Sears / took me a month to resolve their problem

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I purchased a refrigerator from Sears retail store in Liberty NY and paid 65.00 to have it delivered 2 miles from your store and 20.00 for replacement. I noticed your website published 10.00. The delivery men came and shoved the old refrigerator out my door and dented the metal door. This is a clear disrespect Sears has.

In addition to the dented back door – the delivery person had a vulgar conversation with his partner on what he wants to do with all the woman he can when he retires.

Sears – I must admit I am quite surprised you allow this kind of vulgar and disrespectful behavior.

I recently had a credit card issue occur with your folks where you took out 40, 000.00 more than what the check was written for(4.000.00) and it took me a month to get this resolved. Not one of your customer service people tried to resolve it after 8 calls and I eventually contacted the bank to get the money back.


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