a foundation none firmer throughout the annals of history.
    That said, as this era of IoT dawns...our rights to privacy and fair consumer policies have been blurred by bureucratic inefficiencies. This country is a democracy, one person's voice (especially mine) may not be heard but the collective voice of all Americans will undoubtedly reverberate from grass roots through Congressional Halls.


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  • Sp
    Spiritwolf65 Sep 09, 2017

    My Mom and I had a line with cricket before I switched to a different carrier, my Mom and I could hear a man sneeze, blow his nose, cough, his tv shows and his dog bark. I went to another carrier and had my moms phone and mine ported cricket didn't not let go of our numbers for 1 month being at different carrier the phone is still being hacked, my facebook account hacked and freezed my bank account it was tampered with I lost money. Because when I punch into my phone my debit card information the hacker got my debt card number.. I find out through my new carrier that cricket is still hold on to our numbers for 3 months. My business calls were blocked included where my moms pictures and text messages. I met another woman who also was hacked by cricket and she wants to have cricket sued for the headaches . not professional of cricket terrible customer care. Employees do not listen gave me the wrong number to a CEO office of cricket. If there is going to be a lawsuit regarding cricket I know several people who have information regarding what happen to them and cricket. They need to be closed down.

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