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Sears Delivery And Customer Service / worst experience i've ever had!

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Sears in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Short Version

I purchased four stainless steel KitchenAid appliances on Saturday, February 3 for nearly $6,000. First delivery was on Saturday, February 24. The refrigerator was scratched, the stove was dented on the side and the wrong dishwasher was delivered. The second dishwasher was delivered on Tuesday, February 27; it was dented in the front. Third and correct dishwasher was delivered on Tuesday, March 13. I was given a $150 gift card to keep the refrigerator and $100 gift card to keep the stove. Both were less than 10% of the purchase price of each appliance. With one gift card, I purchased a black toaster from Three weeks later a red toaster arrived. Its not simple exchange but a rather complicated process where UPS picks up the incorrect item, upon return to the warehouse a credit is issued and check sent back to customer, then a new product must be ordered. The only reason I purchased the appliances with Sears was to get a 10% rebate for purchasing three or more appliances. The items were sold on two separate receipts (see long version for full story). I received the 10% cash back for the first receipt but the second receipt was ignored. I called to correct the mistake. Its now nearly June (4 months after initial purchase) and I still haven’t received the remainder of my rebate.

Long Version

This was the worst experience I've ever had. I purchased four Stainless Steel KitchenAid appliances on Saturday, February 3, 2007, with a total bill of nearly $6,000. As was expected, nothing was in stock so I had to wait nearly one month for initial delivery. On Saturday, February 24 my appliances arrived. I asked the delivery company to unbox everything. They said it was company policy not to unbox the microwave and dishwasher. I removed the front door so they would have plenty of room to get in. Just as the delivery service left I opened the dishwasher to find a Kenmore dishwasher. I immediately called the 1-800 delivery number and was told they would dispatch the delivery drivers to turn around. I received no return call or dishwasher that day. On Monday, February 26 I called again and was told I would receive a call back to schedule a delivery time. At the end of the day I still hadn’t received a call. I then went to my local Sears to speak with a manager. They called the 1-800 from the store and spoke with a representative. I was told my dishwasher was misplaced and a new one would have to be ordered. They scheduled a delivery date of March 13. Mysteriously on Tuesday, February 27 I received a call directly from the delivery driver. He had my dishwasher and could deliver it that day. I met him at my house where he exchanged dishwashers, again not opening it. I opened the box to find two huge dents in the front. Luckily another one was on order and to be delivered on March 13. I finally received a “good condition” dishwasher on March 13. Now back to the other appliances, as I was cleaning the refrigerator I noticed a large scratch on the side of the door. Apparently when they were bringing it through the front door it got scratched. The stove also had a large dent where the drivers had used a dolly strap to secure it to the hand truck. I called to report the two damages. I received a $150 gift card for the damage to the $2000 refrigerator, which is less than 10% of the purchase price. I also received a $100 gift card for the damage to the stove which again was nearly $2000. I purchased a BLACK toaster from since it was not stocked at my local store. Three weeks later I received a RED toaster. Upon calling customer service I was informed of Sears’ ridiculous exchange policy. UPS would have to pick up the incorrect toaster, upon receiving it back in the warehouse a check would be issued back to me, and then I would have to purchase a new one from the web again. This would be a four to five week process to fix their mistake. Also, since I had originally ordered the toaster the price had increased. I was able to return it to my local store and get yet another gift card for the purchase price. This now bring me to my rebate fiasco. I purchased the appliances at Sears because they were offering 10% cashback for three or more appliances and “free” delivery. Since the salesmen work on commission, I purchased the refrigerator from one person and the microwave, dishwasher, and stove from another salesman. This means I had two receipts to mail to the rebate center. Four to six week later I received a check that was far less than the total 10%. After calling the rebate center customer service and walking them through the receipts line by line (I am a college math professor) we determined they had completely ignored the refrigerator and delivery rebate. I was told my check would be sent within another two weeks. Two weeks later I received nothing and called the customer service center again. I was told a check was mailed but it was again for the wrong amount. Some supervisor had changed what the service representative and I had fixed. I immediately asked to speak with another supervisor. After again walking this supervisor through the two receipts line by line, he agreed that I had been sent the wrong amount. It is now nearly June, which is four months since I had originally purchased the appliances, and I still have not received my full rebate. The service center claims a check was mailed nearly 30 days ago. I guess the US postal service must have lost it (I am being extremely sarcastic in case it’s not obvious). The service center says I have to wait the full 30 days before a stop payment can be issued and a new check sent. I sent an email to Sears National Customer Relations center and have not received a response. To be continued...

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  • Ma
      24th of Mar, 2011
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    i don't know what has happened to sears customer service department. they are the worst i ordered 1 tire instead of 4 by mistake and i immediately caleed customer service to cancel the order and was told that it was to late the 1 tire had been shipped already. when i said to the rep you must have magical elves working in your shipping dept because i just 2 minutes ago placed the order. then the rep started acting like she couldn't hear me and hung up on me. i called back i got the same rep 3 times as soon as she realized it was me she would hang up. i called a 4th time and that rep put me on hold for over 15mins. i called again and asked to speak to a supv. i was told the supv was unavailable. i just kept calling different 1-800#'s until i got a rep in misissippi (nice place w/southern hospitality) she was very nice and helpful. she got me through to a supv who stated that the order had gone through and that i should reject the package when it comes so i won't be responsible for shipment costs. what a nightmare. i'm physically, mentally and emotionally drained!!! they lost a customer and i want to tell the whole world about their lousy products and services.

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