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defective electronic control board!

I just paid $271 to repair my Sears "Elite" Evenheat Dryer. Several months ago I received a card stating there is a Class Action Law Settlement for the make and model that I have. This law suit was for a malfunction of the "Electronic Control Board" . The deadline to respond was Jan. 16, 2008. My dryer malfunctioned on Jan. 13th, 2008. Sears repair could not schedule a appointment for almost 2-weeks. I missed the deadline date to submit my complaint which was a defective "electronic control board". Now I'm not sure what my options are to get reimbursed for something I feel I am entitled to. I've had this dryer since Sept. 2003, but, I only use the dryer about 6-8 hours a month because I do my laundry at my daughter's house (I keep house for her). This dryer has had very little usage!

oven door won't close all the way!

Bought a Sears Kenmore gas range and did not take delivery till about 6 months later as we were remodeling a house. A few months later we installed it and I slowly discovered that the oven temperature varied widely by 30 to 60 degrees. I thought is was the digital display problem, and bought an oven thermometer so I would know what the temperature really was so I could bake.. Then I finally noticed that the problem was that the oven door was not closing all the way. The heat was leaking out and that is why the temperature varied and it took twice as long to bake anything.

The repair person said that this is a hinge problem and Sears is well aware of it, but will not do a recall... Since the stove is a few months out of warranty WE are responsible to replace the hinges which were a factory flaw to the tune of $200. There has also been a problem with the digital controls and a replacement for this with the hinges will cost almost $500.00 So we have a one year old stove that has been in use for only 8 months and we are going to throw it out and buy something else and NEVER by a SEARS appliance again...

refusal of repair!

Once again sears does it. 5 months ago they tried to void a 5 year warranty on a washer that was 6 months old. The repairman ordered $1500 worth of parts turned out to be a belt! This time its a dryer same repairman called to tell me he was on his way to the repair then he informed me that he knows I am abusing the washer and dryer and flat out refused to come out and fix it. So basically I am at square one again. How can you claim abuse we wash clothes!! How can you claim abuse without even coming out to the repair??!!

Had to reschedule for another week of waiting to see if another repairman will come out!

  • Gi
    Gin Collum Jan 25, 2014

    If you had of bought the Ppa protection plan then you could demanded a new washer instead of having the warranty to fix it.

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terrible service!

I purchased tires from Sears Automotive and had them installed when they arrived in the shop a few days later. I shopped in Sears and waited in the waiting room for two and a half hours while they worked on my car. I asked if there was a problem after 2 hours and the gentleman at the front desk said that "there was a problem with the rear alignment. The technician was going to heat up the calibers and I caught him...we would have owned the car if he did this. " I couldn't believe he told me this and then he said "but he's almost done now and he's giving it a test drive he'll be right in." 15 minutes later... Not done. I was told it was going to take 15 more minutes.

I left 2 and a half hours later. I drove the next day 50 miles to visit friends, drove home another 50, drove to Boston for dinner another 25 miles... had a wonderful dinner and while pulling out of the parking garage there was a horrendous sound coming from the passenger side. We stopped the car immediately. (here I am thinking someone hit my car in the parking lot) when I look at the tire and inside the well on the tire rod is a huge vice wrench still attached to my car from the alignment almost 24 hours earlier. The wrench had a rubber grip on it, which was shredded to death. We took it off, checked the tires and drove home.

The next day was Sunday and there was no manager on duty, when I called to check. I went to Sullivan Tire and had my car checked as I was petrified to drive my car. Worried that my tires were going to fall off or something. I explained my situation to the manager there and he said he's fixed many of their problems. He guaranteed me the tires we on tight and drivable... but that they were on backwards. My tires turn out that they can only be mounted one direction. They have a special traction control where the tire is designed to lean on an edge. So the edge was on the inside. he informed me that the tires were actually really dangerous to be on that way, making my little suv much more flippable.

I drove to Sears and expressed my dismay and disappointment. The sears manager said " I installed these tires the other day and they are fine. IF the tires were on backwards they would say that with an arrow on the tire or mount this side in marked on them" I said well did you follow manufacturers specks or did you just assume? He said that he knew they weren't on backwards. I showed him the same details that Sullivan tire did and he said. If that's what you want I'll turn them around. It will only take a half hour. 15 minutes later, he came out and said. I'm really sorry about the misunderstanding. I made a big mistake. I'm sorry. I said that it would have been worst if I had been in an accident from the wrench ripping through my car somewhere or my car flipping. I will never recommend this company to any one ever!!!

He didn't care. He didn't refund any money. I don't know what to say except they suck!!

burning metal plate!

I purchased a sears front load HE5 dryer. They have a metal plate on back that looks like it is rusting. I have had this dryer less than a month. I found two friends that have dryers made by Whirlpool which is actually Kenmore. They have the same problem. The service technician said the plate is not rusting but the temperature is so hot its burning the plate. They use to coat the metal plate in white or black but they stopped doing it. He said there is no way to order the part with the white or black coating. The technician said he is not aware of any coloring coming off on the clothes.

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[Resolved] what happened to a dependable product?

Our Kenmore Elite clothes washer had a pump go out after 3 years of use and we were charged $201.25 to have it replaced. I understand that the warranty has passed and I was not expecting it to be repaired at no charge but $201.25!!!! I contacted Sears and was told those are the charges have a nice day. No offer was made for a lower repair. Maybe I am to demanding. To pay half as much as you paid for the washer new for repair, that is crazy. What happened to a dependable product?

  • Sears's response · Sep 24, 2010

    Dear unhappy customer P,

    My name is Scott and I'm with Sears Cares Escalations. I found this post and wanted to reach out to offer some help. I'm so sorry to hear about the trouble your Kenmore washer is causing as well as the difficulty with our repair technician & department. I know it's difficult and inconvenient being without a washer, but even more frustrating not being able to get it repaired when you thought you were going to. When we service your appliances, it's Sears' goal to exceed your expectations; we've obviously not achieved that goal. We'd like to help. At your convenience please contact my office via email at [email protected] so that we can assist with resolving this issue. Please provide us a contact number and the phone number the washer was purchased under and we will call you at your convenience. In addition, include your screen name (unhappy customer P) in the email so we can reference to your case.

    Thank you,

    Scott J.
    Sears Cares

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

  • An
    Anna Pine Feb 03, 2008

    I totally agre with you! I have an Elite Washer and Dryer and have had problems with both of them.

    There should be a law against companies who sell products that become defective after normal useage. The repairs to my dryer cost over half of what I paid for it! (used only over a year)
    My washer also had the water-pump repaired. Fortunately I was still covered under warranty.
    I will not be buying any more Sears Appliances!
    I'm retired and on a low-fixed income so unncessary repairs impacts me.
    I'm Furious!

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  • De
    Deby Feb 11, 2008

    I bought the Elite Washer & Dryer less than 2 years ago. The sears repairman told me that all said and done and 85.00 dollars later it will cost over 1000.00 to repair the washer. They tried to say that it was the soap i was using that caused the bearing to go. I have only used HE detergent. I am very disappointed that Kenmore products are now known as Sub Standard after spending the thousands i did on this line.

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  • Un
    unhappy customer P Sep 22, 2010

    I purchased a Kenmore Elite Washer and dryer over a year ago. There was a problem with with something getting stuck and making the machine leak and making a noise. We had it fixed. 2 weeks ago same problem happened again which is about a year later. They said he would be there between 10-1 and he wasnt. Called Sears several times and they never contacted me back that day. He finally came at 4pm when I had to take my daughter to the MD. My other daughter was there and let me talked to him. He was unpleasant when I first got on the phone. Said he would check it out, but then left and said he couldnt work on it since my daughter was 16. Meanwhile he didnt tell me this when I talked to him. I understand this policy and had my neighbor on standby but he left and said not to call me. I then had to reschedule and he cancelled again. Still without a machine and they will not be here for another week. Not only and I getting the run around. But they are very unhelpful. I purchase tons of appliance from Sears. But never again! They lost my business forever since they are unhelpful. Stinks that I just renew the warranty on it

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price matching!

My husband called me from Sears Dept store to tell me about the dishwashers they had on sale and while he was giving me the makes and models over the phone I was online checking consumer reviews of each dishwasher. I found a better price for a Bosch Dishwasher that beat Sears’s price for the same item by $135. My husband relayed this information to the rep and she said all we needed was a printout and yes, Sears would match the price and not only that we would receive an additional 10% off!
So my husbands returned home, got the printout and made the 20 min drive back to the store. Well gosh darn it, wouldn't you know it-"actually it's only "Local" online competitors prices we match".

Now we checked the website and yes it says local retailers online but in the exclusions list it says nothing about other online competitor’s prices being excluded.

  • Lu
    Lukroi Feb 18, 2013

    Sooo, what is the problem? Brick and mortar stores can't be expected to match prices of online only retailers who only pay for a small web team, warehousing and shipping. Sears provides you with experts on products as well as an actual product to touch and look at in person. If you use a sales person to gather your info, then buy online, not only is that unethical treatment of that person who took the time to help you, you are just a bad person.

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refund on returned merchandise!

On 11/20/2017, I ordered a dishwasher and paid for installation, as a christmas gift for my mother. The item...

scam and cheating!

I am thoroughly disgusted!!! Today, january 17, 2008, I took my three daughters to sears at kingsway garden mall to return a christmas gift that my grandmother had purchased for my 11 year old that was too small. Unfortunately, my grandma purchased the shirt in august. Even though it had the original tags still on it and I had my gift receipt in hand, I was told by "customer services" that they had a 90 day return/exchange policy. This means that I would have had to return or exchange it by november. When I objected, I was then told that new "corporate policy" for christmas returns says it must be done by january 12. I said "i'm not a regular customer at sears so how am I supposed to know what your"corporate policy is? Plus it doesn't even show a return/exchange date on the gift receipt."I then politely asked to speak to a manager who told me there was nothing that they could do for me. So... I told her that she could keep the stinking' shirt and everything that I was going to purchase and that I would be contacting my grandma (Who I should tell you has been shopping and supporting sears since she made her first purchase almost 65 years ago... A baby carriage for her baby... My dad). I hope that losing a long time customer, four future customers and maybe even all the future customers that I am going to spread the word to, was worth a $20.00 shirt!!! Screw"corporate policy"!!!

What ever happened to customer service or 100% satisfaction guaranteed? So this is what i'm left with... I have to tell my grandma that if she wants to do her christmas shopping at her convenience, that she now better question return/exchange policies so that she doesn't get ripped off. A little old lady... Pretty sad if you ask me. And for me and my kids, we left with a bitter taste in our mouths and my 11 year old without a usable present from her great-grandmother. Merry #ing christmas!!!

  • Ch
    Chris Aug 08, 2008

    Are you actually reading your comment? WHO BUYS A CHRISTMAS GIFT IN AUGUST?!

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  • Sa
    Sarah Oct 23, 2008

    It does say the return policy on the receipt if you just turn it over that pretty blue writing on the back states that you have 90 days to return or exchange items, and the 90 day return policy is actually one of the longest ones here in Canada. If you went to Wal-mart, you would only have 14 days with your receipt to be able to return something.

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[Resolved] terrible company!

Purchased Kenmore Elite Oasis Washer in April 2007. It is now Jan 08 and I cannot get the washer to work. I...

disgraceful company

In September 2007 I purchased a large Mitsubishi HD TV from the "Great Indoors" in Scottsdale, Az. for about $2500. Based upon the recommendation of the sales person I also purchased a service agreement for several hundred dollars which would cover service and parts for a long period.

Four months later I attempted to turn on the TV and got no picture. I then contacted the Sears Service Center (parent of Great Indoors) and was told the earliest they could service the complaint was 15 days from now, which I told them was unacceptable. I am now forced to contact a local TV service company to repair (probably for several hundred dollars) a TV that is already covered by a service contract. I could easily do without TV for 2 weeks if it were not for the fact that I have a large group of friends attending parties both of the nest 2 weeks to watch the football playoffs.

I think it is disgraceful that a big company like Sears can't hire enough technicians to fix problems within a reasonable amount of time.

door handle keep breaking!

I have bought the Sears Kenmore HE3 Elite Electric Dryer 5 years ago. Door handle keeps breaking off and I keep replacing it. Sometime it breaks within days. It is a faulty design. There are thousands of people with the same problem. There are forums dedicated to this problem Sears has done nothing to fix the problem. Check it out at:

I have called sears but did not get anywhere. Something must be done to make Sears respond to customer complaints.

  • Pi
    Pieter Verhoeven Jan 26, 2008

    I agree completely. We have ours just two years. Ours keeps doing it too.

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  • Sa
    Sasha4 Jan 23, 2016

    Just saw reviews on Amazon to replace the door handle with this third party provider
    Hope this is helpful.

    We have gone through four plastic replacement handles and are now trying this option.

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[Resolved] complaint against

I placed an order on for a printer in September 2007. They sent me the wrong item 1 week...

defective oven range heating element

I too have a Sears Kenmore range which I haven't been satisfied with it since I bought it. The range takes forever to preheat and then it doesn't maintain the heat that it's set to. Today the bottom element burned out and I see this is a very common problem. Luckily I was in the kitchen when the fire in the oven started so I turned the oven off. The breaker was thrown so no major damage was done. This range has been a BIG disappointment. I won't buy another kitchen appliance from Sears. I've always had GE but thought I'd try Sears this time, which has proved to be a big mistake.

  • Ka
    Karen Oct 11, 2008

    I got the GE and have had the same problem. Everything nowadays is made by the same few places.

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  • Mi
    Mike Horton Oct 12, 2008

    Similarly with the person from Missouri my wife and I had exactly the same experience with a Sears Stove. After a few years it was slow to heat up and on the day prior to Thanksgiving the bottom oven element caught fire - we wisely did not open the door and let is burn itself out - and it was immediately apparent that the element was a dud.

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  • Ri
    RIC Nov 03, 2008


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  • No
    Norah RunningWolf Nov 08, 2008

    Oh, man!!
    Tell me about it!!!
    I was glad my friend noticed the fire in the oven and we could turn it off.
    Now I have to try to get the damn stove out and the element out.
    No small task for a 70 year old lady in awheel chair.

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  • Ma
    Marie Robinson Nov 18, 2008

    My Kenmore range caught fire on Sunday, November 16th. The only way to disconnect the power was to throw the circuit breaker. After it cooled off I attempted to turn the power back on, but the element overheated again and scorched my stove and kitchen cabinets. Once again, I had to throw the circuit breaker to get the oven turned off. If I had not been home, the house would have burned down. I was not even using the stove at the time the oven element came on. I am sure there are other horror stories out there. Who knows how many homes have burned from this appliance and the problems with them.

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poor customer survice following sale

Attached below is my complaint to Sears regarding their failure to provide a reasonable means to register for their rebates on home appliances. Their employees were rude, and/or simply could not help because of a lack of corporate procedure or because the employee could not adequately understand the English language. Their website didn't work and no one could explain why, or what to do to comply with Sears' requirements. I will never purchase from Sears again.

I bought several appliances and have been unable to file for my rebate of over $290, from the purchase of $1874.83 for several aoppliances. Ref.: SALESCHECK # [protected]. After four futile attempts to file for my rebate, I contacted the Sears store in Kenai, Alaska for assistance. The sales people I spoke with were unhelpful and refused to help me until I "calmed down". The sales associate, Brian called me by phone and claimed that he had taken care of everything, and that a confirmation email would be sent.
I want to make sure that my complaint and rebate has been appropriately registered with Sears. I cannot believe the way that Sears conducts business with customers AFTER they have taken the money from its customer. If Sears made it as difficult to purchase products as it does to collect its rebate and/or speak with customer service, Sears would have been out of business years ago.
I want an acknowledgement of reciept of my request for my rebate, per the agreement I made at the time of sale. I want Sears to acknowledge that I qualified for the rebate that was promised to me at the time of sale and I want Sears to give me the date that I am to recieve the rebate, and acknowlegement of the amount of rebate. I don't believe that the right hand knows what the left is doing within your corporation. I want a written assurance that the rebate will be honored and the appropriate documents have been filed. Otherwise, I want to know what further actions are expected from me. I have already submitted multiple requests for assistance, made four attempts to submit the information to the sears rebate site, in an attempt to meet the requirements that Sears demands before Sears will fulfill its rebate agreement that was promised to me on 12/28/07, by the Sears salesperson.
I was reluctant to do business with Sears and am very sorry that I was foolish enough to participate in a Sears rebate program. My time is too valuable to waste playing corporate games designed to frustrate and rob Sears customers.
Please acknowledge my right to the rebate, as agreed to by Sears employees and as advertised at the time of sale, as stated above, or state why I am no longer "qualified" to recieve the Sears rebate. I would appreciate a response to this complaint promptly.

  • Pe
    peggy barrett Mar 19, 2008

    Sears Customer Service is a JOKE!! If you like being put on hold for 30 minutes at a time, then give them a call. I waited an entire day waiting for a scheduled tech to repair my garage door. I had to take a day off from work to accomodate THEIR schedule; appointment had been scheduled for 3 weeks. Tech was a no-show. It took me 3 hours on the phone to get someone in authority to take my call; their response was SORRY! we can re-schedule a tech for you in 3 weeks. No comment about my inconvenience, my loss of pay..nothing!!! Sears so called customer service is a JOKE>>JOKE. I would not purchase a nail from Sears..BUYER BEWARE..I had to contact the BBB and The Attorney General's Office in my state to see if consumers have any recourse.. Pretty SAD.

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  • Ve
    very happy sears costumer Jul 29, 2008

    sears is the only one to buy appliances from i have bought and bought from the other blue box and red box stores and the have more issues then that rebates are only good if the are filled out correctly with the right paperwork going back with them the cant make exceptions when in black and white it says what to do and how and were to send it ...thanks sears for your great quailty product and service and credit..

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  • Di
    Dieter Hinkelmann Aug 12, 2008

    I purchased a Lawnmower with a $25 rebate, it states TrueGreen, but did not know that or stated that it is for TrueGreen use only. Now I purchased a lawnmower and will have to hire them to cut my grass with the rebate, to me this is a scam that forces me to do business with a 3rd party other than Sears, I purchased a sears product I should have a cash or Sears rebate to use at sears and not forced to use a 3rd party. The sales person told me diferent, he told me I can use it in future sears purchase, I went back and showed him and he was suprised as well. So sad that sears does this to their customers, well they lost me as a customer, specially with their rebate program, stay away from them.

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scam and cheating!

I ordered an air compressor from for my husband for Christmas. According to if I ordered by December 15 (which I did) I should expect delivery by December 20. This item was in stock according to It is December 31st and no compressor. billed my credit card on December 16, of course they would. I called the day after Christmas, I was told they needed to research and will get back to me in 5 to 7 days. I am still waiting. I could not cancel, I could not re-order, until they get back to me. So here I sit, waiting. I will never do business with again. I even called UPS regarding UPS was much nicer that service staff and said they did receive billing information from, just never received the package. So, I am doing some of my own research. This is bad business on part. Why should the customer suffer if cannot get a package out to ship...

undelivered appliances and poor customer service!

Poor delivery services!!!

I ordered 5 appliances 3 months ago from the kitchener sears home store for delivery to my new home in mississauga. Now on the eve of x'mas, I am still waiting for my delivery to arrive from the 20th of dec.07. Apparently, the drivers did not know how to locate an address in mississauga two times around. Yes, there have been two attempts to get my appliances but the drivers have apparently had a hard time to find my house even though I have given them ever cross road and main road to get here including ladmarks. I had a driver tell me that it was too late for the delivery and he had to go home since it was taking him awhile to find it. The first delivery attempt they were in my complex 3 houses down but did not think of asking where my place was. By the way, I live off one of the main road in mississauga-derry road. I found the drivers to be acknowledgeable on the roads in mississuage along with poor manner when communicating with their customers - had a driver tell me to shut up. This is unacceptable under any circumstances.

The delivery setup with sears is also unprepared to handle situations like these as they just send you to customer service to reschedule your delivery. How many times do you have to reschedule a delivery before it actually gets here or they get it right? I will not recommend sears to anyone I know due to their incapable ability to get a delivery on time to a home especially when every other company such as leon's and brick can find your home with no problem. No excuse sears!!!

  • Pa
    Paul Boyer Dec 25, 2007

    I being in retail for 33 years know that there is always two sides to every story. If your place was easy to find the delivery would be easy to make. To think that having merchandise on a truck and taken off again only to be reloaded makes sense to any company is foolish. We often hear complaints of associates being rude but I find it is usually a return of the poor attitude received by customers and although never acceptable from someone being paid to put up with rude, it is often understandable. I find personally that if you can't say what the customer wants to hear, you are often called rude.

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  • Jo
    john sisti Jun 17, 2008



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  • Je
    jean mcmanus Aug 29, 2008

    I was just on-line waiting for a Sears customer representative for over 1 hour. At the beginning of August I booked a repair person for our Sears dishwasher. Unfortuntely the repair person did not show up although I had to wait from 5:00-to 8:00 pm. After calling twice and being placed on hold for over 20 minutes I was told that someone would call back to rebook the appointment-no apology. I waited until 4:00pm today then called Sears and was placed on hold for over 1 hour. Finally after getting through I was told, that I had to rebook-nothing they could or would do. Now have to wait another 2 weeks. I will never ever buy an applicance from Sears again.
    What happened to customer Service???

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  • Up
    Upset with Sears Canada Jan 26, 2011

    I bought all my appliances and a couch at Sears when I bought my new house. I spent no word of a lie a combined total of 21 days of holiday time off work just to get the stuff delivered, and delivered again when they tried to pawn off broken appliances, which I promptly told them to load back up on their truck because I wasn't taking delivery of broken merchandise. Missed appointment after missed appointment, excuse after stupid excuse, it was appalling how many phone calls and appointments I made over the course of 6 full months to finally get all the items in my home and in working condition. I will NEVER EVER buy another thing from Sears Canada, and wish I had of done a "how to complain to Sears Canada' search on the internet before I had purchased from them. Notice when you do the same search for the Bay, it hardly brings up anything negative?

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sears service and parts center is atrocious

Went to order a part from Sears Parts Direct. Last night sat on hold on number provided on Web Site for 60...

delivery warning to those who buy dishwashers!

We purchased a GE dishwasher from Sears in Cupertino, CA and paid an extra $140 or $150 charge to have the old dishwasher removed and the new one installed in its place. Luckily, the delivery person (Eric from the Campbell delivery contracting company, Matt Stalie) came within the two hour window set by Sears' customer support dispatcher. Unfortunately, although we had already paid for installing the unit, we were told that we needed to pay $65 to replace the copper and plastic tubing from the dishwasher to the water source and the drain. We told the delivery person that he could just leave the new dishwasher in our kitchen and we would deal with the rest of the installation. However the situation became a catch-22. The delivery person said that we needed to pay $75 to leave the unit uninstalled in the garage (not even carried to the kitchen) or we could pay $65 to have him install the unit with two new flexible metal tubes. We opted to just make out a check for $65. Here's a tip for someone who would like to save some cash in a similar situation. One could figure out from the installation contractor ahead of time about what kind of tubing is necessary for the dishwasher which is to be installed. Then one could head out to a hardware store to purchase and install the proper tubing before the installation contractor delivers and installs the unit.

When the family member who purchased the unit came home, it was noted that the model which was delivered and installed was actually the wrong color/style which is another problem in itself.

no heat for 6 days!

My parents bought a new Kenmore HVAC unit from Sears in September 2007 to replace our 35 year old unit. They got the master protection plan for peace of mind. Wednesday evening, 12/12/2007, our furnace stopped working. Sears would have someone call the next day by 3pm just to make an appointment for someone to come out. I called the next morning to see if i could expedite things, and i was told Sears did not have enough people to come out so i should find someone on my own. Friday morning PSE&G found that the circuit board would need to be replaced. If it was a PSE&G unit, they had the right part to fix it, but since it was a Kenmore unit, the Sears service people should have the part available to fix the unit more quickly. PSE&G would have to order the Kenmore part which would delay the repair. When I called Sears Contract Support, they asked PSE&G to go buy the part. PSE&G explained that the part has to be ordered but Sears should have it. The representative found that the Sears service people in fact did not have the part and they too would have to order it. She then said that since the unit is less than a year old that the company that installed the unit would have to deal with this problem. Why were we not referred to this company on Wednesday when this first happened??? Basically Sears did not want to deal with the hassle of helping a paying customer. The installing company came out Friday evening and asked why we did not call them on Wednesday when this first happened. I explained the above. They too had to order the part and if they had known immediately, we would have had heat by Friday. I called Sears Friday evening and Saturday morning in the hopes of finding someone who could get us the part more immediately. We already rode out the ice storm on Thursday/Friday and a nor'easter was supposed to come Sunday. I kept getting transferred to different departments where the representatives either did not know or did not care to help. On Saturday, the Customer Complaints representative actually "assured" me that we "would not have heat today." What kind of assurance is that??? I got transferred so much, I ended up speaking to one of the representatives twice. She gave me the final "too bad, it's the weekend" attitude and said no one could help us, it didn't matter that there was another storm coming and that we had no heat. By now it was too late and i just gave up. We got heat on Monday evening, 6 days after we lost it. That is truly unacceptable service, especially when we are paying extra for that service.

  • Ja
    Jason Jul 16, 2008

    thats what happens when u hire sears/home depot, etc to do hvac work. They dont have the know how and they sub contract out, and thats how they are cheaper than other private companies, u get what u pay for, such is true in any facet of life.

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  • Hv
    HVAC Tech Sep 08, 2009

    As a HVAC technician I have seen the above situation and worse.
    If a friend or family member asks me my advice on replacing their old "inefficient" furnace with a new one, I sometimes advise them to keep the old one. It depends how old, the really old ones were great, they were built like battle ships and the parts that need replacement are available at most local hardware stores. "But it is inefficient" OK. consider the cost of natural gas: currently $0.87 per 100 cubic feet at 1050BTU/cubic foot. Now go from a 70% efficient to a 90% efficient. You are still "wasting" 10% of the heat up the chimney, but now your exhaust temperature is below the condensation point of all the H2O in the exhaust gas, so the mfg or you new fancy furnace has installed all kinds of drains and traps and safety switches to prevent water from backing up and mixing with electrical parts...opps... yes it does happen. All those circuit boards are expensive, and some fancy furnaces have up to three of them. Can't get those at the hardware store, nope... got to be ordered. So here you are with a new fancy furnace that is saving you pennies while it runs but costing you big money and huge headaches when it breaks, and oh yes they will break, more often then that old battleship you are thinking of getting rid of. Does it really make sense to replace it? Not always. People need to stop being impressed by surface impressions, like a fancy paint job or a lower energy bill and try to see beyond the obvious.
    Safety Note: if it is leaking Carbon Monoxide then replace it, don't gamble with your health.

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