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For over 1 month, the duration of paying for cricket wireless phone service, literally 100% of my calls have been dropped. Following protocol as per cricket wireless, 3 weeks after my initial complaint, cricket wireless exchanged my phone for an identical one. With identical problems, guaranteed dropped calls. Cricket wireless refuses to answer my complaints and yet insists on refusing to reimburse me for my paying for a service that does not work, and, insists on continued payment for further service. There has got to be a class action lawsuit brought against cricket wireless and I highly recommend any person with an account with cricket wireless to pursue a class action lawsuit against this company.


  • Sa
    Sammy Stutsfruckle Sep 19, 2007

    You get what you pay for. When you buy quality you only cry once. Verizon is the best. My parents have Cingular, sucks. I had Cingular, sucks. I had Verizon, awesome. My cousin has Verizon, awesome. Next I'd say T-Mobile. I use them now with no problems. Cingular, Sprint and Nextel suck ###.

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  • Cr
    cricket user Sep 24, 2007

    I have cricket service and so far I have not had a dropped call or any problem what so ever... as stated above, ALL wireless providers will have dropped calls, common sense will tell you that this is a man made product, a satellite that orbits the earth, it will loose a signal, c'mon now people, get real...u think cause you have verizon, t-mobile..OH, I HAD t-mobible and I had dropped calls up the wazzu!! I couldnt even call from my own home, had to go thats stupid!!

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  • Cr
    cricket user2 Oct 03, 2008

    I am a cricket rep and all i can tell you is that yes you get what you pay for. The better phones starting out at 149.99 you should not have any probloms except for the kyoceras you should stick with the samsung wich we do have a 69.99 samsung and people really like it and let me guess you got the ez.

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  • Th
    Thomas phan Mar 10, 2018

    @cricket user2 Wow so telling customers to pay for more expensive phones to bring more money to a crappy company.. With crappy service

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  • Pl
    pleuvra Oct 29, 2008

    I absolutely understand the pain here. I can see that a cricket rep replied to your comment and I think her spelling just says it all. When I dropped my long-time carrier to save some money, and become a new customer to them again, I started with Cricket. It takes 3 or 4 months for TMobile to decide you are new and worthy of a cool free phone, so it made sense to go with Cricket. I asked the sales rep just a couple of simple questions. One of the questions I asked was whether or not I would be able to use the phone when we visited New Mexico. Her answer was that the texting would be covered, but the calls would cost extra. I thought it was a strange answer, I mean, she told me Louisiana was included, but I really didn't give it much thought. Well, we live in Houston, TX. and we went home to New Mexico after the recent hurricane because we missed our electricity and both our businesses were closed for a week. My phone didn't have service from the time we left the area till we got back. I was pretty upset. After all, I specifically asked about New Mexico. So, I finally get home and I am reviewing my online statement in detail this time, and there it is..."Included free text to Mexico"...I have spent over $ 20 for texting to Mexico, which of course I have never used! I called them to ask about it, and of course, there is nothing they can do retroactively, since I signed up for it and paid them already. Of course, it will not be on next month's bill. Shouldn't the customer service reps in a cell phone company at least know the names of the areas they cover? Even when the calls are being dropped all over the place, and honestly, no -one likes calling me anymore to talk. They always ask if I am at home so I can use my "real" phone. (The corded home telephone.) If I tell them I am out, they immediately say, "Call me back when you get home." I really hope the day doesn't come that I have to rely on that Cricket phone for a 9-1-1 call. I am sure it'll take forever to connect, then drop immediately after the operator picks up..

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  • Ca
    Cathy May 07, 2009

    Crickett I have had since 2007. I bought unknown to me a refurbished phone that never held its charge. Then I recently in Feb 2009 got a new Samsung phone and I had a basic rate plan of $25 with $5.00 for voic email, call waiting, call forwarding and three way calling plus $3.00 for unlimited 411 $4.95 for insurance and when I got the new phone web was added with email with no extra charge my bill is $43.83 monthly. Yesterday, May 6, 2009 they dropped my email and changed my plan without my knowledge and the bill is $73 plus change for less service. I cannot get email, I cannot get 411 and my long distance which was unlimited long distance and calls with no extra charge seems like they limit the time! They have really screwed up and I filed a complaint with the FCC online and hope they will deal with them.

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  • Si
    Sinncerious May 27, 2009

    I've been a Cricket customer on and off for almost 8 years. Not to say that I haven't had my fair share of problems with them, but overall i'm generally satisfied. I recently upgraded my phone to the Motorola Hint. Now this is where my problems are starting to roll in. Since I blew nearly 3 hundo on the damn thing, the most I ask is that all the flippin features work. 3G network...has filters on it. Explanation; I used to be able to surf the very diluted version of the internet and download FREE ring tones by the boatload. Now that site on this particular phone is "unavailable". So i tried another site that had free ring tones, but less of a selection...the site is fully accessible but when I download a ring tone it wont save to my phone OR play a preview. One of the main features for the phone is "streaming video"...if anyone has had any better luck than my waiting 45 minutes to get an "error playing video please try again" message...please feel free to throw it in my face and give me some feeble illusion of hope n that its just a software problem and that i need to get my phone flashed or some crap. As far as the customer service Reps...all of them, and I do mean all, are mouth breathing waterheads. While on the phone or online chat's safe to assume that they could f*ck up a jar of peanut butter. Anyone that has spent longer than 10 minutes on the telephone with one of these underachievers most likely suffers from acute migraine headaches and is now the proud owner of a receding hairline. For that I pity you, but rest easy for you are not alone. I slowly have come to terms with the fact that i bought a $248.00 hockey puck that rings from time to time. For any Cricket customer service reps reading this...I hate you.

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  • Ra
    rayadalaza Jun 23, 2009

    i just got cricket...3 months ago... the sales rep sold me a phone that she said had cam and texting and all that ###...
    when i got home the phone would not work for ###!! i was told to go in the store so i did they said they could not help me go to the main store so i did... they told me they could not help or fix the prob wait 2 weeks there having tower problems.. i was like thats what you say when you cant fix it... she said just wait and they give me credit... 2 weeks go bye it still dont work..
    so i go back in and they tell me to buy new phone almost 300$ for there best phone... it did not work..i was told to wait lmao... so i did.. i went back they said they would reset it... so they did... it workd a little now still was dropping all but mayb one call got out... they said it will start working now... well a hole month went by and it never workd... they did not want to refund me or credit me...
    so lets see!!

    80$ first phone sale final
    290$ second phone..
    sevice i was neverable 2 use but had to still pay the bill!
    95$ dollors for what i had...

    they ###n suck!! there scam artist!!! you call the 611 and it gos in circles lmao i calld for weeks/days and it said the same thing everytime" were busy try back later everyday all DAY!!!

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  • He
    Healtencompany Apr 23, 2018

    @rayadalaza All phone that you buy from cricket are refurbished phone

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  • No
    notanidiot Jul 04, 2009






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  • Mr
    MRobbins Jul 28, 2009

    I wish someone would start a class action lawsuit against them, especially about their new broadband service! I don't have money to pay for attorney fees, etc. The problem is they advertise UNLIMITED service on TV and there's NO mention of restrictions, unless it's in small print which you can't read but still counts as being legal... go figure!!! Anyways, it's NOT unlimited and in their contract and/or policy it mentions there's a 5Gb limit per month! If it's NOT in the small print on the TV commercials, then I think they can be sued over FALSE advertising at the least! So, I hope that someone will start a class action lawsuit over this real soon! I'll have to look at ALL the paperwork that I got when I started and see if it mentions it there... if it doesn't, then that makes the case even more concrete!

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  • Do
    Donnia74 Oct 08, 2009

    Cricket is trying to double billing twice me but the killer part is that the store manager can see the error but cannot override the mistake. Tells me that the regional manager has to fix it in some other country, it hasn't been done and my phone has been cut off 2xs. The only reason its on is because I got a 7 day extension to wait for the updates. I'm looking for a class action suit against, they are crooks!

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  • Ye
    Yellowrose1 Nov 11, 2009

    I cannot stand Cricket wireless, I constantly have dropped calls, network connection lost when browsing the internet, had mobile email which came with the package and now it's stating I must pay $5 a month to use it, NONSENSE. I qualified for a $50 mail in rebate now I still can't get the rebate because they claim it can take up to 6 months to process, and if I cancel before the rebate is issued I lose out on the rebate. They are scamming people, and when I went to get service with them they told me they have been out for more then 20 years but are now just surfacing. I never heard of them before and I should have known they were a scammer. what kind of service is this? I am going back to AT&T.

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  • Rh
    RHNM Dec 20, 2009

    Dealing With Poor Customer Service

    All companies are only concerned with their bottom line. All companies have very poor customer service representatives. My advice:
    1. First try to settle the matter with the company’s CSR. It will not do any good but you have tried.
    2. Be polite but firm.
    3. Ask for the name, number and state the CSR you are talking to is from. If you are transferred to a foreign country ask to speak to a CSR in North America.
    4. Keep written copies of all your correspondence. Insist that all replies from the company be in writing. Good luck on that one, companies don’t like to leave a paper trail.
    5. If you don’t like writing, record the calls, advise the CSR that you are recording the call.
    6. If you have an attorney and three-party calling, arrange to have your attorney on the line before you call the company. My attorney advised me that you are not required to inform the CSR or company that another person is monitoring the call .Keep copies of all of the bills you receive. The eventual lawyers, FCC, BBB and state attorney general will want copies of all of your paper work.
    7. File a complaint with the FCC about your cell phone carrier, it won't do any good, but it's on record.
    8. If it is not a cell phone carrier, file the complaint with the FTC, or whichever of thousands of government agencies that handle your issue.
    9. Please realize that all government agencies are overworked and have been paid off by lobbyist.
    10. Join any class action lawsuit against the company.
    11. File a complaint with your local Better Business Bureau.
    12. Contact your state attorney general.
    13. During this prolonged economic rough patch all companies are out to make money anyway they can.
    14. Join any class action lawsuit against the cell phone carrier. The lawyers will take the bulk of the settlement after years of ligation. When the company finally settles they will pass the cost of the settlement onto their customers, write if off on their taxes or both if they can get away with it.
    15. Do this with any company or service you are having problems unresolved problems with that company or service.
    16. I realize this is a lot of work, but it’s the only way to get things to change. Don’t expect overnight results, they won’t happen.
    I give you this advice at no charge.
    RH – New Mexico

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  • Ro
    Roy Scammed By Cricket Feb 20, 2010

    Here is the complaint I just wrote to the FTC and BBB for my recent experience...

    Cricket advertises a broadband mobile card that has speeds of 400-700 kb/s. After activation, I received speeds of about 32 kb/s on my laptop, which is basically unusable and no where close to the advertised broadband speeds.

    The sales representative at this location told me when I bought the modem and first month of service that there were no returns at all. I tried to return the device in person two days later but the manager was not there so no one knew how to process the return.

    I called the next day multiple times and at first received the same knee jerk response that they did not not do refunds. Then they said they would call customer service and try to get the modem working. They called back 1 hour later and asked me if it was working. I told them I hadn't even tried it again, and they quickly told me I could return it today, but it had to be today because they have a 3 day return policy. However, they could not refund the $28 activation fee because Cricket headquarters had no mechanism to return this fee to them and they were already charged for it.

    I called Cricket customer service and after a 1/2 hour hold time reached a representative and then escalated it to a manager. The manager refused to refund the $28 activation fee.

    Final conclusion, this practice has to be some sort of fraud and against some law. They sold me a device that didn't work as advertised, I had trouble returning it because someone capable of doing the return wasn't on site and initially lied to me and told me they had no return policy even though it was actually 3 days.

    The most blatantly fraudulent thing is that they refused to refund a $28 activation fee for a device that never worked anything close to how it was advertised. This has to be against some sort of consumer protection law. Cricket seems to be a large reputable company. I've never had such a ridiculously bad customer experience with what appears to be a large reputable company.

    Please stop them from what seems to be a highly illegal practice.

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  • Da
    damn them Mar 07, 2010

    Sold us a phone they said was new, 200 bucks total. but when we got home 15 minutes later found 120 pornographic pics that the previous owner had taken of herself. all other call information was deleted . They overlooked the pics and revealed their scam. i did a reverse search on the phone number and found it registered in a nearby town. I'm suspicious of the whole thing and will be contacting the BBB tomorrow morning to get more advice.

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  • Hi
    Hispanic in Texas Mar 16, 2010

    STAY AWAY. I got them good right now!

    I went to the store to return modem for a refund. Rep there (broken English and unprofessional) says I purchased all services and no equipment, even though I have a receipt showing I paid for a modem. I think unbelievable these people...

    I call customer service.

    Their website states 30 day return for Broadband transaction. I inform rep about it and request a refund.

    Rep (does not know English) states that the return policy does not apply to me because I bought it at a store (thieves)

    I ask rep to point out where exactly does the policy state that it's not for physical stores?

    Rep tries to send me to another url on to show me another policy for physical stores with 3 (three) day return for broadband and I stop the rep. I say oh no, any policies you have on your website do not apply to me anymore. The policy I informed you about does not state that it's for internet purchases only so therefore if that one does not apply, none apply.

    I ask the rep to please point out the 3 day return policy on the paperwork I received from the store. There is none. It only talks about payments being non-refundable. I think no wonder the rep at the store kept trying to sell me on the fact that I paid for service, not a modem.

    Rep starts to raise voice and states that she had informed me of policy. I ask to speak to a manager. Manager get on the line.

    I inform manager that the rep I was just speaking to is trying to hold me to a 3 day return policy. The manager again states that I did not pay for equipment only service therefore there is no refund available. I say oh no, I am going to describe this receipt to you word for word and please tell me what it is. I read it, of course it's for equipment, he states to go back to the store and see what they tell you, I say oh no, you are not going to get off that easy. They have already told me I paid for service not equipment and that it's past the 3 day refund.

    I say look, I don't want to waste your time or my time going back to the store, is it easier for me to just file a chargeback with my bank.


    Manager (nervously) says: Sir let's do this, let me give you a fax number, send us the receipt so we can review it and take it from there since we have no record here of you paying for a modem. Cricket Fax number: 720-374-9125 - and please describe reason for faxing.

    From that point I became very nice and manager did as well. I requested his last name and he instead gave me his ID#.

    Hope this helps someone and sorry for the rant and my description of events as some may not make sense, I am still red and angry. WHAT A PISSER!


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  • Ou
    ouidaja Apr 29, 2011

    so you all think cricket sucks and should be sued yet no one is suing them?> well, i would be happy to sue them but i need your support. if you are interested please contact me. [email protected]

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  • Em
    emt-b525 Jun 20, 2011

    i purchesed an android zio from cricket, about 2 weeks ago i tryed to make a phone call i unlocked the phone and it started to go crazy and froze up. I payed $250.00 for the phone. It hasent even lasted me 5 months i've taken it to two diffarent stores and now im being told that i have to take it to eaither philadelphia or atlantic city because no one can figure out what is wrong with it. one store tells me im locked out of the phone the other store tells me they dont have any idea what is wrong with it. ( go figure) I called custumer service and because i purchesed the phone from there online web page there was only a 30 day warrenty, so if i need a new phone i have to purches a new phone. I also contacted kyocera the manufacture company that carries the 1 yr. warrenty and of course im told sorry there's nothing we can do for you, please take this issue up with cricket, once again im calling cricket. cricket tells me to take the issue up with kyocera. know one want to take responsabilaty for the defecks there companys are selling. i've had nothing but problems with the phone. im a very very unhappy custumer

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  • Co
    compl crick Aug 11, 2011

    I guess to be making up a site to fine out the people who be is hating cricket is correct.

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  • Sh
    shepherdt9 May 01, 2014

    I got the plan 5 phones for 100 buck and They told me we are going to have att tower in middle of march so till then service will not be good we waited went in they said wait till april know they say wait till middle of may and the phone we got will not work with att towers and we will have to buy new phones know we bought galaxy s4 phone wich they charge us 600 for each phone and now we have to buy new ones we can not even use the new ones we just got. I think they should hand out vaseline because they screw you

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  • Jo
    JoeO May 26, 2014

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  • Sa
    Santos Castellanos Aug 31, 2014

    I am very upset with cricket, my wife and I have service with cricket for the last 7 years, it is not only one cell, there are 4 cells connected with them, we have 2 smart phone (galaxy s4 & s3 ) all are like 1 year old and now we have to buy new phone just because they sell the company to at&t, I don't thing it is fear for us to have to buy new phone because of them, we pay almost $1200 for both cells: I also have a friend who pay $1000 for his galaxy s4 (on payments, last will be on Oct/10/14) and it is not fear too
    Do somebody know about a lawsuit again cricket for this issue?
    If you know something contact me please,
    [email protected]

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  • Ko
    kossi awoudja Oct 22, 2014

    I ve been with Cricket since 2007. I have never had any problem with the my service before until i merged to the new cricket.
    Of course as you all know, they cancelled the main features that attracked us to them.
    Now im paying sixty dollars a month, but for six months now im not getting the features that im paying for.
    So many times they hung up on me or put me on hold for ever until the line hangs itself up.
    Now the terminated my service days before my bill is dued. i called them and they kept saying its fixed and it never was because i couldnt make or receive calls. Now today when i call them all they are telling me is that my bill is dued today and they can do anyting until i pay my bill then they will credit me for 2 dollars. What a ###ing insult. I do banary trading throught and everything is automated . I lost hundreds of dollars cause they turned off my phone and now they wont even try to do anything unless i pay my bill so they can give me $2 credit??? they need to be out of business.

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  • Va
    Valerie Goodness Apr 21, 2015

    I have a Cricket phone on the old "Sprint" phone number system that I purchased in late 2013. I later received the notice that I must get a new Cricket new phone with the new "AT&T" combined system. The Cricket predators KNEW the phone I purchased would be worthless with their secret sell out to AT&T. Cricket made that transition impossible, for me. From February until now (04/21/2015) I have been either directed to a store that no longer exists, to call a store with a number that has been disconnected, or the system does not recognize who I am. I have kept all chat transcripts from those conversations with each time I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor would "Guarantee" that my phone number would not be lost and they would "extend my old Cricket system a couple of months" until my "transition" was complete. One week later my number and everything I ever was to Cricket was terminated. I am a single parent (college student) with 2 DISABLED KIDS that I have a long list of caregivers, family, emergency numbers and service providers connected to that phone number and phone. Cricket is a predator and we must be compensated for the time I spent trying sincerely to follow their directions to resolve THEIR issues. And for placing my family in jeopardy. I was not given the $40 plus .90$ deal, I am no longer considered a "transitioning Cricket customer" and now I have to start all over fresh paying full price for protection for my special needs kids.

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  • Jo
    Joy Lee May 06, 2016

    Singed on to cricket to save money. The same week I started I had to go to Ala. family member had surgery. Was unable to call out or receive a call. Had to changes services while out of town. Purchased new phone Shan opened cricket account. Was told after I attempted to change service I could not get unlock code for phone although I paid for it outright unless you had service for 6 months. So after 1 week I was out of 400 dollars and have a phone that is unusable.

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  • Ja
    Jane doe01 Jun 04, 2016

    Off this company is refusing to help or do something about their poor service and they do not want refund your money or refuse replace their horrible devices please make a complaint at this website I guarantee that something will be done.

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  • Ja
    Jane doe01 Jun 04, 2016

    Off this company is refusing to help or do something about their poor service and they do not want refund your money or refuse replace their horrible devices please make a complaint at this website I guarantee that something will be done. also attorney general office

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