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The worst customer service experience i've had in 28 years of being alive

I've been through customer service hell with Cricket the last month. I'm not exaggerating when I say this experience with Cricket has been the worst customer service experience I've ever had in my 28 years of being alive.

(The quotes are direct quotes from Customer Service Representatives.)

April 20th: I bought a phone and shipped it accidentally to the wrong address. The website didn't let me fix the address online, so within five minutes of making the purchase, I called Cricket to fix it. I was told that they couldn't fix my shipping address there or cancel my order (already very surprising, but okay, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, and the woman, Patty, I spoke to was very nice). Patty said she was, and I'm quoting her, "100% certain" my order would be canceled.

April 21st: My order is shipped out from Cricket. The way they chose to alert me that they couldn't cancel my order, despite guaranteeing they would, was by calling the number of the phone that I explained to them was the one I was replacing, and therefore the voicemail hung out in purgatory until I bought a new phone somewhere else. Again, fine, I get it, maybe some wires got crossed somewhere. I'm still willing to give the benefit of the doubt, for now.

Later this week, I'm not sure the exact date: Because I'm unable to affect the phone going to my address in New York, which, because of coronavirus, is not where I am right now, I decide to go to Cricket on 2009 York Road to purchase a temporary phone. I waited until 11:30AM for someone to show up (store was supposed to open at 11AM). Several confused people walk by and try to enter but can't. I leave at 11:30AM, and a friend lends me their spare phone, and I can port my number over from Cricket.

April 22nd: The phone arrives at my apartment in New York. I call the pharmacy and let them know to refuse the package so it can be sent back to Cricket. They do. The UPS person doesn't leave them any sort of ticket.

April 27th: Finally, the phone thankfully returns to Cricket and is received, with Proof of Delivery.

April 29th: I message with Cricket, looking for my refund or for confirmation that my phone was received back. I was told that "my refund would process within 5-7 days".

May 4rd (7 days later): I call Cricket (livid, because this has been too much). Talked to Frankie, who was incredibly nice. He passed me on to the back office, where I explain the situation to the woman, and she tells me that it's "7-10 days" that the refund will be issued, she's "sorry I was told otherwise" and she's putting an acceleration on the ticket and I will "definitely hear within 48 hours."

May 10th: Lo and behold, it's been 14 days, and I've heard nothing. No refund, no confirmation.

I'm beyond angry right now. If this isn't fixed come Monday, I'm disputing the charge with my bank. At this point, I'm almost certainly going to leave Cricket. Plus, the people around me who have been going through this with me don't want anything to do with Cricket, and I'm going to have to tell people not to become a Cricket customer, because I never want to have to deal with something like this again, nor do I honestly want anyone else to deal with it either.

Given what you just read, it may not sound like it, but I'm a pretty easy going person, yet I've talked to, idk, ten, twelve, customer service people within Cricket trying to fix this? Above, I've left out some conversations I had over Cricket Chat, simply because they went nowhere.

I'm not exaggerating when I say this experience with Cricket has been the worst customer service experience I've ever had in my 28 years of being alive.

What do I want? I want my refund for a phone I never received. And maybe like a billion apologies. I want Cricket to put a button on its website that allows you to edit or cancel the order within a reasonable timeframe. I want Cricket customer service people over chat to make it clear from the beginning when they can and cannot help with my issue. I want better communication between their warehouse and customer service, because it's unfair that I couldn't cancel my order five minutes after making it, and it should have never shipped in the first place. I want Cricket Customer Service Representatives to follow through on their guarantees, either by not making them at all or having more ability to alter orders, because many of them were nice but apparently powerless to interfere in this process at all. I want that Customer Service can manually reinstate an upgrade, because I still can't, use my upgrade: it went on the phone that is now sitting in Cricket's warehouse. And, for the love of god, I want to talk to someone higher up in the company, because I don't want to foist my fury on minimum wage workers.

Cricket Wireless took money out of my account

On March 12 th of this year I paid cricketwireless $60.00 towards my cricketwireless service. On March 16th someone within cricketwireless company stold an additional $64.99 off my debit card. I was angry. I told my bank to replace my money back because the transaction was unauthorised. So my bank had froze my account and replaced the money and sent another card...I called you all the same day and told cricketwireless all to stop taking money out of my account without asking me. That's stealing...on March 17th while my account was still froze they took money out of my account again ...even after I told you cricketwireless the first time to stop stealing my money and I frozen my bank account and got another card you all still took money off my card...I reported crickerwireless to the better business bureau and I'm in process to file a small claim... they have 3 days to respond to better business bureau and 30 days to respond to my claims or cricketwireless is going to be paying out more than $60.00

customer care

Called customer care today to see how much a bridge payment would be the guy tried telling me that it was $40 and I had to use a credit card I know I don't have to use a credit card and I asked him are you sure I can't buy a refill card and told me no I had to use a credit or debit card why did that guy tell me I had to use a debit or credit card when I've had Cricket for a couple years now I have three phone service through Cricket my son's my daughters and myself and I just went and got a refill card anyways and did it so then I want to why that guy tried getting my credit card information that made me very very uncomfortable and I thinking about switching back to boost mobile

misinformed on service.

We are Canadian as we were traveling to come to Florida for the winter we stop in Grove City to upgrade our telephone and get a program for the winter. The salesman we had was having problem to activate the new phone and it took a very long time. After we were there for 1 hrs and a half they finally figure out that they were trying to activate a demo phone and that's why it wasn't working. Long story short after they finally organize everything as we were walking out my husband ask if we could call Canada and he said no we needed to upgrade to the unlimited pkg. haven't loss all that time we just said well we will look into this when we get to Sebring Florida. Well I called cricket and they told me the same thing so I just said well if you can't do nothing for me cancel my phone, so she just said fine it will be cancel Dec 5. So we are looking for something else someone told me to callback and say that I was not satisfied, well the service I got from the employee was well it's only seven days and this is number eight so sorry we can't do anything for you, I ask to speak to a supervisor and was told this is crickets policy and they won't be able to help you. So I told her that my new phone was garbage and her reply was no just take a new program, a lot of help she was. I was not asking for a full refund I ask her to just unlock the phone so we could use it as pay as we go. This is only for emergency to call our family in Canada. We had the full pkg last year and we hardly use the phone it's very expensive for not having any use out of it. Hope to get a reply. Thank you for your time. Phone number is [protected] and with this number we have lots of bad calls.

customer service / total disregard of customer presence/ unethical behaviour

I am writing this letter to inform you of your staff and how it handles it course of business. Earlier today...

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nokia 3.1

yes my Nokia 3. 1 will not charge anymore I called the warranty department they gave me an RA number told me to take it to UPS I did that and they mailed my phone off and gave me a tracking number and it's been over a week and I tried to call Cricket customer service gave them the tracking number they said nothing pulls up on that record and they don't know where my phone is and I want to know I have proof of delivery

my wireless cricket phone

I took my phone to store manager she says I need to file a complaint for my cricket phone. I can't turn my...

new account establishment

Yesterday, 9/5/2019, I tried to purchase a hotspot device and establish a new, separate account from my personal cell phone service account. In the process of filling out the information to establish the account under my business name, the application required my FEIN and Tax Exempt numbers. When I asked why that information was required, the store salesperson didn't know. He called Cricket Wireless to try to find out why it was required and if there was a way to establish the account without inputting that information. I also spoke with the person he contacted and did not receive a satisfactory answer, plus, I could barely understand the person I was speaking with.

The need for the FEIN and Tax Exempt information needs to be justified and that justification has not been supplied to me. Before I supply that information, I need to know why you are requiring it. I cannot imagine any justifiable reason that information is required to set up the account. There has to be a justifiable business reason to require it and that reason has to be explained to the customer. So far, nobody has been able to supply it.

Until now, I've had no complaints against Cricket and I have not had any complaints against the sales personnel at the Derby, Kansas store. In fact, the personnel at that store have been very kind and helpful. They have my respect and gratitude for their efforts. Unfortunately, through no fault of their own, they have not been able to help me regarding this issue.

I hope that this problem can be resolved as I would like to purchase the hotspot device and associate it with an account in my business name. The question is: Are you willing to take this issue seriously and resolve it?

I hope that this issue can be resolved quickly as I will be needing a hotspot within the next week. I also hope that I will not have to go to another wireless provider to get what I need.

Can I have a response from you soon?

Thank you.
Harold Childress

sales representative

Have been a Cricket wireless customer for many years and I have never had any problems with any of the...

their service in general

Couldn't get the customer service reps to port in #'s then they asked for additional money saying I didnt pay it all. Denied the $30 a $10 a month for 3 months for BYOD. Called me a liar about it. Refuses to refund my money told me to file a dispute with my bank!! One rep even hung up on me and the straight talk representative. Then the last 2 reps I talked to, put me on hold and never came back. Worst customer service ever!! Over 6 hours on the phone for nothing!!! And they still claim I owe $30 for my $100 plan they say that I only paid $70.

their service in general

Cricket Wireless

service and treatment on complaints not complete

Cri cket had tower issues over a month ago.. I put in 6 complaints an nothing done so I had to leave.. Returned after 30 days an issue was worse. 4 days now in a row an still not getting service an customer servi e is giving the run around with no options of resolution.
Too bad attitude,..
No one takes the complaints further either.. There are 8 now.. Still no resolution/compensation.. Nothing.


The worker at cricket wireless in Caruthersville, Missouri is charging more money than what the actual price...

service plan overcharging

I was on autopsy for 3 years, the debit occurred on the 28 th of each month. Last bill charged June 28, July 3 phone service suspended. Called to ask why as they received their payment. Rep told me we did receive your payment but your bank took the money back? I needed service so paid again plus the phone charge fee. Got home checked bank statement, they did not take the money back. So cricket got paid twice 4 days. Fast forward 14 days later, phone service again suspended, now they want $50 to restore service. That's $30 for original month bill+$36 phone charge and now another $50+$6 to restore service in 2 weeks...they insist the bank took the money back (I did have the original amount credited after I saw cricket was trying to double bill for this month. I have paid this months bill and they want another $56 to restore service?! It was a good service while it lasted, but now they are just straight out scammers. Beware!


What a scam. Horrible company, terrible customer service. Went in with no expectation of joining yet was forced into it while the clerk took my phone and installed the chip. I asked home twice whaat the cost would be and he informed me that it was 30.00.
I did not realize there was a 37.00 activation charge which he never mentioned not even once. Then he rang me up and finally told me it was 67.00. Money I did not have. Even I said no I am not paying, the chip was already in my phone. The company has of course rules and language saying there is absolutely no refund in any way. I mean 67.00 must be nothing to them but they said no and my bank and I got shafted.
I returned the chip within a half hour of the same day of purchase and they refused to refund my money. I will be bombing them until either that location is out of business or I get my money back.


problems activating my new phones/ unable to use the service I paid for

On 6/15/19 I purchased 2 new wireless plans online, with 2 new phones and 2 new sim cards for a total amount of $811.98. Upon receiving my order on
6/18 I attempted to activate my new phones online, but was unable to do so, it said the order was still processing. So I contacted Cricket customer
service to do the activation. The representative was also unable to activate them, and told me there was a technical problem on their end, and told me a
manager would call me back to complete activation. I missed a call from a manager, but when I listened to the voicemail he said to call back with the
phones IMEI numbers and the SIM card numbers, which I called back and provided to them. At this point I was told they were still unable to activate our
phones. I called twice on 6/21, and was told that I would be called back within an hour but I never got a call back from anyone. Today, 6/22 I called yet
again and had to go through explaining everything from the beginning again, nothing had been done to fix the issue yet. So she started another
complaint she told me technical support would work on and get back to me in 2-3 days. At this point I told her I was extremely upset that after 4 calls to
them and all this time, still nothing had been done. I told her if this could not be fixed as soon as possible that I would like a refund. I explained my
frustration at paying so much money and not even being able to have working phones and service for days now. I also explained how frustrated I was
having to call so many times, and feeling like I'm getting the run around, no solutions offered or urgency to fix a problem with their system in a timely
manner. I paid a large amount and I expect to get what I paid for.

Called customer service again (5th time) on 6/23, and had to give them the IMEI numbers and SIM ICCID numbers a third time, but still the representative said he was unable to fix the situation from their end, but he assured me that the complaint would be handled by corporate now. He told me someone would call me from the corporate office on Monday (today-6/24), and they would be able to do the activation for me. It is currently Monday 6/24, 9:13pm EST and I still have not received the call I was promised. Will wait another hour before calling them again.

customer service

I came in to make a payment I paid cash. I had my money in my back pocket so when I pulled out my money to...


We had cricket wireless for two years and never had a problem, until now. We received a text stating that we must stop using the hotspot or they will turn off the service unless we add this feature to the service. We called and asked them to add it, since we were using the feature we thought it was part of the service. They did a compatible check and told us that our phones were not compatible. We couldn't figure why it's not compatible when the hotspot has been working fine. Then the agent told us it's because our phones were not from cricket. In other words they trying to force us to buy their phone to use the hotspot and refuse to allow us to pay for it since we already are using that feature. This is not right and seems more of a devilish marketing strategy to get us to buy new phone. We feel that we should not be forced to purchase a phone from the carrier use to get certain feature when we already paying for the service.

zte grand max 2 unlock code

I have been cricket for several years and initially bought a ZTE phone. What a piece of garbage. I then turned it in to their warranty people who promptly replaced it. That ZTE phone took a dive 3 months later. They replaced that one. Finally after the third phone I finally went out and went to a Samsung phone for my personal line. I also have a business line which had several ZTE replacements until finally I got one that worked and has worked for a couple of years. I now want to get a phone with Boost Mobile as they have a mobile hot spot with 50 gigs for $80/ month. Cricket does not offer anything close. I called Cricket to get a ZTE Grand Max 2 phone unlocked that I had purchased from them before I switched to a Samsung. I was on the phone with them for 1 hour before they finally stated to me that they would send me the code the next day. As it turned out they texted it to me within 8 hours. The next day I went to unlock the phone and the code was incorrect! I called cricket again and after almost two hours of talking and being on hold the rep thru up his hands and stated "There is nothing we can do, you will have to buy another phone!" Because this phone was a warranty replacement over 6 months ago we have no records of it. Not acceptable! I paid for the phone why can I not have it unlocked especially since Cricket does not have a competitive offer! So now I have a phone I paid for almost 3 years ago and I took it out of service because it was a piece of garbage and now I cant use it because they cant find their records? Really? I think being on the phone for a total of 3 hours is very poor customer service. They told me the call was recorded and it would be escalated to management. Thats nice but why don't you just get me the unlock code!

management service and their at time of policy

I made a purchase of the cell phone and switched my service on Monday May 06, [protected]@ 5:10 p.m. CST. On...

leasing misrepresentation

On 28 Mar 2019, at exactly 5:22 PM I consummated a service deal with on of your franchises (dealers) located at 85 E. Dayton Yellow Springs Rd, Fairborn, OH 45324.

I had decided to move my 15 year service from SPRINT (big mistake now) and retain my phone number. I elected for a service plan at $55 / month for one line. I elected a new Galaxy S9 phone, after inquiring whether there was an option to lease the phone. I was told that the option was available, and I responded with a second question, "How much is the lease per month?" To which the salesperson (the dealership owner I believe) answered "$49.99". I thought about the lease being equal to the monthly service plan for a few minutes, but then agreed. After being asked if I wanted the protection plan, I turned that down.

When the sales person brought the phone out, he laid numerous accessories on the table that included a case, screen cover, etc... He began to ring them up, and I stopped him and said, I said I did not want them. He proceeded to tell me they were necessary... even argued with me that the physical protection was required to ensure that the phone would last. I gave him an emphatic "NO" to the accessories. I paid the activation bill which, upon later inspections, was composed of an activation fee ($25), first month's service plan and phone lease payment.

The phone was activated and to date I have been relatively pleased with the service and coverage. Then... a few weeks later... I happened to notice that a second fee for the phone lease (Progressive Leasing) was automatically deducted from my account, then two weeks later again... I managed to log into my lease account only to discover that the lease price quoted to me for the month by the Cricket salesperson was actually a fee that would be charged every two weeks. So instead of $49.99 / month, the lease is actually $108.31 / month!!! Twice the service plan fee. Upon re-inspection of my sales receipt, I also noticed that in spite of my preference at the time of negotiation, the salesperson also slipped in the Cricket Protection Plan.

I returned to the store today (13 May 2019) to confront the salesperson about the leasing misrepresentation and his only defense was to hand me the leasing company's brochure and tell me I had to take it up with them. I reiterated that the real issue was his misrepresentation of the monthly bill and the deceptive way that the bill had the two week amount on it.

I gave the salesperson ample opportunity to make amends. I insisted he deal with Progressive on my behalf, with the outcome being that arrangement become what he had stated at the time of sale and that the recent withdrawal from my account be refunded. I left while telling him I would deal with it legally. Instead he refused and decided to just immediately physically run and disappear into the back room instead of deal with his customer service problem.

After reading about numerous complaints online I have discovered many other instances of this same deceptive practice. I suspect at this point that the clever deception is one that was previously agreed upon between the Cricket franchise dealer and the leasing company.

Is this practice a Cricket training method for franchisees? It seems so to this customer.

I refuse to quote "try to deal directly with Progressive". Cricket can either fix this in some equitable way, or I will have no recourse but send this narrative to the local Better Business Bureau, the FTC, the State Attorney General's office in Columbus, OH and to heavily report my discontent online on social media. I already chased four customers away in the parking lot in front of the storefront by simply telling my story (and will make random trips back - forever) until something good comes out of this.

I will even hire an attorney if I have to... and yes I will lose money just for the principle of it all in the end if need be.

I have started a file on this problem... This is my first experience with Cricket ever... clichés and simple apologies won't suffice, only actionable remedies.

Dr. Jack Parker

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