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Apple reviews & complaints

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Apple - MacBook Air M1

I purchased a new MacBook Air from my university bookstore that had a scratch on the finish. The bookstore allows return but only if they are unopened and in the original box. How would I know the laptop had damage before I open unless I have x ray vision. I called apple multiple time to ask for a replacement laptop but they kept saying they couldn't do anything cause I bought it from the bookstore. They don't know what customer service is. It's their laptop and it came from apple so I don't see the issue. Anyways they refused to send me a replacement and their warranty and customer protection or whatever doesn't cover "cosmetic damage". That means their warranty is completely useless and I'm stuck with an imperfect product for all the hard earned money I paid. That's a lot of money for a college student. Apple if you don't do something I will annoy your customer service with a million calls a day.

Desired outcome: I want a replacement MacBook Air. That’s it. Or redo the outside for free. If not then I will never buy from apple again. Worst service and experience ever.

Apple - MacBook Air 13 in

New MacBook Air 13 in ($850)not functioning due to no known cause after 3 months. Contacted "advisers" who basically brushed it off. Became frustrated so I went to ceo and coo with it. At first no response for weeks. Then after mailing 3-4 letters and emailing daily for 3 weeks, an admin assistant contacted me to say that there was nothing that Apple would do other than a repair charge of $450 if interested. I informed them that I had invested $ thousands in Apple products and deserve better service. But this was ineffective and was told to stop emailing the corporate office. I wish they could have at least stated all of this in a Christmas card at least but the card and stamp we're likely not in the budget and may be frowned upon by shareholders. 🤷‍♂️😳

Desired outcome: They stated that nothing else can be done

Apple - $100 Gift Card Promotion

Last weekend I purchased a new iPad and on the Apple website it had a promotion for a $100 gift card if you purchased that weekend. I did go ahead and bought the iPad and receive an email the same day with an Apple e-gift card. I claimed the card thinking I got $100 off.

I just received the statement for my Apple Card and saw that I was being billed for the gift card on a 12 month installment at $8.33/month!! I called both Apple Card and Apple and finally was told that it wasn't a mistake and that I was being billed!

Unreal! Misleading! Scam!

Apple - Apple accessibility tools

Apple accessibility tools are extremely inaccessible. They cause stress and frustration for anyone who genuinely needs them. It seems like a feature to make typical life easier despite many people genuinely need them to use the product. It causes me as a individual with ability issues a huge burden and takes away my ability to socialize with others

Apple - Consumer Protection

Please refer to clearly explained details in chat conversation 11/13/21, and follow-up phone call on 11/14/21. Case number is [protected]. This has been extremely stressful and upsetting.

I am writing you as a senior who is less savvy of how phones and computers work than the typical user which adds to the risk level for myself as a consumer . This 'service' is not something I even fully understand; I thought I was signing up to have access to individually make music purchase choises, having no idea that I'd receive extensive credit card charges, over $100. You can check records and see that I did not use this service to download any music. I'd only known I was being charged whether I used it or not.

This situation is similar to the scams of continuous billing where people have unknowingly experienced ongoing charges after trying a magazine. The only billing I continued through Apple Pay was for Sudo, a phone service I needed to communicate with students and family during the height of the COVID pandemic.

For such a wealthy company, you can do better. I hope that Apple will review my case and appropriately refund all of my money since the inception of this "subscription" (Jan 2021). I feel I have been robbed. I am politely asking for a full refund, which is both fair and appropriate in this scenario. Temporarily, I my credit card information will remain on record. In the interest of my safety, I expect I may need to have it expunged from your records.

Desired outcome: full refund

Apple - Apple Watch Series 6 Loop Watchband

Less than one year ago, I purchased and received an Apple Watch with the "Solo Loop Braided Band". It is numbered as to size so it fits various size wrists. The salesperson at Apple suggested I purchase it two sizes smaller because they stretch. I purchased a Size 8, rather than a Size 10. It was comfortable for several months. Then, about 6 weeks ago, it started slipping off my wrist, was "sloppy" on my wrist, was actually so loose, it would spin around. Not good, as several Watch features require the Watch to be tight to get good readings (Heart Rate, ECG, O2, etc).

I called Apple support and after several calls, they said there is nothing they could (or would) do. This is unacceptable. The band cost $100. Nothing they can do? Really? That's where it ended.

Desired outcome: Replacement band or credit

Apple - Apple - call back on setting up new ipad

Case number [protected] - on 10/17/2021. I had previously set up an online appt @ 11:00am to set up my new ipad. Come 10/17/2021 no call from apple, so i texted back to apple on a previous text convo. I was advised by apple that someone would reach out to me... It is already past the appt time. Then i get another text asking if i want to reschedule, i advised no. Then text transferred to different person at apple who also wanted me to reschedule. I advised no and i wanted to speak to a supervisor as i needed to be able to use my new ipad. He advises someone will call me. Get a call supposedly from a supervisor and i advise of my disappointment of how my appt was handled and then the phone goes dead.I text apple back and they tell me that a senior advisor would call me in 10-15 mins. I get another call, i ask if he is a senior advisor he said no. I explained to him the situation and he acknowledged my distain of the appt process. However, he did assist me. The funniest thing about all this is how the apple tech told me that the appt. Process is complex, hiliarous i thought! and that they would refer to me in their notes as a nice person, guess that is code for not being a nice person??? i advised that i don't care how i am referred to in the notes. However i am generally a very nice person when not jacked around by apple!

Apple - Apple iphone

The phone is only two years old but I cannot change the password nor download a free App, namely Fidelity. I keep getting a payment issue and an orange circle and exclamation mark. I was on hold about this for 2.5 hours and it was a complete waste of my time. Then I went to the Apple store at the mall near me and still no response and I had to make an appointment for the next day.

I have had nothing but issues with the iPhone for the last three years. Apple has poor customer service, a poor operating system and is not client oriented at all.

I had zero issues and excellent customer support with all of my Android devices over a 13 year period prior to switching to iPhone, the worst decision ever.

Overpriced and too many glitches,

I am appalled and disgusted with Apple.

Desired outcome: Fix the issue and never get another iPhone again

Apple - Alleged Accredited Apple store AND ethernet adapter

An Apple tech supervisor told me to take my MacBook Pro, which is under warranty, to an accredited Apple affiliate store for a new system download. There was supposed to be no charge. This store was a half hour distance away on the freeway. I had to drive back and forth there twice, a total of 2 hours driving. This was Sept. 1, 2021. They ended up charging me $99.00 for the download. Garrison said he would report it, but I have not heard anything, 5 weeks later. I complained to the store, but no reply from them, either.

Also, I asked another Apple tech on chat at the online Apple store to be sure that an adapter I need for my computer is the right size to fit the port. I was recommended one, purchased it (Oct. 1) and after it arrived (Oct. 4) it did not fit with the port on my MacBook. (Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter)

I would expect the Apple store, off all suppliers, to be knowledgeable about what is compatible with it's own computers.

Desired outcome: A refund on the affiliate store charge, and an exchange for the correct adapter

Apple - iPhone X- touch screen stops working

Apparently this model has a fabric error with the screens. I found out about this 5 months ago when all of a sudden my left side of the phone stopped working. I brought it to Apple genius bar and...

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Apple - Developers hacking your devices

I've had a hacker for about 5 years. I suspected it
might be a developer. I recent caught a developer logging into my iPhone. Apple is aware of this. I had screen shots to prove this happened. No one has disputed the authenticity of the pictures, Including Apple legal. In fact I was contacted several times by them. They have no interest in removing the suspect/suspects, but they will help me secure my phones. My phones were secure. The developer login from his account, not mine. After I reported it the problems only escalated, Destroying two new iPhones. I never encountered such an unethical business practice. I think everyone should be aware of this. You buy phones for outrageous price and their employees are paid to destroy them. They absolutely know this is happening and all I get is an apology? I will never buy another product from them again. Also, I will never stop pursuing this. They must be held accountable!

Desired outcome: They need to accept responsibility and pay for damages.

Apple - MacBook Air M1

I purchased Macbook Air M1 directly from apple on 24th Feb 2021

1) Since the day of purchase my Macbook Air M1 has been giving me trouble in Siri detection and dictation.

Whenever I upgrade MacOS or reboot the device it starts working. Again it stops working after 15days.

2) Since last month, voice thru' earphones have also stopped working.

All complaint details are given below ; Apple till date is unable to find the root cause of issue . Except restart they don't have any solution.

MacBook Air M1
DOP : 24 Feb 2021
Bill Name : Sanjay Mittal

Prob : Siri & Dictation not working (since start) (resolves for 15days if s/w upgrade comes) ; Voice thru earphone not coming (Problem started one month back)

Case ID1 - 12 Mar21- Online Support [protected] - Not resolved

Case ID2- 14 Mar21 - SVC - S/W loaded reset, resolved for 15 days

Case ID3- 14Aug21 - Online Support [protected] - Not resolved

Case ID4 - 21st Aug 2021 - Deposited set at AppleCare Centre Noida Ref ID LXFKDPPCD69V ; till date lying there. They reloaded MacOS and claimed as resolved ; today when i went to collect it ; it's sound is still not coming thru earphones, sometime comes, sometimes delayed by 20sec, then sound on mac will go and will come after 20 sec or won't come

Desired outcome: Replacement

Apple - Ipad Repair

I have recently dropped my ipad off at Mac & PC Docs (for a software issue) who then sent my iPad off to Apple to be fixed. The correspondence from Mac & PC Docs was stating they were waiting for a spare part, then I was told that it was sent to Apple. All of the sudden I received an email from Mac & PC Docs saying that a new iPad was being sent back to them and that I now owed $385!! They are saying that there was accidental damage to the unit - there was nothing wrong other than a software issue when I dropped the unit off! How do I know that MAC & PC Doc didn't damage the unit before sending it to Apple?? Nobody sent me any documentation to say that this is what is happening and if I would like to go ahead! It is within the 2 years Australian Consumer Warranty. I am not happy to pay $385 for a unit that I did not damage that I sent in for a software issue!???

Desired outcome: Not paying the $385


You need to complain to the manager at Mac & PC Docs. Apple does not accept mailed in repairs for software issues, only hardware issues. If sent in under warranty and accidental damage is found Apple emails a requote with repair cost before doing any repairs. If that requote is accepted and paid they continue with repairs. If declined the device is sent back without repairs. Someone at Mac & PC Doc dropped the ball in allowing Apple to repair without getting your permission first, either that or you signed a consent allowing this but they were not clear to you about it.


You need to complain to the manager at Mac & PC Docs. Apple does not accept mailed in repairs for software issues, only hardware issues. If sent in under warranty and accidental damage is found Apple emails a requote with repair cost before doing any repairs. If that requote is accepted and paid they continue with repairs. If declined the device is sent back without repairs. Someone at Mac & PC Doc dropped the ball in allowing Apple to repair without getting your permission first, either that or you signed a consent allowing this but they were not clear to you about it.

Apple - Passcode, account recovery...

This is the verbatim letter I sent to Tim Cook exactly 34 days ago via USPS Express Mail, with no response to date.

"Dear Mr. Cook: I am writing to you in exasperation. Nearly 3 months ago, I bought an iPhone through AT&T. In that transaction somehow my Apple passcode disappeared and when I was later asked what it was, I didn't remember it, of course. A two month fiasco ensued involving 3 trips to my local Apple store, 7+ cumulative hours on the phone with escalating levels of Apple 'experts' - all leading to being told yesterday that I need to discontinue all of my Apple devices* for 7 to 10 days in order for an account recovery to take place. As I have my VA medical information and upcoming appointments, daily correspondence, financial activities, etc all on Apple devices I cannot be without Internet connectivity that long. Please advise. Yours truly, Julius L Maurer. *Desktop, laptop, iPads, iPhone, etc, - an Apple customer from IIc on.

Desired outcome: RESOLUTION!

Apple - Apple card

A total disaster of a credit card and worthless "customer support". I contacted Apple Card Support to dispute an unknown transaction (that had not yet posted to my account) on 06/15/2021. On...

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Apple - IOS 15 Photo Intrusion Plans

Apple is DESTOYING customer TRUST with the plan to use NeuralMatch to scan iPhone and iCloud private photos.

Apple will become an Agent of the State and Federal government conducting ILLEGAL searches thus violating 4th Amendment rights.

The Government will seize control and begin looking for other photos/images of interest with no limits regardless of what Apple promises.

We will all be searching for alternatives, and the marketplace will provide them.

Desired outcome: Withdraw plans to implement NeuralMatch and stop Social Engineering

Apple - MacBook Pro Laptop

Serial number C02TT7P7HTD5

This is the worst laptop I have ever owned, and the most expensive one.
The keyboard does not work properly, some keys duplicate or triplicate.
Some keys have to be pressed twice to get them to work.
This is especially problemsome with passwords

The display goes full of stripes, displaying all the open tabs and apps in layers.
This seems to be temperature related.
On warm days I can use the laptop for three or four hours, on cold days I might get 5 or 6 hours.
My desk has been moved to a window position, and the sunlight on the back of the laptop screen reduces viewing time at times to two hours.

The result is that I now have to use an external keyboard and monitor just to be able to work.

Car manufacturers have the integrity to recall faulty products, but not Apple.
The workmanship on the MacBook Pro is so designed that all goes wrong once the warranty has expired.
Really great of the Apple team.
What now Apple?

Desired outcome: A responsible approach from Apple. My contact details [email protected] or Cell Phone +27 82 558 5317

When did you buy this thing? If it was within the last 2 years its likely a supply chain problem Apple will never acknowledge, but if its 3-5 years old thats a different story all together and I probably won't buy one myself.

This piece of crap is three years old, my first and last Apple product.
The most expensive laptop in the world, and the most problems.
Battery life is also a concern, batteries do not last.

Added to that, Apple has decided to censor what you are allowed to see on an Apple product.
Often I get a message : This information is not allowed to be displayed on an Apple product .
Apple treating us like children, they decide what is good for us.
My advice, stay away from Apple.


Apple - apple i phone 11pro max

my i phone 11 pro max got really hot tothe point i grabbed itout of my pocket and it had burned my lef to a blister and burned my hand no mark other then a little res i have deal iwth over thirty senir advisors and every one telling me apple procedure diffrent and the other was incorrect as i offered the first day to purchase a new phone if this was going to take and tamount of time as this was my business phone they insured me notto it would have a new phone in a few days it went from they will mail me a new i phone 12 pro max amd them i box mine up and mail it back to go into the store and they will swap it out now 7 hours at the store and it all tunedd outot be false and i was lied to in there terms misscomunucaton so now lets not leave out a senior advisor talked ot a manger and tol d him all the paperwork was done and athat the caotun had ben done just needed to swap phones out well they would not even heklp me and rols me i would not get another phone that the safety and the enginering department where wrong along with four other senior advisors well long sot shrt i have a phone that burned me and ought fire have witness and apple senior advisers telling customers incorrect well I'm not going to sugar coat it lied start to my face and now wont stand dand what they agreed to i mail the phone-in they do a investigation and that the engineering depart

Desired outcome: i want them to satand behind what they told me and stand behind the product and more importantly thee word to me

Apple - IMac and iPhone


Dear Sir premium reseller website had sold me online IMac 27 for RS. 2199
And 3no. I phone mini for. RS. 2099

July 12 I have bought IMac 27 online from website with order Num: 21200

July 17 I have bought 3 iPhone mini online Aptronix website with order Num: 21553

It's not pre order. It's complete order when I purchased online from website

They are not delivering the product, not responding to my email queries, not responding to call centre queries

Now they are forcing me to pay extra amount. And wrongly claiming it as pre order.

I have asked to verify the invoices, but aptronix is reluctant to check invoice

They are deceitfully luring customer with fake prices publishing online for a very low price once we buy the apple product, Aptronix India. Is asking to pay more amount to complete the order.
This is unacceptable. It is cheating. It is punishable crime. It's an IT e-commerce crime.

Apple company should immediately initiate action on reseller as you have allowed to use your brand. Aptronix is cheating customers using your brand image.
We have not bought because of aptronix, because of apple we bought from your premium reseller. You are also accountable for the same

Kindly take necessary action on aptronix India on their fraud, cheating nature and delivery the products as per invoice placed without any further delay

Don't know how many lakhs or crores of money accumulated luring customers in this deceitful manner for how much long time?

I hope you appreciate I have brought to your notice and protecting your brand image in the market

Kindly make sure to deliver the products which I have bought as per my invoice without fail and at the earliest

It's a serious fraud case to brought to your notice from you premium reseller.Aprronix India . kindly acknowledge my complaint and kindly take necessary action

In fact I have registered a complaint. Case no [protected] with apple support. And have uploaded all necessary documents what they have asked me to upload with regard to case number
Almost more a week time. Till date there is no response

Important: I have also ordered three iPhone mini online with Aptronix India with the order no. 21553. My order invoice was disabled when I have tried to acces from Aptronix India website . This is heights of harassment

FRAUD DISHONEST CHEATING Misbehaviour and unprofessional and harassment of Aptronix India

1. Aptronix India is not answering or responding to my emails and clarifying on invoice generated of my purchase

2. Call centre team of atronix India harassment

In my telephonic conversation with with your reseller call Center executive Of Aptronix India they he informed me that

1. They cannot have access to customer invoice
2. When they are unable to answer my query and informed me that there are no supervisor or senior advisor to come on board. There is system of seniors coming on board to answer queries
3. There is no tracking order
4. They could not answer my query when I asked why my invoice says. Pre order fee is 0
5. Most importantly I have asked him to generate a complaint number. To follow up and to avoid unnecessarily explaining again and again to other call team members.. They bluntly told me they cannot generate complaint number

Now Aptronix India cannot deny I have recorded the Aptronix India call centre conversations for the harassment which I have undergone

When the call centre of your reseller don't have access of invoice of customer, how they going to resolve consumer or customer queries.


N Kumar

Desired outcome: To delivery the product as per invoice raised

Apple - I haven't received my refund

On 27 June 2021 I purchased a MacBook Pro online and received my item on 30 June. Upon setting up the MacBook Pro, I've discovered that the camera is not functioning well. It is grainy and resolution is really bad. I tried to connect a better webcam but the result is still the same. I called Apple support and the person I spoke to tried to resolve it but it can't be resolved even after updating to the latest Mac OS. He suggested to just request for a refund.

On 1 July, I called Apple to organise a return and refund. Immediately, they booked for the MacBook Pro to be picked up on 5 July together with the MacBook sleeves that I ordered for it.

On 5 July, the 2 items were picked up from me.
On 7 July, I received an email from Apple saying that my refund for the MacBook sleeves is on its way. I called them and asked about the refund for the MacBook Pro. I was told that its waiting to be cleared.

On 8 July I received my refund for the MacBook sleeves. Also on 8 July I received an email saying that they are processing my refund for the MacBook Pro.

On 12 July, I called Apple again to check the status of my refund. They confirmed that they received the item on the 7th and they will investigate what's causing the delay for the refund.

I called again on the 14th and they told me the same thing except that I was told that they will escalate the issue.

I called again on the 15th, 16th and 19th July but all they can tell me is that they are investigating the issue why it wasn't refunded.

Until now I haven't received my refund which cost over AU$3, 000. I need that money so I can buy myself a new laptop which I badly needed to work from home.

It is so disappointing given that I do have high expectations from Apple. This is the first time I've encountered such difficulty in getting my refund. You would think that a big company like Apple will be more structured with processes.

Desired outcome: To immediately refund my money and give me an explanation as to why it took them so long to do it.

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