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kitchen reface

I am in the middle of a cabinet reface that was supposed to take 5 days. Sears sold me at an expensive price a kitchen reface with new cabinets. This project started the end of oct 2007 and it is now dec 13 2007, the contractors they orig sent out to do they cabinets messed them up so bad, sears had to send another contractor out to fix it. The orig contractors dropped my new stainless steel oven and dented it. Then the granite counter tops came. They are to small. They had orig sent someone out to measure apparently that person cannot use a tape measure. They have had to take them back now 2 x and try again. I have missed thanksgiving, my daughters 9th birthday and christmas is about 12 days away. I want them to discount me for this major inconvenience. This is not fair, it's not right. I have a family of 7 we have had to eat out which is very expensive and eat out of a microwave for more than a month! Help!

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    KAREN KELLEY Mar 06, 2008
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sear did not notify me of the lawsuit concerning the washer.

To Whom It May Concern: On Thursday, December 6,2007 a qualified Sears technician serviced my Calypso...

Resolved appalling service received from sears

My complaint goes back 2 weeks. On November 24, 2007 I visited the Sears outlet at Cross county Mall, Yonkers, NY. The service rep was not at all proficient in the product I was intending to purchase (46 inch SONY LCD V3000). Late that day I met with the store manager to discuss the price match policy since Circuit City was offering it for a lower price. The Store Manager said that only if the product is in stock will they offer the price (This is not mentioned in Sears Price Match Policy). My family and I walked out of the store.

I continued to research the prices online and on December 5, I saw an online offer for KDL46V300 Sony and a Sony home theater Free with the purchase. I also read online that if I use my sears card I will get a mail in rebate of 10%. So I call the sears store at Cross County. The next 30mins of the call was the most awful experience I ever I had with a company that claims to be a Fortune 500.

My first call was to the service line [protected] where I spoke with Aaron (no last name since they are not authorized to do so), employee ID 14703. He explained to me that the offer was online and that he could help me place the order. Unfortunate it was middle of a work day and had to request him to assist me alter when I call. That's exactly what I did. At appx 2pm I called Aaron once again but this time the service rep (SR) informed me that there is no such person. The SR transfers the call to the electronics section at Cross county Sears. There I spoke with Mr. Tapley (no last name again). I will say with much confidence that he was the RUDEST person I have come across at Sears. He first informs me that when I called [protected] I was talking with a call service agent and that they are not Sears employees. Next he tells me that the offer is in-store only and after that he tell me that I cannot avail of the 10% Cash back mail in rebate since I am opting for the Home theater system. There was not an ounce of politeness in his conversation. I felt I had called a store manager at a Dollar-Store. After all of this I decided I needed more respect.

I called the sears 1-800 # and spoke with a complaint agent Stephanie (no last name) at 3:39pm on 12/5/07. After a 15 min conversation, she transfers the call to Ms. Tina (no last name and no department location). I spoke with Tina for another 15 mins and she explained that Juan (no last name, ID/Extension # 63753) at will assist me with the order. Juan informed me that I could purchase the TV online and that I was eligible for the Home Theater and the 10% CB mail in rebate. I informed him that I will place the order later that evening since I was at work.

Later that evening my wife and I logged into the site and placed an order for the TV and the home theater sys. We were quiet excited with the prospect of owning a 46" Sony LCD as is evident from the fact that we have been researching for a good deal since late November, 2007. Only if Sears could stop disappointing us.

Today in the morning my wife receives an email from (mail attached below) that one or more of the item(s) in our order were not in stock. They cancelled the order.

How is it that a firm known for it service integrity is unable to service customers and seems to do it's best to keep disappointing them every step of the way. My family has been making a lot of purchases from sears as is evident from the reward points. I must also state that your firm employs Service reps untrained to provide service. Some of my colleagues are now aware of the "service I have received" and this is definitely not helping the firm's reputation.

In the last 2 days I have seem to have analyzed the strategy Sears uses for its "grant a wish" offers. Here goes- Sears's offers a Sony TV and a Home theater sys (FREE) along with a 10% CB or no interest until 2010. However to get this offer you have to fight you way through rude and obnoxious sales reps. Then you are told that the Sony home theater sys is replaced by a Samsung sys (worth half of what is being advertised, 399 v/s 699). Nonetheless you place an order. The next day sears email informs you that the TV is out of stock (it was in-stock when you placed the order the previous evening). Finally, the winner: SEARS

Let me conclude by saying that I am glad I could use this email as a source of resounding my frustration but if sears has a heart (so it claims) I will hear from some senior representative at the earliest and help resolve this issue. After all Sears does "GRANT A WISH THIS HOLIDAY SEASON."

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    Bea Untalon May 05, 2011
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    I have been on the phone trying to see what my statis is concerning the replacement of my $2, 000 broken sitting in my livingroom tv. Sears tells me to calll sharp sharp tells me to call sears. No one has an answer for me. I have been on the phone now for 2 hours and still no answer. I am on the phone with the complaint office now for about 20 nminutes. I wonder if the rep left me on hold and amd went home. I am not likely to ever purchase anything from Sears in the future. I have never had such teefible servce with Sears in my whole intire life.

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Resolved sears customer service is horrible!

Hello, I am new to Sears and for my first major purchase the experience was horrible. I need a new stove and had been watching the prices for weeks. I finally decided to go with sears because out of all the retailers they seemed to have the best price.

On Black Friday Morning I had my mother call sears to see if her sears card was still activated. They told her no. That being said we went to apply for one online. After we were approved I then proceeded to purchase the stove I wanted online, however when it came time to put in a credit card # I didn't have one to enter because I didn't get one after the initial approval online. I figured it was a mishap, and proceeded to go to the store to purchase my stove, and now a TV I was interested in.

When I got to the store to purchase my stove on black Friday. I was in NY and Live in MS and for some reason the sales associate had trouble placing my order and shipping it to another state. So I went home with no stove and no TV. I figured by now I would have received an email with my card information in it, however I didn't. That ends Friday.

On Saturday I tried again online and still I didn't receive an email so then I called the credit card company. They then told me that because I applied for a card online that I had to wait 7-10 business days for the card to arrive. At this point that wasn't an option because the sale price for the stove was going to expire on Saturday at midnight.

After talking to the credit division I decided to try my luck at another store. The associate advised me that since I needed the stove in a hurry my mom could do a rapid line of credit. This was a great idea, however during that process he was advised to call the sears credit division. When he called they told him my mom already had an account with them. This was very odd, since she just called Friday and was told they had no account information about her.

To make a long story short they told her she had to still wait 7-10 business days and we were not able to make the purchase. That's not the end.

Being very upset with this whole ordeal I called the presidents office to log my complaint. Upon calling I was directed to Sophia in the executive complaint department. Not only was Sophia RUDE but she basically insinuated that this was completely my fault. It was so bad that I had to hang up before I started to curse, because of her rude remarks. For example, she asked me if I understood hat she was saying I said I Hear you, I don't agree with you but I Hear you. And she responded I didn't ask if you agreed with me I asked if you understood me. I said I never said I didn't, however I don't agree with you. I was never rude to her, I tried no to take my frustrations out on her and she was just rude. Her comments were rude as well as her tone!!!!! If this is what you get at executive customer service, I feel sorry for the company as a whole.

This is my first experience with sears and this will be my last. I was going to wait for the card to arrive and then purchase the stove, but I will not in any way purchase anything from sears again. I usually buy most of my electronics from best buy and I will continue to do so. At least there I feel like a valued customer, I have never been disrespected by anyone in their store or online.

Not only am I through buying from sears, but I will be sure to post my complaint on every message board about how HORRIBLE sears customer service is!!!

Aminah McKinnie

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    Tom G Dec 26, 2007
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    Verified customer

    Well, yeah. It WAS your fault. The first thing you did was get your mom to apply for credit to buy YOU something. The second thing you did wrong was wait till the last minute to do it. SOME pre-planning would have made it easier. And don't blame Sears because Citibank (Who owns Sears Credit) is taking too much time. You sound petty.

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Resolved false advertising!

I ordered a tv online thanksgiving night, item showed in stock and that it would be delivered to the store. 3 days later I get an email that says the item is unavailable. False advertising, they show a great sale price because they never intend on sending you the item. Salesman tried to bait and switch when I went to local store to check same item, 'oh we can't get that one but look at this more expensive tv!

  • Rh
    rhonda lindsay Jan 20, 2008
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    On 12/29/07 – my husband and I were in Sears in Boise, Idaho. A nice sales associate named Seth helped us out. Seth mentioned to my husband that there was this great tool combo on sale that weekend only. I gave Seth gift cards to purchase this Craftsman 673 pc tool set and tool storage combo bundle. We took the receipt from the store and called questioning the status of this order a few days later. First I was told due to the holiday rush – it would take a couple of extra days. Then I was told that everything was fine – the entire bundle would be shipped. Next I was told that Seth must have pushed a wrong button because the tools were not on the order – this was offensive because there was 1 Add To Cart button. The next phone call I was told my order was hung up in the credit department, then I finally received my order confirmation. I called the store’s General Manager who assured me he would look into it. Two days later I get a call from Ricky – a manager at Sears stating that he had spoke with his buyer and tools were no longer available and I should call Sears Consumer relations. I called the GM at the store who told me I should review the TERMS OF USE link on the website which was interesting because his associate sold us the merchandise and call Consumer relations. I called consumer relations and spoke with a VERY RUDE supervisor named Gail – who offered to sell me one of the tool sets for $699.00 (apparently they were in stock). This lady actually said to me “you don’t expect us to honor this bundle price – do you?” My answer was yes because it was advertised that way. The associate at the store told us about it. She said that it was an error and “What part of what she said did I not understand”. I asked for a substitute product – and was told no. I do have a documentation of this ad if needed, I can fax it. I have never seen quite a scam like this or have I been spoke to in the manner Gail spoke to me . From the store, to the website, then to consumer relations – I was sold a product, given every answer in the book as to why I didn’t receive the product and spoke to COMPLETELY unacceptable manner... Oh yes and told to read the fine print. No email of error in advertising – just basically too bad.

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    Chasesucksalot Feb 16, 2008

    I went to Sears and spent an hour picking out a stackable washer and dryer. Anyways, the black dryer that I had picked out had a sign saying $509.99 in front of it. To make a long story short the dryer really cosed $594.99 and they had the wrong sign in front of it for the white version of this dryer. When the manager was informed of the misprint he would not honor the price and was very rude about it and said if he gave me the discount he wouldn't make any money. He also walked away to help another customer I was talking to him. I was going to purchase over $1500 worth of stuff but after this I left the store. I will never again step foot inside a Sears store after the way the Manager talked to me. Sears has lost my business for life and I will tell everybody I know not to shop at Sears. Nobody deserves to be treated rudely and this manager was truly the rudest man I've ever met.

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  • Jw
    jwdundee Apr 19, 2009

    On 4/11/09 a ad came out listing a 1468pc. tool set and storage combo model # CO505 for $494.99. On 4/13/09, the last day of the sale I tried unsuccessfully to buy it for this price. I was told it was an error and the price would not be honored. On 4/14/09 the price on was changed to $549.99. I emailed them to see if this was another mistake but got no response. On 4/15/09 I tried again to buy it but they would not deliver on the price. I contacted PriceMatch Sears who said they would not honor the price. On 4/15/09 I received an email from PriceMatch that stated after reviewing my emails they determined a Sears2Go pricing error occurred. They apologized and instructed me to place my order, respond to the email with the confirmation number, and a price adjustment would be made honoring the ad. After placing my order on 4/16/09 and emailing them back I received another email on 4/17/09 stating the order had been cancelled and the offer had been retracted. However, as of 4/18/09 my money has not been returned. They stated pricing errors were rare and unintentional but posting 5 different prices on that web site in one week is not rare and emailing me stating I could buy it at this price was not unintentional. They are practicing false advertising and taking my money for a product they do not intend to deliver.

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  • Ca
    Calderone Dec 21, 2011

    I too purchased an item on-line and only learned (via the order confirmation email) that it was out of stock after I placed the order. The item never arrived. Weeks later, I received an email blaming the supplier and claiming I should expect a refund. Down w/ sears!

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failure to uphold warranty

Kenmore elite
Model # [protected]

I appreciate your time and interest in helping me out with the problem that I have encountered with sears.

Back in 2003 I purchased an elite kenmore refrigerator, from the chapel hills sears in colorado springs, colorado. Two years later the interior walls started to crack and expand throughout the entire refrigerator. When the service man came out he stated that the cracks occur due to an excess amount of insulation. The only resolution would be to drill tiny holes on each side of each crack and fill each with silicone. I was not willing to have my brand new refrigerator that cost well over $2, 000.00 plus the 5 year warranty to be drilled and patched. I kindly demanded phone numbers in order to get a more realistic outcome. He offered and made the call to the one source dept. Through sears [protected].
That one phone call got the ball rolling we were given a
Ref # [protected] and case # 1085780. Within a week or so we had a brand new refrigerator of our choice delivered and set up. The original warranty was carried over to the new frig. This took place june 28, 2005.

Now two years later the second refrigerator exchanged in ’05, started doing the same thing. The interior walls are beginning to crack and some have already started to expand. I had the service man out on oct 31, 2007 and had absolutely no luck. He spent a good hour trying on my behalf to get another replacement. Once he left I made my calls to sears one source dept and got the same feed back that the service man got. Kenmore the manufacturer, created a partial panel for the side walls only to mend the problem. Keep in mind that this patch does not cover the entire wall and they do not have anything for the back wall or door. If this door would start to crack they would replace the entire door and the only way to fix the back wall would be to silicone and place a certain clear tape over each crack. Ridiculous!

I felt hopeless in my every effort to get through the customer service person, mel at the (One source dept). Not only does their repair kit sound ridiculous but it won’t stop the expansion of the cracks, they will continue even under the panel. This means that we won’t have their “energy star” product. Eventually the cold air will seep out and cause our energy bill to rise. Call me naïve, but isn’t cosmetic considered something superficial that is used to cover a deficiency or defect? In this case yes I want my frig to look nice but not to hide its defects. I purchased this product to be fully functional, structural and live up to its full performance level. This is what I paid for! It strikes me odd that this is the second time in a row that this has happened to us; the service man even stated that it’s an unusual misfortune. Mel repeatedly stated that there will not be another replacement due to the fact that the manufacture warranty is up after the first year. I brought it the mel’s attention that the original frig was replaced at two years. She just continued her broken record speech. Stating that I will not get another frig and that I can take their service for repair or live with the cracks. I tried explaining too, that this is not a
Repair it is just a bandage. This is not an isolated situation if they now have a so call, product to fix this type of problem. Why would they have invested so much time and money to come up with a product if they weren’t having other reports?

The service man stated to me that, now that sears and kmart have merged there has been a drastic decline of the good old, sears customer’s service.

Thank you for your time and effort to help me and my family…

God bless…
Shannon pfefferkorn

  • Ku
    kurt lewis Oct 08, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Elite Refrigerator down for approximately 2 weeks before we discover--at our second home. Call local Appliance repair--already know Sears taked 2 weeks to get appt. He looks and says compressor out--under warranty so call Sears.

    After an hour or so on phone--finally get appt with repair two weeks hence. Have 2.5 hour drive to place so ask for appt time--told between 8AM and 5PM. REpair tech finally shows up and says Compressor bad--need to order--two weeks more--but plastic strip with model number not in Frig so no repair possible.

    Sall Sears--no model number no repair--suggest they sold it to me so they have what they sold me--also suggested numbers should be somewhere else on Frig. No--can not warranty without the plastic strip. Ask to buy a compressor and I will have local install and they say can't sell because no model number. Suggest that the compressor surely would have a part number to facilitate replacement and no answer. No help.

    Found what looked like model number and serial nulmber on rear of frig. Contacted Sears complaint dept. Reset appt for tech to confirm Sears model number and serial number on rear of refrig. the following week. But call before to confirm appt. Called before and given an 8AM thru 5PM time slot. BEcause fo weather left to go a day ahead so if 8AM I would be there--got to other house and recieved message cancelling appt. 2.5 hours there, 2.5 hours back and a days work lost.

    No cannot get any response. So will have repaired bvy independent contractor and sue Sears--will sue for fraud and breach of contract. Ask for punitive damages. Am so tired ot this crap of ignoring what is right.

    So it takes a year or so--they will have attorneys fees and costs to pay. I am partially retired, have a bit of time and may be able to have them see the light--doubtful but I can try.


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  • Na
    N A Owens Jan 28, 2009

    I have a sears elite with an icemaker problem. I am unable to find a serial # for this fridge as the plastic/metallic strip is off the inside wall. Does anyone out there know where to find a serial # for this fridge. I do have a model # for the icemaker as this will be the second time it has been replaced; I just replaced the one in the freezer now, in Oct 08. I am told it has a 1 year warrenty if I can find a Serial # for the refrigerator. It is a 2005 model, I think.

    Thank you,
    [email protected]

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Resolved sear card late and over limit fees and finance charges

I am disputing late fees, overlimit fees and finance charges with Sears Gold Mastercard. I have sent many letters and called there customer services, but in vain.

  • Hu
    Hutch kid Oct 07, 2009

    I Just Received a Late Notice From Sears Citibank Mastercard (I was 3Days Late) They Raised My Interest rate to 29 Percent and also charged me 39.00 late fee . I Called them and closed my account. If You Have A Sears Master Card Issued By Citi Bank Close it as soon as possible. These people are CROOKS. I Will Use My Visa Issued by By my Local Credit Union From now on. The Rate on This is 12.9 percent. and i have been late on this once in awile and they never raised my interest .

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  • Mo
    mommyinstlouismissouriusa Oct 20, 2009

    LOL, do not feel bad, Hutch kid! My husband and I each have Sears Citibank Gold Mastercards, and we have perfect payment records.
    We each got a letter stating that they were raising our rates to 29.99 percent, and if we didn't respond, they would automatically cancel our accounts.
    What the heck? Do they not need business? We each have 15, 000 credit limits and use the cards faithfully and pay religiously.
    I called, and they refused to even consider reason.
    Their loss!
    We both cancelled.
    It's not you... it's them.

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Almost caught fire!

We brought a new Kenmore refrigerator and gas stove in Feb. 2004. We also brought Maytag washing machine and...

all broken shelves!

I bought a new Kenmore refrigerator-side by side silver and black for $1027.99 on 9/30/06. In Jan 07 I mailed...

terrible service and double billing

I went to the Sears Optical office located in Manchester, NH on August 1st, 2007 for a routine contact lens examination. I had a horrible experience and it has proved to follow me even after my departure. I was more that early for my scheduled appointment and yet I was a half hour late in starting my exam. This was due to fighting with the less than helpful and bordering on rude receptionist about my benefits. I work as an employee for my insurance company and had to beg and plead for her to verify my benefits instead of just telling me it was “not covered”. Finally she did only after I made a scene in front of other customers. The insurance company confirmed with the woman that indeed, I was telling the truth. She was so mad she hung up on the insurance company and swore. After the visit she advised me all but $40 was covered and that she could not release my prescription or the contacts when they came in until I paid the difference. I did not agree but instead told her I would have to come back with the money. When I came back later the next week she gave me my contacts. I asked if I could have a paper prescription and she said the doctor was not in and would have to have him mail me one. I never received it and now I’m being billed for the $40 I already paid! I even mailed them my bank statement showing proof of payment with the first bill they sent me in error as she did not give me a receipt. They continue billing me and they now tell me that they are going to charge me another $40 in fees to transfer my account to a collections agency. Absolutely horrid. I would absolutely not recommend!

  • Ha
    happyfamilywb Dec 14, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I, too, just had a bad experience at the Sears in Manchester, NH...

    I came in during last night's snow storm trying to exchange a DIE-HARD battery from Sears, and because I had no receipt, or other info, the Automotive employee AND manager TURNED ME AWAY! (Did I mention the the battery was less than 4 months old?!?!)

    I'm fairly pissed and am pushing for a change in the way the Manchester Sears Automotive Department conducts business. ZERO on Customer Service/Relations!

    The way Sears can-at first-shrug off liability is that many of its departments are contracted.

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Resolved refrigerator

We bought our frig in 2001 and for the past two years had to defrost the freezer every three months because...

Resolved I left sears a dissatisfied customer!

On Monday November 5,2007 I attempted to return a faulty GPS Garmin 530 that I paid $324.00 for. I had my receipt of purchase and presented it to the Manager there Mr Ken Schram. Mr Schram said that he was sorry but he could not exchange or refund or credit my Sears acct and I left SEARS a DISSATISFIED customer!!! I am appalled that SEARS sold me a faulty item and now won't exchange it for a new one or credit my SEARS acct with the $324.00 I have notified GARMIN of the situation and I want results!

  • Aa
    Aaul Oct 20, 2009

    The return policy for electronics is clearly stated on the bottom of the receipt. 99% of cases where an item is not refunded the customer fails to understand the return policy. 30 day return period for faulty electronics, 1 year limited warranty (dealing with Garmin)... other than that, the only other explanation is if the product was physically abused/damaged. Expecting Sears to offer a refund for an item that went through a washing machine (for example) is ridiculous, regardless as to how long you've had it.


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air duct cleaning mistake!

I had air ducts cleaned out on 10/25/07, furnace working great!! for approx. 1 week turned up thermostat (house did not get above 65 degrees) thought it was the thermostat, so i had a contractor look at it maybe put new one in. he said problem was all dirt from air duct cleaning was blown into furnace therefor shutting furnace down. Sears who originally cleaned air ducts claims they didn't do it and have promised me for 2 days they would look at it. as of today no one has shown up. I have children in the house they need heat. Sears if responsible for getting the furnace working again and they wont do it. Stay away from this company!

bad experience with sears!

I have a 42" plasma Haier tv that I bought from Sears last year 6 months after I bought it the tv failed. I called Sears to come fix it. It took the 3 months to come out to fix it and when they did the assured me that the problem would not occur again. Here it is less than a year later and the tv is again down. I called Sears they referred me to Haier. I called Haier and they referred me to call Sears. After talking to 3 different managers I was told to call the regional director of repairs Tim @ [protected]. He told me they would not do anything about it and when I protested he said "I guess you cant hear too well We will not cover it!" and then hung up. Sears is knowingly selling faulty products and then blowing off the customer when they complain. I will never again deal with Sears for any needs I may have.

Resolved absolutely atrocious experience

My experience with Sears has been absolutely atrocious. We have a Kenmore top of the line dryer we purchased at Sears and one of the MOST important features does not work. We have been complaining about this since we bought it. To compound the problem the service program has a very un-friendly customer service policy. When scheduling a service call they only provide an 8 hour window. In a dual income family someone has to take a day off. That would be survivable if the problem was fixed during the service call. The autodry function on our dryer is not working properly. You can stop the dryer after 30 minutes and the clothes are very hot to touch and dry. The dryer will continue to run for up to 1 1/2 hours if it is not stopped. The clothes are always dry prior to that time. We have had a service tech tell us not to use that feature and just time dry. With all due respect that was one of the main reasons we bought it. I would like for him to buy a car that doesnt turn left and tell him just to make big circles to get where he needs to go. It is ridiculous. At another visit he replaced the "board" inside and it worked for about a week. The worst visit was this most recent one. Again we were given an 8 hour window. Both my wife and I had to work so we had a friend open up the house for him. We had left a DETAILED letter describing what the dryer was doing. 40 minutes after being let in the house he called to tell me it was working fine. I asked him if he ran it through the cycle, his response "I ran it over 30 minutes." I told him the problem is the dryer won't shut off when the clothes are dry. Then he said he did run it through the whole cycle. I reminded him he just told me he ran it about 30 minutes. He then said no "he ran it until it shut off." In the 1 year we have had that dryer it has never shut off in 30 minutes on auto dry. At that point he said his service time was up and he needed to leave. I told him my work is less than 10 minutes away and not to leave. He said no I have spent enough time already. I was literally locking the door to my store and getting in the car when he hung up. He told me he would stay a few more minutes. I was home in 6 minutes. He was already gone, not to mention the friend who was there said he left right after getting off the phone with me. I called his cell phone # and left a message telling him how un-professional I felt that was. Then I called 1-800-4my-home. They apologized and said that would log a complaint. I told her I wanted Sears to come out her pick up the dryer and replace it. She said they couldnt do that. I told her fine, let me speak to your supervisor. She said I couldnt that she was in charge of my account. I asked to schedule another service call and she said I couldnt until this call was closed. She told me I could try to call back in an hour and schedule another one. We went round and round, I wanted to speak to someone with more authority and apparently Sears is not equipped for that. Sears is fully insulated from their customers. I did not share that information with her, but that was my feeling. Finally, after 10 minutes she gave me another 1-800 number and I spoke to another lady. She again apologized and informed me that the lemon promise does not cover our dryer because it has to have four breakdowns. I told her we are still on the second because no one will fix it! I hope anyone reading this understands what I mean. She then told me she COULD schedule a lead service tech to come out between 8-5 on Monday. Now I have to take a full day off because we have no idea when they may show and I can not trust them to actually try to solve the problem. This marks the 3rd full day I have taken off from work for this dryer! I told her if they could just give a 3 hour or four hour window that would be better than a full day. Nope Sears can not do that. I got an earful of what Sears CAN NOT DO. So far all I have received is apologies. I do not need or want an apology. All I want is what I paid for. No more and absolutely no less.

This is on your website "if we are unable to fix it due to unavailability of functional parts or technical knowledge." In addition to "Quality service provided by Sears Parts & Repair Services professional repair specialists" and "Convenient service available in-home or at a Sears Parts & Repair Service Centers."

After I got off the phone my mom called to check on the repairs, since she was familiar with the issue. I told her about my experience so she decided she would call Sears. She was upset because she had bought the washer and dryer for our Anniversary. The lady she talked to said that she would call the technician and have him come back to the house and look at it again this afternoon. I told her I would try to get someone to cover for me at my store so I could personally be there. I could not get someone to. At that point my mother offered to take off from work and drive the 30 minutes home to meet with him. After about 35-40 minutes she called Sears again to find out the status of the technician. This time whoever she talked with said "most likely a technician would not come back to the location." Now we have been lied to again by a representative of Sears.

I have NO CUSTOMER SATISFACTION with the way this has been handled. After hearing all of the things Sears can not do, I have decided what I can do. If I am not satisfied after our service visit Monday, and another day off of work, I will do the following: mail a copy of this letter to the Hartsville Messenger, Florence Morning News, and the State paper in Columbia, SC. I will attach a suggestion on running a series on consumer satisfaction after the money is taken. How do companies take care of their customers. I will also share my accurate story with all of my friends and family members and use every opportunity to direct them to a company that will stand stronger behind their service agreements then the paper it is printed on. Yes, at this point you are dealing with an irate customer. We have been patient and dealt with our dis-satisfaction. However, our patience has eroded. DO NOT OFFER another apology unless it comes attached with a solution. Not an offer of help at your convenience. You have my contact numbers and information.

  • Di
    Dissatisfied Sears Customer Jun 23, 2009

    I can totally sympathize with the frustration this gentleman is experiencing. I’m in the middle of a similar issue with Sears over a dishwasher. I will NEVER do business with this company again and will warn anyone thinking of purchasing an appliance through Sears to rethink that decision. In the long run you’ll pay the price of inconvenience, poor service, extended time away from your place of employment, and lack of satisfaction, no matter what a “good deal” you think you are getting up front.

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  • Kh
    khelms Aug 18, 2009

    I am sorry these people are having this sort of a problem with Sears. In my personal experiences I have had only the best possible service. However, it was not in a Southern State. I was on the West Coast and customer service seems to be better. I have had problems here with other things that amounts to the customer service being problematic, that is why I am wondering if it is a "Southern" attitude. If I had the same problems, I would request my money back and return the dryer. If the dryer does not shut off as it is intended to, that could be a safety issue in my opinion. As I am currently without a working washer and dryer I appreciate the input from these parties.

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rude managers, bad service!

Sears Portrait Studio - I recently took my daughter to get her pictures taken at the...

Resolved poor service

I have had problems on several occasions now with sears 4 my home service. Today is no exception. I set up an...

customer satisfaction not important

Purchased high-end appliance because I trusted Sears/Kenmore. Previous experience with Sears products generally good except for a few random acts of obnoxiousness/ignorance on the part of some employees.

Stove was purchased 09/2007. In early 10/2007 the center element of the 3 element eye ceased to function. Service call resulted in a charge of more than $350.00 to repair. (That is approx 25% of the original cost of the range.) It was downhill from there; when I tried to contact the Rocky Mount, NC store manager he avoided meeting with me eyeball to eyeball but called my wife before I could get home. Of course there "was nothing" he could do for me! Abrupt and abrasive was the way my wife described the store manager. I then called Sears National Customer Service and spoke with "Peter". Peter advised that the store manager couldn't do anything to help me. When I disagreed Peter hung-up on me! Now mind you I have been calm, polite, considerate and reasonable. At no time did I demand anything nor did I threaten! I never asked for anything free - what I wanted to do was negotiate a more reasonable and realistic solution to my problem. But, I guess Sears is on the defensive these days and heading to sleazeville! I'm sure they are going to go down the tubes. Whatever happened to honesty, integrity, et al? Guaranteed customer satisfaction? - not at Sears. Will they get any more of my money - not one soue! Interesting, it will cost me about $400.00 but its going to cost Searsat least $3,000.00 (conservatively) just in the next month because I have bought a new house and will need appliances and equipment. So what goes around comes around wouldn't you say? Think twice before allowing Sears to take your hard earned!

credit card

Be cautious of sears changing their store credit card. They sent me a notice stating that you will recieve a sears mastercard unless you call them & opt out.
I feel this is a very poor way of doing buisiness. Not everyone wants a sears mastercard. I just wanted the same sears card that I had. I think they were very deceiving in the way they have you activate your sears card. They send you a basic blue sears card with a phone # to activate it. When you call they will start an activation of a sears mastercard.
after alot of sales pitches I had to be transfered to someone else. They said they would send me a new basic sears charge card. I don't understand why they sent me the new basic sears card with an activation # to call to find out they still have to send me another one. I have to admit I did not call & opt out of this mastercard offer but I feel I should not have to call them to tell them I do not want to participate in this offer. If any one else had this frustration please call Sears corporate office & complain. The # is [protected].
I understand people like credit cards but for them to force me to call them & tell them I do not want the mastercard is poor buisiness.

  • Wa
    wallce vaden Aug 24, 2009

    I have one of those Sears Mastercards I recently received new guidelines for its use. annual percentage rate will equal U. S. Prime RAte plus21.99%. July 1, 2009 this equaled25.24%.. nice ... Acomplaint to Sears via email was answered with the information that CITI was handling their cards and they did not have any input... Thats like saying that an individual has no control over choosing what they purchase. WRONG>>WRONG>>WRONG W. Ed Vaden

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  • Sl
    Sladewinters Aug 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I believe these greed ridden companies should be put out of buisiness. I have had a credit card with Sears for a few years now and always paid on time and more than the minimum without ever being near my limit. The sub-prime morgage crisis arose and all of a sudden a good paying customers apr goes to 25% and change for no reason. Im switching companies and going with someone else and will never do buisiness with Sears again. Let Craftsman find another spokesperson.

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  • Gl
    Glendi Jun 18, 2011

    I have been a sears customer for more than 20 years. I recently was asked by a clerk if I wanted a Sears MasterCard and emphatically told her NO. I then received in the mail an unsolicited MasterCard (which I will not activate nor want). They told me my regular Sears Card has been cancelled. I now have NO card despite they designate me as a "valued customer". I never received any prior notification of their intention. I will not do business with sears anymore as I consider this to be dishonest.

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  • Ma
    magiewright Sep 12, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was just told my 40 hour work week cut in half, I called sears and begged for decrease in my finance charges, never ben late,
    never ask for help, , the Manager told me there was nothing she could do to lower my "Interest Rate".
    I begged her to review my account, and she will see no charges has ben made in 3years on this account,
    I will Never do business with Sears Again.
    Thank You, Magie Wright

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Resolved replacement parts

Bought a flashlight that is powered by the same battery as a drill. The flashlight cost appox. $13.00. with...