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My 80-year-old parents booked a flight and cruise through one of your agents. Their flight was delayed and the next flight out got canceled, causing them to miss their cruise. They purchased trip insurance, thinking they were covered in case of such matters and thinking the agent would steer correctly in their purchase. Under this insurance, the allianz insurance wants to give them $400 back. They lost over $5, 000. The agent was and acts surprised that the cancelations are not considered as trip interruption. The agent is not fully aware of what she sold to my parents and now my parents are out of a lot of money. Not acceptable. I have been in the hospitality industry for years and this is a pretty big issue, selling things that you are not fully aware what's covered and not outlining to your purchasers what is actually covered, what will happen if something does occur etc. My parents are 80 years old and trusted the agent would direct them in the right path. I have also been trying to reach somehow a corporate number to speak with someone other than the agent that may help us in this matter. No responses provided.


Worst travel-agent experience of my life (Ft. Lauderdale branch). Avoid at all costs. The most egregious errors (there were many others):
1. Booked specific plane route (and first class) to Caribbean island. Route was changed without client notification. Attempts to remedy the situation by agent were non-existent.
2. Booked two deluxe resort rooms. Arrived at resort only to find that only one room was booked, with no available rooms left at the resort. Agent then LIED and said that was what Client booked, despite email evidence to the contrary. Attempts to remedy the situation by agent were non-existent.
3. Return flight route (and first class) booking changed without client notification again. Did not have seat available for flight out, Client could not afford to waste a day on stand-by, had to leave resort early and at personal expense to guarantee timely flight home. Attempts to remedy the situation by agent were non-existent.
4. Absolutely NO apologies or attempts to remedy situation by agent before, during or after experience.

Side note, was told by resort that, quote, "We have had problems with that agent before", despite agent being a direct, endorsed agent by resort.

Worst agent ever, would have a had a smoother trip without involving travel agency at all.

travel agent

We and my family have used this travel agent, ilene premer, many times in the past without any difficultie...

cruise cancellation

I had to cancel my trip. 200 US $ was lost instantly to the agent (Shannon Jabbour) at Avoya Travel. The next...

travel insurance

Booked a 14 day transatlantic cruise with Tina Bradley. We paid for the travel insurance, on day 8 of the cruise my wife slipped and broke her knee. The insurance was through the RCCL and when they checked they told us we didn't have insurance. I looked on my booking confirmation and it didn't show the insurance. My wife spent the next 5 days at sea in a wheelchair. The cruise line made us get off the ship in Malaya, Spain where we flew back home. My wife had surgery the next day at a hospital in Florida. I called Tina Bradley and told her what took place about the insurance. She told me I did have insurance and she would be talking with RCCL and Avoya Travel about the insurance. I asked her to send me the booking showing the insurance, this one did show I bought travel insurance. A couple weeks went by I called Tina Bradley and her reply was she's still waiting to hear from RCCL and when she knows something she would be getting back in touch. I called her on the 12th of May 2017 and then again 2 weeks later and she has yet gotten back with me. Avoya Travel made contact with me a week ago when I posted on Facebook. I told them what took place and they said they would look into it. They got right back with me and said there's nothing they can do for me. They explained to me if I told RCCL I had insurance then everything would have been taking care of. Well any time your in an accident weather it be in your car or needing medical attention the first thing asked is do you have insurance. I told RCCL we had insurance and asked them to call Avoya Travel. Would anybody pay for insurance not tell, give me a break.

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unethical/unprofessional behavior - failure to honor promotions

Stay away from this company at all costs. Extremely unprofessional, incompetent agents. Booked a cruise based...

Cruise trip

I have booked mine and my partner's trip for April 2017. Thus far, our Personal Vacation Planner has been readily available for questions, comments, and suggestions concerning our trip. However, we have never been on a cruise before and we were naive about some aspects of the process, and thus were taken advantage of concerning cost.

In my experience, when planning any trip through an agency or agent, once I had identified my address, further costs were given to me in the currency of my nation of residence, Canada (6 previous trips planned through different travel agencies and agents). This seems obvious, considering all flight times, and any return phone calls times for planning were given to me in my local time.

I ended up missing online limited time deals for both a cruise and flights because I paid in US currency. By the time I received confirmation of my trip, it was far too late to book the better deals on the cruise, but the flight could be canceled. Once I realized I had paid in US currency, it was obvious I received no deal or discount whatsoever for our flight by booking through Ayoya, and actually paid more than the average flights available to me.

At the time of booking, I also recorded that we were told we would receive the premium drinking package with wine up to $13 a glass, and later found out we only had the classic drinking package; another disappointment and overpayment.

Now that we have paid as much as we have for our trip, our other travel expenses are restricted and we will have very limited funds for exploring ports and excursions.

I do reiterate that our Ayoya Travel Planner was very knowledgable and kind, but overall disappointed with the Ayoya travel agency. I booked through Ayoya because we have never been on cruise and thought it would ease the stress and make coordinating the different cruise aspects (room, drink package, and flights) easier. Instead, I would have had better luck completing the process myself online. I feel ripped off and anxious concerning our misleading, and now, very expensive trip.

Resolved Contact

They send me emails with nice rates concerning holland america cruises. Since I live in the netherlands I...

Travel agency

Michael L. Wrote a review for Avoya Travel 2 minutes ago
1.0 star rating 8/1/2016
The issue was simple- I wanted and paid for a room for 4 (suite) rather than 2 separate rooms which would have been less expensive. When I asked for help I was told the agency was an independent contractor and was not in a position to help. To be fair she tried but cruise was full and the room technically with 2 cots could fit 4 but anyone would pay for 2 separate rooms with 2 bathrooms had they been informed. The agent simply said that is what RCL told her and she never saw the ship herself.. When it comes to making good on the poor information financially I was told I was on my own. I think your a lot better off simply booking with the line directly . If there is a problem you can deal directly with them V's an "independent agency" even though they lead you to believe you are dealing with Avoya travel.

Crise & booking

■■■■■ avoid avoya travel■■■■ A separated mom of 3. I scheduled a cruise for last year 2015 as a graduation...


Avoid this travel agency. It is a total front with call centers receiving the first call which is transferred...

No reply from travel agent

I have booked a cruise with a independent travel agent of Avoya Travel. I have been trying to contact her...

Ottsville Travel Agencies

Scam--false advertising

I have used Avoya travel on a prior cruise and was promised onboard credit. When I went on the cruise I wa...


I have just completed a contract with Avoya Travel and Celebrity Cruise Lines. The agent, Ellen S. bent over backwards to supply me with all of the information I reqested. I had read the negative reviews placed here about Avoya so I was apprehensive in entering into a contract with them. Ms. Ellen put me at ease and painstakingly led me through the process, albeit that I questioned every step of the way. I have nothing but praise for Avoya and Ms. Ellen and the reviews I have read on the negative side suggest that either the customers didn't do their homewwork or they were trying to negotiate something outside of the basic contract. Avoya and its staff do not deserve these negative reviews. Gary Fillinger, Canada.

Non-Existent Customer Service and Overcharging

I booked a Norwegian (NCL) cruise with Avoya Travel on Wednesday October 15, 2014, for January 30, 2015...

Not trust worthy

Just a brief review to let people know that when I used Avoya Travel/Sue Ratliff for an Oceania Cruise in...

Fail to deliver promise shipboard credit and other amenty

Filed against : Avoya travel 5201 blue lagoon dr ste 900 Miami fl [protected] Complaint...

Agent vanished with my money

I chose cruise from the company Avoya travel Agency. I contacted the agent and after several days I already...


I have a TA I have dealt with for several yrs and followed him. He went to Avoya Travels. I booked 2 cruise...

Nancy Rabold

I have booked cruises previously and never had as bad an experience as I did with Avoya independent contractor NANCY RABOLD.

I got an e-mail saying oceanview and inside cabins were the same price if booked as assigned at check in. This was fine by me and so I called and e-mailed to confirm this. I then went on with booking the cruise. When I got a confirmation e-mail it was for the wrong cruise, on the wrong dates. I called back in a panic and could not get the woman who booked the cruise. I called customer service and they finally got me to Nancy Rabold. She sounded annoyed and said she could fix it but it would take some paper work on her part and she would send me an updated confirmation. The next day my credit card had been charged but I still did not have a confirmation. I called her again and she sent another confirmation with part of the information correct and part incorrect it still had my destination, dining time and cabin preference incorrect. I sent an e-mail back stating some things were not correct and she called me and got very short with me and said I was wrong and it was a non-refundable cruise and I would have to call Carnival. She even went as far as to threaten to cancel my cruise. (I didn't want it canceled just corrected). I called Carnival and they told me they were not allowed to make changes to bookings completed by a travel agent. I called Avoya customer service and they said I should try to work with NANCY RABOLD but if I could not then they could assign another agent. I contacted her again asking to correct my cruise and was even willing to pay the difference to upgrade the room to an oceanview and she told me to work with another agent. This was supposed to be a last minute quick get a way that has been a nightmare. I now am booked in the wrong room type and wrong dining time and have not been able to successfully correct it.

My advice do not work with Nancy Rabold she does not seem to know what she is doing and has caused me a lot of time and I still do not have the corrections completed.