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City Furniture reviews & complaints

City Furniture complaints 49

City Furniture - Very very bad policies buyer beware!

Dining table set delivered yesterday. Box was completely 360° torn open the contents removed and put back and barely secured with pallet tape. Driver contacted customer service with me I informed...

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Jan 11, 2022

City Furniture - Harley White China Base

On January 11, 2021, I received a damage product for Order Number 628877 that was missing items and damaged. I request to have the item picked up and they refused to pick the items up. I was advised that I must keep this item in my home (as storage) until city furniture is able to pick up the item in three weeks. I request to speak to a supervisor to have this item picked up and was told I would be told the same thing no matter how far up in the company I file my complain. Well I plan to file a complain as far as every social media platform will allow me to. After this horrible experience I would like the items picked up from my home and take my money else where. I am no longer interested in your products.

The provided photos don't clearly show any damage.

Was the delivery signed for?

Jan 11, 2022

Horrible service

Jan 09, 2022

City Furniture - Bunk bed

I bought a bunk bed on 8/19 which broke a week ago (order number 795792, roughly $690 tax included, plus $97.80 for warranty); as you can see in the pictures attached, the way the bunk bed broke will...

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City Furniture - Store credit for unused pkan

They sell u plan n tell u if not used u get store credit
But for a month now I gave been trying to get it n their response is it's in the mail which I'm sure is a lie. This credit expires quick according to papers 30 days I'm sure they will wait till they can say oh sorry it's expired. After I complained to salesperson, her answer, I hear that a lot.
Don't bother going to store either manager will say he can't help n walk u over to phone.
Never again will I buy from them n this is from a loyal customer who has most if not all furniture in house from them. I will be closing my credit acct. too as I never plan on using again.

Desired outcome: Credit

City Furniture - Dining Room Table & Chairs

My girlfriend and I purchased a dining room table and chairs on November 28, 2021. The delivery was scheduled for December 11, 2021, which was great! Just in time for the holiday. We had plans of inviting everyone over for dinner.

The delivery arrived, the delivery men just rushed and placed all the things in the apartment and just left. We opened the boxes and assembled the chairs. Opened the box for the tabled… NO HARDWARE! Called "customer service" and was told no hardware replacement can be picked up or delivered. They next available delivery and exchange will be on December 31st. Christmas dinner… ruined and canceled.

We decided to put past behind us and move forward. We made new dinner arrangements for family and friends for New Years (hoping to have the table assembled) the delivery arrived. Again, delivery guys completely rushing the deliveries, delivered the table and ran off.

Red flag right from the start! The box looked so beat up. But we trusted the new delivery and hoped to everything would be fine… boy was I wrong. They sent us a USED AND DAMAGED TABLE. Even the hardware had scratches and dents everywhere. The screws were stripped! I couldn't even assemble it if I wanted! Called customer service again. Explained the situation, and got no resolve at all! I pleaded to speak with a manager. NO MANAGERS AVAILABLE! Was told one would call me back in 24-48 hours. I'm now on 72 hours with no return call at all.

Not only was my Christmas dinner canceled and ruined, but now my New Years. And what makes it worse… I have a table still in my home with no help at all. We even went as far calling the gentleman that sold us the table at the store (even knowing his ability was limited) but what he said was beyond unexpected! After explaining our horrible experience so far, he advised us to cancel the order and buy and new table and pay for premier delivery! This is the absolute worst service I have EVER received in my life!

Hi Howie.

I can sure appreciate your frustration but paying for the higher level of delivery may not be a bad idea. It sounds like the only direct option he may have had available. As you said, "... His ability was limited."

City Furniture - Never received credit, never received all my furniture, delivered damaged furniture and never replaced

This company is absolutely horrible. Read all the complaints and think twice before purchasing from them. They owe me a credit from 6 months ago. I purchased almost $40, 000 worth of furniture, and no one cares to help me with the furniture I need replaced (yes, they delivered DAMAGED furniture). Six months and I STILL don't have everything I ordered, and they can't tell me when I will get it, although they have lied several times to me. It seems all the staff is always either sick or on vacation, excuse after excuse. I'm missing pieces of sets. The system shows they delivered items but they didn't. They also tried to deliver EXTRA pieces about 5 times. So, I have lost literally thousands of dollars and plan on hiring an attorney. This is how they treat a 100% disabled vet and his family, never mind a customer who paid a LOT of money. Disgusting and it is at all levels. Even the Owner didn't care, which I figured he wouldn't. We now have to go purchase additional furniture, wasting more money. They don't care about the customer, they only care about the sale. Especially, Wendy at the Orlando location who apparently got a promotion (probably from our sale) and never got back to me since. Shame on them.

Desired outcome: I would like my money back for the furniture I never received, for the damaged furniture they delivered and for my credit that is owed.

City Furniture - Troy White Micro Power Reclining Console Loveseat

September of this year I purchased the Troy White Micro Power Reclining Console Loveseat. 2 weeks after purchased it was delivered and was defected. I ask for a replacement. A few weeks past and the replacement came and it was a used refurbish chair with peeling and the components did work either. I called and ask for a refund and to have this chair picked up. A supervisor was suppose to call me in 24-48 hours. No call. After calling again and emailing with no response I go into the store where I purchased the item. Talk to the RM Oscar who called the same number I would call for assistance. It took over an hour and a half for customer service to pick up and to only transfer us to the Warranty department who then had us on hold for a Supervisor another hour. I spent 4 hours in the store to only get an email sent to a group of managers. Sad part is the Supervisor did not want to give her name or a manager name and when she sent the email it had no name attached unlike the 1st lady I spoke with, Jazmine who sent the email for a supervisor back in October. After spending 4 hours in the store and getting no where I came home. Fast forward too late evening I get a call from the escalation department who claims to be a manager and still no help. This whole company sounds like a joke and should not be in business. I will be filling a compliant with the BBB and reaching out to the media to shine some light on how City Furniture does business.

Desired outcome: Pick up the chair - refund my account - and close my account

City Furniture - Dustin Gray Micro Power Reclining Sectional & Service Plan

If I could give negative stars, I would do just that, City Furniture has lost my business as well as all of my families business and anyone I can tell about my horrible experience with them. My wife and I were in the market for a new couch and went to City Furniture where we were "sold" on a microfiber sectional recliner that we were told would be just as sturdy as leather, which is what we were shopping for. Just to be on the safe side, we purchased the additional 3 year in home service plan that covers accidental damage as well as defects from manufacturer. After 9 months we started to notice that a couple areas were starting to peel on the couch. We contacted the service plan we purchased and they sent a technician out to look at couch. He took pictures and stated that the couch could not be repaired but the piece would have to be replaced. After almost 3 weeks of not hearing anything from City Furniture regarding the replacement of our defect couch, I again contacted the service plan, where they asked me how the damage occurred. I told them I did not know how it happened that all we have done is sit on the couch. Well immediately they told me that they would not be covering our claim because the peeling was caused by wear and tear. We paid almost $4k for the couch with service plan that they are refusing to honor because they are stating wear and tear on the couch. How is it that after 9 months, that the couch is peeling?!?! How is it that a service plan can cover accidental damage but they are refusing to cover what they are considering wear and tear. NEVER AGAIN CITY FURNITURE, NEVER AGAIN!

Desired outcome: Replacement or Refund

City Furniture - Insurance plan

Sub quality furniture.
Insurance plan is a joke, service rep brought wrong part said part needed was on stock, never heard back.
Can't get thru to customer service, on hold 95 minutes and gave up. Went to the scene of the crime (store) and they haven't been able to get an answer in 2-1/2 hours as of now.
My thoughts; [censored]y furniture would be a better classification.
Miserable senior management operation, salespeople try to help and get the same [censored] as I do. Wonderful operation you run.

Desired outcome: Do what I paid for or replace this particular recliner loveseat.

City Furniture - Furniture return policy

I purchased a sectional on 7/26/21, $2900. When I was notified that it was back ordered I cancelled the order. The salesman informed me that there was another set for the same price, in stock. I ran down saw it. It was closing time and he said he would write it up. The price tag on the set was in the price range that I was looking to spend. Although I did not receive an invoice at that time or sign any paperwork. When it was delivered I informed the deliveryman that the recliner was too large for the room. He refused to return it. I called the next day to Customer Care, spoke to a manager and still received no satisfaction. They said there is a no return policy. I was willing to pay for the return. I even contacted the deliveryman and he was holding on to the box it came in, so I could return it in its original carton.
Now a month later I receive the bill, $6, 000. Realizing that there must be a mistake I've reached out to Customer Care, corporate headquarters, anyone that would listen to me. I would never agree to spending that much money. I never signed a purchase agreement. I was never informed of the price at that time, except for what the salesman had told me, "it was the same price range as the other set." I am retiring and this is absolutely too much money to spend on furniture that started out at $3, 000. Why would I spend $6, 000. This has to be a scam to the consumer. I trusted the salesman, John, for some reason to do right by me. He refuses to answer my calls or try to assist me in any way.
How is legitimate ? I never signed a contract, especially for this price. They can have the entire set or partial pieces can be returned to lower the price.

Desired outcome: I advised City Furniture if they take the recliner back, deduct the 3yr In Home Service and the 3 yr stain removal it would the set down to $4,000. which would be more manageable price wise.

City Furniture - Delivery delayed for two months

Good Afternoon,

My name is Frank Mesa and my phone number [protected]. I did an order on your store located at 18750 South Dixie Highway
Cutler Bay, FL 33157 with the sales representative Adriana Ulles. My order was made on July 11, 2021 an so far I havent received my furniture. Order #725317. On August 28th, 2021 I received an email to schedule a delivery day for my order. Today, I received an email saying that two parts of my order cannot be delivered. I called the store where I did the order because I wanted to talk to a manager and I haven't been able to talk to a manager. Most important is that any sales person or manager from that store know how to give you an appropriate answer of what's happening with my order. Now I checked my order online and it was changed by Sep 21, 2021 without my permission. I believe there is a problem with the system because I have a family member who bought the same furniture than I on August 15 and she received the furniture one week after. I've been waiting almost 2 months ago for my order and yet I dont even have a delivery date at this point.

Sep 04, 2021

City Furniture - New listing in Boca

We have purchased and paid in full for out door furniture from City Furniture.
They have now delivered the chairs 4 times. Each time, they are damaged but they will only take back 4 at a time. The table has been has been horribly damaged from the original delivery.
We are on customer service for hours at a time but seem to get nowhere.
Horrible customer service and worse quality control.
Also, this is a very expensive set. We feel totally stuck !Please don't buy City Furniture !

Todd and Myrna Stone
Boca Raton


City Furniture - Customer Service and sales person

Purchased bedroom furniture last month and was given a delivery date by my sales person. Was notified that the delivery was confirmed for a certain date.
After calling customer service to verify, I was given a totally different date.
The delivery date was changed several times both by customer service and my sales person and the dates did not match.

After spending many hours on hold to try to verify the information, I finally asked for a manger. Spoke to an assistant manager checked and confirmed that both orders I placed would be delivered on a certain date.

Of course, the window of delivery was changed. Not only did I need to change the day that I took off from work, I only received on order on the confirmed day of delivery.

Called the assistant manager to let them know that I wanted to escalate my complaint. Also emailed him twice.

Called again last night and left another message. As of today, I have not received an answer from anyone.

I understand that there might be an issue with delivery at times, but I do not understand how it can change at least seven times with everyone
giving different information.

Needless to say, I will never shop there again. Hopefully someone will take an interest in the lack of service and respond.

Desired outcome: A call back from management


City Furniture - My order #750786

B"H On July 25, 2021 My husband and I and the kids went to the store to order a dining table, chairs and a table for the living room. We specifically asked for something that helped us a few week...

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City Furniture - Delivery

I'm am still waiting for half of my furniture to be delivered since Friday. I have three large pieces outside in the common area waiting for the correct pieces to be delivered and these ones taken away. Today was the day but now it looks like Wednesday! I did speak to customer service and the salesman. To me after Wednesday I am canceling the order. This is unacceptable and hopefully this not your common practice.

Desired outcome: My correct furniture to be delivered as soon as possible.

City Furniture - 4 chairs/refund

Placed order in May, chairs are still not on stock till new date now is Aug29th. They sent me 4chairs used (dirty, stained, discolored) and offered to clean or give some money back. My answer is no...

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City Furniture - Bedroom furniture

I am having great difficulty in seeking resolution to an issue regarding the purchase of furniture from the Boca Raton City Furniture store. The matter is quite complex, so I will attempt to be a...

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Jun 18, 2021

City Furniture - Sofa bed

I am very disappointed with my shopping experience with city furniture. I received a sofa bed which came with a broken frame. I contacted their customer service to solve the issue expecting a refund, but instead, they offered an exchange, repair and finally, when I mentioned that I could not accept those solutions because I was expecting an item that goes along with their promises of good, quality. Quality that all clients expect of the recognized company as City furniture.
Their customer service mentioned that their policy doesn't allow returns, which I do not believe is fair because I received damaged item. The policy cannot apply to damaged items. Of course, after all, their negatives to provide the refund, I told them that I have to tell my experience and post reviews on the internet. The reaction of their customer service "Jose" was aggressive and told me that he would call the police because I would obstruct their business. I never mentioned that I would install a barricade in front of their store, but I have all the right to tell my history. Unfortunately, the lack of professionalism of their customer service and a policy applied the wrong way is not allowing me to solve my issues.

Desired outcome: refund

City Furniture - Living room dining room and bedroom furniture

Purchased furniture a month and a half ago. Dining room furniture came in with mismatched chairs. Two chairs returned. Bedroom furniture came is missing the slats for the bed, the feet for the storage drawers for the bed and the bunky board. These missing pieces were supposed to be delivered today April 8th. It is now 8:34 pm and I have still not received a call or delivery. Trying to get answers is like pulling teeth. Terrible customer service. Domestic shipping department never answer the phones. Customer service department no help at all. I pray no other senior citizen is treated like this. Extremely poor customer service.

Desired outcome: I want my furniture delivered and put together immediately

City Furniture - Unresolved warranty issue after 6 months

I have been trying to get an warranty issue resolved 9 months after I received my chair. The first tech came out in Sept 2020, On Oct 19th I was told it would take 11 weeks to get the part to replace...

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