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HTC - HTC U11 and HTC websites

I have to say that even my patience is at an end. I'm usually pretty good at navigating through support pages and finding what I need. This time, it just isn't possible. Links around the various HTC sites go to non-existent pages or to sunset products.

I've been trying to upgrade my U11 to LineageOS 18. I realize this is a 3rd party vendor, but YOUR site gives instructions and links that don't work for YOUR software. The only reason I considered LineageOS is that HTC gave 1 update for the phone while most companies give 2 and some give quite a few more.

I'm EXTREMELY disappointed with HTC in both their product updates as well as their lack of care in maintaining their own websites.

This phone will most likely be the last HTC product I purchase and I will use my influence to ensure that those in my circles go elsewhere for their devices. This is just unacceptable.

Desired outcome: Fix your websites! Correct your instructions!

Jul 08, 2019

HTC - htc corporate executive level dishonesty!!

I have been a loyal htc user for over 10 years. When I started with htc it was still the little droid eris. I have absolutely loved their products and especially the way all the software. Keyboard...

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Nov 23, 2018

HTC - problem with my device

I bought a htc 10 evo and got a problem with it i contacted htc and they could not find my phone IMEI no on their data base so they said i should get back to you. THEY CANT HELP ME WITHOUT MY IMEI. Also i i hadnt yet used the phone for up to a day when i started having issues with it. I also made sure i ordered it from htc through ali exprsss RF583192097SG.

May 17, 2018

HTC - waiting over 2 months for my phone to be repaired under warranty

This complaint is regarding ticket #[protected].
I mailed my U11 phone to Texas for warranty work in early March 2018, and was told at the time that the ticket was created that I would have the phone returned to me within 4 weeks. Several weeks ago I was again promised that my phone was being worked on, but that it would take a least 8 weeks before repair would be complete.
Today, I was told that they have my phone, but that there is nothing else that they can say as there is no new information.

I am at my wits end as how can the HTC tracking website not update my ticket number, as it does not even acknowledge my phone being received. Also how can no give me an estimate as to when I can reasonably expect my phone to be returned to me.

At this point I expect the phone to be replaced with a new unit.

May 02, 2018

HTC - htc u play display damage

kindly informed that Im reguler customer of HTC, recently I bought one HTC U PLAY mobile phone from LULU CENTRE qatar and it was noteced that there is an unwanted mark on the display i used only 3 months very carefully. but your customer care and service center team telling it is physical damaged my self.I realy disappointed, i never use roughly and care less the unit. the staff in service center is dealing very unpleasent and care less to customer.
now im not using your product and at all my life .
please provide your email address then i will send the photograph of damaged phone

my mob no:974 [protected]

Update by ajayan 2
May 02, 2018

kindly informed that Im reguler customer of HTC, recently I bought one HTC U PLAY mobile phone from LULU CENTRE qatar and it was noteced that there is an unwanted mark on the display i used only 3 months very carefully. but your customer care and service center team telling it is physical damaged my self.I realy disappointed, i never use roughly and care less the unit. the staff in service center is dealing very unpleasent and care less to customer.
now im not using your product and at all my life .
please provide your email address then i will send the photograph of damaged phone

Apr 24, 2018

HTC - htc u11

It all started in January 2018. I my phone's home button/fingerprint scanner stopped working. I called Customer service they said send it in for repair. It took almost a month for them to send me the...

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HTC - htc 10

I sent my Mobile in to HTC on February 15th 2018, for repair as I had only had for 14 months and kept crashing with poor battery life. HTC told me it was repaired and I received a week later minu...

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Feb 21, 2018

HTC - htc10pro about advertisement

If i on mobail deta or WiFi, always coming advertisement continuesly.its very trouble to me.i cant do anything some some sites opening on google crome always, if i disable crome adds opening on operamini or other app.
I rest my phone twice .but nothing any change .problem is not change .i try to find a solution from internet, but i not fund anything for it.
How stop this adds, opening sites.
Please give me a good solution for this..

Feb 09, 2018

HTC - customer service

I have used HTC phone for the past 10 yrs and was rather excited when HTC launched their flagship handset the M10. After having the M8 and M9 was so impressed with the quality of the handset you can imagine my disappointment when the screen cracked after a solid off the bed. This being the first time ever cracking a screen.
I received a replacement from my provider at an additional cost. The second M10 was handled with kid gloves, when I received a notification that an update was available. After downloading and installing the "update" the hand set has never restarted.
After a frustrating string of emails back and forth with HTC customer service who promised the earth, lied to me several times and apologised profusely, lied to me again!
I am left with such a bitter taste now and am seriously looking at the Google Pixel 2.

Jan 18, 2018

HTC - smartphone

Just like the thousands of complaints I've read, this company won't stand by their products and provides software which, in our case, destroyed the phone!! The "tech" assistance is totally worthle...

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Nov 23, 2017

HTC - that your mobile phone weaknesses and trust issues.

Dear Sir, Note that your mobile phone weaknesses and trusted issues. HTC 626 (IMEI [protected]) portable mobile phone, I brought from Softlogic company of Sri Lanka in 08-01-2017 year with one...

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HTC - htc one x9 / jovitronix service agent

Gentlemen, I purchased an HTC One X9 mobile and after 5 months a battery problem came up ( the mobile turns off at any battery level), I sent the phone to HTC agent in Egypt Jovitronix and it i...

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Nov 16, 2017

HTC - htc u11

Purchased when first released and it came with a protective case which provided zero protection. Dropped a foot distance and corner screen cracked right at the case. Do not release a phone if you cannot provide the required case. It has been over 6 weeks with zero updates from HTC unless I contact them. Last discussion was that they did not have the parts to repair. I asked if that was due to the number of quality issues and they said yes. This is my fourth HTC phone purchased and will be my last.
Other companies understand how important it is to get a phone fixed quickly and do not insist on a phone being mailed to one city for repair. Get with the program and allow phone screens to be replaced locally as do other manufacturers

Nov 01, 2017

HTC - htc 10

Have a faulty phone purchased from HTC UK - its been repaired 4 times and they want to repair it again. THey do not keep their promises and are really rude and arrogant. Lack of knowledge of consumer law and they have lied every time I called. Every one of them had a different story on why they cannot replace a faulty device, stating that it only been there once, when other advisors have said its been there 3 times.

Oct 27, 2017

HTC - htc u11 sent for repairs going on 5 months

I am absolutely appalled by HTC customer service. I purchased an HTC U11 and the right side corner formed a small hairline crack. I purchased the phone through HTC, pre ordered it nonetheless, inquired about repairs and or replacement, sent the phone to HTC out of pocket, and that was onJuly 12, 2017. It is now October 27, 2017 and I have not received any feedback, status or ETA on my phone. I've called more times then I can count, I have a number of transcripts from HTC chats, and my case has been escalated about 30 times at this point. (No Exaggeration). PLEASE TAKE HEED TO THIS POST.

I requested to be contacted by HTC's legal department as calling the corporate office proved fruitless at best for all's you get is a voicemail but after a relentless amount of attempts and countless voicemail messages I was finally contacted and I actually got through once. I've been assigned a number of case managers including Laura from Corporate whom assured me that my issue would be reviewed and resolved and she was in agreement that the process duration for my ticket was unacceptable.

I requested either a new phone or my money back. But, she never called me back. These people all read from the same script and at this point I can literally tell them what they're going to tell me before they even say it. I've even been told that my process has been delayed due to the hurricane (Irma). HTC received my phone 2 weeks prior to that event. In closing I WAS a loyal HTC customer for I owned the first HTC One and I waited even past the HTC 10 and although I was not disappointed with the phone's performance this experience has me looking for other future smartphone options. I am currently seeking legal means to resolve this issue and once resolved I will never do business with HTC again.

HTC - m9

I sent my phone to HTC repair center 4th of june and up till now I still haven't gotten it back, I have made over 20 calls to the call center and I can't get to speak with a manager. my case # is [protected] and [protected]. I have since purchased another phone from sprint and I have had to pay off the damaged phone which cost me over $300.I need HTC to call me and refund my money or give me a new phone

Oct 27, 2017

This is [censor]. HTC really sucks!

Sep 29, 2017

HTC - a9

My Ticket Number is [protected] I mailed my phone for repair in June I followed the progress via the tracking number they said it was done in July today is September 29 I have not received my phone back. I have called them 19 times and I always get the same statement which is.. My case has been sent to the expedite department and they will call me on Monday. I have heard this line for over a month now. No one calls me no one emails me. I have used HTC devices for 8 years now and after this I will never buy another HTC product as long as I live...


HTC - htc u11 no repair, no replacement and no refund within 30 day warranty.

I purchased the HTC U11 for $712.00 U.S. dollars. The phone is rated as water resistant IP67, But unfortunately I drop my phone in water. I immediately removed it from the water and my phone started to malfunction, so I returned the device within warranty time of having the phone for about 1 week and half since purchase date. I have been waiting for my device to be repaired for a month now and I have been calling HTC support every week and getting a different story that it is still in repair process. They originally said it would take 14 business days to repair my phone. They have not followed through and continue to hold my device. They will not refund or replace my device since the device is in Houston, Texas where they were suffered a natural disaster and all of Houston is under water.They say they waiting for a response from Houston repair center which the operation repairs have ceased since flooding of Houston by hurrcane Harvey.

HTC - htc warranty

I purchased a HTC One X9. After only 10 months the camera failed. I contacted the company that I bought the phone from and they made communication very difficult (their email address just bounces). At this point I decided to contact HTC. After many emails trying to get them to fix their phone (the camera fault is a well known systematic fault with many of their phones), HTC informed me that I had no consumer protection under Australian law because the phone was manufactured in Taiwan, furthermore since the phone was made in Taiwan the only way to fix the phone was to send it back to Taiwan for repair at my expense.
This company does not care about your experiance with their phone, they have no hestation in lying to you and do not care about your legal rights.
Consider a different android phone maker next time, one that believes in the customer experiance rather than stealing your money for an inferior phone.
Its all a shame really, whats the point in engineering phones such as these if your customer service is at a Third World standard

HTC - givin' me the run 'round

Okay, so my HTC Bolt had to be sent into the manufacturer and it arrived there on August 3rd, they FINALLY looked at it on August 21st. They said that it will be shipped out Wednesday, I have yet to receive any kind of email from them. I called on Wednesday when I got no email, then they said they are waitin' for a part. Okay, so you can't email sayin' you're waitin' for a part, instead customer service is givin' me the run 'round and it should NOT take this long for them to fix my phone and it should have NOT takin' that long to look at my phone! How long does it take for a part to be sent there to fix my phone? Its been almost a month!

Sep 20, 2017

I am going through the exact same thing! My phone has been there since July 3rd! I keep getting the run around. I have even called corporate several times and nothing has happend. This is the most frustrating process I have ever been through!

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