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Straight Talk Wireless Complaints & Reviews

Straight Talk Wireless / Customer service

Oct 21, 2019

Straight Talk WirelessI have spent 2 hrs his morning on the phone with 3 different people trying to refill my service I ran into Walmart before work to buy a card when trying to add it said it was no compatible with my phone I interned call the 1-800 number to see if they could add the service plan and I pay...

Straight Talk Wireless / lg cell phone and service

Oct 18, 2019

I bought a new cell phone and card from Walmart from straight talk. When I got home I tried to use it and activate sim card. It kept reading invalid sim card. I took it back to Walmart three days later. My account said active at this time but home would not work. So Walmart proceeds to...

Straight Talk Wireless / straight talk

Oct 17, 2019

I wish to file a complaint about Straight Talk Wireless on their 30-day billing cycle that they advertise. They are taking my monthly bill every 28 days they're shorting me two days every month. So they are fraudulently advertising a 30-day billing cycle for their unlimited plan but yet...

Straight Talk / data

Oct 16, 2019

False advertising for Data services. I've had this phone company for 10 years now and over the last few years have had difficulty with straight talk not fulfilling what the activation card each month says it will. They do not slow my data down after alltoment runs out often it is just...

Straight Talk Wireless / voicemail

Oct 12, 2019

Can not access my voicemail. Every time I call my voicemail enter my pin it says service not available, good bye then hangs up. I called straight talk customer service for support 3 times, they say they reset my pin to the last 4 of my number and I would receive a email about the pin...

Straight Talk Wireless / no account security and lousy rude customer service

Oct 05, 2019

An ex girlfriend stole a phone from me and I went online to my account to find she had somehow put my account in her name and she never had access to my password or my pin and my bankcard was on file for the account. Ive had the account and my phone number for years and now she had both my...

Straight Talk Wireless / awful customer service

Oct 01, 2019

So I contacted customer service to find out how to get a phone unlocked for me to think of going to another provider, wanted to keep my number, so soon as I got of the call they automatically deactivated my account. With 6 days of service left on my service plan, spent a total of 7 hour...

Straight Talk Wireless / unauthorized charges for phones I didn't order

Oct 01, 2019

I went online and ordered one phone off straight talk site, I received 2 and my bank account was charged for times for the one phone, I called customer service and they admitted that yes this happened but I need to contact my bank and have the do a charge back for the amount a was over...

Straight Talk Wireless / unlimited data

Oct 01, 2019

Straight Talk WirelessI have paid 55.00 for the last two years for unlimited data and they keep shutting my data down saying I have went over my data usage and can't access nothing and I am fed up with it they also keep saying there is no such thing as unlimited data if it is then why do the charge me 55.00...

Straight Talk Wireless / cell phone call quality/overall cell signal

Sep 29, 2019

Hello, my mother, sister and I have had straight talk for many years now as our phone plan. In the last 2-3 months our cell signal has been very poor to the point that places where we had no issue calling from previously are now dead zones. There are very rarely any good service area...

Straight Talk Wireless / rude customer service rep

Sep 15, 2019

We were on the phone with a customer sevice rep for almost an hour and a half trying to understand what very little English this guy was able to speak. My friend kept asking him questions on how to do what he was telling her. He became very impatient raising his voice telling her that she...

Straight Talk Wireless / hotspot data use

Sep 14, 2019

Straight talk recently cut off my hotspot that's built into the phone because we using more than 60 gb a month this is wrong and illegal it came with the phone I pay for unlimited and they kill my hotspot i wasnt doing any illegal downloads we were using it for Netflix we live in a rural...

Straight Talk Wireless / inconsiderate of unusual conditions.

Sep 04, 2019

Purchased a 30 day plan on August 25, 2019 with my credit card for a real close friend girl of mine. She was killed at appx. 2 am August 31, 2019 and another person that was with her died next day from injuries. Both were killed from a hit and run driver. Called on September 4, 2019 and...

Straight Talk Wireless / cellular network

Aug 30, 2019

Getting serious strain on data for no apparent reason.Paying for ultimate unlimited about $60 USD Every month, and before reaching 25G of data use the bandwidth of my connection is cut down significantly. Spoken to a representative more than one time. They fix the issue but the solution...

Straight Talk Wireless / unlimited service

Aug 21, 2019

I live in a rural area. No public utility's. I need internet access and pay for it though my phone. How I use that data should be my choice. I received a notice that my data would be cancelled if I continued using my hot spot. That's crap that in this age of technology we are still told...

Straight Talk Wireless / cell phone service/ data services/ applications/ straight talk customer service

Aug 19, 2019

I've called straight talk multiple times about my phone! It's basically a new phone, bought this year and exchange stopped functioning as well as the main gmail attached to the phone after an update that straighttalk pushed to my phone, but they say they aren't responsible... That it must...

Straight Talk Wireless / phone service plan

Jul 26, 2019

Straight Talk WirelessI have had straight talk for about 7 years and no problems. On July 8 (on my bank statement ) it shows 49.37 taken out of my account well on July 26 my phone service isn't working and I had no choice but to buy another 45.00 phone plan. I called straight talk and they can see all past...

Straight Talk Wireless / poor hotspot device

Jul 17, 2019

As a customer I used my phone as a hotspot as my wife came to visit from my country and for 2 months you don't buy a phone to keep her connected with whatsapp but as friendly as you are you suspended my device due to using my phone as a hotspot I then went and bought a so called hotspot...

Straight Talk Wireless / delivery of cell phone and customer service

Jul 17, 2019

I had to by pass the system on FedEx and explained how Straight Talk wouldn't work with them. They understood and after finally finding the package I finally got my phone. I can not believe how horriable I was treated by Straight Talk. I even tried to explain to them that my phone had...

Straight Talk Wireless / my replacement phone

Jul 16, 2019

I have not received my replacement phone For my phone number [protected] I was told that it is still under warranty and was going to be replaced. It is crucial that I get my phone as soon as possible. I have to have a working phone for work and emergencies. I have an elderly mother who i...

Straight Talk Wireless / customer service

Jul 14, 2019

Cancelled my service in June 2019. Payment came out in July 2019. Called customer service (joke) and was told account closed. I said I know and I want my money back. After speaking to 3 idiots, my debit card is now associated with an account that is not mine. Told rep to remove my debit...

Straight Talk Wireless / phone

Jul 08, 2019

Another company hell bent on giving ppl the runaround vs actually helping them with their problems. They won't restore my service although they're the provider the refer me to the joke of a leasing company! How does this work when the issue isn't the bill not being paid? The issue is them...

Straight Talk Wireless / deactivation of phone with no notice

Jul 06, 2019

Re [protected]: My credit card was fraudulently used and I canceled it on Wed, 3 July and only 3 days later, on Sat, 6 July, straight talk canceled my service without giving me the chance to change the credit card - no notification that the payment didn't go through, nothing... For all I know...

Straight Talk Wireless / data restrictions with unlimited plan/ false advertising

Jun 29, 2019

I have had straight talk since they came put ive always got the unlimited plan but also always had internet so didn't ever notice issues until this last yr I've been in a rural area and I'm disabled the phone is my only communication and there is no internet here, with that being said at...

Straight Talk Wireless / service

Jun 12, 2019

I got a new phone after my last phone work fine with the system for 5 years I got the new phone was told that it was a service problem with the towers I've been through all the steps that I was asked to do I done the reboot everything I bought three separate phones with Straight Talk...

Straight Talk Wireless / mobile service

Jun 03, 2019

ive been with straight talk for 6 months and last Tuesday 05/27/2019 my phone says "searching" where it normally says LTE and I was advised to order a new sim card which I did and received it on Saturday. I activate the new sim card in my phone and it still says "searching" customer...

Straight Talk Wireless / locked iphone 6 - imed: [protected] 3 - telephone [protected]

May 03, 2019

My name is Rachel Lefebvre and I am a Canadian snowbird who resides in North Fort Myers, Florida for approximately 6 months out of the year. I purchased an iphone 6 at Walmart in North Fort Myers, Florida in November 2018. I could have chosen any supplier at that time but I chose Straight...

Straight Talk Wireless / auto pay

Apr 27, 2019

They are taking out two phone payments every month since i started service every month I have to call and end up so angry I start yelling .they promise me every month they will fix it and refund my money and never do now I'm gonna cancel my husbands service because I'm tried of calling...

Straight Talk Wireless / unable to reach my voicemail

Apr 26, 2019

I believe there was a storm or something and I was unable to reach my voicemail. I can't enter a password that I have saved for myself. I figured something got struck my lightning or destroyed. I figured I would wait a couple of days and it's still not letting me call my voicemail. It say...

Straight Talk / cell phones

Apr 23, 2019

The absolute worst customer service imaginable! As long as they get the money they could care less about trying to resolve a issue. Lost service 5 days ago, can not dial out, receive, or text in any manner. Beware! They had been a good service provider until a problem arises, now, many...

Straight Talk Wireless / unlimited data

Apr 12, 2019

Straight talk states that unlimited data only consist of 60gb then you have to buy a new $55 unlimited plan to restore the high speed data. My data has been throttle after 28gb of data used. When i talked to straight talk they said to restore the high speed internet i had to buy another...

Straight Talk Wireless / straight talk phone with unlimited data

Apr 10, 2019

I have had straight talk for about ten years and I have to use wifi to do anything on internet I contact them they said it's normal I told them no it's not i been paying 55.00 a month for UNlimited data and cant access nothing without wifi and they claim thats normal I haven't had 4g on...

Straight Talk Wireless / auto refill

Apr 06, 2019

My phone was stolen, so I cancelled auto refill for that number: [protected]. I was charged anyways. I have gotten nowhere with the customer service numbers. Just got charged again. You can e-mail me at: [protected] Thank you, Gary L. Klein P.S. I have tried the number...

Straight Talk Wireless / auto payment

Mar 28, 2019

I called and cancelled auto refill on 3-24-19. They took the money out of my account anyway resulting in overdraft. When I called it took the same morning it was taken out it took 3 days to put my money back in but I still owed for the overdrafts that this caused. I had my money all...

Straight Talk Wireless / adding a service plan

Mar 23, 2019

I added a service plan to my Straight Talk Wireless through the app on my phone. I always just plug in the service pin number and at the end of my service plan the new plan is added. It was asking me if I wanted to add now or reserve. I was a little stumped because it has never asked me...

Straight Talk Wireless / straight talk wireless data

Mar 21, 2019

Data runs out in 1 day after you pay for your minutes.i call and they say reboot your phone or I have used up all mydata also when i paid for min they was placed on some one else's number when I called back to tell them they said they had refunded the money back but didnt.they scam people...

Straight Talk Wireless / customer services

Mar 18, 2019

I called to actavite a phone I thought I had gotten a 55 dollar unlimited card but what I was given was a 35 dollar card with 3 gigs of data and the phone number was changed 3 times in the course of 2 hours to resolve this without loss of service corporate agreed to reset the data when it...

Straight Talk Wireless / unlimited data

Mar 12, 2019

Straight Talk WirelessI purchased an unlimited data plain for 55 dollars which the card stated unlimited unlimited data. Well when I reach a certain amount of data they blocked me from being able to use any data. I still had 20 days left of service before I had to refill my account. I called them and they told...

Straight Talk Wireless / customer service

Mar 12, 2019

I attempted to purchase a phone on line. It took 5 attempts to complete the order, thanks to their website (even with chat assistance). When I finally completed the order and pressed confirm, the screen read "system failure". I then tried to place the order over the phone. I was connected...

Straight Talk Wireless / straight talk prepaid plan

Mar 11, 2019

I purchased a Galaxy J3 Orbit with Straight Talk simply because the $55 prepaid plan stated "unlimited data". I used the phone mainly as a hotspot for my Xbox one to play online games and watch Netflix. In a matter of 16 days I used well over 60GB and didn't think anything about it because...