Sonic Drive Inno tips and disgruntled customers

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I have been a car hop since March. What customers do NOT realize is that the car hop is not always the one who takes your order nor is the one who ever cooks your food and is rarely the one who makes your drinks and icecream treats. We work for minimum wage and put up with sometimes intolerable behavior from customers and employees and bosses only to car hop to someone who doesnt care or want to tip even for a friendly face. Many times, I have car hopped someone who was ticked off because their order wasnt right and I didnt make it. But I am out there scrounging for tips and I go to every car with a friendly face. But it gets so frustrating after going to ten cars that dont tip and one out of every 10 that do.

We walk all day with no break 8-10 hours a day and one to two bathroom breaks. We dont get to sit down cause there is no where to sit, no break room. And we work for tips we dont get because you get mad at the cooks. Place the blame where it belongs. Ask for a manager and have it corrected but dont blame the innocent car hops that are trying to make a living.

And I am sorry but if you cant afford to tip even 50 cents please dont come waste our time because if you cant afford to tip at least 50 cents then you cant afford to eat out in the first place. Ever wonder why sonic carhops are so skinny...get a clue if you dont.

Are you MAD? GOOD. Imagine how we feel having car hopped all day. 100 customers and only making a whopping 10 - 20 dollars and nothing more. Walk a mile in our shoes and then you have something to complain about. You are placing blame in the wrong place. And shame on you regular customers that get that extra shot of strawberries or vanilla and dont even bother to tip a dime. Cause I give it to you and you still tip nothing. May you gain an extra 40 lbs and never be able to get it off because you have no clue the calories you are ordering in your purchase. GOOGLE IT. Sonic is the only fast food restaurant that has NO light, less calories menu. Google the calories. You deserve all those calories for NOT tipping us poor carhops that DONT mess up your orders but smile and keep taking it from you and go home empty handed.


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    jenna Nov 09, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Yep, she is right. We dont tip Sonic carhops cause we blame them for the mess ups in the kitchen. We should be ashamed. They work 8 hours on their feet depending on us for a living and we let them down, day in and day out. I for one am ashamed and will not go to sonic again without tipping. If my order is wrong I will ask for management but wont blame the carhops anymore.

    I am ashamed to say I have gone to Sonic during happy hour and not tipped anything yet got the drink for the happy hour price. I feel bad and I assure you I wont do it again.

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  • Xe
    xembx Nov 10, 2008

    I 100% agree. The carhop is rarely the one that has anything to do with your order other than make sure you get straws, mints, condiments, and your correct change and/or receipt. If you have an issue, ring back in and ask for it to be corrected.
    I work in a Sonic and there is nothing more annoying than hearing my carhops complain about customers who fuss at them for something that wasn't their fault in the first place.

    Another thing though, you may work for tips, but you make just as much as everyone else if your tips don't reach minimum wage. If you don't make enough in tips to reach minimum wage your store operator or whoever does payroll should adjust your paycheck at some point during the year. Let him know if this hasn't been adjusted.

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  • Dj
    djtexas971 Dec 28, 2008

    I agree with Jenna. I remember going to Sonic as a kid, and my mother, who had never worked a job where you made tips for a living mind you, raised me to tip the car hops because of the work they put in. If I ever have a problem, I simply press the button to get it corrected. Now I'm not saying that Sonic is perfect, because I have had bad experiences before, but it clearly wasn't the car hops fault. I guess I'm a little bias as I work as a waiter, and unfortunately restaurants only pay $2.13 an hour and make you depend on your tips. The problem with restaurants is that it seems that the bosses and corporates aren't regulated as to how they treat their employees, thus you have owners who are abusive and scream at their employees over the dumbest things, and nothing can be done because it doesn't fall under "discrimination of religion, gender, nationality" etc.

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  • Br
    bri.23.rox Apr 06, 2010

    i could not agree more with you... i have worked at sonic going on five years now... i used to be the closer, but since i have seniority i am now the full time opener. if you come in the morning during the week, i am your carhop. i love my job, but i do have to say, customers can bring you down. and if you have a bad experience with a carhop, its probably because someone was just rude to them the way they were just rude to you. i have some customers that come everyday, that no matter how perfect i try to get their order, something is always WRONG. if i give her the receipt, she doesnt want it. if i bring her mayonnaise, she wants mustard. almost like she is purposely giving me ### every day because she hates her life. im serious, we do have customers that act that way. several. and yes, there are those that come in everyday and ask for extra flavor, or they say they have coupons and we dont take them up because they are regulars, and get free things every day, yet still refuse to tip. then on top of it all, we have the GREATEST store manager. we get called lazy, stupid, or what have you because if we've been gettin our butts kicked all morning, and he comes in and our chores arent done (yes we have a chore list also on top of carhopping) we are considered lazy, simply because we havent had the time to do any of it. im sick of the management personally... if i could move to another sonic where id get the same payrate and same tips id move immediately. 5 yrs experience!

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    GreenLoving Apr 28, 2011

    Ive worked at a Sonic for two years and if your working 8-10 hours with no bathroom break or a chance to sit then either they are working you to hard or your lieing =/ and after 100 customers your getting 10-20 dollars be happy you got something. Try having gone through almost 600 and leaving with only 3 dollars. Even though it is aggravating that the customers can be ### they dont HAVE to tip you no matter how nice you are being to them.

    Plus you sound like they only hired you to carhop and not do much else which means you probley dont do ### to even earn the tips. At the one I worked at we did everything, even knew how to help the cooks if it got to busy. If the customer was ### that the order was wrong, either they didnt tell the person who did their order or you didnt check to see if it was right before you brought it out.

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    dee4 Jun 05, 2014

    Shes not lying about the hours w/o a break, nor is she "lieing" (damn baby learn how to spell)! I am a Carhop off and on over 13 years! We are allowed to order food and eat it on the go while we take orders in and out. We used to get a 15 min break if we worked over 8 hours but that stopped. Food is only half off too, so that comes out of your tips. I also just dont believe 600 customers, I am the hardest worker at the third busiest sonic in america and on a 12 hour day I would top 200 orders (which is unheard of, most carhops do like 60-70 in a shift).

    Yes we are constantly on our feet, nowhere to sit, no break, and relying on tips. I have worked plenty of places and this stands at the most physically demanding job I have EVER had. Think about it, hussing back and forth in that hot Texas 110 heat, sometimes going to and from a car 3 times bringing them all kinds of extra items and then NOT getting a tip. My sonic is very generous both tip wise and pay. I get paid far more than minimum wage (Im a seniority tho) and I bring home about 60 dollars in tips daily. Most sonics are a far cry from this. Be kind.

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