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Cricket Wireless Complaints & Reviews

Cricket Wireless / insurance and warranty

Tia92 on Sep 19, 2017
I have a ZTE Grand X that stopped working due to no fault of mine. It started with the apps on the phone malfunctioning, I tried to restart it it was stuck on the white ZTE start screen for hours. When it finally came back on it came to an Android logo screen with the options to reboot...

Cricket Wireless / customer service

Amxndaaa on Sep 14, 2017
I've been a customer since December 2016. My service is good, phones are decent although for loyal customers we should have deals like new customers. Anyways, I've had problems with phones, but have gotten sent refurbished ones. My complaint is the customer service for their 800 line...

Cricket Wireless / I'm got ripped off by cricket

Alfredo delapaz on Sep 6, 2017
I got rip off by cricket I payed for my phone $63 dollars I need my phone because I'm sick from my liver and I got two more phone on the 4 for my two girls I add two more line and they turn off my phone the next day after I payed for two phone and two line the manger told me it was going...

Cricket Wireless / unwilling to unlock my phone

Aggiemom10 on Sep 6, 2017
I purchased a used iPhone SE and have all of the original packaging. The woman I bought it from failed to disclose that it had previously been used on Cricket. I asked if it was AT&T compatible and it is. However, because she used it on Cricket and then switched to a different phone on...

Cricket Wireless / misinformed / unprofessional

josh_aesch on Sep 5, 2017
Hello, I was very unhappy with my visit today. You told me I could get 4 lines of unlimited high speed data for $120.00 on Saturday when I came in. I told you I would be back Today with my wife and kids to switch carriers. My wife drove an hour one way to come meet me at my work to come to...

Cricket Wireless / my iphone 6!

MistyJ2017 on Sep 4, 2017
I have owned my iPhone 6 since october 2014, in October 2016 I switched to cricket, bringing my own phone && number. All was well! In May 2017 my ex took my phone && would not give it back. I called cricket asked them to suspend my line of service so I could go get a different phone. She...

Cricket Wireless / customer service dept

Jtm2788 on Sep 1, 2017
On sept 1st I had multiple issues with supervisors i was hung up on by one manager of operations. ( junior id# 11439). I called back and was talking to another supervisor ( Caroline) and she told me something completely different from the first 2 supervisors and when asked for her id# she...

Cricket Wireless / zte sonata 3

Mariella Simmons on Aug 30, 2017
Several of my contacts can't call me. They're getting error message "person you're trying to reach is not receiving calls at this time". More than one person is getting that message. Recently my daughter who lives out of town was in a car accident and she kept getting that message when...

Cricket Wireless / employee

EPK1 on Aug 28, 2017
I've been a Cricket customer for several years. We don't have a lot of use for all the fancy add-on stuff, just basic phone usage for the family. Started at GameStop and have done upgrades at the local (Woodstock, GA) store. No problems. Until tonight. Went to the Cricket store to buy a...

Cricket Wireless / store manager

mskey on Aug 26, 2017
I had bad experience with the Cricket store in Grinnell Iowa. I was very upset with the service because I was not aware that if your phone didn't work with there prepaid plan you could not get your money back. The store manager said it was there policy but it was not posted any where in...

Cricket Wireless / poor sales experience and no customer service

Christine Scherzinger on Aug 24, 2017
This is letter I have been unable to send to cricket after hours of effort (Specific transaction codes redacted): To: customer service Please refer this message to someone who actually has the authority to correct my problems! I do not wish to be contacted by someone who must read...

Cricket Wireless / bait and switch

Trudy29485 on Aug 23, 2017
A phone on my account was destroyed by two separate Cricket Reps... when we attempted to upgrade we were insulted by the arrogant little twit who informed us "we, do not sell the cheap phones.. only the $100 and up phones" we pointed out they had the $20-$50 phones on display... I spoke...

Cricket Wireless / customer service lied

kaleena davis on Aug 21, 2017
I went into the store and told the lady my husband was deploying and since we were having a baby we needed a phone service where I could contact him and he could contact me while he was deployed. She guaranteed me that his phone would work in Spain and that she had many people stationed on...

Cricket Wireless / lg fortune

Private person1977 on Aug 18, 2017
On August 17th, I went into a Cricket store to get new service and purchase a new phone. District Manager Syed Sherazi sold me the LG fortune for $120.00. He tried to sell it to me for S145.00 at first. Today I had the chance to go on the website to get reviews about the phone. While on...

Cricket Wireless / phone

Jasmine Shaw on Aug 17, 2017
I had just got a ZTE sonata 3 last Tuesday (8/8/17) and it works horrible, the brightness controls itself, my time always turns wrong when my phone dies, it goes way to slow to load when coming back on, it take 30+ minutes to optimize my apps and I got like 18 apps, it will freeze and act...

Cricket Wireless / fraud and theft

NoneYaBiz1234 on Aug 15, 2017
Went to purchase equipment compatable with my carrier t-mobile but instead got placed on port plan and the managers and customer service center all refuse to refund my money even tho they attempted fraud im still w t-mobile thank god and they kept the merchandise!!! im out $300.00 been...

Cricket Wireless / employee

munara on Aug 15, 2017
Your employees values represent your company's values.. Especially after Charlottesville. If you're fine with racist employees (who you know will interact with, and potentially deter, black and Muslim customers) then so be it. I personally will be avoiding your wireless service so I don't...

Cricket Wireless / fraudulent, unauthorized transfer of stolen phone number.

TaTe Abnathya-Promesse on Aug 13, 2017
On August 26, 2017, i went to make a call from my phone, only to be advised by my carrier of 8 years that this line is no longer registered with Metro pcs, . I called Metro and was told that my number was transferred to Cricket Wireless...After long discussion of this matter, my phone wa...

Cricket Wireless / customer service and insurance claims

Greengoogley on Aug 8, 2017
Okay so first off I picked up alcatel one touch idol 3 and I had to get a replacement from cricket because it quit working. I sent the phone in and got one back in 3 days. I then had to get another one replaced because the power button had stopped working and I got that one in a matter of...

Cricket Wireless / mike at tonawanda store

Tyler$ on Aug 8, 2017
Mike at the cricket store in Tonawanda on Niagra street has the worst costmer service on a humen he screamed at me swearing at me called me names [censor] and [censor]. He got me so mad I had to call off the rest of the day. He told me to get out of his store and pay my bill somewhere...

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