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Continuing harrassment and isolation. Working the midshift (11am to 5pm), the management likes to leave the unfavored employee in the Drive Thru window alone. The Drive Thru window, according to the Sonic guidelines and booklets, requires between two to four people to run it fast and efficient. Even the customers have seen the stress, and have report them with no evail. Even having to recheck orders before they go out the window, the kitchen doesn't place the correct items on the correct trays, which today was a manager. He blamed me and announced it to all of the employees and managers. Everyone laughed and were rude. I brought up that everyone needs to please watch the bags when they bag up items. He kept telling me that I was in a bad mood and being rude to him, even though I had not said anything, except when I needed food. Late tickets are tracked and we get yelled at constantly about them. But they always yell at the wrong people. The management at this sonic does not ever admit they are wrong. Their new motto, "I can replace you in two minutes." Funny because yesterday there were two no call-no show employees that didn't get replaced, or talked to. They came in today and nothing was said. Consistancy and respect is horrible. The AM crew has lots of problems. The PM crew is awesome, and we work as a team, though there are a few minor problems but nothing like the day crew. So what do I do? I am trying to transfer to another Sonic, also asked twice to be only on PM crew.

Please email if you have good advice. Stressed and Tired of Disrespectful Management at Sonic Drive In.


  • Dh
    DHB Feb 22, 2009

    I also hate to blame you, but Jason seems to have a good handle on this situation. Being a manager at a location myself, I can understand your problems. However, going off and blaming the manager will get you nowhere but into trouble and issues with the management. Unfortunately, the manager also determines whether or not you stay at the drive-in. You say that they have this motto. You also have to understand that this line of work does have a high rate of employee turnover. If you aren't happy with what you are doing then leave. They can replace you faster than you think. If you aren't happy then you're not going to do a good job anyways and end up getting fired.

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  • Mi
    miky1911 Sep 08, 2009

    please forward all complaints to the CEO and your local news station
    Clifford Hudson
    or [protected]

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  • Rl
    rldabbstalentassoc Sep 09, 2009

    go to the higher managers or to the franchise cause the general manager is not the only one that can fire somebody like for instance if you see managers or crew members stealing and the general manager wont do anything about it you can go to the supervisor or the district manager and complain that way and if you don't know their numbers then that should be one item that you complain about if they do not have it on the wall where everybody can see it

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  • Rl
    rldabbstalentassoc Sep 09, 2009

    Being a business owner myself, my managers must be spot on. If they are late to work, make a mistake in an order etc. They do not remain managers for long. Managers must be effecient, professional and above all else respectful to the employees and upper management. Drawing attention to an employee is rude and against labor laws. I suggest that you go to Sonic Franchise or the Employee Complaint Department. You will find these numbers at your Sonic, if they are not posted then go to the Internet and look up the Sonic Website and you should be able to get these numbers. Do not take this abuse, you have rights as an American and as a employee. Use these rights.

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  • Ch
    Charleston, TN Oct 04, 2009

    i have an issue i am hoping to get some help about. I have been a carhop at Sonic for 3 1/2 years now. I have never had any behavioral problems. I am not late for work. I work good and I work hard. I only work part-time, 2 or three days a week from 11-5. I have been on this schedule for my entire time that I have been here. I work a second job which is on thurs-sat. I work from 8 til 3 in the morning on that job. We recently changed general managers. We got a manager straight out of high school who just turned 18. He is very moody. He has a lot of issues with mood swings, hes medicated for it. Anyways, thats off subject. He personally doesnt like me. Last week, he put me on the schedule for the days that I work my second job. That was okay. Its hard on me, and he knows it.. but he did it just to back me in a corner. This week he has scheduled me for the entire week so that I have to work for him all day and work my other job all night, and be back at work the next morning again. I have a baby. Its real tough on me. Last night I worked until 3:30, got home at 4 and he had scheduled a crew meeting for 7 o clock Sunday morning. I didnt attend the last meeting. I got wrote up for it. That was fine. I understand that he has a job to do and im no more special than anyone else. He has these meeting every three weeks. I am dead on my feet. It is so terribly inconvenient for me. I have to drag my baby out and find a babysitter or take him with me at 7.. I feel like im being backed in a corner. I have loyally worked here without a problem. Nobody can say a bad thing about me. He hired a bunch of his friends. They are pulling no call, no shows and not even being wrote up for it. He is allowing them to work 2 days a week because they have other things going on like school. They have only been working for him for 2 months and he is working everything around them and making me take up the slack when he knows that I have another job and a baby. He is letting them eat all of their food for free, and he is also feeding his ex-boyfriend a #2 combo upsized, on a daily basis and never even ringin it up. I take his ex about 4 route 44 root beers a day and they dont even get rang into the register. I feel so bullied. I missed my meeting again this morning. I didnt mean too. I woke up in a cold sweat weh I saw that it was 9:00. I tried to contact him. I apologized 1000 times. This is my second write up for not attending the meetings. I have no other write up regarding anything else in 3 1/2 years. So he wouldnt respond to me. I finally got ahold of my friend who is a manager. She informed me that he just left and had said that I didnt have a job anymore. I didnt tell him that I knew or how, I just text him and asked him why. He sent me a text in all caps saying " I DONT HAVE TO HAVE A REASON, DO NOT TEXT MY PHONE AGAIN". its not fair. this is how i pay my bills. This is my rent, my life, my childs food.. just because he can? He has backed me into a corner because he knows that it is so hard for me to work 2 jobs in one day and raise a baby on my own. He wanted to gone, just because he doesnt like me as a person. Now i am jobless and I dont have anyone to turn to. The numbers that are on my wall, are numbers that you cannot reach a higher power for. I pulled the boss above him to the side and asked her if I could have a number that I could reach her at and she said that she doesnt have a business phone. They are like best friends. Its not fair. I have spent the entire morning crying. I know I can get another job, but its not right for them to do me that way. Is that right

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  • Ch
    ching5353 Oct 24, 2009

    i know what u mean i too was left in drive thru alone and then was yelled at in front of everyone. my manager laura is a nasty person who is always talking about her sex life with her boyfriend. im not insterested in hearing about such things. she also has her favorites and im not one of them. im older and is just there to work. i believe in building up people not tearing them down

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  • An
    Anonymou Nov 28, 2009

    In response to the original complaint, your completely wrong on drive-thru procedures. The STAR guides specify that an employee with adequate training in all areas belongs in Drive-thru. It is YOUR job to check bags before the go out the window, not theirs. Reread your guides before complaining. If your still not happy, find another job.

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  • An
    annonomys Dec 06, 2009

    I know exactly what you mean. They opened one about a month ago and most of us are new. They're A-Team just stands around telling you what to do at closing, and have smart mouths. The assistant managers really shouldnt be assistant managers. The one is totally cluless as to whats going on and just stands in the way when things get busy, and the other one is foul-mouthed and disrespectful. I've seen him disrespect the manager many times and she hasn't done anything about it. I've also seen one of them sleeping in the back of the building. I honestly don't know what kind of workplace the manager is trying to create, but if the owner came in, I'm sure he wouldn't be happy with what he saw.

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  • Li
    LIrvin Jan 24, 2010

    It's interesting to me that some of those same complaints (and a entire boat load more) including broke labor regulations, favortism, and unfair treatment goes on at SONIC's all over the world . . . .

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  • Lo
    losingsleep Jun 07, 2010

    Charleston NC, I understand where you are coming from. These people should not be able to play games with peoples lives. My kids all have worked at sonic My son in law worked there for 11 years. He was the first assistant for many years. A year ago the owner of this franchise brought in his sisterinlaw to be manager and got rid of the old manager. The manager they have now has all the employees pitted against each other. She has this attitude like if you can kiss my butt the most you can be my favorite employee and keep your job. One of the girls that work there lives with her and one of the girls is her daughter. The girl that lived with her was dating one of the cooks, so several people came to my son in law and told him she was going to get rid of him and give his job to this cook, who by the way is a felon and strung out on meth. So a week ago my sonin law asked her about this rumor. She said no I think you are doing a good job I have some good assistants and noone is getting fired. My son in law is not uptight he said ok, he loves his job, my daughter, his wife works with him they open the store and rune it all morning themselves. Friday afternoon she pulled him aside and said she was letting him go because she can't walk on eggshells. This same time period another girl was sick and brought a dr.s note for her day she missed and the manager was mad and took her off the schedule and she has not been put back on. the managers daughter on the other hand had a week off for prom and was invited to a party so she did not have to work her scheduled shift. When she does work she ONLY carhops, she doesn't have to do any cleaning. The girl that lives with her is getting my soninlaws job cause that cook that was going to get it quit cause he did not want to be involved with these crazy women anymore, they would not leave him and his family alone. It is just absolutely crazy. The employees are getting treated like crap, treated very direspectful. When people come in to apply she will tear up their application if she thinks they are to fat. My youngest daughter and her husband also work there. When she went to try to get a job there this last time (she had previously worked there but left for a different job, under the old manager) She was told by this manager, I don't know I will have to pray about it. She acted all christian. WRONG! She cusses, she lies, she talks about everyone. Ha The employees are the ones walking on eggshells. I am a supervisor at a factory and I am just amazed I am not allowed to do or say half of the stuff she says.

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  • Bi
    Bitchy Spice Aug 11, 2010

    God I hate that [censor]ing place!!! The sonic where I work at sucks!! I hate working in the food industry, especially the fast food industry, it is such a [censor]!! I can't [censor]ing stand the idea of working with immature, ignorant [censor] [censor] teens, the stupid policies made absolutely no sense to me at all, I read the employee handbook and so far it seems to me that nobody is abiding by the book. I get treated straight up like trash just because those [censor]ers there like to make me feel like I'm not a good enough employee. They always put me in the same goddamn position instead of letting me work in other positions. What's more worse is that my stupid so-called manager let me go without even firing me, since he wrongly accused me of not clocking out and took that as quitting, which was not part of my plan. I wanted to do that the minute I was able to get another job and to shove the uniform and all that other crap up their ignorant [censor]!!!

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  • As
    ashleymashley Aug 16, 2011

    although i see a bunch of lazy people i worked with some hardworking people but since the "store coach" in pa is the biggest ### in the world they all quit which is good i know one day they will go bankrupt i cant wait till the day that building burns down to the ground since the electrical plugs weren't correctly installed they don't care about hard work or loyalty whatever makes the checks bigger for the owner (who is 300 plus lbs.)
    if your a decent worker find a better job
    and its everyones job to check if the food is correct so don't pass the buck

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