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I ordered 3 hot dogs at Sonic Dirve-In, the cook in the back was a black man and I watched him lick his fingers before putting my hot dogs on the buns and placing them in a bag.

I called back in & cancelled my order and told the man that answered why the order was to be cancelled. I watched for a couple minutes and NOTHING was ever said to the cook about licking his fingers then handling food. Poor Training by Management

This is disgusting and should have never happened.

This was on Broadway Street in Knoxville, TN

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  •   Sep 05, 2008
    SONIC - America's Drive-In - Poor quality food
    SONIC - America's Drive-In
    United States

    I use to enjoy going to Sonic Burgers where good hot dogs where good last night I went to get a burger rings and a Connie dog with onion rings what did I get a number 1 with cheese that had been setting around until it shrank to less then 1/8 of and inch hard as a rock, the dog wasn’t much better. I should have known something was wrong when my food got to me in record time. The only thing worth eating was the rings. This is twice now one more bad experience and Sonic is a done deal for me and further more I will tell all my friends and family to boycott Sonic burger from this point on.

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  • Dh
      Dec 19, 2009

    How is it relevant that the cook was black?

    I agree that it was rather disgusting for him to be licking his fingers while preparing your food and I would've fired him. However, I don't tolerate people referring to my employees as being "that black man".

    ~Friendly Sonic Manager

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  • Dh
      Dec 19, 2009

    Well, it isn't a Connie dog. It's a Coney.

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