Sears Home Servicesrepair no shows

I scheduled a repair for fridge and range. The day of the repair (waited several weeks), no one showed up. We spent several hours trying to find out what happened and speaking with offshore people. A supervisor finally told me that the technician said we were not home - a bold lie. I had taken the day off and my wife was also home during those hours.

We rescheduled for more than 2 weeks later and today (March 25) the technician again did not show up.
1. I called and first spoke with a man who said "stay with me", put me on hold and never came back.
2. The woman who came on the line again took all the information and said she wanted to check what happened. She told me the tech called in sick.
3. I asked for a supervisor. She put me on hold for several minutes, then said she was transferring me.
4. I was on hold for several minutes again before a recording came on and disconnected me. The total call was 29 minutes
5. I called the local store and got through to someone who transferred me to Sears Solutions.
6. I went through the entire story and while I was expressing that I wanted to get this to the corporate offices, the person hung up on me.

I will not do business with Sears again and will ensure that the many people I know and can contact will know about this. I WILL use social media to publicize this and if I can, will take Sears to small claims court for my time. It is no wonder that Sears is battling to stay afloat.

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