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Resolved no interest plans on credit cards

Last December, I bought at sears a washing machine, using their 12 months no interest plan. What they do not tell you is this, You have a balance on the account? I set up my payments to cover what my old balance was, and , now 10 months later, I find that none of this went against this purchase. They always do this last unless you call them when you make a payment to tell them what to put it against. Where is the truth in lending? or does it not count in credit cards? don't buy from sears, or use citibank for anything. They will always find a way to rip you off!

many disturbing calls to sell warranty.

I bought a leaf blower from sears recently. They asked for my telephone number when I checked out. Stupid me... I gave it to them. One week later the calls started. They want to sell me an extended warranty. I told them nicely that we are on the no call list and that we do not want calls. The callers seem to think it is OK "because we have a relationship with you so the no call list does not apply to you." We have done everything and said everything to get these calls stopped and nothing works. If I could only convince the company that I will NEVER SHOP AT SEARS AGAIN maybe they would take me off their list. We now have to leave out home telephone off the hook to avoid these harassing calls. If you give Sears your telephone number, you will now be as stupid as I am.

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    Americ2012 Apr 16, 2012

    April 16, 2012
    I received a call from Sears after the dishwasher required servicing after we had purchased extended warranty.
    Then the deception and misleading started. A telephone rep. asked if we wanted to "re-new" our extended warranty and it would cost a little less than the existing warranty. We would even save money if we re-new today aka (The Hook). What he failed to explain is that I was billed now twice. Once for the old agreement and now for the so-called new agreement. I am now paying twice for the same warranty for two appliances, one is a dishwasher. I was paying about 35.00 per month for extended warranty of two appliances and now I am paying an additional 25.00 for the same two appliances for a total of about 60.00 per month. And this is legal???? Is this not what class action suits are made of? I trusted Sears for years. No longer.
    Stay away and run the other way. Get everything in writing, ask for a copy of the agreement...Sears, you are not what you used to be...
    You have lost my trust and confidence in your name and your brands...You are misleading your customers with aggressive marketing tactics ...

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Resolved extortion / scam

On Oct. 10,2007 I had an appointment for repair service on my Sears oven. The handle broke off the oven door. I bought the parts myself (brackets to hold handle) from Sears. The repair costs were quoted as $153.00. If I said no ( extortion) I would have to pay $65.00 for the estimate (scam). During the repair he went to his truck and returned with 4 screws that he said I needed and was charged $4.49 for EACH. Total charged $170.54 for a job that took 5 minutes.

I will never shop at Sears again.

  • Jo
    joelnubla Jul 24, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Technician came to my house and left without doing anything, but before he left he said that he will come back and get somebody to help him out for it is a big microwave. Later in the afternoon, the technician called and cancels the appointment and will not come back until next week (reason: "My assistant was canceled today and I don't have help booo-hooo). My regret is my lost of time towards these non-sense people. They did not even apologize for the inconvenience that they caused me...nothing at all. DO NOT GET THIS PEOPLE TO SERVICE YOUR APPLIANCES!

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    Trixie69usa Nov 11, 2009

    Couldn't agree w/you more. Had an appt today and tech called me for directions since we live in a new development and when he never showed I called back the cell number that showed on my caller ID and he had turned it off. I phoned 1-800-my-home for sears hom repair and asked why the tech never showed and they stated that the tech noted that he made 2 attempts but nobody home, SUCH LIARS!!!

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  • Mo
    mommyb Jul 07, 2010

    I had an appointment today for my deep freeze. I scheduled it 1.5 weeks ago. They only come to my area 2 days a week. I told them my freezes high temp alarm continued to go off and some items in the freezer wouldn't stay frozen. When I scheduled the appointment they said there was a $59 service charge. The guy came today. Opened the door to the freezer. Said yup it is running. There is frost on the top shelf that you need to defrost and then charged me $125. I went for the scam. Defrosted the freezer which only had 1/2 of the top shelf---not a lot of frost. AFterwards turned it on, closed the door and yes you guessed it---- The alarm continues to go off, the frost is coming back on the top shelf, and the food that is left in there is thawed. THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH MY FREEZER!!! I do have 90 days for them to come back and recheck it. What a waste of time and money. DON'T USE SEARS OR BUY SEARS!!!

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Resolved poor service!

I needed a new washer dryer set. It seemed like a simple thing to me. Pick a gas dryer and buy all the part...

Resolved wrong information, insults and indifference


On July 29, 2007 the Sony 40" TV that I purchased from Sears on 11/9/2006 started displaying "rainbow stripes" on the screen. Per the terms of my extended warranty that I purchased (3Y SHOPMA), and information I received from sales associate James (ringing assoc # 855), I brought TV back to the Sears store I purchased it at for service. There I was advised by a cashier that I would have to take the TV to Sear repair facility across town (he even called to confirm this). Upon arriving at the Sear Repair Facility, I was advised that since my TV was over 26", I would have to have an in home service call. So I called 1800 4 MY Home and spoke with Colleen. Colleen advised me that a technician would come to my home between 8-12 on August 15. So, I took a half day off work on 8/15 and the technician did not show (I even called 1800 4 My Home to confirm the appointment the day before). So I again called 1800 4 My Home and was advised that the technician had a family emergency and

wouldn't be able to come out that day. While I understand about the technician’s (Service Unit 8175) family situation, what I don't accept is the fact no one called me. Wanting resolution of the issue, I called back 1800 4 My Home and requested that the TV be replaced. I feel this was a reasonable request give the circumstances (I was told 3 incorrect things by Sears at that point). Per Ester, a manager at 4 My Home, I should call the store I purchased the TV at to see if they could do anything. So I called the Regency Store in Richmond and spoke to Leslie, the Electronic Dept Manager. Leslie took my information and said she would call back. Instead of Leslie calling back, I got a call from Glenda from Sear’s One Source Dept [protected]). After explaining the circumstance to Glenda, she advised me that if I was to call back One Source on 8/29, I could request an "in warranty" replacement of my TV. She said that the amount I paid could be applied to a new television and

that Sears would even deliver the new TV and take away the defective one. I agreed that this was acceptable and even asked Glenda if I would have any issues when I called back... she ASSURED me that I would not! On 8/29, per Glenda's instructions I called the One Source Department, where I had the displeasure of speaking with Bob. Bob advised me that what Glenda said was not true (he did admit he saw her note, but would not honor it), and that I was just "conspiring" to get a new TV. Feeling very insulted, I hung up and called back. Upon doing so I got Mabel. Mabel advised me that I would have to have a technician look at the TV before anything else could be done. I again called the One Source Department and asked to speak with Glenda. Instead of Glenda, I got Porscha (sic?), she said that she could not locate Glenda, so I scheduled a service appointment for Friday 8/30... for which I will have to take an entire day off from work since they could not give me a set time.

In summary, I hope that Sears fixes the issues it has with it's service departments. So far my experience has been one of incorrect information (or lies), insults, and indifference.

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Resolved paid warranties from sears & roebucks not honored

08-26-07 Smelled smoke found 4 inches of hot water in my basement, same level as electronic igniter for water heater, emitting sparks, temp 94 degrees, like sauna. Purchased water heater 01-04-03 w/a 5 year warranty. Called Sears Service Georgia #[protected] must here 10 minutes of automation, the next available representative, Got a person explained problem, said service will be out following day 08-27-07, Sears Service came by 08-27-07 at 5:30pm, agreed, said defective water heater applied pink sticker. Told me someone else from Sears will get back to me. No one called,on 08-28-07 called 800# again, kept promising service will call and come 4 Hours of combined time on phone with more promises. No water, or toilets. 08-29-07 called 800# asked for supervisor, or manager they tell me none available. Then they begin passing me to Arizona for service I fax my receipts & Warranty to them, now they tell me 24 to 48 hours before they can read my receipts. 08-30-07 call 800# again Promise to have Service man by 1:00 pm 1:30 pm I call back, they tell me they are running behind. Call at 5:30 pm Talk to Ms. Zoua at Department 82008, she tells me I am not in the System and they are not going to honor anything, No Water or Toilets. I Will Never Give One Penny To Sears & Roebucks Again After This Treatment. R.P.G...

Resolved warranty scam!

I purchased a ge washer from sears with a 5 year warranty. It broke 6 months later took the 3 weeks to...

Resolved I have lost all respect for sears!

We purchased a refrigerator freezer from Sears?in the spring of 2000. It was a problem from the get go. You could grow old waiting for enough ice to come out the door to fill a glass, but would find puddles of water and ice cubes on the floor whenever it felt like dispensing them. It was serviced numerous times (probably between 6-10 times) but everyone said the same thing... there is nothing that can be done because it is just the way it was made, they are all like that? We quit trying and just learned to live with it? On 06-21-2007 my husband went to get some ice from the door dispenser and noticed what he thought was steam coming out of the chute, so he opened the freezer door? He was in shock to find the upper portion of the freezer was ablaze... Yes... ON FIRE!!! He suffered burns to his hand putting the fire out? I called sears and they said that they couldn't replace it unless a repair person came out and said it needed to be replaced. Time lost...waiting for him to come and verify it couldn't be fixed.? I thank God that our whole house didn't go up in flames.? We lost all our food and had to live out of a cooler for a week or better, but they did bring us a replacement.? Of course, it was dented and a major downgrade from our original one, but they did leave it till they could resolve the issue (and of course they took the old one with them). I made numerous phone calls to the customer service #, and would have to wait on hold every time from 35 minutes to 1 hour to get to speak to someone. They finally sent out the right model, and again, it was dented. I have called so many people, so many times, that I feel like I should be on the payroll... IT'S RIDICULOUS!!! Everytime they deliver to us, the unit is dented, warped, or scratched.?I called them once after waiting for 2 1/2 weeks, just to find out they never reordered it. Then they delivered another damaged unit. I called the store immediately and they said they would reorder. A week and a half later it was to be delivered.? They called us Thursday night (after 8:30pm) to say it would be delivered between 3-7pm the next day. [protected] came and no delivery. At 8pm I called the store and was told that they couldn't find it that morning when they loaded up for that days delivery.? "And was anybody going to let us know that", I asked.? "you mean nobody called you", they replied. "We're so sorry". By now, "SO SORRY" doesn't cut it. I called the store the next morning when the only person there that knows what she's doing (Deanna in appliances in the Sears store in Wilmington, NC) was working. It wasn't there because nobody had ordered it like they said they had. Deanna took care of the order herself and yesterday evening they delivered REFRIGERATOR#8-yes #8!!! and again it had a 3-4 inch dent in the side.? I do not understand where they are getting all these damaged units from and how difficult can it be to get a refrigerator from point A to point B? without damaging it??? I am so leary of the icemaker--it's the same kind as the one that caught on fire. They say it was some kind of heater unit in the icemaker that ignited? You can believe that I took pictures before they took the unit and have filed an incident report with the consumer product safety commission because I don't want to see this happen to anyone else!!? I don't know what else we can do but keep receiving and keep sending back the damaged units. It's just so frustrating that we have been dealing? with this for months now without a resolution. One guy in the appliance dept. once laughed and said "man that beats our record of 5" (meaning 5 damaged refrigerators). I'm glad somebody can laugh at our setting records... CAUSE IT'S NOT US!!!? Sears, I have lost all respect for you. Many years ago I would buy things from you even if they cost a little bit more because I knew if there was a problem you would stand behind it and make it right... boy how times have changed!!!

termination of an employee!

A friend of mine was just terminated because of a $60.00 mistake on a customers order and was interrogated for about two and a half hours not to mention all of the mental stress that was involved. Sears need to stop treating employees like dogs and treating them with respect, because they are not just employees they are friends and family of consumers. Needless to say I will no longer be giving my business to Sears or K-mart.

Resolved non-refundable delivery policy

We bought an expensive "new but slightly dented" Kenmore washer at an appliance outlet. (We now think that the washer had been returned previously.)The delivery men did not level it or follow installation instructions. We had to do everything. The washer would not drain during the 1st & only time that we used it. A service code kept flashing & the machine kept beeping. We called the service number in the late evening and someone with a poor command of English yelled at us and said that we should instead call the store the next day. She could not tell us what the code meant, how to stop the beeping, or how to get it to unlock. We told the store to haul it away after spending much of the night hand rinsing and wringing out the clothes, after we finally managed to get it to unlock. We are still being charged the $60 plus tax delivery charge because it is "non-refundable." Efforts to get this resolved through customer service have been unsuccessful. We had been Sears credit card customers for 39 years. Not any longer.

  • Lu
    Lukroi Feb 18, 2013

    Why do you people cry about how long you've had a sears credit card when you have a problem like that makes a difference? The store you had the issue with should have replaced the item or serviced it for free. You simply didn't ask the right questions and the associates at the store did not properly guide you to do so. Delivery fees at any retailer are non-refundable since little or no big box retailers operate their own delivery company. The outside delivery service must be paid for the work they did. The store should have taken the hit of the $60 in the form of a price adjustment on your purchase. I agree your purchase was not handled properly by the store, but your expectations about delivery are a bit off as well.

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lousy customer service and repair!

Four years ago I purchased a Sears Kenmore Elite in addition to an oven/stove combo which totaled over $7,000 from Sears. Yesterday, I scheduled an appointment for the refrigerator that is no longer working, which I certainly didn’t expect since Consume Reports had extremely high ratings – the very reason for the purchase. (It's internal temperature is a steady 58 degrees.) I scheduled a service call for 9/13/07 I was told the technician would be at my home between 1pm and 5 pm, and that he would call before arriving. If there was no answer he would not service, and I would have to reschedule. (Which put me in a position to have to speak to solicitors all day.) At 4:00 pm, a Sears representative called to inform me that NO ONE would be showing up to fix the appliance, and that I had to “reschedule”. I was astounded!

The next closest appointment was 6 days away on 9/12, and then I have to be available ALL DAY! I was told since SOME of the parts are still under warranty, I am unable to call any other repair service, so I am technically held hostage by Sears. Everything that was in this state of the art refrigerator which we paid a couple of thousand dollars for has now spoiled.

I called to speak with the sales person who received the handsome commission from our purchase and it was no surprise that he was no longer there. I did speak with the Large Appliance Department Manager, Chris Devans, in the Danbury, CT store, who when I pleaded for assistance, told me, “there’s nothing I can do, it’s not my department.” Nice! Well guess what, I will NEVER purchase another thing from ANY department in Sears, and I don’t recommend any one else to shop there either as they don’t give two cents about you once you’ve purchased the item. They may have made money on this sale, but they most definitely LOST any future business from me, my friends, family, and any one else to whom I can relate this story.

ordering from was a big mistake!

We ordered a stove and microhood from and picked it up at West Lebanon NH store. The stove and microwave were both malfunctioning from day 1. The microwave made a chirping noise whenever we would use it and the front door on the stove could not be removed due to an improperly functioning hinge. We called Sears to come fix these problems. Big Mistake.

Visit 1: Repairman comes to assess the situation. Orders a hinge for the stove and a new motor for the microwave.

Visit 2: Repairman comes to work on stove and determines that the wrong hinge was sent. He can not work on microwave, because he doesn't have the work order. He tells us that we need to uninstall the microwave anyway for him to change the part.

Visit 3: We uninstall the microwave before this visit. Another repairman comes and is confused as to why the first guy thought we needed to uninstall it. He replaces the microwave motor and does not test the microwave before leaving. He uses a hammer to remove the door from the stove and installs the hinge in the stove that the previous guy thought was the wrong one. He then breaks the outer glass on the stove door and reinstalls it.

Now he leaves. I test the microwave and it turns out he installed the wrong motor in the wrong place and now it not only chirps, but the turn table is broken. The oven door does not stay closed enough to turn out the oven light. We called and they agreed to replace the appliances, which is great! It then takes two days of going between and the store we picked up the appliances from getting the run around and being sent in circles to finally get to a point where someone at finally figured out what needed to be done and took care of it.

Bad product

I bought a Sears Kenmore side by side model # [protected] based on the Consumer Reports recommendation. I did not have it home a week and the first Jabil controller board burnt out. They replaced that, but 20 months later, it burnt out again. The repairman said boards almost never burn what are the statistical odds of it happening to my refrigerator. He wanted to blame the home's electrical system, but the refrigerator I have prior survived 15 years without a problem. Now, Sears wants $350 to fix the board and/or $160 a year to guarantee I won't have this problem again. What kind of business are they running and what happened to the Sears that used to stand behind their products?

fraudulent activity, unreal customer service

Sears Saint John, NB

Don't shop at this location! They actually charge your credit card when you return a fridge under warranty and then you have to fight to get your money credited back once you receive the warranty replaced fridge. Also their customer service representatives at the 1800# will hang up on you when you request to speak to a manager.

Here is the what happened to us: This is pretty close to fraudulent activity and the customer service people, unreal!!!

We returned our fridge under warranty as it had cracks in the internal walls, that went well as the new fridge came and old one left. HOWEVER, sears actual charged my MasterCard for the full price of the replacement fridge and then said it would be a week for the credit to be placed back. Well 6 weeks later were still waiting and when we call the store or customer service they lie and say "It will be on your CC tomorrow" tomorrow never comes. We are taking them to small claims court and contacting our local media. Also when you ask for a manager or supervisor the reps hang-up on you!!!

damaged my 150 year old home jamming the refrigerator through a doorway

Seems I'm not alone in my struggle with Sears, yet I feel that my story is worse than any you have posted so far. They actually damaged my 150 year old home jamming the refrigerator through a doorway. After promising a mere $300 compensation, they haven't even done that and are now refusing to return my phone calls. I'm about to update my website as to that effect but here's the link to my story with pictures:

Thanks for providing a voice to the people.

Warmest Regards,
Diana Simonson

  • Je
    Jean Kirkbride Jun 09, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ordered a freezer online. Choose a Saturday delivery between 4pm - 6pm. Driver called and said they had truck troubles and would not be able to delivery. So, went with the following Tuesday between 8:15am and 10:15 am. Took off work, no pay, and they did not call and did not show up. Called Sears Delivery at 1-800-732-7747. Assured me that the freezer would be there the next Saturday. No show, no call again. Called Sears delivery back today...said Warehouse person will call me within 24 hours. What a bunch of crap! Very, very disappointed in Sears. Will not have a home delivery again, nor buy a Sears product if they can't do better than this.

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customer service/delivery

On 08/10/07 Purchased a Free Standing Gas Range, Microhood and oven, and 4 cycle dishwasher from Sears Willowbrook. NJ Price was over 3,100.00.

Items were replacements for old Sears Products.

Have purchased all appliances from sears for over 40 years.

Delivery set for 08/24. Received 3 calls from Sears Delivery prior to 08/24 to assure that some one would be home to receive delivery.

Called [protected] on 08/23 at 6 pm to confirm delivery. Received call from Sears delivery at 7:19 pm indicating that delivery would be on 08/24 between 2 and 4 pm.

Had old appliances removed. Additional stair rails removed from entrance hall. Old appliances placed out in disposal area for garbage pick up.

On 08/24 Garbage pick up at 7:30 am. At 8:45 Sears Delivery called and said they could not make delivery applicances did not come in on the morning truck.

Stove would not be delivered until September 9th
Micohood would not be delivered until August 29 and Dishwasher would not be delivered until August 25.

Called Sears Willowbrook Store. Appliance Dept spoke to Omar. He said the only person that could help me was Rob the individual that sold me the units and he would not be in today.

Asked for customer service dept. Guess what. Sears stores do not have customer service. Each deparment has that responsibility. Asked for individaul in Appliances that takes care of customer service. He said I had to speak to Rob. I told him Rob would not be in today. He said that's right.

Since I was getting nowhere I terminated the call.

I Called Sears Holding Corp, Hoffman Estates, IL and asked for Mr. Aylwin B. Lewis office. He is CEO of Sears Holding Corp.

Spoke to Thiffany who said she was an Executive Officer of the Company.

Her responses were worst than Omar's. She said she could do absolutely nothing to assist me.

At 11:30 Mail delivery my Visa Card Bill came in and all of the Sears Charges of 08/10 were listed for payment. But no delivery.

Went back to store and cancelled all items ordered.

  • Be
    BENNIE TREVINO Sep 10, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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fraud and cheating!

I ordered a riding lawnmower and accessories on line from Sears to the tune of $2200. Got the order confirmation, and an e-mail saying I would be contacted to set up delivery. Several days go by and I don't hear anything so I log back in and it shows my order canceled.

I call customer service and they say yes, it was canceled but they don't know why. Account services say my credit card was good but no reason is given for the cancellation. They make no attempt to figure it out or make it good.

I send an e-mail to Sears alerting them that there process is broken. I get a reply saying they looked into it and don't know why it was canceled, but if I would call account services they would look into it. I replied that if they couldn't get the answer, I'm sure I couldn't. Bought a John Deere and had a much better experience and got a better mower.

What a bunch of ###s. No wonder Sears is going down the tubes.

  • Valerie Sep 24, 2008

    I moved into a brand new home in July and purchased a new Kenmore, French Door, Fridge. Not 2 months later the refrigerator side of the unit stopped cooling. The freezer side still worked but I called Sears on a Thursday to have a tech come out and service it. The closest appointment was for the following Tuesday between 1pm -5pm. I waited and supposedly the tech called at 3pm, and due to not hearing the phone he skipped my service repair and went to the next appointment. I called Sears and they told me because I didn't answer I got skipped and now have to wait till Saturday for the next closest appointment.

    So now everything in my fridge has gone to waist and am now eating out of two coolers filled with ice. Learning lesson, Don't miss the tech phone call even when your home cause Sears will make you take it right in the tail pipe...

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  • Ke
    kevins07 Dec 06, 2008

    Well sears is going down the tube for a lot of reasons. Yes the online system sucks and they do have a lot of products online that can be ordered but are no longer availible in certain area's. Mostly due to new innovations and new models. You're model you ordered wasn't availible anymore and they cancelled you're order due to its unavailibity. You would be better suited not using that peice of junk online system. Becuase Online you dont know what you're geting. When you're geting it or if you'll ever get it. Ordering online is convient but the Poor sales associate in lawn and garden make$4.50 an hour plus comission since you tried to buy it online they dont get comission and you get a headach. I work at sears. I dislike it wish i could change things. But the store abuses they're sales associates and doesnt give a damn about employee turn over. I've been there for 6 months and have seen 3 Lawn and garden managers and 3 diffrent lawn and garden supervisors fired, quit or walk out. Sorry for you're problems. I wish things were better here too.

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  • Ac
    Ace32140 Jul 21, 2009

    Yesterday I got fired from sears... Ok here is the stroy... Yesterday on july 20 i went to work.. Around 4 o clock pm eastern time. An assoicate from the store came in to return an camera and older camera she had brought 8 months ago and wanted to exchange it for another camera. Well since this camera is passed 30days it needed an mangers approval. I then called my manger for the approval she ask me did she have a receipet i then ask her while she was on the phone and she said yeah. So i told my manger yeah. So i when i started the exchange i asked for her phone number and no salescheck came up. So i started the return process without a receipt ask for her id and went thru that procudure. My manger then came and APPROVED the transaction. She then took the camera. 15 mins later she calls and ask for the parts for the camera. So i bring it to her and she ask me why did i return this camera. Which i was confused since she just APPROVED it. So to make a longer long. They pulled me in the LP office thats sears security. They accused me of a fuard transaction because i returned an product outside the 30 day period. BUT WHAT I DONT GET IS THAT THE MANGER APPROVED IT .. while the officer was yelling at me she made a comment saying "YOU PEOPLE CAN RETURN STUFF LIKE THAT" Mind you the whole salesfloor is black. I asked what do u mean YOU PEOPLE she gout real quite and all the black ppl in the room put their head down. So that pissed me off. But they didnt FIRE THE MANGER that apporved it. Its the mangers job to oversee everything. Honestly i wouldnt be mad if she was fired but she wasnt. And if the LP officer did not make a rascit comment to me i wouldnt be mad... So what should i do ppl should i sue sears?

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  • MZMICHIGAN Jul 26, 2009

    Call 88 Sears and file a complaint.

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  • Ng
    Nghfouri Jun 13, 2016

    I purchased a refrigerator with ice maker from Sears online.All the orders go to phillipins and they cancelled my order twice without letting me know but did not credit back my account totally and they owe me $214 and I have been fighting to get my money back but all the calls still go to phillipins and they pass me over to each other and they are all big cheaters and frauds .I think Sears will go bankrupt soon because they are cheaters and dishonest.

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guerilla marketing technique

Sears Portrait Studio Garden City, NY Re: Sears Portrait Needs to Understand Cultural Customs (Order #...

will not honor warranty

I purchased Sears Replacement Windows in 1993 and was guarantee a lifetime warranty on warping, chipping, pealing and cracking and a 20 year warranty on loss of the insulated seal for as long as I owned my home. I called Sears talked with Rhonda and I requested that I needed someone to come and repair 4 windows and I had a warranty to cover this. She requested I fax her a copy of my warranty. I faxed a copy and received a call back from Rhonda on my answering machine stating that this warranty was just an estimate not a warranty. The two windows I needed repaired were warped and the other two the seals were broken. I bought these windows because of the lifetime warranty. The warranty specifically said that Sears will grant a lifetime warranty on these window not the window company. They will not honor my warranty and said my warranty was only good for a year. I had Sears come out and fix my windows in 1998 and was not charged for the repair. This was past the one year period and they should have the warranty I sent them on file. I am very upset with Sears and will no longer purchase anything from them. They do not stand by what they say, which makes them untrustworthy.
Mary Ash.

  • Jo
    john Aug 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    thanks for the inform about sears windows i have them coming out to my house thurday for new windows/prices.

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  • Jo
    Joe Hackett Sep 29, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am having the exact experience. In 2003, I purchased six low-E windows for approximately $575.00 each! In 2007, I put in a claim for two lower sashes which had tiny cracks in a lower corner. A Sear's Rep came out and agreed with replacing them. New windows were delivered to my house via UPS. I am having a similar issue which I have been attempting to resolve since late July, to no avail. Today, I have made several calls to them. They told me that they have no record of either my warranty or purchase! They only keep records for 7 to 10 years. BS!

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kenmore oven

Bought a self-cleaning gas range model 665,72002 six years ago. It worked for about a year then the oven wouldn't light or it would display a power failure code (PF) after being on. The tech said it was a "known defect" and replaced the display panel free of charge. Seemed to be okay. Then I was cooking a roast one day-it preheated just fine. About 2 hrs. in I checked it and the oven was stone cold-no PF display this time-it said it was on and at the temp I had set it for. Over the past six years I have had Sears back to fix it several times. Each time they come up with a different diagnosis and replace or adjust something different and proclaim it fixed. Indeed, it will light 20 times in a row-until they leave! I called another local appliance repair company in my area and they said it could only be diagnosed by replacing parts until it was resolved-it's basically just a really poor design. We agreed that would be throwing good money after bad. The problem is intermittent. It can work and then not work for two days and then magically decide to work again. I can't entertain and rarely cook anything that has to be baked. I have endured rude treatment by Sears representatives and no-shows by techs who won't answer the calls and pages by the dispatchers and eat up my vacation leave from work. At one point I reluctantly bought an extended warranty because I knew it was a lemon and would require more repairs-although it felt like extortion. Sure enough, about a month later it did it again. I called and the guy on the phone acknowledged that he could see I had bought the warranty on that date but because it wasn't "showing up" on some field on his computer because it apparently hadn't been inputed correctly or completely yet, I would have to pay for the service call. I had to point out that regardless, the call would be free because their own policy states that if I call back within 90 days from the repair for the same problem, there is no charge. As there is no resolution in sight, I will be shopping for a new stove soon although I can't afford it. I really expected that my stove would last much longer that 18 months!

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    Rogerjk Oct 08, 2009

    We have a Kenmore Convectional oven with a ceramic cook top .When we set the temp. then turn it on not long after off it goes and on comes the PF code.WE reset it and it keeps coming on .can i fix this could you help.

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