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hotspot data

Okay soo my hotspot is really slow and my bill was just paid and i dont understand why its slow because the bill was paid. I would love too kno a answer on why its slow because its [censored] and the bill just was paid so why is slow i should have high speed hotspot data and i cant down load no games Nothing because my hotspot sucks. It literally takes a whole day and a half to download something.

store in martinsburg wv

I called The store in Martinsburg WV to ask if I could buy extra data at the store instead of on line. The clerk, I think Stephanie is her name, said she didn't know & put me on hold for 7 mins only for her to pick phone up to hang up. She did this 4 more times back to back. Picking up after at least 20 rings & hanging up. I was driving there while this happened. I was very irate. She was on your phone on a personal call!! I yelled did she really think I wouldn't show up?? I told her she should've told me she didn't know!! She tried every conceivable excuse. I insisted on mgr name & #. She went into back office & called him. Finally she gave me his name, Stan with phone #. He was pacifying me! Said either he or "Sharmain" would call me back. That was 4 days ago. No call, no resolution. That girl working at your store was nasty & rude. As I was leaving she sarcastically was laughing stating nothing was gonna happen to her!! I said "you think?". I'm extremely upset, the bucks been passed & now ignored!! Meanwhile I have to travel 30+ miles today to buy data. I'd like a response to this complaint. I won't hesitate to take it further. I'm considering a protest outside that store.


I was lied to now TWICE by a cricket employee saying that I owed $44 2 monthis in a row after thoroughly explaining to them that I do not have a bank account so every month I give my mother the cash to pay my cricket bill. She called cricket to pay over the phone and they told her both times that she owed $44. So we pay and 5 days later I get a text notification that I STILL OWE!!! Now it's an extra 1$ or they suspend my service. Not only that but both the cricket employee and their supervisor were totally rude and disgusting on the phone!!! I have NEVER in my life been treated so bad by a freaking phone company!!! They will NOT refund me my money or un suspend my service now! I am disgusted so after I pay them they're petty 1$ this will be the last month I am ever going to use this ratchet ass ghetto phone company and I am going right back to metro PCS! Cricket and it's employ are garbage

lies and ultimately costing me over 1000.00

I was lied to buy cricket employees to come to cricket, then charged for services I could not access after those lies and a stolen phone which I was told I'd have no deductable with insurance they sold me I find out I did and then when I couldn't afford it due to being a victim of crime they tell me to buy phones that couldn't be unlocked then spend 417.76 on a iPhone that wasn't compatible with cricket hotspot something I paid for and a must have to have to sale that iPhone for 115.00 to buy a crap Motorola cruise and have them cancel my hotspot all together and want to keep charging me for a suspension of a line I can not use cause I've spent this money for a 2nd phone line and still can't have anything do by this crap company to make it up to me or make it right then like to me and tell me customer service is the only department with the company [censored] that's a flat out [censored]ing lie and I'm getting close to taking measures to get my justice one way or another either legally in court or as a free man of God in my own hands what's it gonna be. I will have justice one way or another. I'm sick of this crap of making me more of victim every time I turn around. I won't be a victim any more am I perfectly clear about this I was a victim of a crime and cricket wants to keep making it worse and victimize me more and more over and over. This will not be stood for and I'll die before I allow anyone to keep making me more of a victim.


A store here in chicago Il at 2300 w chicago ave, chicago il 60622 Customer service at that store i...

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Mr. Jordan,
My name is Rory Reese. I am new to the area and here in the Zanesville cricket store with my brother in law trying to get new service for my wife and I. Unfortunately this has proven to not be an easy task. The lady working here has been very helpful. However it is the parties I the other end (chat to the max) that have become a huge obstacle. Over three hours we have been here no phones, a lost in pay from work, and now I'm not even sure if my wife will get to keep her phone number that we tried to switch over hours ago that she had had for years. This is not how the company should treat it's customers or employees. Please contact me at [protected] at your earliest convenience. Thank you

  • Updated by spcreese · Sep 10, 2018

    Here in hour number four we are being told that cricket will not be honoring their promotion of a free LG Fortune 2 with the transfer of my wife's number from a previous carrier. Now we are being told that we have to pay for it and more than we've ever imagined. This is ridiculous and if i didn't need a phone for work i would have left hours ago. This is terrible and i will let everyone know how terrible your service is.

service, lack of

Told I needed to purchase phone in order to change last 4 digits through customer care as agent in store did...

Cricket Wireless

customer service

All week every day I called to make sure they wouldn't cut off my service. Lady every time was clear as mud...


Employee was rude to customers when store got busy. He became very aggitated. Obe customer was trying to have his son removed from his account and put onto his own plan. Employee kept stating he didn't have time for this due to it being a holiday weekend and they were busy. Customer was willing to come back next day or Monday. Employee was talking with hands and had scissors in them. I wanted a phone for my son. Was quoted one price. Asked why it was so much. He exited out and explained on why the price was what it was. He went back in and quoted me an even higher amount than the first time. When I asked him why it was higher, he stated because I had him exit out and he would need to resend the info back to have someone approve it and it took to long the first time and was not going to do it again. I was the only customer left in the store and there were 3 employees working at the time. I told him I could get the same phone at Walmart and he told me he wouldn't blame me for walking. He kept making it a point that he did not have time. I feel he did not want to help me. I know you have cameras. Please review fottage from 8/31/18 around 3:40 PM.

nokia cellphone

Place a order online August 6, 2018 my order was cancelled August 7, 2018 no reason why I got a email saying I would receive my refund within 1 to 3 business which has turned to over 10 business days I have repeatedly called different take on every end mostly trying to blame the bank upset cause I wouldn't called the bank for them I said it took two minutes to take my money but such a hard time to refund I done been talked rude to by representative hung up on I have them my order number know they need a pin number what that got to do with my money being refunded and charging a late fee on prepaid accounts first time I ever on a prepaid account

customer service

I came into the store on frankford and Wellington and had the WORST experience of my life the girl was so unprofessional so rude and she was very obnoxious first and for most she had piercings on her face she had a male come in and give her marijuana and she kept bragging about how she smokes weed "blows it down" is the phrase she used she bragged about how she can get anyone fired she bragged about people bringing her gifts all while I was standing there waiting for my upgrade that I was unable to get because the cheapest upgrade was 98 ! And I only had 60$ when I asked if there's any options she said that's all I have if you can't afford our prices there's a cricket on bridge and prat so I just ported out and will NEVER RECOMMEND OR RETURN

garbage phone

I no longer have cricket I went through 8 phones in one year they kept melting yes they got so hot when you opened the back you could see pieces shriveled up they kept sending me the same phone and the same thing happened over and over when you call them you get a call center in a foreign country they have no authority to send you a different model there is nobody there that can help you if you want to complain you had to write to somewhere in the US there is nobody to talk to so I said F___YOU cricket they still owe me for all the time I was without a phone

cricket services in regards to my bill.

I currently have a cricket plan which consists of 2 lines of service. I recently used bridge pay with my acct. The deadline to pay the balance was yesterday. When I called in today to pay my bill and have my second line cancelled I was informed that I can't cancel the second line and just pay for one line of service because of the fact that I used a bridge pay. I have to pay the full months service for both lines of service to have my acct restored. I do not want or need my second line anymore though. I have already paid for this second line for the last 2 months even though I have barely used it and haven't needed it. Obviously I don't want to continue to pay for a line that I'm not using. Cricket customer service has told me they cannot do anything to help me get this second line cancelled and that I must pay the full months payment for both lines to continue service. I offered to pay the full amount if I could receive a discount on next months bill in order to relieve me of the cost of the line I do not need. They informed me that they could not do that either. I have been a loyal cricket customer for many years now and I find it very hard to believe that there is nothing that can be done to restore my service with just the one active line and without me paying for a line I dont need. It seems obserd that your company is willing to lose me as a customer over a mear 30$ when I've been a loyal customer for so long. I'm finding it very hard to believe that nothing can be done to rectify this issue. I would like to remain a customer of cricket because I like my service and I've never had any problems like this in the past. If fact, I'm always telling everyone I know that Cricket has always looked out for me whenever Ive ever had any issues and for that reason I've remained a loyal customer for a very long time. Hopefully a solution to this problem will arise and I will be able to remain a loyal customer. I leave that in your company's more than capable hands
Thank you for your consideration in this matter. [protected]

refer a friend credit

I have been referring friends since the start of my service with Cricket which was since 2017. To continue with my service and continue to refer my friends and family I need my three referral credits that Cricket owes me. I referred my Sister Lourdes Sanchez phone # [protected] also my brother in law Pedro Sanchez phone # [protected] & my friend Jane May Encinares phone # [protected].
I have spoken with many Cricket Representatives & they promise I will receive my credits & I have not. I have spent hours of my time trying to fix this issue and Cricket has not resolved this problem. I have spoken with several representatives names are as follows: On July 26, 2018 spoke with Junie, on 8/1/2018 with Kevin, on 8/15/2018 with Fernando & John and unfortunately no resolution. Before July 26 I had spoken to another representative. They open up cases told me to go to my email where I can find codes and nothing was resolved. All I want is fairness and for me to receive my $75.00 for my referrals. I would like to continue with Cricket Service and continue referring friends. Please help me!!! It has been very frustating!!!

  • Updated by Maria Lerma · Aug 15, 2018

    my phone number is 928-388-9841 Maria Lerma

  • Updated by Maria Lerma · Aug 15, 2018

    my name is Maria Lerma My phone # is 928-388-9841

cellular service

Obtained new cellular service with a transfer from straight talk. Purchased new LG Stylo 3 with accessories.

Same day was unable to obtain more than 1 bar of service area within 2 miles of the purchasing store. Unable to obtain cellular service for calls or texts. No data service at all.

Contacted customer service after switching service back to straight talk. Requested to file complaint, asked for refund for service and phone plus accessories.

Customer service agent told me, "we don't have a complaint department". You can contact a corporate store, but they're aren't any near you. You can "google" search for somewhere to complain or search for refund info.

I would like to return the phone plus accessories, obtain the first month's refund and verify a "stop payment" for auto billing.

If I don't receive contact within 10 days I intend to filed a small claims action for breech of contract and damages for cost of service, phone + accessories and cost to switch service and purchase of new phone.

Thank you,

Christopher Bellegia

your employees

I live in Provo Utah and I went to my closest Cricket store which it said online they were open noon to 6 p.m. today on Sunday I showed up there to find out and it was 15 minutes to close but they're not open on Sunday to begin with I get ahold of the next closest store that is open and mind you it is now about 10 minutes to their closing time and told them I'm about 12 minutes away I got told yeah that's fine come on in I did that within minutes I called with two minutes left before they close and they told me they couldn't stay because it was against the law to tell me to come in in the first place

employee behavior

I have visited the Cricket location at 2024, 2616 Main St #100, Buffalo, NY 14214 quite a few times and it...

unethical behaviour

8.4.18 Store:701801 Culebra/1604 Sa Tx. 78254 Unethical Behavior!
When in to exchange dead new phone. Was told needed receipt no problem just bring in next morning at 10 a.m., doors did not open till 10:12 a.m. by a manager from another store working there that day, several customers waiting outside. when in to be told that the 7 day warranty had expire. Manager wouldn't even give his name. Unethical Behavior!


Disgusted and Tired Of Being Harrassed Over Cricket Bill. On July 13 ( Friday) 2018 I Recieved A Message Saying My Bank Account Was Going To Be Withdrawn 57$ On July 14 (Saturday), But After Being Robbed Of 51$ By Cricket I Found Out Throught The Automated Service That My Account Was Going To Be Charged On July 16, ( Monday ). The Infomation That Was Passed Over To Me Was Extremely Incorrect And I Literally Went Out My Way To Pay The Bill To Only Hear That Since I Didnt Have The Bill Payment In Full That It Will Take 3-7 Business Days. Before Making This Payment I Went Over With A Sales Clerk On Payment Splitting But Felt Like I Didnt Need To Since The Automated Service Told Me I Had 62$ On My Account. It Was Then After The Fact When Payment Was Accepted But Not In Full That The Store Sales Clerk Informed Me About A Bridge Pay Option, Meanwhile She Could Have Let Me Know In Advance Before Making That Payment. With This Being Said Cricket Has Put Me In A Position That Has Came For My Livelihood And Account Finances. I am Highly Annoyed That This Has Transpired And I am Really Questioning Continuing Service With Cricket.

moto g6 cruise ordered online but lost in transit by ups

I ordered a phone from Cricket Wireless which was to be shipped overnight. Two weeks later, I still have not received my order. It was determined that UPS lost the order. Neither UPS nor Cricket Wireless will take accountability to resolve the matter by issuing a refund. The Cricket order number is [protected]. The UPS tracking number is 1ZEW54521303459259. My request is simple, cancel the order and issue a refund to me so that I can take my wireless needs to another wireless carrier.

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