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Apple Complaints & Reviews

Apple iPhone / the used demo apple iphone I purchased on the 16th sep 2019 is faulty

Oct 14, 2019

Order number: BZKGCQW8 Product: Used Demo Apple IPhone 6S 64GB Ordered : 16th Sep 2019 The phone I received from Kogan is getting very hot when using the phone and once the phone has been charged over night the battery is only lasting a couple of hours before I have to charge it...

Apple / apple activation

Oct 09, 2019

My sister and I have been on the phone 6 times this week trying to reactivate her IPAD and because she cannot remember her ID they cannot (will not?) help. I understand that it was suppose to be a safeguard against theft but this is insane. This an old IPAD bought by one sister and given...

Apple / applecare+

Sep 23, 2019

I bought two ipone XSmax phones in November of 2018. At the time of purchase I also bought the apple care+ for both phones at $9.99 a month each. This payment was automatically taken out of my account every month. Apparently the service was canceled in May. I was not aware of this until I...

Apple iPhone XR / Iphone

Aug 16, 2019

Apple iPhone XRTo whom it may concern I have an iPhone XR that I got as an update from Rogers about 3 months ago. This phone has been nothing but trouble the past 3 weeks. I've had intermittent issues with my phone with dropped calls along with issues with receiving and sending SMS text and emails. I have...

Apple / poor service

Aug 12, 2019

Make an appointment with Technician to look at the apple watch because it does not come on only Apple sign just keep coming on and off. When I arrived at the store they told me sorry the Technician does not work today. The salesman said he can fix it after 30 minutes I told him please stop...

Apple / apple watch series 3 mtey2ll/a

Aug 05, 2019

I purchased this Apple Watch for my wife as a Christmas present on December 11, 2018. It was purchased on line from Best Buy order number BBYTX-[protected]. The purchased price was $279.00. I did not give it to her till Christmas and she did not start to set it up until a couple of months ago...

Apple / program some iphone updates, no warnings

Jul 29, 2019

I use my Iphone for a web business setup requires images to forward to a business app Your programmers keep changing save image button and now does not work or at least the same. This is done with no notice. I was in process of forwarding a business completion task Saturday July 27th, sent...

Apple / iphone and apple software

Jul 10, 2019

I am a longterm Apple supporter and customer, who thought Apple always stood by their product until yesterday. I was extremely frustrated and upset with my Apple support yesterday when I was told that I had a "perfectly good" Iphone but there was an internal software issue that was unable...

Apple / product not operable, as per advertising

Jun 21, 2019

To Whom it may concern: My name is Suzanne Gryspeerdt. I am registering this complaint for my brother, Robert Gryspeerdt whom is an avid Apple customer. The complaint is as follows: Robert Gryspeerdt traded in his Apple watch and got 110.00 rebate towards a new Apple watch on December 1'...

Apple / apple watch

May 27, 2019

I sent a 1st generation watch to apple for diagnostics due to a red exclamation mark would show up when trying to operate watch. The first time sending in watch I received an e-mail stating they were sending the watch back with explanation. I called customer service representative and they...

Apple / 3 years of lost pictures from iphone and icloud

Apr 30, 2019

My name is Karen Hazelett, and I've been and Apple Customer for many years. I contacted Apple Support about more storage space so that I could down load music and the agent I spoke to by in December 2018 gave me damaging information that I later came realized, first week of January 2019...

Apple ipPhone XS Max / the person received my from facebook pay, I have paid 230$ after, receive her she block my facebook also letgo chat

Apr 22, 2019

Apple ipPhone XS MaxThere was offering from Sandra Allen two days back iphone xs max and it was 600$ and i message her bout reduce the price then she conformed 230$ but she is far from my place, she told me that the phone she will send to shipping service, and i agreed and payed though Facebook pay yesterday...

Apple / iphone xs max

Mar 06, 2019

I dropped my iphone xs max at the toilet for 10 seconds and I got my device damage by water. It should be water resistente, shouldn't it? My phone was with a protective case and got damage by water! On a toilet! I won't pay $600 +txs to repalece it! Is manufacturer problem. At the geniu...

Apple / apple store in danbury connecticut

Jan 11, 2019

On January 5th, I brought my phone in because I could not hear the caller when they spoke. I was told that it was a bad ear piece and would cost $150.00 I did not feel that was a good price I thought it was a bit much. I figured for that I might as well order new phone. I went to Verizon...

Apple I Tunes / unauthorised charges

Oct 08, 2018

There have been multiple charges taken from my bank account for purchases I have not made. For over 8 months I have tried to discuss this with the call centre. Each time I am fobbed off with excuse after excuse. It is a very large sum of money and I would like to know how to have thi...

Apple / tech support and genius bar in store support

Sep 29, 2018

I had to replace logic board $550 dec 2017, 2 years after I had to send my macbookpro to apple b/c of recall.sane part involved. Should not have had logic board gmfailure 2 dates later. I requested but never had my issue resolved. Also-updated my iPhone iOS and never got proper system...

Apple / beats solo 2 headphones

Sep 05, 2018

AppleI don't know how old my head phones are but am a bit disappointed in the fact that the headphone part has all come unstuck? See photos bellow. Other than that there brilliant but don't know what you can do to sort it?? There not able to be used so they need fixing or new one don't know...

Apple / search engine

Sep 03, 2018

Was prompted to update this morning. Can't update. Apparently Apple is sabotaging this App. They must be losing out to Duckduckgo. Those Communists are such sore losers. Please let me know how else i can update Duckduckgo? Or there is actually no update and it is only that Apple i...

Apple / iphone 6s

Aug 21, 2018

I visited the Apple Store with 2 iPhone 6s. I spent 2 hours at the store and maybe that wouldn't have been so bad if I would have actually been helped!! I had my daughter's iPhone 6s looked first because the screen suddenly went blank and it would not charge or do anything. They had no...

Apple / macbook pro

Aug 19, 2018

I have 2 MacBook Pros, 2011 + 2010, that both have the same issue, dead logic boards. I have taken them both there numerous times. Since they have a completely ridiculous vintage label and make believe that they don't have parts after 5 years, which makes no sense that it's that precise...

Apple / apple mac book air, 24 months installment

Aug 03, 2018

Complaint number 962626.. no-one have come back to me I have called couple of time on your toll free number and visited DCC sharaf dg..[protected] After sale service terribly bad.. I had called many times your customer service representative promise that someone from accounts department...

Apple iPhone / iphone x

May 30, 2018

Good day, In April we did an upgrade with our contracts going from Samsung to IPhone X. Regret that to this day!! A day later of getting my new phone I had to take it in store as the phone had a set passcode on it which I did not install and I had to go in store to Vodacom East Rand Mall...

Apple / apple iphone 5s

May 28, 2018

My Apple iPhone 5S which I bought on 29 July 2016, needs a new battery. This morning (28 May 2018) I was told by my local iStore (Port Elizabeth, South Africa) that they do no longer supply nor fit batteries for the iPhone 5S. I find it totally unacceptable that, according to Apple, I must throw...

Apple / iphone 6s

May 16, 2018

I charge my phone over night the phone was fully charged an 3 hours later it was dead. I drove 3/4 hour to Owen Sound to the Rogers store they told me the battery was bad so I drove to the other side of the city to the computer shop and they told me you had to change battery by appiontment...

Apple / long time no repair/replacement done by maple india staff

Mar 15, 2018

My i phone 6, imei no.[protected]. S.No.F73pc98eg5mn whose battery was replaced with payment of inr 1995. After battery replacement front camera not working as well as can not hear the caller voice in ear. Iphone was given on 08 march, 2018. Maple staff told we will let you in 2 days, what to...

Apple / iphone 6

Mar 13, 2018

AppleWe returned the iphone 6 on 10/10/2017 and we still have not gotten a refund yet $350. We tried calling you but you did not answer. We bought two phones one samsung and the iphone6 and we returned them both, costed $465. But when we first time returned the iphone 6 we did not get refund but...

Apple Computers / apple care & imac

Jan 02, 2018

I had felt that Apple was the greatest since the mid-1980's. In Oct. 2015 I bought the newest, latest iMac 27" 5K Retina display, along with 10 key keyboard, mouse, time capsule, the DVD/CD player and the Apple Care warranty. This was my third Mac computer (I absolutely loved them and my...

Apple / poor service

Aug 21, 2017

Absolutely unacceptable customer support, expensive devices both products and its repair. Everything is overpriced. All they want is your money and nothing more. Providing a good service or your money? No, it's not about their company. One day people will stop buying your devices the way...

Apple / just wasting your time

Aug 17, 2017

Customer service is awful. My problem is that smart cover scratched my ipad. I called customer service and was said that there'll be no help because this was my fault. But I'm it wasn't, it's just hard to imagine how it can actually happen. I decided to prove they were wrong and just left...

Apple / service

Aug 17, 2017

This morning at approximately 5am, I ordered a Grabcar from kyoKL at Mandarin Oriental to Pantai Panorama Condo. I left my phone in the cab, it's offline and not on at the moment. My friend who saw me leave kyo, said it was a blue myvi, so I'd really appreciate you guys trying to find my...

Apple / unethical behaviour and incompetence at genius bar

Jul 05, 2017

Case no. [protected]. Apple Store Westfield Stratford UK 4 July 2017 Brought in iPhone 5 for same day lifted screen replacement and MiniMac for data backup help as arranged in store Saturday 2 July. Failed both on counts as reported to a manager Mervyn Merchant . 1) no same day screen...

Apple / paid audiobook content missing. not apple's problem.

Jun 29, 2017

I recently found that an audiobook that I purchased from iTunes was incomplete. Missing the last 13 minutes of content. Just spent the last two hours on the phone with Apple. I was informed by a Senior Advisor from iTunes that Apple is not responsible for missing content in any item that...

Apple / ipad never connected - repair r237352285

Jun 19, 2017

Received Delivery from T-Mobile of brand new IPAD around April 25, 2017. To date I have visited the Apple store in Towson, Maryland twice and talked with too many service people on the phone for too many long periods of time. The last visit to store resulted in the following: REQUEST FOR...

Apple / we can't find the phone

Apr 12, 2017

I bought an iPhone 7 for my girlfriend and she was robbed in a public transport. Thieve stole her phone. We thought that it would not be difficult to find the phone because Apple has this special function which can find all of your Apple devices. Unfortunately this function didn't work and...

Iphone Store / I didn't get the product

Mar 29, 2017

Iphone StoreThis person has been cheated me and not delivered the product of iphone-5s Like this no one should suffer...Pls arrest that culpret with family and put him in cell...No one should affect because of this persons...His details are mentioned below...This man is saying we Indians can't able to...

Apple iPhone / iphone

Mar 02, 2017

totally disappointed with the after sales support. current repair request no. [protected] initial request no. [protected] - they have returned without repair stating policy issues on payment prior repair. lodged another request as mentioned above and after 15 days received the estimate...

Apple iPhone / iphone 5s and iphone 6s plus

Jan 29, 2017

First off let me say that I am the poster child for Apple screw ups. I have had two iPhones both have hardware "issues". On my iPhone 5s I was going to send it in for repair like they suggested but will I get a replacement phone no no no because if they have one in the shop I would...

Apple / expensive products and poor quality

Jan 27, 2017

I used to like Apple a lot and I bought many things from them. Apple was always way to expensive, but I could understand that because quality of their products was amazing. But what happened to Apple? I bought an iPhone 7 less than a month ago and it works terribly. I have many bugs, it...

Apple / phone

Nov 21, 2016

I have purchased a new iPhone 7 and after two weeks of use speakers stopped working. I went back to the store where I bought it and asked them to fix it. They said that it was not their responsibility and that it was manufacturers mistake. They said that I need to contact Apple. I contacted...

Apple inc / iphone 6

Nov 03, 2016

Apple incMy iPhone 6 was in left pocket and bent from mixture of overheating and the weak structure design of the overall phone. Apple support is unresponsive in helping making comments that it will affect the bottom line delt with T-mobile they blamed it on the iphone design. Called Apple: Apple won't...