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Straight Talk Wireless Complaints & Reviews

Straight Talk Wireless / straight talk customer stole my net10 account

Elaine Haygood on Apr 21, 2017
Found out today that my net10 wireless account was canceled by someone with a straight talk account on 3/20/2017. The really horrible part is that they took the automatic payment from my net10 wireless account to pay for the straight talk account on 4/10/2017. I have the transaction id number...

Straight Talk Wireless / Customer service

Lasawn on Apr 7, 2017
I don't like straight they are very ignorant an compulsive lyars how can you be an employee an lie an say your the manager an you told me wat ever you say to me the manager gon say the same thing for one how do you no an for two your not supposed to be speaking apon a manager an if I...

Straight Talk Wireless / Customer service

SayNoToStraightTalk on Apr 5, 2017
Two weeks ago, I called straight talk's customer service line to order a new sim card for a previously activated phone. After being on the phone with the lady for over an hour, I received the incorrect sim card. The sim card I received was for the phone we we're already using. However, I...

Straight Talk Wireless / Customer service /phone galaxy core prime

Larry Bush on Apr 4, 2017
Purchased Phone and the service a year ago and for the last 10 months I have had nothing but complaints and have called and called and still get the runaround from people that swear they speak English but their accent is so thick you can't understand them and then they want to be...

Straight Talk Wireless / Data usage throttling

Angie Cornwell Bates on Mar 27, 2017
I have been a straight customer for over 2 years. Almost every month, my high speed data would be slowed to worse than dial up speed. I decided that maybe there was fine print that i had missed with the 45.00 a month plan so i switched last month to the 55 dollar a month plan so i could...

Straight Talk / Number and time transfer

Richard Yearian on Mar 14, 2017
my husband lost his phone and a friend gave us a phone to use to transfer his number to, this phone is exactly like the one my husband lost. Well I tried to transfer the stuff to this phone and they told me I had to take it to wal-mart, so i did I spent and hour and a half in wal-mart with...

Straight Talk Wireless / Poor customer service and unethical behavior

James Carpenter on Mar 7, 2017
On 3/6/2017 I contacted customer support because a phone on my account was deactivated without warning. When I called Straight Talk customer service, I was read the terms and conditions, but never received an explanation as to why the ism card was made inactive. There was one rep that...

Straight Talk Wireless / Michael the customer service manager

Mamakitty1503 on Mar 4, 2017
This manager was the rudest, most unhelpful person I have ever worked with. Even tired to deactivate my personal number to get my husbands working. He couldn't tell us what was wrong or how to fix it. He wouldn't corporate. & when I asked for a transfer he told me it was impossible. Thi...

Straight Talk Wireless / Customer service

MarilynnBoyd on Feb 28, 2017
Hello, My name is Marilynn Boyd. I called you guys earlier because my phone was stolen. I'd given the young lady all of my info and then I was transferred again. They told me to do the automatic call back because it would take 30 minutes for a rep. Well, the rep has called me back and...

Straight Talk Wireless / Cell phone service

Susan Williams on Feb 24, 2017
I just had to pay for 1 month twice!! I paid for a month On Feb. 6th. Which would get me into March. Correct? Yes. So today is Fed 24th, I went to use my phone this morning and it said it was deactivated. SO in order to use my phone again I had to pay again today for another month...

Straight Talk Wireless / Cell towers

Markdat on Feb 18, 2017
Cannot access the apple store via phone (apple music) with wifi off. Also could not send a basic email a couple of days ago when I was traveling with the wifi off through Milwaukee. Straight talk towers couldn't send a basic email through my email app? Are you kidding me? Straight talk...

Straight Talk Wireless / Customer service

ElleMae1 on Feb 14, 2017
I've been with Straight Talk for years. I just bought a Samsung Galaxy 5 two weeks ago and the battery gets super hot, screen too. I don't leave my WiFi or data on when I'm not using it (using the phone or when the display is off), I don't let apps run in the background, I only have it...

Straight Talk Wireless / 10gb refill card

Cjk90 on Feb 12, 2017
I've wasted an hour of my morning trying to talk to 'tech support' with only 1 of the 6 people even TRYING to help. I've never had problems with you guys, EVER. I ALWAYS recommend you to my friends and family because you can't beat the price and service! Until today, yesterday 02/11/17 I...

Straight Talk / Broken phone and my sim card didn't work!

Santa on Feb 7, 2017
I had a very bad experience with Straight Talk. I bought their phone and when I received my phone it didn't work. I just took it out of the box and nothing. Contacted Straight Talk support service and I was on the phone with them for over an hour and their rep wasn't able to assist me! I...

StraightTalk / Customer service and mobile service

Bama41 on Feb 3, 2017
Ok I am a new customer with Straighttalked I had their service almost a month it started off bad the first 3 days they told me I done use my 5 gb not possible I have been with a few provider's I never used 5 gb in 3 days I think they are cheating us customer out of data and the...

Straight Talk Wireless / Service

digitaldna7 on Jan 29, 2017
2 mo in a row my daughter has been cheated on her service her time is only 2 weeks long she is not Even getting a full mo of service all I can say is keep ur cards All morning Cuzz u people will screw hard working people off and that's not right u have the nerve to treat people like thi...

Straight Talk Wireless / Lg stylo 2

CWatson on Jan 21, 2017
Hello, my name is Cheyenne Watson and I have had service with you for about five years. I have never had a problem Until now. I did have a byop plan with a Samsung note 3. I recently bought a LG stylo through Wal-Mart that was a straight talk phone. I called the number provided to transfer my...

Straight Talk / Unlock policy

Person69 on Dec 31, 2016
My $600 iphone 5 which i have owned since new at least 4 years is not "eligable" to be unlocked. I switched to t mobile as straittalk has the worst customer service i have ever experienced!... That is, IF you can ever actually get a real person. So if u choose straittalk, DO NOT BUY AN...

Straight Talk / Refund on the order of a phone I cancelled.

Mariah Monique on Dec 20, 2016
On November 2, 2016, I purchased a Samsung Galaxy s4 from straight talk. The same day I cancelled the order because, I wanted to wait and get a more updated phone. On November 3, $111.69 was taking from my account from straight talk. I was told I would receive an email to verify that I...

Straight Talk / Samsung galaxy core prime

Linda Rook on Nov 2, 2016
I ordered the phone directly from Straight Talk within 2 weeks of purchase the sim card would no longer work. They replaced the card. With in a week of receiving the new card, the sim went out again. This time the phone was replaced. Once again the sim card is not working. During all thi...

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