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Straight Talk Wireless Complaints & Reviews

Straight Talk Wireless / unlock phone

CharlotteD1234 on Dec 28, 2017
I bought a phone December 2016 we recently got orders to move overseas by the military. I called the rep and she stated that I could not unlock my phone because straight talk requires for you to maintain service for a year which her from is shy 37 days. So if I do not pay them for another...

Straight Talk Wireless / 30 days refill card

hetty f on Dec 26, 2017
I recently purchased a 30 day refill card on December 22, 2017. They text me on December 26, 2017 and text is service end date is in seven days. I called customer service which they was very rude and ask to speak with the manager who claimed he was checking to see what was going on which...

Straight Talk Wireless / lack of service, refusal to refund for phone

pebelliott on Dec 26, 2017
I had been with StraightTalk for several years, but for the last year my service had declined to the point I could not make or receive a phone call unless I went outside my house. People with different services could use their phones, but mine would not make connection. Starting in August...

Straight Talk Wireless / straight talk

Laquinnia Thomas on Dec 25, 2017
Every month I buy new refill card I never get my data high last monday I boughy ultimate unlimited plan been 7 days without high speed data.. Every time I called they trouble shoot and tell me to turn phone off and sum have even hung phone in my face they had me changing apn setting hard resets on the phone I need help asap... Im tired of this problems

Straight Talk Wireless / unhelpfulness and worsening of issue and considering switching companies

TeelSmith on Dec 12, 2017
Dates-12/10/17-12/12/17, Last 4 phone digits (3584): Incident: Was using my phone, watching YouTube, no issues, when internet stopped working. Found out later in the day that I was unable to make/receive calls or texts. My husband called straighttalk-they told him to have me call back in...

Straight Talk Wireless / what a terrible customer service!

Maksim on Nov 30, 2017
Oh darn, I must confess that they have the worst and the most unorganized customer service consisting of a bunch of idiots who were recruited by chance, I guess. Just judging by the way they tried (they didn't) to help me. They have no clue what's going on, they are poorly aware of the...

Straight Talk Wireless / online order

Rebecca Waugh on Nov 28, 2017
I ordered a phone online on 11/24, my bank account was charged and I was to get overnight shipping. The order was never processed or sent and I have spent hours on hold and being transferred and no one can find my order or give me any further information about the order other than it wa...

Straight Talk Wireless / slow cellular data - false advertising

4622MB on Oct 26, 2017
Worked with Straight Talk on an issue concerning slow cellular data. They offer 8 GB of high speed data and then they throttle down the speed after the user has hit the 8 GB cap. I currently have phone with them with plenty of high speed available and yet I am getting slow speeds. When I...

Straight Talk Wireless / customer service

DisgruntledPS on Oct 23, 2017
I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S7 from Walmart. Called straight talk customer service to put my own phone number on my new phone. I told the representative that I wanted to put my own phone number on to my new phone. He told me to hold on and he came back on the line and said you are all set...

Straight Talk / customer service technical support and refunds

Felicia Richards on Oct 5, 2017
My service has been going in and out for the past 3 weeks. I called to complain about it. And to see if it can be fixed. The lady I first spoke with checked the service area. Even tho I had 4g service I could not send text messages! So she transferred me to another dept to get a refund on...

Straight Talk Wireless / complaining about straight talk wireless and their [censor] customer service

Hawaiianjedi on Sep 2, 2017
I had lost my phone while back and was phoneless for about a month. My mom upgraded to iphone 7 and gave me her iphone 5s she bought understraighttalk. I bought a prepaid service card for 45$ at walmart and had ordered me a sim card for this phone I had received from my mom. When I got it...

Straight Talk Wireless / straight talk

mater1987 on Aug 29, 2017
Ok I bought a new phone for straight talk and I bout the whole year phone card cause I have a 2 yr old and he is going outta state with his mom for a year so I got the 1 yr plan so I can keep in contact with them... I went to add the airtime and it said the airtime card has already been...

Straight Talk Wireless / phone

Rodney L Weeks on Aug 24, 2017
I bought a refurbished galaxy s5 it did not work when I got it call them they said they would send me a new one and send me a return label for the old one said I should get it in three days.waited 3 days called them they said it would be there in 3 days again.waited 4 days no phone called...

Straight Talk Wireless / cellular data and phone plan.

Corey61 on Aug 23, 2017
I bought a brand new Galaxy S5 through straight talk and got the 45$ plan, the first month was halfway decent giving me near 3G speed up to about 6 GBs when i was promised 8 GBs at 4G speed. This month i bought the same plan which is 8 GBs of high speed data, and when using internet my...

Straight Talk / activating my phone

Jamie Longwell on Aug 18, 2017
I wanted to use the Bring Your Own Phone to Straight Talk. I got online and checked my phone compatibility and it said it was compatible on 8/17/2017. I went to Walmart to purchase the activation kit and was told by Walmart to call Straight Talk to be sure it was compatible because the kit...

Straight Talk Wireless / customer service

Mike Weatherholt on Aug 17, 2017
Since the recent update my Straight Talk phone has not been receiving or able to make any calls. I called in Monday with 9 calls after being hung up on because they apparently were tired of trouble shooting. Finally to be told I need a new Sim card. It arrived today. Five more calls. I use...

Straight Talk Wireless / customer service agent

Jonestae460 on Aug 15, 2017
Today I called in to inquire about any possible incentives offered by your company. My phone isn't in good shape and I wanted to know if I could lease a newer model phone. The CSR that handled my call was the rudest person to date that I have ever spoken to as a paying customer. He...

Straight Talk Wireless / unethical behaviour

joseph moses on Jul 31, 2017
on July 1st, 2017, I purchased a cell phone at Walmart, in Queensbury, N.Y. the product serial # was 840354727081969719. The cell phone was a Samsung Galaxy J7. Then on July 2nd, I called in to Straight Talk and asked for a 3 month service card. I used my Visa card for the payment. My bank...

Straight Talk Wireless / wireless / sim card

ReallyPissedoffmamaw on Jul 26, 2017
I called 6 days ago to get a SIM card because they said they couldn't reactivate the one I had, decided to call & make sure it was sent, nope she lied and from reading through your reviews this is your common practice if I'd have known I wouldn't have even started with Straight Talk the...

Straight Talk Wireless / I called about my service.

Ashley Williams2014 on Jul 24, 2017
Ok I called about my cell phone service and to have them fix my problem. And the guy I was talking was rude and lied to me about my service and when I asked to talk to his supervisor he said that I am talking to one. And when I comfronted him about him lieing to me. He said well well...

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