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I hope anyone who is sold heating or cooling equipment by Sears In-Home Home Improvement (SHIP) gets to read this before they purchase.

To make a long story short "Sears Screwed me". I purchased a new hot water heating system from Steve last month. I will say that I needed a new system because mine was not working. I paid in full $7, 000 when Steve had me sign the contract. He told me it would be installed on Wednesday and today was Monday. Fair enough.

It has been 3 weeks and I am still waiting for my heating system. I have called the Manager ( Brad ) and all he has been doing is blowing steam at me. My next stop is the Attorney Generals Office.

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  • Bi
      May 06, 2009

    We did a Kitchen remodel with Sears in Portland, OR. PLEASE BE ADVISE... stay as far as you can from this Guys... Manager Ken, Regional Manager Marmol. They are just a bunch of scammers. They installation was horrible. The quality a joke. The installers came to our home wearing t-shirts with MARIGUANA legends on it. Unbelievable. They scratched the front of our brand new dishwasher and never take any of my calls. The product is not what MARMOL showed us on the day we get our demo. The installer installed all crooked and I have to forced them to re-installed the cabinets. Not only that when the people from the counter tops were ready to install the cabinets were so tilt they refuse to installed the counter top.


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  • Me
      Sep 17, 2009


    On May 1, 2009 I purchased an air conditioner from Sears Home Improvement. My salesperson Mike Cunningham sold the product with a $1500 gov tax credit, $300 Carrier Cool Cash Rebate and a 12 month no payment, no interest offer. He did not state it was an either/or promotion and advised me he would return during installation to complete the rebate processes. He never showed up during installation.

    I called Mike several times, leaving messages when after the 5th call he advised me that he no longer worked for Sears. I contact Sears at [protected] to speak to Mike Foster as advised by Mike Cunningham. I left several messages for Mike Foster and never received a call back. I called again and asked to speak to Jim Poole the district general manager. He advised me he would look into the matter and call me back. Finally in August I received my information needed for the $1500 tax credit but still nothing on the $300 cool cash rebate. I continued to call and leave messages as the rebate information is due by 9/30 and did not receive a call back. Finally today I called and was transferred to Terry who looked up my order and advised me that the promotion was either the no interest promo or the $300 rebate and since I did the credit promo I was not eligible for the rebate. When I told him that was not how the product was sold to me he said there was nothing he could do and refused to take any further action.

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  • St
      Sep 23, 2009

    Hey, looks like sears got you as well with there B.S.!!! I also purchased a brand new hot water boiler from them thinking that since they have been in business so long that this was the best way to go for an investment in not only my home but my families well being. I also paid for it up front for a little more of a discount but when it came time for delivery and installation well I will tell ya what a disappointment. The boiler did not go in for over 8 weeks but my sales guy says " We have these in stock" famous last words, so thank god my old system held on long enough for the time it took to install the new one. The problem with delivery was that I lived so far north (aprox.1 hour to Canada's border) but this was never revealed at time of signing the contract. The installers are not to blame Sears is, as they did a fantastic job with the install and were very polite and respectful and answered all my questions. Sears had them drive over 5 hours away with 2 vehicles and 3 men, so my question is why sell something that you have to put the owner through such hoops ? I would rather hear "Sorry sir, we currently do not provide sales/or service to that area at this time" now that I would respect and honor but hey now lets just tell the customer what he needs to hear and make the sale. Also I purchased the Master protection agreement with my new boiler and now have to be at the mercy of Sears service men to "get to it" when they can but also I'm being told that I never purchased the plan in the first place and am responsible for showing proof and faxing over a copy of the contract agreement. Well I strongly suggest that anyone thinking of a home improvement not go with Sears and look locally cause it is a lot less grief then dealing with this nonsense !!! I try another call today, only been trying to get my unit serviced now for 2 months, Thank you Sears !!! Think I'll go grab some Preparation H since my ### is been killing me !!!

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  • Oo
      Nov 04, 2009

    I wish I could of had told you about there boilers before you paid. Mine was installed 8/2007. Hasnt been anything but a headache since. I to purchased the Master protection plan. Yea right !! Ive had no hot water since this past September. The problem trying
    to get a tech here then finding out Again parts have to be ordered due to inproper installation !!! Today November 4th and still no parts or hot water. I was just on the phone again for over a half hour and again getting no where.16th call, They tell me to call a repair contractor, pay and then send sears the bill. YEA IM SURE THEY WILL PAY me back . I purchased the protection plan to avoid this.
    I have called sooooooooooooooo many times. I get disconnected, The"ll call back in 24 hours ( 24 hours of what date in what year ?)
    I dont know what to do Ive talked to Managers, so many managers. Like many I put my trust in sears and got totally screwed out of $6.310.00, It makes me so sick . So as your out getting the preparation H for your ### I am going to get bandaids for the inside of my stomach. OH YEA check the unit you buy cause after it is installed they tell you It is the one you purchased even though its not also they tell you that they change the valves to make it that one. Watch and READ THOUROUGHLY the papers you initial and sign cause when your reading the sneaky son of demon ( THE SALES MAN FRANK OTTO )will distract you with an appealing conversation about the boiler to take your mind off the papers. YOU DECIETFULL SONS OF ### !!!

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  • Jj
      Dec 05, 2010

    On 9/19/2008 I signed an agreement with sales person Art of Sear's Home Improvement to replace my boiler that was about 45 years old. I also paid for an extended service agreement that included maintenance and repairs. The boiler is a Dunkirk sold as a Kenmore 105K BTU PWX series (Plymouth Extreme). I was assured it was a very good boiler. The installation was to take place on October 3, 2008 but ended up being a two week ordeal with a person who did not seem to know what he was doing. I checked in on him once and told him he installed a valve the wrong way, and he disagreed, well guess what it was, and water was all over my utility room along now with all the garbage from the previous boiler that he failed to pick up floating in it. After leaving and making sure the boiler was working I asked for a manual. He gave me a pile of paperwork related to everything except the boiler. He said he would look in his van one more time, and said one would be sent to me. By this time it is mid October, and this guy was well not very professional in dress, or demeanor. I asked to be shown how to relight the pilot light etc., and he said that next year when they did the service they would take care of that. Then I found out why. He left, and my utility room still had garbage from the old boiler water everywhere and the front the boiler was bunt form his torch there was a leak at the joint just above my expansion tank. We cleaned up the mess ourselves. Also he never had me sign a completion agreement. He JUST left.

    Round two: I want the leaky pipe fixed. After several phone calls in which it was explained to Bruce s, Tom, Steve, Laurie, Susan etc. I was told same person would come back to fix the leaky pipe, and I requested a different person. This finally happened some time in December as it was not a top priority. Finally someone came, but no manual and they put a sticker over the burn on the front of the boiler, how cute. The season ended and still no manual. I had to find one on the Internet to figure how to shut the system down.

    Round Three: I call to ask for regular service in September 2009. In third week of October someone came. Person was very nice told me to leave pilot on all summer to keep burner from rusting.

    Boiler works for winter season 2009.

    Round Four: Call for service in September 2010 early, someone comes and services, and everything checks out OK. Days later boiler fails. I call and they told me sorry I have to wait a week. No heat, and outside temps near freezing at night. Technician comes and says he has to order parts also says it is not the boiler so I should pay. It is the overload shut off electrical short. Huh, the boiler does not run without it, it can but it is unsafe? So he says OK you don't have to pay, but I will need to come back next week with parts because of no openings. Finally boiler is working again. For a while.

    Round Five: Yesterday boiler gains fails. Same symptoms. Call Sears, and woman on phone gives me an appt of Friday, and says I can call Monday and every day to hope for a cancellation. It is 22 degrees out. I have no heat. I told her I will call someone else, and she tells me it will void my agreement if anyone else touches it. No heat in Central New York in December????? I call around and discover:

    Sears is known for poor installers, no names on trucks, subcontractors.
    Dunkirk is one of the worse boilers sold---this model was discontinued the year I purchased it. Art said it had a 20 year warranty---but failed to mention as I found out yesterday doing research that it is only for one part of the boiler.
    That the original leak although very slow has continued enough to leave a rust circle on my expansion tank, which may or may not eat all the way through--future problem?
    No one told me to turn my thermostats off including the woman from Sears on the phone who said I don't know why your pumps are hot. Turn off the electricity to the boiler. Real plumber on phone told me turn off your thermostats.

    So back to the boiler situation and the service agreement. I want to be compensated for the repairperson who will come on Monday because he said he will have to get parts to fix it and all these places are closed on Sunday, (reason being he doesn't keep Dunkirk parts with him, and likely none of the other places in our area do as they don't carry them because they are bad reputation boilers) and the balance of the service agreement all three years. In his opinion I was bamboozled and ripped off. I have completely paid for this boiler, so no recourse there. I want a new expansion tank BEFORE this one fails, and the leaky pipe fixed again. I wish I had a full refund for the boiler. I have been up since 3AM freezing.

    Plus what if my pipes freeze and break.

    Overall in my opinion Sears should be ashamed of themselves as a company.

    Freezing in Marcellus.

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