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Vacaciones eDreams S. L / Shady Business Practices

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I used edreams to book a flight for my niece. Due to the third party issue eDreams asked for a wire transfer to pay and secure the reservation. The wire transfer was completed and received by them only to have them say they could not book the flight. I asked for a refund and have been waiting a month for that refund. I have sent e-mail after e-mail getting what appears to be empty promises from them of an incoming wire transfer. eDreams required my money to secure the reservation within 24-hours, it has been over 30-days trying to get my refund.

Be very careful doing any business with Vacaciones eDreams S.L. They are not an honest company, doing unhonest business.

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  • Am
      19th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes


    I agreed. Edreams have charged me the wrong amount and also double charged for their fee. I bought a plane ticket, Paris-Lourdes-Paris and the total cost including their fee is EUR 300.4. I paid with my credit card. However, on my card transaction it is say EUR 304. If I'm not contact them or mentioned about this, they will not bother. It is not about EUR 4 but I just wondering, if I pay with credit card, how come they charged the wrong amount, isn't that electronically done ??

    Secondly, there is another EUR 30 charged on my card. I contact Edreams and they said it is "preauthorisation" and will refund to my card within couple of days. It is been two weeks now and it is not refunded on my card. On my transaction description say " purchase" not "preauthorisation".


  • Ac
      6th of Jun, 2009
    -3 Votes

    I disagree with the comments above, as i have used edreams to book tickets 5 times...I never had a problem with my credit card or something else...And plus, compared to other well known online services, it always gives me the best price...I hope that no problem will occur in the future though! :)

  • Ti
      28th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I agree with the first two comments. After entering my credit card information, they sent a request for a money wire transfer to my email, without an explanation of why they were getting me to do this. That sounded so fishy that I didn't go ahead to do it. It's a totally dishonest site and I would never, ever do business with them again. I'd like to hear more good reviews, it seems like most of the forums illustrate the problems with this "company".

  • Se
      24th of May, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Authorisation code
    I recently bought a ticket with edreams they took the payment but I have not recieved the ticket confirmation. They took £191.47 and claimed the case as pending, I went to the airport they told me that the flight ticket transaction has not been made. So i missed a day from work loosing funds on top of that £191.47. How do I get my money back as soon as possible.

  • An
      2nd of Apr, 2013
    +1 Votes

    Hi i booked three flytes on the 22nd of march to go from dublin airport to manchester. We were going to my aunts funerel, and had my 89year old father going with us. When i booked it gave me the price for the three of us, this was taken out of my bank, But i got an e.mail the following day to say unconfirmed flyte.I phoned e, , dreams and spoke to a guy called Adam, he said he would send an email and if i did not hear from them within the hour to phone him back, I have been phoning them for over a week now and i cant get an answer.As we had no flytes and they were cancelled through them, we and my money were left in limbo. I was told flytes would be cancelled and my money would be returned and as yet it has not, . As you can image the stress of a Funerell and not getting my money back is really at this stage making me ill.
    We had to rebook Flytes with Ryanair our first flytes were unconfiirmed and cancelled, Surely no one can has the right to take your money and not deliver what you bought, . . I want to know how i go about this, I want my money returned into my bank account, , . It is an awfull thing to do to people and you cant contact them by e.mail and i can not get them to answer there phone, . ?? bad busness, . and p, r one three very upset people, my father actualy ended up in hospitel in england and the wory of this is not helping, Ann Poenix, . PLEASE REPLY, , /

  • Ma
      10th of Jan, 2014
    +1 Votes

    I have booked my ticket via e-dreams and got the same answer that payment didnt go through, they asked to pay via bank transfer.
    I booked then with another company on line.
    At the end I was charged by e-dreams and now I am trying to return my money...they are crooks, nothing else.

  • Wj
      16th of May, 2014
    +1 Votes

    leere versprechungen, weil die nicht sicher sind, daß sie den angebotenen platz im flieger wirklich buchen können. nun renne ich dem geld nach. unlautere geschäftdpraktiker > finger davon!

  • Ri
      28th of Jan, 2015
    +1 Votes

    My wife purchased a Ryan Air ticket for €166.30 thinking she was going through the Ryan Air booking system. To her horror, the item appeared on her visa statement as a purchase from Vacaciones EDreams and the amount charged was €196.30. Went back to Ryan Air for little satisfaction and we now have to seek a recovery of €30 from Vacaciones EDreams. Best advice is to be wary of Ryan Air but keep well away from Vacaciones EDreams - no more than a scam merchants!

  • Br
      26th of Feb, 2015
    +1 Votes

    Agree Vaccionnes E Dreams are professional booking scammers.I have paid out $630 Australian for a domestic ticket and received no invoice or documentation of my ticket.I am shocked and disgusted by what is a sham venture run by ###s and penny pinching poofters in a ###ing grog lot in Florida.It is a sham and run obviously by offshore nut cases.Etremely disappointed by the reprehensible behaviour of these below average ###s.Brod Nicholls

  • Jo
      11th of Mar, 2015
    0 Votes

    I bought airline tickets for Allegiant Air not knowing Edreams were even involved. They double charged a fee of 49.73 us dollars . I emailed the mistake, and have not heard from them. It has only been two days, but, now concerned after reading these reviews.

  • Ed
      18th of Mar, 2015
    0 Votes

    Dear Johnny Paul,

    We have just read your message and we will like to study your case in detail. For that purpose, please let us know your booking reference and email address so we can also contact you.

    Thanks in advance,
    Frank - eDreams Customer Care Team

  • Ma
      25th of May, 2015
    0 Votes

    We bought five flights on Ryan air to go to Poland and have been charged a booking fee despite being unable to find any information stating this plus we only booked using this site as the flight prices and times were good had we known of extra cost we would have booked else where as difference wasn't so big, feel this is a booking scamming company, also had emails from Ryan air confirming prices and flights showing original price we thought we had paid, will not use this lot again.

  • Do
      2nd of Jun, 2015
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  • Ap
      6th of Jun, 2015
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    Yes I agree! Watch out for these scam artist! Somehow they got a hold of my ATM bank Card number and charged my account for 451.05! Before this fraudulent charge I had never even heard of their company let alone did any business with them! STAY AWAY!

  • Ed
      11th of Jun, 2015
    0 Votes

    Dear DONNA RAE @ malcolm hough @ Apollo Joe

    We thank all of you for sharing comments on your eDreams experience.

    We work hard to prevent and avoid any fraudulent transaction to our customers assuring a secure shopping in internet thus, we would be very grateful if you could respond a private message we have sent to each of you and indicate us your booking details, so than we can investigate and rectify if the incidence was caused from our end.

    Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.

    Best wishes,

    eDreams - Customer Care team

  • Be
      25th of Apr, 2016
    0 Votes

    eDreams is a major scam. They overcharge for their eDreams fees and they do NOT advise you of the fees upfront when you start booking through them. Look at your Total Price as you're booking. They have a small print there stating that if you do not use their ViaPay MasterCard, then you will not receive their discount of 5.18 Euros per person. After you enter your credit card ino and click on Purchase then the extra fees are added. I was charged like 15 Euros per person! In one case, the ticket charges was 100.75 Euros - yet the eDreams charges were 150.86 Euros - $66 USD in eDreams fees that NEVER was stated upfront while booking. These additional fees do not show up when you review the total fees, and in some cases it does NOT even show up after you enter their credit card. By the way, over the phone they told me that the REAL TOTAL PRICE with their FEES shows up AFTER you enter your Credit Card info. So beware...because many of us enter our credit card info after we've reviewed the total price, then we hit SUBMIT to PURCHASE without reviewing the total price again. We do this because we already reviewed the Total Price before entering the credit are info. This company has designed their site to purposefully bank on us forgetting to review the total price again after we enter our credit card information.

    The site indicated that the charge is 5.18 Euros per person in one case, and another it was 5.35 Euros if I do not use your Via MasterCard - this is all it indicates when you click on the total price link.  I was charged double to triple eDreams fees - much over the 5.18 Euros per person.

    Specifics on overcharged fees: Their website never stated clearly that I was being charged 37.89 Euros for reference fight 1891706831 (of which total price ticket was 120 Euros), then another $66.75 for reference flight 1891652254 (of which total price ticket was 100.75 Euros).

    We should know  what you are paying upfront, not after you enter the credit card payment and after you hit submit. 
    I am dealing with them through email, but I do not expect any support - they charge you what they want.

    Do not use them!
    Thank you. Bea

  • Ed
      27th of Apr, 2016
    0 Votes

    Hello Bea,

    First of all, we would like to thank you for your comments and for booking with eDreams.

    Further to the points you´ve raised, we are sorry that you have found it necessary to make this post concerning this matter. We are very aware of the importance of ensuring that our customers are clearly informed of their price breakdown and believe that our site does give this visibility.

    We are able to inform you that eDreams´s goal is to offer the best deals available on the market for the purchase of travel products and services of your search therefore, the advertised price would be the lowest by default and could be conditioned by a special offer of a day. The relevant information on the applied promotion could be found below every flight option. In order to benefit of the offer you may be requested to provide the payment with a certain method of payment.

    eDreams has a transparent fees policy. Administration fees, which are collected in term of handling a request and issuing the ticket are calculated as per number of passengers and trips and would depend on the method of payment selected.

    Please note that you may adjust the price selecting a method of payment from the drop window before starting the search.

    We remind you that during the booking process you are able to see all charges and fees that will be applied before confirming the purchase.
    All this information is always shown before the buyer confirms the purchase so, once the reservation is confirmed by the passenger, we understand all charges have been accepted.

    If you are not in agreement with the indicated charges you are at any time able to cancel the booking.

    We hope we could clarify your doubts and for any future occasion kindly suggest you to pay a special attention to details when booking.

    We wish you a pleasant journey and remain at your complete disposal should you require any further assistance or information.

    Warm regards.
    Nicole - eDreams

  • Be
      28th of Apr, 2016
    0 Votes

    Thank you for your time to reply. You are correct in that the eDreams service handling fees appear AFTER you enter your credit card information, so if you reviewed the total price before, and did NOT review again after entering your credit card, then you are charged whatever eDreams determines. I am just warning everyone that this is how it works, which is honestly, a scrupulous way of doing business.

    Where in your site do you advise us that your handling fees can be as high as $66 USD for 4 tickets that amount to no more than $113USD? I cannot find where the calculation of service fees is mentioned. Instead in your total price box you show the discounted price stating "discount if using the ViaPay Master Card". It never states what the fees are if you do not use that card.

    To put it in perspective, both my transactions were using the SAME credit card for the same 4 people.
    1) Why is one transaction with 4 tickets worth approximately 140 Euros charged a eDreams service fee of 37 Euros?
    2) Where as another similar transaction, again same credit card, same 4 people with 4 tickets worth 100 Euros was charged 55 Euros eDreams service fee?

    How is that computed? It cannot be the type of credit card because it's the same credit card. It can not be because Ryan Air ticket was cheaper with you, because it was NOT. Same price directly with Ryan Air. Shame on me for not reviewing the total price after my credit card was entered and shame on me for not canceling it.
    Thankfully, I at least I have 4 airline tickets worth $113 USD even though I paid $66 in eDreams service fee. I have confirmed my tickets with Ryan Air.

    I just want everyone aware of your practice, and to be very careful to always review the pricing before clicking hastily on the T&C and purchase button.

    Perhaps there was a mistake in the service fees charged to me?

    Thank you.

  • Ed
      2nd of May, 2016
    0 Votes

    Dear Bea,

    We appreciate your comments and observations and would kindly remind you that the relevant information on how our company works could be found published in a FAQ section of our official web site and in the terms and conditions you accept during the purchase.

    As it was explained previously, the service fee would depend on several factors and one of them is the mentioned method of payment, which could be selected from the drop window before starting the search and the price in this case would be adjusted to the method of payment you would be using.

    The adjusted to the selected method of payment and the detailed breakdown of prices is also shown after the customer selects the type of the card at the end of the booking process and before the customer confirms the purchase. Thus once confirmed, we understand all charges were accepted.

    Warm regards,
    Nicole - eDreams

  • Be
      5th of May, 2016
    0 Votes

    Thank you for your response Nicole. Though, the method of payment and credit card used was EXACTLY THE SAME for both transactions where one charge was 37 Euro, and the much smaller transaction was 57.75 Euro. Thereby, the eDreams service fees is not just calculated by method of payment. I do not see anywhere on the website, including the FAQ, exactly how the service fees are calculated. Bottom-line, transparency is the most important thing in a true company. The service fees should be described in detail ... example: 25 Euro if use Visa, 50 Euro if use Mastercard... etc. It should not just say ... fees based on method of payment. That's quite ambiguous, and just plain misleading.

    No need for a further response. I'm guessing based on your continued responses, that there was no error in your fees, and eDreams will not provide any credit to these charges, and simply will charge 57 Euros on a 100 Euro ticket.

    So everyone, please be aware, you can pay 1/2 or more of your ticket price, on eDreams service fees - because the service provided is so unique and special.

    Thank you - no need to respond further. As long as others are aware of this situation, I am content.
    Thank you. Bea

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