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A True Story About Sears Credit

My wife has a Sears credit card. Well, she has had it a long time, but she never used
it until recently.

Here’s the story.
A member of my family needed a window air conditioner, just a small one for one room. There
was one on sale at Sears online for $160.49, so my wife ordered it. The delivery was to the Griffin “Hometown Store” owned by Jim Easterling.
Surprisingly, the next day I found an Email that the unit was in the store to be picked up. Thus,
I went into the store with the Email in hand.

The sales person stated that the one air conditioner that was in their stock was damaged. There were no others like it available. He also offered another unit. I declined, asked for a cancellation and a credit on my wife’s account. I then ordered one from Amazon which was delivered promptly by FedEx.

Later in the week we discovered that no credit had been made. A visit and a call to the store
did no good in removing the charges for something never obtained. In a later conversation
I was advised by our local Sears to try the Sears Credit department, which I did and with no success. This included calls and a long letter to dispute the charge with several attachments on our attempts for resolution. I at first understood the problem was in the online system and not the dealer, and of course this advice came from the dealer!

This week my wife received a letter from Sears Credit stating the issue of was closed.
They stated the store refused to issue credit, plus a warning that non-payment meant a report to credit agencies. The latter included a listing of the three agencies and addresses.

The real “dig” was that if I wanted credit given, Sears Credit stated I should return the item ordered.

How do I return something I never received?

That’s a challenge!

We have a high credit rating!

Thus, I am sure that because of a management error or maybe a local store screw-up,
we will pay for the item. I investigated and found small claims court cost is around $90 and then there is
no guarantee of action. I thought of an attorney, and I have a good one. He does no
pro bono even for us!

Folks like my wife and me who are retired and on limited incomes have our own contacts. It is probable that if this had been a regular Sears and not a locally owned one such a issue would not have happened.

So, since Paul Revere is dead, passing on this message-

CAVEAT EMPTOR-Let the buyer beware.

So as it is written, so shall we do.

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  • Ju
      Jul 07, 2011

    Great review that I personally believe was a true and concise report. If you want to make further effective complaints, I suggest your Attorneys General. Here is the website listing contact information for all in the United States. Anyone with similar concerns as you can contact your Attorneys General office of your home state and the state that that offending business is registered in. Simply go to their main page and look for links to their Consumer Protection programs and agencies sponsored in that state.

    Many of those agencies can and do help you directly and make inquires to companies on an individual basis. Very direct and timely

    Nation Association of Attorneys General - or NAAG
    (copy and paste to your browser address bar)

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