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Customer Service

6 Takeda Tobadono-cho, Fushmi-ku
Japan - 612-8501
Kyocera International, Inc.
8611 Balboa Avenue
San Diego, CA 92123-1580
Phone: +1 858 576 2600
Fax: +1 858 492 1456

Key Executives

Mr. John S. Rigby

Mr. William J. Edwards
Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President

Mr. David M. Williams
President of Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corporation

Mr. Eiichi Toriyama
President of Kyocera Communications Inc.

Mr. Steven C. Hill
President of Kyocera Solar Inc.

Complaints & Reviews

kyocera cadence lte ion 3.8v battery

Complaint # [protected]:

i contacted kyocera at their customer service phone number last year after i noticed a noticeable, significant change in the length of time my battery would stay charged. This was after i had the phone for only about six months. My previous lg phone battery lasted seven years.

I have been going back and forth with them since then, and they have continued to string me along, i think hoping i would just go away. All i am asking for is a new battery. They said the company has received multiple complaints like mine, but they have not addressed this. I have asked them repeatedly if and when they are sending me a new battery, and they won't answer or give me a definitive answer. When this battery dies, be assured will never buy another kyocera product again.

All i want is a battery!!!

kyocera duraforce pro

I am having a problem with severe overheating, this is the second time needing to replace the battery or phone itself because of a dangerous over heating situation and/or non charging ability at all. I'm very disappointed after reaching out to the Kyocera Warranty department. I was told that I would have to send the phone in and wait 6-10 days while the phone was researched and deemed to be within warranty time frame OR other option was to pay $44.50 1-2 day for shipping and $259.00 for phone replacement fee (in the event I didn't return damaged phone) What is truly upsetting is that I've spent 3 days trying to find another Kyocera phone exactly like the one I have, after paying insurance for over a year the insurance company doesn't carry this particular phone, Sprint no longer carries this phone so my only option was to contact the Warranty department. I've had an employee without a phone for 5 days now, and can't wait another 10 days so that leaves me with no choice but to switch phones. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and filing a complaint with Consumer Affairs. If you are going to sell products and offer warranties consumers should be able to rely on such warranty if need arises. I found something very suspicious about the people I spoke with in the Warranty Dept. and would no longer recommend Kyocera products to any of my business or marketing colleagues .

contract violation

Dear sirs, I am writing to apply for your assistance in the due course of the conflict situation between the...

complain about xerox/printer machine of our institute

Respected Sir, As per above subject our institute (Government Industrial Training Institute, Ghogha Di...

dura force pro

Verizon customer has been experiencing bad service with battery life phone will not hold a complete charge and phone always overheats whenever he applies the eco setting but it still does not help the situation with saving battery life customer wants to have a resolution for this problem as soon as possible. he claims that this is not his first phone with your company that if this issue doesn't get resolved he will be reaching out to your company for a refund and will file a national complaint and will report company to the BBB!

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Greetings, On 4/26/16 Pinnacle Auto sales purchased a copier from CCA solutions located on 140 east...

fs-c8520mfp/printer is not giving clear print.

machine no-l3k5800817
code no-1102mz3nd0

sir, i have contacted to mr abshiek pandey ([protected]) and he has given the number [protected]) to contact this number after that i have contacted to this number [protected]) and he has told me to our representative will come to check.Mr mukesh came to check and he told me that i have resolved your problem that time i have checked but problem is still same he told me that use your printer after one day it will give clear print in case if problem is same then contact to my number ([protected]) but problem is not resolved then i contacted to mr mukesh .He told me to i will come day after tomorrow .But he didn't come.After that i have called lots of time but he always told i will come.But he never came .Now even he is not attending the call.And printer has un serviceable approx 1 month ago but till it is not repair.
So please do necessary action. And contact number is [protected]

km 2560 / task alfa2551

Kyocera India Team, Please focus on your service part, Its been a month but we are not able to use thi...

Selling to a chunk photocopier

I went to this shop with intention of buying a Kyocera 1635 copier but the sales men convinced me tht 2030...

Poor Quality Cell Phone

I purchased a Kyocera Domino cell phone at Metro PCS for $29 plus a fee $10 for changing phones on my...


Purchased a trac fon on 9-1-09 with 2 hr of minutes, walked out of the store tried to call home and it would'nt work. Took it back to the store they tried for a day to make it work. with no luck.. They refunded my money for the phone but not on the minutes. I was told that phone isnt a very good one that the clerk should never have sold me that one!!! Then why did he????? I feel this is there responsibility to make it right with me. Where do I go to get a refund on my minutes? What a rip off!!! I wont go back to radio shack...

bad product; worse service

Kyocera Color MFP are piece of junk. I am a consultant and one of my client leased color 4035 last year...

no customer service

All the other complaints that the previous writers have submitted are very typical of the cricket busine...

You cannot trust them!

Kyocera, through Verizon, sold me a phone with a defect that I did not discover until after I had been using the phone for a year. The defect prevents the phone from recharging except when on a special cradle. I called Kyocera to get help, and they said it was Verizon’s problem. Verizon would not provide any help. This is a problem these ###s should be able to fix easily, but they refuse.

I will never do business with these sons of a ### again. This was an expensive phone, but I have now learned that they have no support. If you want to get a PDA, do not buy Kyocera. DO NOT BUY ANY KYOCERA PRODUCTS. YOU CANNOT TRUST THEM.