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Complaints & Reviews

Straight talk completely cuts off data no 2g

Ok so every month I have to call several time to remind straight talk that 2g mean you have a connection. I use all my data every month so every month they shut down my high speed yet they say you have 2g data after the "unlimited" is out the issue is and why no one recalls that you can do every thing on 2g it just takes forever to download and buffers videos every thing eles like browsing ex looking up things should work just fine.strighttalk completely shut off internet connection untill I call about five times for my husband and my phone and get ride the they turn it on but it's still throttled can't we do something .i can't be alone you folks do know this right.

Straight talk

I've had 3 new phones in the last 3 months on straight talk, thinking that it was the issue. It's not, it's straight talk. This phone is a month old iPhone and for the last month, I only have service maybe 4 hours a day!!! I've called them min 25 times! I just of them $60 on 3/07/20 and for last 3 days my service sucks with only 4 hours of service! They are ripping people off!

Imei# 35 [protected] 750


unlimited high speed data

I am changing to a different company because clearly the word unlimited means 60MG of data period. I have to put more money on my phone just to keep my data on and I want to sue Straight talk because the issue from the last class action lawsuit was not enough of a red flag for you to stop selling refill card that say unlimited everything when that's nothing but a all out lie. No where on the $90.00 or $55.00 card does it say anythin about only being 60 MB of high speed mobile data. And I hope to god the company goes under!!!

unlimited high speed data
unlimited high speed data

high speed data

I payed for Unlimited high speed mobile data and it got shut off because according to Straight talk that's only 60 MB of data. I had to pay more money to get my data turned back on and lose the remaining air time on my phone for the unlimited data I had already paid for. I'm not the only one who has been lied to about what Unlimited means by straight talk and until they are shut down they clearly have no reason to stop this.

high speed data
high speed data

  • Updated by Dollysmith1985 · Feb 18, 2020

    I want my money back for the "unlimited data" that was only 60 MB of high speed data!!!

we want our money or data back

For over one year and 6 months my son and I have spent 1079.00 on 55 dollar unlimited data. I bought two within a two week period and every time we purchase the unlimited data they turn it off. So many times we could only make emergency calls. We have reported to bbb we have been more than patient with this company and they refuse to honor their commitment. We want our money or data back.
We have also bought 7 phones between us but after the 15 day period the phones mysteriously tear up. They have yet again throttled or capped our data and im fed up

we want our money or data back

cell phone/mobile phone payments

Straighttalk has been double charging me every month for the past two years. When you call them they deny that it's happening but I have the proof in my bank account. Today I called my bank and put a stop payment on that charge and also filed a claim. Wells Fargo bank and the claim #[protected]. This is the second time I have dealt with this. I filed a claim last year and I was only able to get back three months worth of payments from Wells Fargo. Straighttalk does NOT admit they are doing this and it is rampant. They are preying on people like me who do not regularly check our accounts. I have a financial advisor now and I won't let this happen again but they owe me at least $691.

unlimited data plans are not really unlimited!

I purchase the $55 unlimited plan every single month, and have since it came out. Just recently straight talk wireless has been cutting off my data plan in its entirety. They tell me I have gone over my 10g hotspot, which I understand, but they not only cut off my hotspot capability, they cut off my entire data. I pay $55 a month for something that says unlimited, I expect unlimited! Straight talk wireless is stealing their customers hard earned money left and right! Straight talk wireless is misleading it's customers with big bold print unlimited data on their cards, but they are not giving us unlimited data! That is false advertising! If I am going over my free 10g hotspot I should get a text message notification warning me, but I don't! They just cut me completely off in the middle of whatever i'm doing online with no explanation! Cutting off my hotspot is understandable after my 10g's is used up, but to cut off my entire data is unacceptable! I want in on a class action lawsuit asap!

straight talk phone

I noticed my phone had no service around 5pm Thursday Jan. 5 2020. I called straight talk and found out my number was transferred to another phone. I did NOT do that. So when I called customer service I ended up talking to about 10 different ppl because when they would transfer me the call kept ending. So someone STOLE my phone no# AND minutes...and I can't get it back!
PHONE no#...[protected]

monthly plans

I get there 55 dollar a month plan on or around the 21st of each month to keep my service active. However, around the 26th or 27th of November they cut my data off claiming I had used up all of the high speed data. Yet the 55 dollar a month card has unlimited talk, text, and data. It took me several hours and several phone calls to get it back. Now around the 26th or 27th of last month they did it again to me. This time they are claiming that I don't have mobile hotspot with my plan along with the fact that they sent a text to me stating this. However, I never received a single text stating this, and my 55 dollar a month plan clearly states that I have 10GB of mobile hotspot data along with my unlimited talk, text, and data. So I have no way of reaching my doctor's office nor my worker's comp insurance agent due to the fact I had surgery on my knee I had injured at work the end of last month. So now I have to borrow other people's phones just to keep in touch with both places. And they told me that I can have my service back if I paid for another 55 dollar monthly plan. This is the last time I want anything to do with them. I plan on switching companies once I get paid tomorrow. For I do not appreciate them turning my data off because they want to, and expect me to just pay them more money just to get it turned back on.

monthly plans

Straight Talkunlimited data plan with 10gb hotspots

I upgraded to the unlimited data with 10gbs hotspot. After having the $35 plan for months. After having the $55 plan for only two weeks my data was shut off completely no data at all. After calling I was told since I was on a att network hotspot was not allowed and no way to get data back unless I got another BYOP sim card and another plan. I have been without data for a week and can't use none of my Google pay or any other services I use my data for. I am losing money over not being able to get into my emails.

  • Us
    user2124328 Jan 25, 2020

    The ultimate unlimited plan now has 10g of hotspot data. The 2 line ultimate unlimited plan doesn't. They are both admittedly ultimate inlimited plans. Where you simply save money by having 2 lines. How on the same plan do you get hotspot data with one card and not get hotspot data with the other. It's unreasonable. When you buy a plan it should always be the same whether you decide to take advantage of saving on two lines or not. After all its just suppose to be 2 of the same thing!!! Why offer it if you don't want to be fair about it? This sole reason is about to make me drop both lines. I loved strait talk until they decided to be shady

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straight talk phone cards service

On dec 28 2019 added time off phone card, it gave me a total of 39 days of service, On jan 1 2020, 611611 said card was entered a second time, Which we know is a lie you cannot enter a card twice. Anyway on Dec 28 straight talk took away 7 days of my phone time and refuse to give my days back, what a rip off its 7 dollars of theft by straight talk.

unlimited wireless data with hotspot

This is the second time that this plan has turned off my hotspot even though I did not use 10 gb of data through my hotspot connection.
I called customer service and spent more than an hour with three different agents trying to find the problem only to be told that I used all my hoty data which I absolutely did not.
My phones data usage shows that I used 9.3 gb of data OVERALL which is under the ten gig limit and my hotspot was turned off.
The overall data usage included data used by my phones browser AND by my hotspot.
I only used my phones data connection and browser for downloads and the only data I used through my hotspot was to load webpages, pics, and short vids.
There is no possible way that I used ten gig of data through my hotspot but they turned me off anyway.
The last agent manager told me that their system said I used my hotspot data up which is untrue since I used just over nine gb of data overall between hotspot and my phone browser.
He refused to fix the problem or even tell me how they computed hotspot usage.
I am absolutely dissatisfied with this service and unless this problem is fixed, I will find another wireless carrier AND I will never spend another cent in Walmart AND I will tell everyone I know that you do not get what you pay for with straight talk wireless.
Fix this problem or I walk and tell everyone.

unlimited wireless data with hotspot
unlimited wireless data with hotspot

been trying for three weeks to export my phone number to a different company

I have had my same number for several years and need to change to a different company. Not willing to do it or work with the company. Extremely unprofessional after being a customer for over 7 years
Do not use straight talk
I currently have three phones in my name and 4 other family members have this service as well, will cancel all service if not resolved tomorrow am.
How unprofessional not to release my phone number
Will report to the BBB and Fcc

phone service

my plan was set to expire Dec 25. I tried to hit the brick and mortar walmart to but a card but it was xmas eve and they closed early. No worries! I'll put cash on my paypal card when they open tomorrow - oh wait they are closed christmas.
It took me most of the day after celebrating xmas with my household to do it, but i loaded money on to my card at cvs and went home to purchase straighttalk service on the straighttalk website. I quickly entered my card info but after i hit submit i noticed i mistyped the security code. I got a pop up saying the charge was declined yet I got an email alert that my card had been charged. It was a pending transaction. $ no longer available as it's tied us in that pending authorization. I called ST customer service - they told me they couldn't do anything and to talk to my bank. But they said those charges typically clear after a few hours so i'd be fine to get service Dec 26. My bank was of course closed Dec 25 and I worked Dec 26 during open hours - but kept checking for the promised reversal. It's the 27th and it's still pending. Talked to paypal and they said only ST can release the authorization. Talked to ST and they refused.


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    NotGonnaHappen1989 Dec 27, 2019

    Maybe next time you'll be more slow and careful when entering important information.

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    Bellamie Dec 27, 2019

    Perhaps you need to plan better rather than waiting until the last minute.

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sim card order/shipment

FedEx required a signature but I am never home.
Fedex acount manager didn't give me the option to pick it up or leave it at my door as they always had previously; Complaint filed with FedEx already.

Straight Talk didn't even attempt to help me, they just refered to their terms and conditions stating I had to sign for it. They didn't try to contact FedEx to have me pick it up, and they are refusing still to contact FedEx to have the order returned for my refund. Essentially I have a $50+ order that I have already paid for that is being held captive by Straight Talk and FedEx with neither side willing to assist. It is absolutely the most insane and horrible customer service I've ever received from 2 companies at the same time pointing fingers at me and completely unwilling to help.

As i former customer service rep for a satellite communications company, we had products that I could easily have redirected via the shipper. We had many, many tools and were able to customize the heck out of the delivery options for the customer. Those are the days of old, customer service now is outsourced to India and they could care less if they actually help you because saving money is more important to these terrible companies.

straight bulls××t from straight talk

I buy the ultimate unlimited $55 plan. However it's not really unlimited 60+GB is considered excessive use and you get throttled. Use of hotspot gets you throttled at 60GB per straight talk customer service. However at 13 GB of usage hotspot won't connect. It's been 2 days of no hotspot. My neighbor who I convinced to get straight talk a year ago can't connect with only 5GB of usage. She called complaining and admitted using hotspot but like me is fine with getting throttled at 60GB. Straight talk completely disconnected her phone. She is only a little over 2 weeks into her 30 day plan. We understand we are violating the policy however we was told that in doing so we would 've slowed down/throttled at 60 GB. We are both ok with that. However I'm only at 13 GB and she was only at 5GB. Changing their mind and cutting her completely of us straight Bullsh×t.


I have been with Straight Talk for 5+ years.Today I called because I needed my phone unlocked to take overseas. They refused to do it. Said that I needed to buy a new unlocked phone. I asked 4 different people that if I have to buy a new phone give me one good reason I should stay with your company if this is what you do after 5 years of service. Not one could tell me why I should stay and 2 of them were supposedly supervisors. So after 5 years if this is the customers service I get and I have to to buy a new phone then onward and upward I'm leaving this company for someone that appreciates my money and can at least give me 1 good reason to stay with them. Pretty sad when your own employees can't give me a reason to stay with your company.

pay for the data I should be able to use it how I want

Was tethering my lap top computer to my phone they said that I couldn't what difference does it make I pay for for the data, why can't I use my data how I want? Everyone who is unhappy with Straight talk service should join in class action lawsuit they have been sued before for misinformation they lost and played out 40 million, time to put this company out of business for good they act like they are above the law and laws do not apply to them!

misleading on hotspot

For 2yrs I have been using hotspot on my phone, no issues because straight talk told me that they don't support hotspot. So I get a email saying to I have used up my hotspot. I looked through my emails and haven't received not one email of the this change. I want to know what I need to do to sue them for being mislead. The only way I can get hotspot back is if I pay 55.00 a month.. or when my hotspot 10gb is up. I want to sue them now...

straight talk smartpay

On the 22 of October i bought a service plan from straight talk 49$ and from smart pay 49$ thinking the card i payed on the smart pay was my bill... it was not it was another service plan. When i went on the automated pay system on nov.5 it asked me to reactivate the service press 1 i did the system took out $54.82. Then i had an additional payment taken out for $54.82. All together this is almost 200$ and the refund department REFUSED TO HELP ME. I LOST ALL THE TIME I PAYED FOR. After being on the phone for 2 and ahalf hours. Nothing was resolved and i had to pay 39$ for them to reactivate the phone witch is use for work and for my children to get ahold of me. I am astonished by the amount of resistance that I received as i DID pay for the service and feel as though noone cared they were ripping me off. I pay about 200$ for 1 month of service. Was refued to be able to speak to a supervisor. I have been a straittalk customer for years and NEVER received such bad treatment!!! I have always referred friend family and even strangers to your service and now i feel like that was a mistake. If this doesn't get resolved i will have no choice to take my business eles where. I am not asking for free stuff or anything just i receive the service i payed for.!!!

straight talk smartpay
straight talk smartpay
straight talk smartpay

customer service

I am a senior and having some trouble with my phone that I bought from Walmart that is designated for Straight Talk Wireless. Today I called and spoke with a Supervisor named Andreas and his number is 540124. He didn't speak very good English and did not have any answers for me regarding my problem with the phone. He also did not refer me or transfer me to someone that could help. I will be shopping for another phone and wireless provider very soon.

$55 plan they shut off my data

Straight talk wireless offers a $55 unlimited plan. The last several months they have [censored] off my data claiming I went over my data usage. I understood and read that going over a certain amount of data would slow it not shut it off! According to my phones data manager I did not go over and the customer service person could not even get his story straight! They told me to refer to their policy garbage online about data overages. Its false advertising and straight up fraud! Do not use straight talk! I'm switching companies.

cell service

Had Straight Talk for 1 year, suddenly four days ago my service was cut with 6 days remaining. Used the online chat and talked to 3 different barely english speaking "tech supports" on the phone, evidently all history of me having straight talk was gone, phone number didn't show up in system or the straight talk sim card. Was basically told I never had straight talk, so I was completely cut off and the 45 dollar plan I had not used yet vanished and could not be refunded. I can't be the only one whose account information vanished. Already on a different carrier.

unable to send / receive text message

On 10/28/2019 in the evening I stopped receiving and sending texts, On the 29 in the morning I was able to send and receive texts for a little bit but then I stopped receiving and sending. I contacted straight talk and was on the line for almost 30 minutes, It started off good but when we went through all the easy things to check it was like they just stopped talking to me. I tried to talk and no one would answer when I could hear them talking in the back ground, I got feed up with it and so I hung up. I then called back about 20 minutes later and talked to a Cindy, She walked me through the same things and then was unable to fix it. so transferred me to a guy, He had me try a few things which didn't work and then he did the same thing, I could hear him talking and joking and laughing with others around him, I would try and get his attention by saying something and he wouldn't respond. I still do not have text nor at this point do I want anything to do with Straight Talk. I will start looking for a new provider tomorrow.
I was on the phone for over 35 minutes the second time and about 25 the first time.
I took pictures of my phone showing the call and the history. I would think that you can go back and listen to the call if in fact you really do record them.

Thank you



customer service and management

Ok I bought refill card and refilled my service and my hotspot stopped working so went through 611 and customer support many time s and nothing . so told to purchase extra data to see if helped issue and did not and got tech support and they claim purchased 45 dollar plan and that is why . I do believe was a 55 dollar card that I purchased but being over week ago no longer have the card . and so asked them to go thru history and see have always bought 55 dollar card since learned of it . so asked what can I do to correct problem or mistake and said purchase new 55 dollar card and loose the supposed 45 dollar card or wait till end date and so I asked about extra data I purchased and was told since used 700 mb of data since beginning of cycle nothing could do . not because went over monthly plan of data but 700 mb of data period lol. Ok I use my hotspot to play a game and have spent more money on that game than 5 years of service for me and my kids and wife and parents will change companies before let game go lol. My household 6 plans at 55 dollars a month is 330 dollars a month and because they have no way to attempt to help with this would lose us because no way to add money and correct issue and nothing can do about any of it except steal 50 from someone lol if that way you guys do business have no clue how still in business . but this will be last time you do it to this family and this not first time of getting ripped off by you first time was had to order sim card but had to purchase plan first so active and by time got sim card and activated had to purchase another plan to activate do asked for credit of plan could not use cause of waiting on new sim card so 45 dollars for plan did not make 1 call on and now this . and will make sure every media site can post on will get posted on . and will spend money somewhere else where they appreciate my business and work to provide a service to fit my needs . won't stay in business like this for ever .

customer service

I have spent 2 hrs his morning on the phone with 3 different people trying to refill my service I ran into Walmart before work to buy a card when trying to add it said it was no compatible with my phone I interned call the 1-800 number to see if they could add the service plan and I pay the balance that was needed with my credit card he stated that what he could do was at the plan in which I would receive only 20 days of service instead of the 30 I said that was fine whatever works best I wanted put on several holds supervisor had to approve it in which they did said I was good to go never received benefits or the message saying it was applied to my account service steal inactive called again told the lad what happened with last call she stated the card/pin was inactive and I needed to take it back to the store mind you I had talked to customer service agent 30 minutes prior and pin was fine I asked her to check information from my call that I placed not even a hr ago she said she had no notes on my calling and couldn't see if I called I asked to speak with a supervisor he looked over my notes and told me the card was purchased 2 days ago and applied to a different number how could that even be possible if I just purchase the pain/card this morning at 7:51 so finally after the back and forth with him he added my service plan then made the comment the after today that pin will be removed from the system and won't be able to be used again like I was being dishonest about just buying it as I sit here with my receipt in hand I have been with you guys for years and I'm very upset and disappointed in how this was handled customer service is very poor and I'm am very upset and not happy

customer service

lg cell phone and service

I bought a new cell phone and card from Walmart from straight talk. When I got home I tried to use it and activate sim card. It kept reading invalid sim card. I took it back to Walmart three days later. My account said active at this time but home would not work. So Walmart proceeds to tell me it's a defective sim card and that they don't carry new some card and that's what I needed. So ok I was told to contact the company and they will send a replacement. Ok so it's five days later first attempt made to call I sit on hold for 45 minutes and then get told there closed call back again. Ok so it's two more days day I try again and after an hour I get to hear a human voice finally and guess what soon as I give him information I get disconnected. So ok it's been another four days until. Get time to call again. I try online this time have a full conversation with the chat Alexander on chat support without getting anything but disconnected. Then I call and get Daisy she acts like she's helping and tells me I have to be transfered to someone else but guess what there closed already. So over 2 this hours wasted. Now I call the next day and the issue gets fixed finally. But they will not give me credit for the days that the phone has not been used . I take to a supervisor and pretty much sums it up as your screwed we do not care if you have service with us or not. Soon as my time is up I'm transferring service big mistake by thinking your company cared.

straight talk

I wish to file a complaint about Straight Talk Wireless on their 30-day billing cycle that they advertise. They are taking my monthly bill every 28 days they're shorting me two days every month. So they are fraudulently advertising a 30-day billing cycle for their unlimited plan but yet every 28 days they're charging me so I'm losing two days every month by the end of the year all of lost almost a complete month.

Straight Talkdata

False advertising for Data services. I've had this phone company for 10 years now and over the last few years have had difficulty with straight talk not fulfilling what the activation card each month says it will. They do not slow my data down after alltoment runs out often it is just completely turned off and non accessable. I've spent a rediculous amount of money into this company to not be able to use my internet AT ALL.


Can not access my voicemail. Every time I call my voicemail enter my pin it says service not available, good bye then hangs up. I called straight talk customer service for support...

no account security and lousy rude customer service

An ex girlfriend stole a phone from me and I went online to my account to find she had somehow put my account in her name and she never had access to my password or my pin and my bankcard was on file for the account. Ive had the account and my phone number for years and now she had both my active phones under her name. i called and was able to get my account recovered and changed the pin and password. I bought a new phone and put the number on it that she had stolen and a couple days later the phone says sim card not provisioned and no network. I go to my account and she has managed to put it all back into her name. I called them again and they informed me very rudely that my phone, the new one was a stolen phone. I tried to explain what was going on but I could not reason with anyone there. They were totally oblivious to the fact that this was my account, my phone numbers, and my bank card on file. They insisted that she must have known the new pin and password but that is impossible. I'm sure she simply called them and they changed it into her name again. My new phone was now on a blacklist and couldnt be activated. Again they were extremely rude and hung up on me several times. They insisted that I show proof that I had put the last refill on the phone and they would reactivate it. They could have looked and saw that I refilled the phone on my bankcard through them but at this point she had purchased a refill card and in these idiots mind that made the phone hers because I couldnt show that I was the last to refill it. She appearently didnt have to provide any proof of ownership to get the phone and my account changed into her name and have my new phone blacklisted and useless to me.I finally got reciepts from walmart for both phones showing that I had purchased them on the same card they had on file. I was able to recover the account again that had two active phones of mine and now a blacklisted phone and my bank card on it. I finally got someone to give me the email address where I could send the reciepts to prove the phones were mine. The woman read the email as fast as she could to keep me from getting it and after I yelled loud enough she read it slowly so i could understand it and she was being a total [censored] about it. At this point I am waiting for a reply from that department but from what I've seen so far I can't expect much. I've never seen such blatant stupidity and rudeness from any other company before.

awful customer service

So I contacted customer service to find out how to get a phone unlocked for me to think of going to another provider, wanted to keep my number, so soon as I got of the call they automatically deactivated my account. With 6 days of service left on my service plan, spent a total of 7 hours on and off the phone trying to fix the issue, I just keep getting the same thing, nothing, can't do this can't do that, transfer to one after the other .. Very pissed,

unauthorized charges for phones I didn't order

I went online and ordered one phone off straight talk site, I received 2 and my bank account was charged for times for the one phone, I called customer service and they admitted that yes this happened but I need to contact my bank and have the do a charge back for the amount a was over charged! Why? I didn't make the mistake, they did and I should just be given a refund of the 275 dollars they charged!

unlimited data

I have paid 55.00 for the last two years for unlimited data and they keep shutting my data down saying I have went over my data usage and can't access nothing and I am fed up with it they also keep saying there is no such thing as unlimited data if it is then why do the charge me 55.00 every month this has been going on for over two years something needs to 0be done

unlimited data

cell phone call quality/overall cell signal

Hello, my mother, sister and I have had straight talk for many years now as our phone plan. In the last 2-3 months our cell signal has been very poor to the point that places where we had no issue calling from previously are now dead zones. There are very rarely any good service areas anymore. Nothing has changed in those areas so we assume it is the Straight Talk. We would just like to know why the quality has steadily declined and how we/you can resolve it so we can make a call, send a text, and receive it with minimal issues. Thank you.

rude customer service rep

We were on the phone with a customer sevice rep for almost an hour and a half trying to understand what very little English this guy was able to speak. My friend kept asking him questions on how to do what he was telling her. He became very impatient raising his voice telling her that she was harassing him when all she was trying to do was have him explain what he needed her to do. He never tried to help her understand anything. He has a piss poor attitude and needs to be reprimanded and I would like to have a copy of the recorded conversation. At first she was told the phone she had wasn't compatible with straight talk which obviously was a lie since that is the phone that is now active. I gave her my straight talk phone so she now had 2 sets of numbers to deal with when Mr Alvarado asked for a number he was well aware that she now had the phone she brought to y'alls service and a straight talk phone. He had her confused and just kept getting louder to the point where I told him to lower his tone.

hotspot data use

Straight talk recently cut off my hotspot that's built into the phone because we using more than 60 gb a month this is wrong and illegal it came with the phone I pay for unlimited and they kill my hotspot i wasnt doing any illegal downloads we were using it for Netflix we live in a rural area where internet companies suck now we got nothing I'm not the only one recently slot of people hotspots died the same time mine did some even lost service completely without the possibility of reactivation wtf straight talk are a bunch of lying crooks

inconsiderate of unusual conditions.

Purchased a 30 day plan on August 25, 2019 with my credit card for a real close friend girl of mine. She was killed at appx. 2 am August 31, 2019 and another person that was with her died next day from injuries. Both were killed from a hit and run driver. Called on September 4, 2019 and asked to possibly get a prorated refund due to unavoidable circumstances. My option given was to have rest of plan transfered to another phone and there was nothing else they could do. Sorry but I don't walked around with Straight Talk customers in my hip pocket and I will help that anyone I know don't become one either. Thanks for nothing.

cellular network

Getting serious strain on data for no apparent reason.Paying for ultimate unlimited about $60 USD Every month, and before reaching 25G of data use the bandwidth of my connection is cut down significantly.

Spoken to a representative more than one time. They fix the issue but the solution is only effective for 3 days until my data is strained again.

unlimited service

I live in a rural area. No public utility's. I need internet access and pay for it though my phone. How I use that data should be my choice. I received a notice that my data would be cancelled if I continued using my hot spot. That's crap that in this age of technology we are still told how to use the service for what ever lame excuses. My money, my data. If I stream to my phone its OK but if I use my laptop or Roku its illegal.