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The Brick / sofa warranty is a ripoff

1 Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada Review updated:
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Phone: 905-731-2221

I purchased a sofa set from the Brick in Richmond Hill, Ontario on August 27, 2008 and it was delivered a couple of days later. A week after receipt, I notice discoloration on one side of the sofa and called The Brick. They sent a tech guy who said that the discoloration could not be cleaned off and the sofa will have to be taken back to the shop and painted !. 4 weeks later nothing further has happened and The Brick customer service has not returned my calls !

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  • Va
      24th of Mar, 2009
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    My nephew thinking of buying a sofa at Bricks. He didn̓t bring his money with him & wanted to borrow, so i was going to let him use my visa. Then i asked Micheal if he can take my status card and we can get taxs off. Then that got his feathers ruffled and he says, "We would have to pay "150.00 for delivery to the reserve." "$150.00 is a lot of money to deliver to the reserve it is only 5 minutes from the store." I don̓t know how he got into compaining about You people are going to end up paying for taxes with a new governement when they go into treaty. "I don̓t know what you people are crying about things that happened 600 years ago." I walked away i started to get mad. My nephew continued to talk to him. He says to Micheal, "I don̓t appreciate how you talk to my auntie she just wanted an anwer you didnt have to start talking about treaty and all that other stuff you said." I don̓t know how it happened but then my nephew said, "Do you want to go at it right now." I guess the boss must have seen something happen and my nephew got sent outside. Micheal got sent home. I am still angry and hurt about what he said about First Nation people. That he has broken the Human Rights and Multiculturalsm by laws values. He had discriminated against our race that is illegial.

  • Ja
      30th of Jan, 2010
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    here is a copy of a letter i just sent the brick head office. Is there anything you suggest I can do??

    To Whom it may concern,

    My husband and I purchased a couch, love seat, and a chair from the Brick (Grande Prairie Alberta) 3 years ago. We also purchased the 5 year warranty package. We loved the furniture and the service at the store when we purchased it. The laddy was very informative about the warranty, telling us how amazing it was if we had any problems it would either be fixed or replaced. Like I said we have had them for 3 years now and the leather around the seams has been tearing. There are also spots on the couch where the leather has "worn down" Our warranty is also supoed to cover pen marks and there are a few small spots of pen. We recently moved to Fort Mcmurray Alberta and so we went in and did a work order report to have someone come out to look at our furnature. 2 weeks later a lady came to look at the damage. She was very rude. Complaining about the condition of the furnature. She took some pictures and said I should hear back form someone in less then a week. 2 weeks later after calling several times I finally got ahold of the person who did the report and he said that they are not going to FIX or REPLACE the furnature. He said that the furnature had pen marks on it and so it was considered abuse. (Pen marks are supose to be covered in the warranty and they are SMALL marks) He also said there were tears in the couch that was considered abuse. (The couch DOES NOT have "tears" there are spots along the seams where the leather has torn away from the seams. (also suposed to be covered) He then told us that we needed to contact the Grande Prairie Branch because if we bought it from them they have to take care of it. We called them and they said because we moved its out of their hands. What are our options?? We didnt pay for warranty to not be able top use it. We did NOT abuse or furnature. the set that we have is no longer being made and so we would have to pick out something else and our set was only worth $1800 (including warranty) and so we would end up spending more money to upgrade to a different set inturn making the Brick more money. Is there anything that you can do to help with this situation?

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