Sears Home Services / did not fix anything; will not refund the money; no follow up

White Plains, NY, United States Review updated:

This is the main part of a letter I sent to the C.E.O., after getting no response from the Sears service line. (And the response from the CEO was a message from his assistant leaving me the phone number for the service department that I clearly wrote had been ineffective.

I called to get service for both my range and my refrigerator/freezer. Two different technicians were sent at the same time, one for each appliance (which on its own seems incredibly inefficient and costly).

The technician for the icemaker came first. He found some bread in the area of the icemaker, which was blocking the ice. He pulled out a drawer with a drain and said, "here, rinse this out." I was surprised that he gave it to me to do and at the brusk attitude, but went ahead and began rinsing it. At the same time, the technician for the range came. I said I was going up to talk to him, and the fridge guy told me to finish rinsing the part. I handed it to him and said I was going to talk to the range guy. He again told me to finish, and I again said that I was going to talk to the other guy.

When I set up the service for the range, I had told them on the phone that there was an error code and they said that they knew the part that would be needed and they would try to get it on the truck. I also told them that I was having people over on Saturday (it was Monday when I made the call) and that I really needed the range to be fixed by then. The part was not with him. He said that I would probably get the part in 24 hours. I showed him where smoke and soot had come out of the control panel. Meanwhile, when he went out to the truck, the fridge guy said that the range guy should really check other parts also to see if they were bad. When the range guy came back in, I asked him repeatedly to check the rest of the range and he kept insisting that this happens all the time, that he knew exactly what was wrong, and that there was no need to. I was given an estimate of about $225 for service and labor.

Back to the fridge guy. I went back downstairs and he had replaced the part I had been rinsing. He said everything was fine. I asked him if he checked if it was working and he said no, but it would be fine. I don't know if the ice had to build up or if he just didn't want to bother, but since I had to get back up to the range guy, I said ok. A week later when I went to use it, bread was still coming out and the ice was not.

The part for the range came 2 days later. I had the service appointment scheduled, and then Sears called and said that even though I was scheduled, there were no technicians in the area so they were re-scheduling me for the next week. I told them that was not okay and after about 10 minutes going back and forth, they said they would try to send someone out, but did not give me any time frame, so I just had to wait all day, not knowing if anyone would show or not.

When the next technician finally arrived, he opened up the back and told me that there were parts that were burned and had to be ordered. If the first technician had bothered to look, he would have known that, too. If the part had been on the truck the first time as requested, he at least would have tried to install it and seen that new parts were necessary at the first service call. This tech said that he would rig something, which did not make me feel very secure, but he said it would be fine. Then he realized that the part ordered was a different size and because of the burnt pieces he was not able to. Next he told me that the front display piece had melted and normally they would just peel it off, but it was going to look bad now. So, he peeled it off and said, “See how bad it looks?” Then he said he would try to fix that. He tried putting some black electrical tape on the edges (it's a white stove). He put it on crooked, then put the piece back and said, “See it looks fine now.” It did not, but I admit that he did try to make it work. The estimate with the new parts went up to almost $400. If I had been given that estimate at the beginning, I would have just bought a new range. Now, I had already paid about $165 and this technician said that he couldn't leave until I gave him the remaining $55 (approximately). I said that nothing had been fixed and I shouldn't have to pay and he said I had to. I was already late for picking my kids up from school, so I ended up paying him just so he would leave.

When I returned home, I spoke with a supervisor at Customer Service, who said he would call me back in 30 minutes. I told him I was wary, because of all the problems I had had so far. He said he understood, but to trust him. He never called back. He also said I would get a call in 24-48 business hours about the requested refund. I never did. I was later told they sent an email. I never received an email, and again was not told to look for an email, but to wait for the call.

I have asked for a refund on the whole range incident and was told they would give me $65. That does not seem fair, as nothing at all was fixed.

As for the icemaker, I was told that another technician would be sent out. At this point, I think the motor may be damaged or was taxed by the clog, but I was told that no one will check that. And I can't say I have much faith in the technicians at this point.

And after all, of this, I get a call from Sears checking on how the service went and when I told them, they recommended that I buy a warranty to cover repairs in the future so I won't have to go through this again.

December 2015; still no resolution August 2016

Aug 15, 2016
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      Aug 28, 2016

    Note that this person received NO responses from the Sears' team at all. Where are you, Sears? Playing games with customers by simply ignoring what are obviously BIG problems with your products and pathetic service, or lack thereof?

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