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Reviews and Complaints

Resolved not warned of hidden fees when being approved of sears card.

I purchased an item at sears.

Here is the salescheck # [protected].

The cashier offered me a $15 discount, if I applied for a sears card. I asked if there were any fees for the card, and she said no. So I signed up.

Later that night, I looked over my receipt and it says that there is an annual fee of $59.00! So I went back to the sears cashier the next day to ask what happened. A different person was there, and they couldn't explain why, so they gave me a number to call [protected]. I called this number and they directed me to sears solutions master card [protected].

I called them, and they told me to take it up with national customer relations [protected]. They couldn't help, so they directed me to sears credit card department [protected]. They said that I had to take it up with hsbc bank, which is the same place as sears solutions master card. [protected]. So, I was back in full circle.

The operator at hsbc was getting really annoyed with me, saying it was my fault for signing the little electronic box, that says I agreed to paying the $59 annual fee. However, the cashier did not indicate to me that I was signing a credit card fee approval. I thought I was signing for the purchase!

Anyhow, I requested cancellation of the card and filed a complaint over the phone, at hsbc.

I'm sending this message as a record of complaint, that if sears customer service personnel makes credit card offers, that they must make it clear to the customer that the card is affiliated with a bank, and that there may be fees applied by the bank, through credit approval. Customers must also be made aware of when they sign the electronic box, that it is for credit approval, and not item purchase.

Hopefully, this will save a lot of future hassle for sears, there customers, and the credit card companies.

  • Vo
    VoiceOfReason Sep 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The cashier was initially correct; there is no fee for the Sears Mastercard for which you originally applied. The Sears Solutions card is a second chance card, and certain accounts under the Sears Solutions card offered by HSBC do have annual fees.

    When the second card was offered, you should have been shown the application for the HSBC card, which has the three different accounts available, and the one you qualified for should have been indicated to you. You then, presumably, signed in the box that explains the amount of the fee and the interest rate, thereby agreeing to those terms.

    If you did not want to pay an annual fee, you should not have signed the form agreeing to pay an annual fee, and you should have asked the cashier to end the transacation.

    Your credit is, ultimately, your own responsibility. While the cashier should have been explicit every step of the way (obviously nobody knows if that happened except you and the cashier), ultimately it was you who signed the contract without paying attention to what you were signing.

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  • Ad
    Adam Nov 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well I just got duped the same way. The Sears associate showed me the paperwork with the $59 annual fee after I had signed to make the purchase. I told her after she showed me the paper work that I didn't want the card, she said okay... and then suddenly it went through and she couldn't fix it. HSBC and Sears obviously does this on purpose. When I called HSBC they "offered" to waive half the annual fee. They acted like it was the go-to option on their call center check list. I'm incredibly pissed off right now. They duped me in with an offer to save $15 and instead I have to pay an extra $59.

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  • Ki
    Kim S Nov 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    First: Every credit card is affiliated with a bank, so as far as having to have the associate declare that is a bit redundant.
    Second: HSBC is the "second chance" bank for Sears as stated above.
    Third: Read the small print people. It is your responsibility as a consumer to read the information prior to signing. Now, with that being said, I have also been in situations where it seemed that I have signed my life away...tough cookies to me. I did it, I sucked it up...and blamed no one but myself.

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  • Xl
    XLee9 Jun 20, 2009

    There's a big 59 DOLLAR ANNUAL FEE Text on the HSBC form. If you somehow are that blind, you screwed yourself.

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  • Ss
    SS09 Jun 27, 2009

    Next time READ the Discourse!!! Problem solved!

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  • Fa
    fail Aug 30, 2009

    Associate error, the normal sears card and sears master card with the Citibank logo has no annual fee for it, however there is an alternative bank (HSBC) sears works through that can authorize a charge account if you were not approved by citibank. HSBC is more lax in their acceptance however 2 of their 3 options will result in a Sears card with an annual fee, if you're lucky you'll still get the option with a no annual fee. Associates are pushed to get credit, which isn't a bad thing it benefits the customers with special sears promotions and the introductory discount for the card however it is not appropriate if they are mindlessly shoving charge cards down customers throats like this associate. Moral of the story read the disclosure, don't take employees words for granted most retail cashier are too stupid to understand anything process related for that matter, especially if they are a pretty face reading a prepared script.

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  • He
    Helper99 Sep 14, 2009

    Their Credit Card thing is such a bogus bunch of garbage, it completely misleading and stressful to deal with.

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  • Ch
    Charlied72 Oct 25, 2009

    This is a sears error. For the Citi Bank card($15 promo) there is no annual fee. But due to your past credit history Citi would not take a risk on you. However the Associate should of explain the policy better to you

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  • Wi
    WI_JE_BY Apr 30, 2010

    I applied for a Sears Credit Card in the sears store during the Christmas Holidays. I useed the card to complete my shopping to received the $15.00 credit. Later during the year I order on line from DBW The Grant Express a free grants at the cost of $1.98. There was seven days to cancel any addition charges for membership. I cancelled the next day. I started receiving charges of $69.95 and many other charges for books that I never received. Again I continued to call this company to get charges removed to no avail. When I contacted Sears the issued a cred for all charges pending response from DBW. The account # was change by the Rep that took the complaint and a new card was iiued. I paid the remainding charges and cancelled the card with a zero balance.Of course BDS sent Sears about 15 sheets stating the charges were correct. Sears put the charges back on this closed account and continued to accept new charges on a closed account from DBW along wiht Late fee and finance fees. I have sent them affidavits stated that these charges are invalid and question how could they accept charges on a closed account?. They have sent negavite reports to the credit bureau. I am still gfighting these charges.

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  • Bi
    Bill Gilg May 10, 2010

    I was going to look into it. Not now...Thanks ever so much for the warning. I'll just coast along on what I'm earning for now.
    I think this dishonest way to lure people into this money making scam should be punishible with imprisonment and a stiff fine.
    It's not the American Way. It's crooked. Where are we all heading allowing this crap to continue to go on all around us. Are we
    agressing as humans or digressing. With all our techknowledgy one would think our human race would be smarter. Oh...I know
    it's already smart of them to trick us out of our cash. I just think we should do more to stop these A_ _H _ _ _ _ from doing this.

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  • Jo
    john redmond Jun 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was with sears fr0m 1986-2007 and was well plesed with them and was on thier premium list until i was victim of identity theft in 2006.
    the fraud dept told me in october 2006 that the investigation was wrapping up and will be getting new cards shortly.
    I recieved a call from the customer service jan 2007 of when i was going to make a payment on the delinquent account. I was surprised and told the rep what do you mean I have not recieved any word since comunicating with the fraud dept. the rep then said is your mailing address PO box8264 and I said no he then said is your phone number xxx xxx xxxx and I said no and do not know that nuber or why you sent my statements to a po box that was being used for by the crimanals to defraud other victims. sears violated my rights as the indenity theft and fraud alert was on my credit reports since august 2006 stating that no business do anything unless my wife and I can be positively identified.
    sears did start sending me statements to the address that was previously on record and then slapped A $25 dollar late charge on so called past due on my first statement recieved. i was displesed with sears on how they handled the idenity theft and closed my account and paid in full. NOW HERES THE KICKER.
    in march 2009 i aplied for an apartment and was denied and found out that sears had a major derogorty on my credit report. the report shows a charge off $525 and seriously past due $1864 these charges were pulled out of thing air and placed around mid 2008. funny how these show up on a closed paid in full account.
    sears has lost me as a customer and i have boycotted all of thier products since 2007.
    I have all my reciepts, statements and bank statements as proof of paid in full. I am working on other issues from the ignorant business world and will be geeting an attorney after sears when done.

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  • St
    steve12346 Oct 03, 2010

    Its your responsibility to read the disclosures. and of course credit cards are based on your credit report, thats why you got the annual fee, the cashier doesn't know what is on your credit report and whether you will have a fee or not.

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  • Pe
    People Suck Feb 19, 2011

    Ok. Let me start with the fact that when Sears cashiers get people to apply for credit they get a commission. Their job also depends on it. Negative numbers can result in disciplinary actions, write ups, being moved to the back of the store, etc. Credit is priority over quality of service, customer satisfaction and..everything else. What happened when you applied is this: She hooked you with the $15 discount (which is actually a credit to your card when you are approved) You signed, handed over your ID, ran everything through and CITIBANK denied you but you qualified for a not-so-special, lower-credit-range-accepting-bank. HSBC. If you had made the cut, there was another option for no fee, but you got the other one which has a $59 annual fee. Whether or not these secondary offers are accepted reflects upon the cashier and her total percentages of acceptance. It was definitely HER fault for not clearly distinguishing between the two, and the fact that it was through a different bank. Actually, she should have pointed to the box that you had to sign, to where it states these facts in writing. You as the consumer should always read before you sign but SEARS as the company competing for your business, should make sure their cashiers are trained and know what they are doing other than the fact that they have to make their credit goal and they get a little extra in their checks later. I am finding that the way Sears conducts business is absolutely wretched and money hounding. We are all here to make a living, we are all here to do a job but don't forget about basic ETHICS and reputation. Their focus is in the wrong direction which will in time, bring them down.

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  • Su
    Susan K Mazzarella Apr 29, 2015

    4/27/15 I received your letter regarding keeping my Sears Card or accepting the Sears MasterCard. I called the 800 # without satisfaction, I've attempted going online with your cardoffer.searscard.com also with out satisfaction. Please, someone from these United States of America call me at 352 377-9115 to assist me with this matter.
    Thank you,
    Susan Mazzarella
    [email protected]

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