Sears Service Dept. / Kenmore Refrigeratorcustomer service

I had scheduled for a service repair on a Kenmore refrigerator. I filled out all the valid info. including my latest tel. and address. I received a confirmation e-mail letting me know that their would be someone coming between the hours of 1-5 to the address that I provided and if had any questions would call the telephone number I had provided. Well 5 o'clock came and went and know one had shown up. So I call the 800 number that was provided to me in the e-mail. I explained the situation to the lady who answered the phone, she asked for my tel. number I gave her the one I had provided when I had placed the request for the service repair. She asked if I had another one, I informed her that is the one I had provided when I made the request for the service repair and that I could giver her the service repair confirmation. She said no and that she needed another number I told her that is the only one that I had provided, she told me to hold on and then she hung up on me. I called back and spoke with the same lady this time she asked for a name and address. After spelling my name and address to her she then informed me that they had called the number that I had provided not from the e-mail service request I had placed that morning but from the one from 4 years ago when I originally purchased the fridge. But even before this she asked me if I was interested in an extended warranty. Then after she had told me what happened I told her how come someone did not call the number on the service request e-mail that I had placed that morning, She did not have an answer for me. She then instead of offering some kind of rebate or a waiving of the service fee she just told me that the next time a repair person could come out to do a repair would be 4 days later.

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