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12:36 pm EDT
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Ashley Furniture Refund on an item I did not receive

I purchased a chair sep 2023 I was told delivery in 2 weeks 6 weeks later I still dont have the chair so I cancelled the order

I was cut off about 4 times from customer service as they dont want to know about refunds I am out the money and a chair I can get no answers from anyone at ashley I call this a scam or fraud as I paid money and received nothing

Desired outcome: refund please

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Update by laurie smythe
Oct 09, 2023 4:21 pm EDT

bought a chair Aug 24 2023 was told delivery by sept 15 got a notice that it will be another 2 weeks, then another notice it will be another 2 weeks making it 6 weeks I cancelled the order

said someone would call by 7pm, never received a phone call

am trying to get a refund for a chair i never received but paid for

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2:43 pm EDT

Ashley Furniture Sofa ~ customer service ~ unresolved problem

. My wife and I purchased a leather sofa from Ashley Home Store in Tupelo, Ms. After 4 months the main wood brace broke. After many calls and being hung up on by customer service, someone finally came to fix it. The repair man who came to fix it, put the nails in reverse so after a few days/weeks, the sharp ends tore the leather and zippers causing the leather casings to sag from the sofa cushions. We have contacted customer service multiple times. We have been hung up on. We have been sent the wrong items multiple times. We have been told someone would call us back and this calls never came. Finally we were told to text a customer service number. Again, we have gotten no results and have been told someone contacted us and offered us 30% back on the sofa. This is not a call we received. We were not contacted. This has been ongoing for almost a year. Please advise of how to actually get customer service and action please.

Desired outcome: Replacement or refund

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Ashley Furniture I orderd and paid in full for a sectional sofa on July 4th

I orderd and paid in full for a sectional sofa on July 4th. They said it would be delivered with 6-8 weeks. I called to check the status of my order on September 2nd and they said it would be another 2-4 weeks. I called again in October and they said 2-4 more weeks. On October 31st I called the store again. They said it would likely be early December. They never contacted me to give an update. On November 9th I received a call to 'confirm' my delivery for the next morning. I had not received a call informing me of delivery. When I asked what the next possible delivery date would be, I was told it would be November 20th. I arranged leave with my supervisors last minute and agreed to the unscheduled delivery. The delivery happened the next morning, but both end pieces of the sectional are incorrect. The delivery men were quick, efficient and professional and did their best to get in contact with both the store manager and warehouse to correct the problem. Neither were responsive. I refused to sign for an incorrect delivery, but they opted to leave the sofa with the incorrect pieces as I no longer had furniture in my living space. The store manager took a few hours to return my call and when he did all he had to say was he was aware of the issue and working to resolve it. He stated he'd get back to me by the end of the day with an update. I did not hear back from him that day so I called again the next day. He basically had the same response as before. I told him at that time I was willing to be reasonable but I was very upset and expected a quick resolution and some form of compensation for the issue. He said he would work on it and call me back the next afternoon. He did not, I called and left a message the following day but was told the manager was not working. I still did not receive a call the following day so I called again late that afternoon. The manager was now very rude and said he'd send the men to pick up the couch. I had disposed of my previous furniture and had nothing to replace it, I didn't want them to take the sofa just to correct their mistake. Soon after I was contacted by a customer service representative from the Camdenton office of *** (I had purchased the sectional at Ashley Home Store in Jefferson City). I explained the issue and she said they'd do their best to make it right. I was told I could expect them to expedite the order of the correct pieces, that i could obtain a refund for a portion of the purchase price I paid, and that I would receive in writing confirmation that I am not responsible for the incorrect items left in my home and that the warranty I purchased would not begin until the correct items were delivered. This all happened on or around November 16th. I did receive the refund for a portion of the purchase price, but never got any of the other promised assurances. I reached out on December 16th again to both the store manager and the customer service representative(CSR), neither took my call. I sent an email to the CSR who then responded only by email stating that the current expected delivery was mid-February. She did not respond to the request for the in writing assurances she'd promised previously. I responded that mid-Febraury was unacceptable and not what I had been told to expect based on our previous conversation. She stated, in another email response, that they could try to expedite the items, which they'd already said they would do over a month prior. When I requested the contact information for the district manager I was told he'd contact me (December 16th). He still has not as of 5:30 pm December 20th. (Now, January 19th and still no contact from the regional manager.) The store manager did offer me the assurances the CSR refused to, but when we spoke he acted as if he had no recollection of my issue from only a month ago. He offered completely different delivery estimates than the CSR. January 19. I have called twice recently and am not not able to get the store manager to come to the phone. He relays messages through a woman now. She has stated the current expected delivery is mid March. That will be 8 months from the time I purchased and paid for it and the pieces that are correct will have been used for over 4 months before the rest arrive. This situation is completely unacceptable and unprofessional. Not once has anyone from the company reached out to update me, they seem to believe I'll either forget or give up if they ignore me. They make promises to sell product but there is no follow up or customer service once they receive payment. The item they delivered is not the item I paid for. At this point, this purchase feels more like fraud than a legitimate sale.

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Ashley Furniture reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Jun 16, 2023. The latest review Refund on an item I did not receive was posted on Oct 6, 2023. Ashley Furniture has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 3 reviews. Ashley Furniture has resolved 0 complaints.
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