My name is kristofina, I lay-by a pair of scandal at truworths wernhil (windhoek-namibia) on the 08.12.2018 and went to pay it off yesterday (10.12.2018). A young man by the name avory (riche), unfortunately he didn't want to give me his last name went to look for my lay-by and came back with my id and receipt and placed it on the counter and said "I can't find your lay-by" and walked away and started assisting another customer. Like seriously, what kind of customer service is that??? Am I suppose to go look for my own things is the storeroom??? That's exactly the same question I asked him and he didn't even bother respond to my question but rather made a sound (mxiiiim) which I found very offensive... I mean, he was already being rude and still insulted me. Another lady assisted me. When the lady found the lay-by he still refused to help me to pay the full amount... Is this the type of training your employees are given? I mostly shop from truworths as I find your stuff very quality but after yesterday's incident, am reconsidering that. Please speak to your employees and give them good customer training or else you'll end up losing more loyal customer like.

Kind regards
Kristofina namilonga

Dec 11, 2018

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