Sears / closed account after completing payment arrangement

United States

Due to economy and personal finance issues, I had to setup payment arrangements on my Sears account. At the time the arrangment was made, Sears was full aware of my account and past due status. I was explained that if I setup monthly automatic payments for a specified time frame, at the end of the time frame --- my account would be in reinstated and resume a normal payment schedule. I fulfilled my end and monthly payments were automatically withdrawn from my bank account. I am at the end of the agreed time frame and now being told that my account will not be reinstated. The reason for the account not being reinstated is too many past due payments --- taking into consideration that I was on automatic payment withdrawals. Ultimate conclusion - Sears Collection Department made false promises and basically lied to collect money. Understandably, the money is owed. But deceiving customers that in my case have been a loyal customer for years in not right. Basically Sears Collection protocol is to make empty promises just to collect their money without consideration of prior year loyalty and kick a person when they are down. By the way --- was told Sears does not have a complaint department. That's one way to not have to deal with false promises!


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