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hassle free return within 30 days policy is a rip off!

Sears has no intention of honoring their "hassle free return within 30 days " policy. I purchased a lawnmower from sears and it worked for 15 minutes. I put fresh gasoline and an entire quart of oil in the lawnmower. When I tried to return the mower (less than 24 hours later), I was told that the lawn mower could not be returned because I broke it. I could not believe my ears! First they accused me of using gasoline that I had sitting around for over a year, which was false because I had just purchased fresh gas before my previous lawn mower broke that day. Then they said I did not put enough oil in the mower! Hello? I used a whole quart. They said I couldn't have.

To make a long story short, I had to send the mower out for repairs, that did not work in the first place, and was told that it would cost up to $110.00 to fix it!

Please, Please, Please, do not purchase any lawn equipment from Sears! It is a rip off!

  • Jo
    JoAnn Thompson Nov 10, 2007
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    I have been going round and round with Sears trying to get my self propelled mower repaired. Despite having an extended warranty, I am told that the unit is not "covered" . Apparently an aging widow woman is the target of Sears campaign to obfuscate and cheat people. I took the mower in at the beginning of the mowing season this year because it was running rough. I was told that the crankshaft was bent which is not possible since the blade is designed to slip when it encounters an obstacle. Likely the carburetor had some old gas in it when I stored it and it varnished up the jets rather than the standard crankshaft bent baloney that Sears repair utilized to optimize its service charges. I told them to proceed with the $130 in repairs (on a $400 mower now!) and they kept the mower, sent it to Dallas, for several months. I then got a call telling me that the "Deck" needed to be replaced, seeking authorization to do so with the charges estimated to be over $300 on again a $400 mower that has been used ONLY ONE SEASON! That was when I engaged in a letter writing campaign that thus far has not produced any positive results with Sears' management. I have had repeated customer service contacts with repair pricing going from $122 to $180 (it is now nearly SIX MONTHS later!) for a repair estimate. They even sent it back to my Sears store as "repaired" but it was not even touched. The West Monroe Store sent it back and now the Dallas repair facility is again sending it back UNREPAIRED. I am filing a lawsuit in City court to recover my lawnmower and the damages. This is absolutely a total carnage and I will never never buy another Sears product so long as I live. I have been so upset over this that my blood pressure meds have had to be increased. It is absolutely incredible how screwed up Sears' response network is.

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  • Ma
    Maureen Sergent Jul 13, 2015
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    this is exactly what I went through in Salt Lake City Utah had to rent mower at home depot when finally told the mower couldn't be fixed was told to go to my local store with original receipt and phone number was my reference number had to pick up defective mower at repair shop (a month later it also hadn't been touched)return to sears when I returned mower to store they could find no information on me getting a replacement mower. took the mower in the night before I was going to get the replacement so I didn't have to load and unload anymore didn't want to leave in trunk. took it to receiving signed in computer no one responded employees on lunch checked backroom still no one in sight, noticed computer screen said I was helped after 8mins still no one responded receiving persons name was Jerod some person named Jeff came to help find Jerod went in back and returned saying maybe he was having a cigarette, Jerod wasn't to be found, after nearly an hour he came walking out with a disgusting sneer on his face, told him I wasn't happy and he needed to remove bad mower from trunk and would need something to cut cord from trunk holding it down, he proceeded out to my car pissed off, I was talking to Jeff and watching JEROD remove my mower from car out receiving windows (supposed to be cameras) he was tugging on my trunk and had mower on ground started walking towards the receiving door my trunk was Open, I walked out and passed Jerod and said you could of shut my trunk. Jerod replied "It doesn't shut very good, in a very sarcastic way, I said "IT DID" my granddaughter was inside receiving doors and told us me and Jeff, Jerod put a his THUMB UP and had a BIG GRIN on his face. I preceded to try and shut my trunk which he had damaged. Told Jeff, he kept trying to close it still wouldn't lock I had to crawl in hatchback in over 100 degree temperatures and tie it shut from inside. I left very mad. It started all over the next day. Had conference call with lady at sears 800 number and a lady named Ysia (sp) in Salt Lake Store. Told her I was coming down to get replacement w/phone number, she said no problem. Got to store and went to garden shop told cashier what I needed and he directly called Ysia and asked her to come to garden shop that I was waiting, he was only cashier and at least 5 other people waiting. After over 30 min. and no Ysia, cashier called her
    again she had gone TO LUNCH, we waited and she gave cashier instructions over phone now over an hour! Picked out new mower told them I wanted them to put it together, they were confused, told them I would be back that evening to pick it up and I would not deal w/Jerod. Store Manager Chris was waiting (I called to let them know I was on my way) he already knew what was going on. Got mower loaded, and Chris took pictures of lock (I again had to crawl into hatchback I'm 68 yr. old small statured women ) That was July 1, 2015 still waiting to hear from them. Didn't have a variety to pick from when replacing, upgraded at cost to me Am not happy with mower I got, to heavy to turn, to hard to adjust wheels Almost impossible, and no power, self-propelled lever is not easy on my hand hard to pull. Calling store today to return this one Will let you know how this goes

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worst experience i've ever had!

Sears in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Short Version

I purchased four stainless steel KitchenAid appliances on Saturday, February 3 for nearly $6,000. First delivery was on Saturday, February 24. The refrigerator was scratched, the stove was dented on the side and the wrong dishwasher was delivered. The second dishwasher was delivered on Tuesday, February 27; it was dented in the front. Third and correct dishwasher was delivered on Tuesday, March 13. I was given a $150 gift card to keep the refrigerator and $100 gift card to keep the stove. Both were less than 10% of the purchase price of each appliance. With one gift card, I purchased a black toaster from Three weeks later a red toaster arrived. Its not simple exchange but a rather complicated process where UPS picks up the incorrect item, upon return to the warehouse a credit is issued and check sent back to customer, then a new product must be ordered. The only reason I purchased the appliances with Sears was to get a 10% rebate for purchasing three or more appliances. The items were sold on two separate receipts (see long version for full story). I received the 10% cash back for the first receipt but the second receipt was ignored. I called to correct the mistake. Its now nearly June (4 months after initial purchase) and I still haven’t received the remainder of my rebate.

Long Version

This was the worst experience I've ever had. I purchased four Stainless Steel KitchenAid appliances on Saturday, February 3, 2007, with a total bill of nearly $6,000. As was expected, nothing was in stock so I had to wait nearly one month for initial delivery. On Saturday, February 24 my appliances arrived. I asked the delivery company to unbox everything. They said it was company policy not to unbox the microwave and dishwasher. I removed the front door so they would have plenty of room to get in. Just as the delivery service left I opened the dishwasher to find a Kenmore dishwasher. I immediately called the 1-800 delivery number and was told they would dispatch the delivery drivers to turn around. I received no return call or dishwasher that day. On Monday, February 26 I called again and was told I would receive a call back to schedule a delivery time. At the end of the day I still hadn’t received a call. I then went to my local Sears to speak with a manager. They called the 1-800 from the store and spoke with a representative. I was told my dishwasher was misplaced and a new one would have to be ordered. They scheduled a delivery date of March 13. Mysteriously on Tuesday, February 27 I received a call directly from the delivery driver. He had my dishwasher and could deliver it that day. I met him at my house where he exchanged dishwashers, again not opening it. I opened the box to find two huge dents in the front. Luckily another one was on order and to be delivered on March 13. I finally received a “good condition” dishwasher on March 13. Now back to the other appliances, as I was cleaning the refrigerator I noticed a large scratch on the side of the door. Apparently when they were bringing it through the front door it got scratched. The stove also had a large dent where the drivers had used a dolly strap to secure it to the hand truck. I called to report the two damages. I received a $150 gift card for the damage to the $2000 refrigerator, which is less than 10% of the purchase price. I also received a $100 gift card for the damage to the stove which again was nearly $2000. I purchased a BLACK toaster from since it was not stocked at my local store. Three weeks later I received a RED toaster. Upon calling customer service I was informed of Sears’ ridiculous exchange policy. UPS would have to pick up the incorrect toaster, upon receiving it back in the warehouse a check would be issued back to me, and then I would have to purchase a new one from the web again. This would be a four to five week process to fix their mistake. Also, since I had originally ordered the toaster the price had increased. I was able to return it to my local store and get yet another gift card for the purchase price. This now bring me to my rebate fiasco. I purchased the appliances at Sears because they were offering 10% cashback for three or more appliances and “free” delivery. Since the salesmen work on commission, I purchased the refrigerator from one person and the microwave, dishwasher, and stove from another salesman. This means I had two receipts to mail to the rebate center. Four to six week later I received a check that was far less than the total 10%. After calling the rebate center customer service and walking them through the receipts line by line (I am a college math professor) we determined they had completely ignored the refrigerator and delivery rebate. I was told my check would be sent within another two weeks. Two weeks later I received nothing and called the customer service center again. I was told a check was mailed but it was again for the wrong amount. Some supervisor had changed what the service representative and I had fixed. I immediately asked to speak with another supervisor. After again walking this supervisor through the two receipts line by line, he agreed that I had been sent the wrong amount. It is now nearly June, which is four months since I had originally purchased the appliances, and I still have not received my full rebate. The service center claims a check was mailed nearly 30 days ago. I guess the US postal service must have lost it (I am being extremely sarcastic in case it’s not obvious). The service center says I have to wait the full 30 days before a stop payment can be issued and a new check sent. I sent an email to Sears National Customer Relations center and have not received a response. To be continued...

  • Ma
    mad as [email protected]# Mar 24, 2011
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    Verified customer

    i don't know what has happened to sears customer service department. they are the worst i ordered 1 tire instead of 4 by mistake and i immediately caleed customer service to cancel the order and was told that it was to late the 1 tire had been shipped already. when i said to the rep you must have magical elves working in your shipping dept because i just 2 minutes ago placed the order. then the rep started acting like she couldn't hear me and hung up on me. i called back i got the same rep 3 times as soon as she realized it was me she would hang up. i called a 4th time and that rep put me on hold for over 15mins. i called again and asked to speak to a supv. i was told the supv was unavailable. i just kept calling different 1-800#'s until i got a rep in misissippi (nice place w/southern hospitality) she was very nice and helpful. she got me through to a supv who stated that the order had gone through and that i should reject the package when it comes so i won't be responsible for shipment costs. what a nightmare. i'm physically, mentally and emotionally drained!!! they lost a customer and i want to tell the whole world about their lousy products and services.

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rebates denial

I bought a stainless steel Kenmore dishwasher in February. I was told by the sales person that I'll get a $60 rebate from Sears for the delivery. She printed out two receipts for me: the official receipt and the receipt to be used in the rebate submission. I was told that I only needed to submit the rebate receipt and to hold on to the official receipt. Fine.

After sending in the rebate application, I received a letter in April saying that my submission was denied. It was a form letter, and it was not specified what the reason for the denial was. I called Sears, and the guy I spoke with said that there shouldn't be any problems with my rebate and that I should expect a check in 15 days. A month passes, and I called again. This time, a woman claims that I never submitted a receipt to them! I talked to the local sales office in town, and they promised to try to do something about this and will call me back. Of course I haven't heard from them since.

This happened to the rebate we were supposed to get for a freezer we bought a few years ago, too. I never kept track of that one, so it's partly my fault. But this second case shows a pattern.

So that's it. I'm never buying anything from Sears again. We are planning on buying a new range and refrigerator, but I'll be going somewhere else. I'm also cancelling my Sears credit card and my membership to the Craftsman Club. If anyone asks me, I'm going to tell them to forget buying anything from Sears.

  • Da
    dahoov2 Mar 27, 2009

    Same problem here. I ordered online 11/16/08 and was supposed to get my 65.00 delivery rebate. I never got it. Here's how it went down

    1) went to store too early for the 20% + additional 10% off sale with free delivery (rebate). I had to wait a few hours for sale to begin so thought I'd order "online". I did so but only after NUMEROUS problems online with ordering (they were late putting up the sale over an hour late and then the thing either timed out to being too busy or it'd go blank and I'd have to re-input over and over. Finally. hours later, I get my appliances ordered. I then go online and apply for the shipping rebate.

    2) A month passes and no rebate and then another. We contact the rebate center and are told we put in the numbers wrong and resubmit. We do.

    3) another month passes and still no rebate. Online says we are not qualified. We contact again and are told the same thing to re-input. We do.

    4) another few weeks pass and same thing so we talk on the phone to someone who we fax info to and she inputs info for us so NO errors.

    5) another few weeks and nothing. I email Sears Rebate Center again AND the regular customer Service. I get no response 3/26 from Rebate Center, but the Customer service center calls me on phone. Said they can't cut a check but they can give me a gift card instead for 55.00.
    a. I have to settle for less
    b. I have to spend it only at Sears or KMart
    c. I am no longer qualified for the rebate.

    In order to alleviate my aggravation and against my better judgement, I agree.

    6) This morning I get an email telling me I was never qualified for the rebate.

    At this time I am FUMING. I am contacting the CEO. I spent THOUSANDS at Sears too! This purchase alone was well over 4200.00. At this point, the time invested in this was not worth the 65.00. I spent more in time. But I am spending more time STILL writing to you all... DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM SEARS if you are banking on part of your savings to be the Rebate!!! ps The delivery took longer too and one of the items I bought ended up scratched after a couple months of use (Stove) while the previoius glass top stove I had went 12 years with no scratches. So obviously, their products are declining in craftsmanship as well.


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  • Ma
    Mark G. Apr 01, 2009

    On 3/18/2008 I went to the Sears store at Concord Mall in Delaware only to purchase a Microwave to replace one that died. The sales person alerted me to a 20% rebate if we bought 3 items, because I was going to eventually replace a Refrigerator and Dishwasher too as we are re-doing our kitchen. So we bought all three items. I waited to input the rebate for three days recommended by the sales rep. We waited for the rebate, on February 13th we received a check for one of the items and not all three, and even that check was not correct in the amount, it was not 20% of the item(s). I called Sears rebate office and talked to a Rep, he stated that he didn't know why the others were not processed and that he would fix it, I waited while he supposedly re-input the informati0n and submitted it, approximately 15 minutes in all. Now it's April 1st, still no checks received, so I go back on-line to and find that the items are "unqualified" and they will not be sending the money. I sent them an email in the contact section and I have a call in to the Manager of the store I purchased the items, but I suspect that I will not be satisfied with his call this afternoon, if he even call and I'd bet the response from the rebate section (within 48 hrs) will be even less satisfying. Sears and their rebate program is obviously a con and I will never buy from them again. This warning is just my first steps in getting satisfaction from them, next up the BBB then on to the Prosecutors office to file another complaint, then to a lawyer, 600.00 bucks is 600.00 bucks!

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  • Ma
    Mary Sewell Jun 30, 2009

    I am a patient person, who always try to give people the benefit of the doubt, until I tried to get a a rebate from Sears. I would have rather they would knock of $50 of the price of the merchandise, than wait for a $200 check that they told me was sent out several times. I feel embarrassed for them. I wish someone had the gull just to tell me the truth. I know this will come back to bite them in the butt later. I know I am amongst several that have been lied to. What a shame. 7 months and several calls, still no check. Mary

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  • Si
    sibby62 Sep 28, 2009

    Sears had a big Labor Day sale and I needed a washer and dryer. In addition to the sales price, I was told there was a $75.00 rebate for the delivery. I was told all I had to do was go online and complete the form. Little did I know I had to have a program number. I called the Sears store and was told I could pick up the form. The form had the program number, so I completed it online. A few days later I received an email stating my rebate had been declined because I didn't pay full price for the items. There was nothing on the form that stated full price had to be paid. The only stipulation was that the price had to be $399 or more which I met. I called the rebate center and talked to them, but they were adamant that I didn't meet the requirements because I didn't pay full price for the product. I have filed a complaint against Sears.

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  • Dt
    dt23 Mar 15, 2011
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    Verified customer

    same situation here as sibby62 ... pretty sure the company that handles the rebate is stealing the money for themselves ... also, the customer/rebate center for Sears are just awful ... just kept transferring my call between those two centers ... 5 times i spoke with either rebate or customer service reps and they repeated the same questions over and over again like robots and wouldn't hear anything else or do anything ... might as well just get rid of both centers and just have customers read an FAQ because those reps are completely useless and unhelpful ... and the rebates are a complete scam, that's why they have switched to instant rebates ... but I would never buy from Sears again ...

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no refund for cancelled order

I ordered a riding lawnmower part on 5/3/07 from Sears with an estimated delivery date of 5/7 via phone [protected]. I was told it was available, and clarified that it was not on back-order. When it did not arrive on 5/8 I called Sears and was told it was on backorder, and when I mentioned that I specifically asked about that when I ordered the part, I was told that system must not have been updated; they apologized for any inconvenience, and they did not know when it would come available. I immediately found a local service man who ordered the part at 4:30pm and had it in the following day, from Greenville, SC, for 2.5 times the cost of Sears (I think it was worth it). I immediately called Sears back that afternoon to cancel order; was told it was canceled and would see my full refund soon including shipping, as the part had not been shipped. On 5/11, I received a call saying order could not be canceled as it had already been shipped. In order to get full refund, I requested how to proceed once the part arrived. Rep did not know when it would arrive the manufacturer had not provided a tracking number. I was instructed to simply watch for the package for the next 5-7 business days and refuse it when it arrived. I explained that I could not sit at my house and wait for UPS driver to come whenever. I was then told I should accept the package and then ship it at my cost back to Sears, who did not believe they could compensate me for postage; however I should purchase delivery confirmation as proof of delivery. So, I posted note on door, and called back everyday to try and get tracking #. I finally got the tracking # on 5/17, from Sears, the day package arrived, this is when I learned that the part had not been shipped until 5/16 from Greenville, SC, presumably the same placed that shipped the other part I received 8 days earlier. The tracking # (provided by driver and matched Sears tracking #) showed delivery back to company in Dallas, TX on 5/22. I called Sears on 5/23 and was told the company did not have part (Sears rep – Kendra in customer relations – parts department). When I told rep I had tracking number that showed part had been delivered she said they did not have it, and this why I should have accepted the part and shipped it back with delivery confirmation, at my cost, because my tracking # was not proof. After disagreeing with her for 5 minutes she finally agreed to look up tracking #, agreed that the part had been delivered, and must not have been processed. However, because I refused package instead of reshipping it myself, my refund would not show up until the next billing cycle. When I told her that I merely did as I was instructed by another cust rep, she stated that I should not have been told such, and there was nothing more she could do. I explained I used to work with Sears in Maryville, TN and when we had a customer that was upset we got a manager to satisfy the customer, then I was put on hold and transferred to the repair center (not a manager). That person transferred me to Kenny in Mobile, AL, who is a customer service rep “with manager authority.” I told him situation, and that I was displeased. I explained that I received too many mixed messages, I had been told things that were not honored, I was not told things that came back to frustrate later, and I wanted Sears to show that they care for their customers. I should get a full refund, after over 5 hours on the phone, and after at least a month since I originally canceled the order. For my trouble, I asked Kenny to authorize a free oil change ($22 value), as I use Sears for batteries, tires, oil changes, little auto stuff, etc which they could look up in records. Kenny responded, "I cannot do anything more for you sir. I have already refunded your shipping." Wasn't that supposed to happen anyway? I canceled order on 5/8, (8 days before shipping). Sears never should have paid for shipping; they had plenty of time to not ship item. Why can't someone pick up a phone and cancel the order manually.

  • Da
    Dan-N-Salem Mar 26, 2011

    I originally purchased a "Dirt Devil" carpet cleaner from Sears Service center in Salem, Oregon. I used it without any problems for over 5 years. The pump which moves the liquid from the tank to the carpet failed so, I took it into the service center for appraisel and possible repair. I was told the techs in Seattle would call me within 1 week to let me know if parts were even available for my carpet cleaner. It is 1 week to the day and NO phone call from the techs in Seattle. I took the initiative and called them only to discover it had NOT even been looked at so far. I called the service center to tell them I could NOT wait any more and I would like to get my money back. I initially paid $29.99 for an estimate on the cost of repair. I was told I could NOT get a refund. I explained it was over the 1 week period and my machine had not even been looked at. I told them if they wanted to issue me a store credit I would in turn buy a new machine from Sears. Again, they refused. I immediately called my bank and put a "stop payment" on the $29.99 deposit. I went to my bank to get some cash out for the up & coming week-end where my friend, a teller at my bank told me "Sears is NOT known for their customer service. I have purchased quite a few and costly items from Sears including tires for my car. I'll consider this a lesson well learned and will NEVER again darken Sears doorway for any purchases. BTW: I even bought a lawn mower from Sears. Never again!!

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  • Ba
    BarbiD35 Jun 03, 2016
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    Verified customer

    It seems that CitiBank owns Sears/Kmart. I have been a card carrying customer of Sears for 30+ years. My mom had me put onto her Sears credit card (that she held for at least 15 years prior) when I was a teenager, to help me establish some credit status when I became an adult. Needless to say, between my mom and myself... we have been card carrying customers for nearly 50 years.

    Over the years that I have had the card, I have had financial problems that caused my payments to be late but always caught up by the next month. I filed bankruptcy in the past (not on them) and I was allowed to continue as a card carrying customer. My Sears credit card account has been totally paid off many many times also.

    I was elated when Sears joined with KMart and I could use the Sears card at both stores. This meant I could get just about anything on the card...including prescriptions and food or major appliances and car repairs, not to mention the special tools needed and lawn mowers. Yep, I was a loyal customer to Sears and to KMart but last year, I received a letter from Citibank stating that my Sears account would be closed because of my credit history. My Sears account had been totally paid off for several months at the time and I had just paid cash for 4 new tires to be put on my car along with a brand new clothes dryer. This was the first time that I had heard of Citibank owning the other companies.

    Citibank was one of the first companies that borrowed BILLIONS from the government so they wouldnt go belly up (and so their bigwigs could continue to get million dollar bonuses, company cars, time at luxury resorts, ect) while Sears stayed in business due to KMart. One would think that Citibank might want to keep the long termed, loyal card carrying customers of Sears and KMart around instead of kicking them to the curb as soon as possible. Maybe doing this makes Citibank look good on paper, but they look like greedy ### who could care less about the other companies very loyal customers.

    I do have a question for CitiBank, did the thought ever cross your mind that the ones who came up with doing this Sears and KMart's loyal customers are the same ones who ran your company into the ground? Maybe the very bright persons who screwed your company up so bad arent really so bright in business after all? It is ok that you tossed the very loyal customers of Sears/Kmart to the curb because there are a lot of other stores out there that would appreciate having our business.

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poor customer delivery service

Sears has scheduled delivery for 5/19, with a notation of our need to have prior to 3:00 PM. Call on 5/18 evening confirmed arrival at 2:00 PM. We cancelled and re-scheduled at 2:45 when a call to Sears told us that delivery would be about 3:30 - no apology for time change. Re-scheduled for 5/20 afternoon, with call to us during evening of 5/19 to verify. Attended event, so cell off that evening. When turned on next morning, no call, so contacted Sears to find out time. Told then that no one authorized the delivery, so was scheduled for 5/21 AM. After lengthy altercation with scheduler, was offered $50 for "inconvenience". Delivery man arrived on time 5/21 AM, but with wrong pedestals for washer and dryer. Now the nightmare really begins. Have talked with three different phone centers, none of whom supposedly are authorized to help me get the right parts. I must call the store where I purchased the appliance for them to correct. Have called the store three times, and each time the auto-attendant system has told me that the main office is busy and has cut me off. Can anyone help, or is the just how Sears does customer service?

  • Se
    Sears_sucks_ass Feb 18, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sears customer service is outrageous. They have outsourced it to the Phillipines and they just plain lie to you with no knowledge. They will go the way of Wards very soon, do not buy from Sears. The guarantee is worthless.

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worst retailer in the country!

Sears Roebuck and Company. Gaithersburg Maryland 20877 I have been a loyal Sears customer for many years. In the last 3 years I have bought A plasma tv, three lawn mowers, two stoves, two refrigerators, 1 microwave, telephones , as well as many articles of clothing and other items. I have paid several thousand dollars for their items. Sears use to be a very reputable organization but I've noticed a drastic decline in the way I personally have been treated. On one refrigerator I bought There were two deliveries of dented merchandise and the drivers got upset because we did not want them. I bought a microwave oven from them about a year ago and could not install it because of personal reasons and they would not honor this item that their lying salesman told me had been tested and was fine. Sure I should have tested it, so much for trusting any of their associates. When calling the manufacturer about the item they said they would repair it for free as a item still under warranty. No problems at all when talking to the manufacturer but when dealing with the idiot Sears associates all I got was a bunch of crap of what I did wrong as the customer. Perhaps it did not help that their associates speak broken English and just don't understand about customer loyalty on this country nor their products. As a matter of fact I was not even talking to the one associate and he decided to barge in on my conversation. I must admit that when I called the supervisor the supervisor was helpful and curious but still the burden of getting it fixed was placed on me on this item that I was assured by Sears Associates that was Ok. The jest of this ordeal is that SEARS has lost a very loyal customer and I will never frequent their stores and I will tell everyone I know about Sears. I have been reading about Sears problems financially and see why they are having them. They use to be the BEST retailer in the country and now they are the worst. Sears, I see your fate as being the same as Montgomery Ward, Hechingers, The Hecht Company, and others that just don't give a damn about the consumer and you too will be a thing of the past.

  • Ju
    JUDY WATSON Dec 08, 2011
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poor after sales service!

I did not know where to turn then I saw this. My boyfriend purchased his eye glasses at Sears this years in Dedham MA. We spent over three hundred. Is there anything that can be done Sears would not service us to fix the handle. I feel with what was spent on them they should do that for free like any other place would to keep the business.

  • Jo
    John Doe Jul 20, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Charlene,

    I feel your pain. I was just at Sears and insulted by the eyeglass manager for a mistake she made. This incident happened in Ashtabula, Ohio, the managers name is Wendi. She verbally attacked me in front of about 10 customers, even after another Sears employee told her it was her (WENDI) fault. I walked away and returned a few days later with another manager who returned my money.

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I hope that you never have to deal with these people!

Below is a copy of a letter I sent to Alwyn Lewis the president/ceo of sears.

I hope no one else has these problems.

Here is the information I've found out if anyone needs it in the future.

Sears Service Unit # 8214
8000 National Highway
Pennsauken, NJ 08110

I pray that you never have to deal with these people.

Read this atrocity:

On April 9, 2007 the washer machine reported via its LCD screen there was problem with the unit. My wife contacted [protected] your warranty home service. My wife spoke with the call center and scheduled an appointment for Tuesday April 10, 2007.

April 10th - I received a call from your call center on my cell phone, which for some reason was the contact number they had, even though we had given them the home phone number to use. When I contacted the call center minutes later, they had stated that since the cell phone wasn’t answered the tech messaged them and told them we weren’t home to accept the service and we would have to reschedule. I reluctantly was given a date of Friday April 13th, 2007.

April 13th - We once again waited and called the call center to find out what time the tech would be at our home. The call center stated that we should expect the tech between 1p and 5pm. After calling in around 4pm to see if the tech was still going to arrive, we were told someone would get right back to us. A few minutes later, I received a call from the call center, I was told by the call center that the tech has once again messaged in saying that no one was at the home to answer the service call. I asked the call center why if no one was home or reachable at the phone number as the tech was claiming, why was the call center able to reach me on that line minutes later to inform me that no one would be there. They call center person said it did sound peculiar.

It is at this time, I called the Deptford NJ store and spoke with sales associate Lisa Bello. She told me she might be able to find out some info for us. She talked with someone at the local service center/unit and told us someone would be at our home on Saturday.

April 14th – The tech came to our home, informed us that we needed several parts, a pump, motherboard, and some other items. The tech stated that this was a two man job, and that we would have to remove the dryer from the utility room prior to the next appointment so that could work in the room. He also informed us that parts would be shipped directly to our home and to call into the call center to verify that we indeed receive the parts so that the techs didn’t waste a trip to our home on Friday if the parts were not there. I find this to particularly amusing because the there was such a sound of concern on his part not to have to waste a trip to our home, yet we had wasted two days already waiting for a tech to come.

I guess the service tech’s time from your company is more valuable than ours.

We paid the tech the $69 service call fee, and were given a receipt that specifically stated we were scheduled for an appointment on Friday April 20th between 8a-5p. (Please see enclosed copy)

April 19th – The call center left an automated message on our home phone to call in and confirm the parts were delivered to our home. My wife called and confirmed the parts indeed were delivered and was told the tech(s) would be there tomorrow. After working a 19-hour day, I came home and removed the dryer from my utility room in accordance with your techs directions in anticipation of the schedule appointment tomorrow.

April 20th – My wife checked with the call center approximately every two hours to confirm the time and the status of our appointment. She was told we were 8th on the list. At approximately 4:30pm my wife contacted the call center to inquire as to the status of the tech and was told we were never scheduled for this date and someone would be there on the 24th. My once again contacted the call center to complain and was repeatedly hung up on.

I contacted the call center and told them of my story; they forwarded me to corporate complaints. I have to say the woman Crystal who answered the call was very helpful. Unfortunately she after she forwarded me to the corporate complaint department another woman put me on hold, after approximately 30 seconds on hold I was disconnected.

Once again I called into the call center, surprisingly Crystal answered my call. I explained what had happened and she apologized and tried to forward me again. This time I was connected to a Margaret (ID # 27362). She read over the notes and assured me that the tech(s) would be on the Tuesday April 24th.

I asked for the Manager’s information for the service unit we are dealing with (Unit # 8214) she stated the Manager would be in on Monday and would message him/her to contact me. I asked for the contact information for the unit, she told me she could not provide it to me.

Margaret noted the history notes for my case stated that I didn’t have an appointment for today the 20th only the 24th.

So it is at this point, after getting the worst run around in my consumer buying experience I am writing this letter to you 9pm on a Friday night.

As the leader of one of the most identifiable American brands/company in the country I would hope this is not acceptable to you or your company.

If I performed this inadequately on my job, it would not be my job any longer.

I hope that you find this matter as troubling as I do, and that you can take the proper steps to correct it.

Unfortunately I have to say that I will no longer shop at your stores due to my current experience.

I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

unlawful termination

My name is Heather Lilley and i was an employee of Sears at the Sears store in the City of Industry, Ca. I worked there for two years, most of it as a cashier and then sales in jewelry. At the end of employment i decided it was time for me to quit because of little pay and the way management was treating employees. I told my supervisor at the time, Luawana that i decided to leave and wrote her an official note telling her the reasons why. Because i was in jewelry an employee does not have a two weeks notice because of security reasons and my status was in affect immediately. To my surprise when i tried to apply to another sears just recently i was denied because of how i left my previous job. I do not understand why that is so because i quit the job the correct way. This is unfair and should be changed immediately.

this will be my last sears appliance!

Bought this very expensive ($2000.00) Kenmore Trio Fridge with Freezer on Bottom in May of 2005 and as of today, March 29, 2007, the top unit has ceased to work. When I got home from work today the temp in the top unit was at 56 and rising. In calling Sears to get a repairman out to my home, I was told that they would not be able to get anyone out until Monday April 2. I did not even get two years worth of service out of this fridge. (Are that many Sears appliances breaking down that their repairmen are that busy?) I plan to see what I can get out of Sears on this, but have decided to get another repairman out to my home tomorrow. To say that we are disgusted is putting it mildly. This will be my last Sears appliance. All the person at Sears could say to me was, "oh, I am so sorry". Tell me that as I am throwing out spoiled food.

  • Ly
    Lynn Lozano May 22, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased a Kenmore Trio Feb. 11, 2006. On May 20th, 2007 the top refrigerator stopped working. It was warmer in my fridge than in the house! The next day the freezer failed as well.

    I called Sears, as it has a 5-year warranty on the refrigeration unit according to the owners manual, and was told I had no warranty coverage. The customer service person actually snickered under her breath at me as she told me it would be $70.00 just to look at it, payable in cash, cheque or credit... And I could not get any service for 5-days.

    Everything in my fridge and freezer has spoiled.

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  • An
    Anonymous Nov 09, 2007

    After much research I have come to the conclusion that it is not only Kenmore which is made by LG which has this problem of refrigerators breaking within the first few years. In my previous home, I had a Maytag which the freezer broke when it was 15 months old, and I lost all the food. I was unable to have a repairman come for a week so I bought a small Haier fridge w/ freezer w/ a dent in the side at Best Buy to get me through a 4th of July party and I keep it in my basement. I had purchased the extended warranty so it was covered. My sister in law has an Amana bottom freezer which the fridge section died in the first year. I think it all just boils down to all appliance makers are using cheaper parts (and charging more) on their refrigerators and they do not last as long. It seems like the same problems are happening across the board with all brands when you do a google search. It seems if you get a good one - you are just plain lucky these days.

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  • Ga
    Gary Mar 27, 2009

    I too want my money back and to send a message to LG and Sears that they have to pay for their deception to the public. I can not believe we are going to accept their quick fix with some foam and the small check every year; I want an energy savings refrigerator that I thought I was paying for. LG and Sears you SUCK and you owe me a new refrigerator. Gary [email protected]

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worst customer service and run around ever!

We bought steel shed on line last year Dec. 2006. Since we received the shipment we've had missing peaces and damaged pieces. As we started to put up the frame we found out we had damaged parts and also missing parts. We have called customer service and talked to 4 different Supervisors who have told we would get a refund on the shed, and schedule a pick up.

We have yet to get this shed picked up and get our money back. This seems to drag on for months. We are now calling Dale at the sears complaint number to get this resolved for the 6th time. After this call we will contact our attorney and let them handle this case.

This has been one of the worst customer service and run around ever. We have documentation and dates of every person that we spoke to at Sears regarding this matter.

It is a shame that we need to take this to a legal system but Sears is not wanting to settle this any other way.

  • La
    Larry Schlegel Apr 10, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We bought an arrow dk108 shed but only to find that the precut holes were not nuts and bolts missing and their was blood on the gables obviously from whoever the material handler or the person cutting the pieces.

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sears do not honor customer satisfaction guarantee policy!

I sure wish that I had read all of these complaints before I signed that contract. Following is my experience to date...

On February 2, 2007, a salesman gave an exemplary sales pitch to my husband and me, which caused us to purchase twelve windows from Sears at a cost of $12,772. A steep price in comparison to competitors such as Lowes and Home Depot, but we sold on the 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime replacement policy (even if my son puts a baseball through the window). On top of that, the windows seemed extraordinary with top of the line technology, and could even open with one finger. Sold!

That was my sales experience, we were very happy. A week later, a gentleman came by to measure the windows for order. While he was measuring the front bathroom window, he suggested that we go with opaque windows in the two bathrooms. When we told him that we had not ordered opaque windows through our salesman, he said it did not matter, as he was the person who puts the actual order in. We were very happy with this and ordered that the two bathroom windows be opaque.

Approximately one week later, we received a message from our project coordinator concerning the size of our largest picture window. She informed us that the largest picture window would have to be made smaller than originally ordered (by an inch and a half) because the windows were not manufactured that big. When we asked about a discount, we were told no, that we would want to pay Sears extra because the windows were so good. We agreed to have the smaller window, as we seemed to have no choice.

The installation was from February 26th to the 28th. The installers were professional and courteous and did an excellent job. However, the two bathroom windows were clear and not opaque. Also, following the 24-hour wait period, per the care and maintenance manual, we found that not only did none of the windows open with one finger but also are barely able to open with one hand. Many of the windows need two hands to open them, especially the large windows. We chalked this up to them being new, and attempted to exercise the windows. While this helped a little, in no way are these windows what was presented to us by the salesman. Even the two small windows, which are near the exact size of the demonstration window used in the sales pitch, will not open easily. The demonstration window opened with one finger, which was a big selling point to us.

On March 5th, my husband called the number listed on the ‘What’s Next’ document that we were given [protected]) to speak to the District Sales Manager. He got a customer service representative at that number, and explained about the opaque windows and the problem with opening the windows. She said that she would pass the information on to someone who would call me. On March 6th, my husband called again concerning status of his phone call yesterday. Again, he was told that someone would call as soon as possible.

We finally received a call back from the project manager on March 8th. I explained to her that the windows were not opening properly as per the sales presentation given to us, that included a demonstration on how the windows were so smooth that you could open them with one finger. She suggested that the big picture windows would not open this way. I agreed that the largest windows would of course be somewhat more difficult to open than a much smaller window, however they should not require two hands to open. I explained that none of the windows opened easily, including the windows that are a very similar size to the demonstration window. I have to force some of the windows to open and can do it with one hand (hard), but two hands more easily. She said that she would send the installer out the next Wednesday to check all of the windows and to deliver a picture window replacement for a defective paint issue that was reported by the installer.

I then asked her about the two bathroom windows, which should have been opaque. She said that they were still trying to determine who would pay for them because the opaque request was not on any of the paperwork. I told her that while we did not order them that way initially through the salesman, the man who came to measure the windows had suggested opaque windows in the bathrooms and had indicated that it did not matter how the contract was made with the salesman because he is the one who puts the actual order in and he would order them opaque for us. We agreed. Vickie again said that the request was not put in. I told her that I expect for her to contact the measure man and have him call me, following which he would be calling her to fess up to his mistake. She said she would have him call me, and that the installer and the salesman would be coming out on Wednesday the 14th of March to check the windows.

On March 12th, my husband purchased some silicone spray for lubricant as per the Sears care and maintenance manual’s instructions, this helped a little bit more, but not enough to make a significant difference to satisfy us per the sales demonstration. He then called the service number again to explain that he had tried the silicone spray and that it helped somewhat, but he still wanted someone to come out to check the windows. I still had not received a call from the measure man at this point.

On March 14th, we waited until 11 a.m. for the installer and salesman to show up. We received no call and no one came out, so we called the service number again to inquire as to where the men were and when they would be coming. The customer support representative said that she would check on the status and call back. No one called back that day.

On March 15th, my husband called the salesman and explained the situation to him. He was unaware of any of the problems and said that he would call the project manager to find out what was being done. The project manager then called my husband back and said that the installer would be coming by tomorrow (March 16th) to put in the new picture window and to check the operation of the other windows. I still have not received a call from the measure man.

March 16th, the installers arrived and installed the new picture window. He also checked operation of the windows and said that they were working properly. He said that these types of windows should never open with one finger because they are sealed and that the salesman should not have told us that they would open in this manner. I asked him about the opaque windows and he replied that the office was still trying to determine who would pay for them, the salesman or the measure man. I ensured him that his installation was not under question, but rather that it was the sales pitch and the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that we had an issue with.

I then contacted the project manger to request a copy of the sales order that was initially submitted for my windows. She informed me that I must call my salesman to get a copy of that and wanted to know why I wanted it. I didn’t reply, but asked her about the status of the opaque windows. She informed me that Sears would not be providing those windows unless we pay for them because they were not on the order. I asked her why I had not received a call from the measure man in reference to this and she said he could not help me because the opaque windows were not on the initial order. I then told her that in accordance with the Sears Satisfaction Guarantee, I was not satisfied. She became very defensive and rude at that time, raising her voice and telling me she could do nothing and I needed to talk to the salesman.

I then spoke with the salesman, telling him of the issues with the window order and explained that the issues were:

1. Ease of operation is not in accordance with the sales demonstration.
2. Bathroom windows are clear and not opaque as promised by Brian Baker.
3. Concerned about 100% lifetime breakage warranty promised during sales pitch – we have not received a copy of that warranty.
4. Not 100% satisfied per the Sears guarantee.

The salesman told me that the windows needed to be operated for a while in order to operate smoothly like his demo window. When I told him that the installer had been out this morning and told me the windows would never operate that way because they were not designed to due to the seal, he had nothing to say. As for the opaque windows, he said there was nothing he could do about that because they were not ordered that way on the sales contract, and if we wanted them we would have to pay for them. I told him about the measure man’s conversation with us, and was told that as of yesterday the measure man had been fired due to making promises to customers that he should not have made. I then requested a copy of the initial order that went to the production warehouse and was told that he did not have access to the order document and I must contact the project manager to get that… hmmm!

I then chose to call corporate customer service and spoke with the representative that took our original complaint on the 5th. She looked up the original complaint relating to the operation of the windows (one finger open), and the opaque windows. There is a note within the file indicating that the opaque windows did come in on the 14th, but it was also noted that the windows would not be installed until the customer pays for them. [Obviously, the measure man ordered the windows and then he was fired for not paying for them.] I told her about my conversations with both the salesman and the project coordinator. I said that I believe that since it was a Sears’ representative that measured my windows and offered the opaque ones that Sears should pay for the opaque windows. Also, since a Sears Salesman used the ease of opening in the sales pitch, he had lied to us because the installer told us that the window design did not allow for that type of operation.

I brought up the warranty on breakage, at which time she walked through the warranty with me; her warranty had the 100% lifetime breakage statement in it and mine did not. She is mailing me a copy of her warranty and doesn’t know why mine is that way. I then told her that I was invoking the 100% satisfaction guarantee for the opaque windows and the operation of the windows and that I wanted a copy of the original order form submitted by the measure man. I told her I was building a file for possible litigation concerning the opaque windows, operation of the windows, and 100% satisfaction guarantee statement. She said that the opaque window request would not hold up in court because they were not on the contract.

It has also come to my attention that in addition to all of these problems, Sears should have installed tempered glass in my bathrooms (along with opaque windows) to meet code. There was never any permit requested.

I want Sears to honor their customer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy on this purchase. They can satisfy me through one of the following:

1. Provide installation of the two bathroom windows and give me a 25% discount on the total purchase for misrepresentation in the ease of operation of the windows.
2. Do nothing and reduce the price of the total installation by 50%.
3. Do nothing and refund my purchase price in full.

I feel like I have a long hard battle ahead. Sears should have a class action suit brought up against them for not honoring their 100% satisfaction guarantee (or your money back).

  • Ja
    Jan Smith Jul 20, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is one of the most ridiculous complaints I have ever heard! Sounds like you are just having buyers remorse and trying to find anything and everything to pick at Sears for. My husband and I have had Sears windows for the past 7 years, and they are wonderful, easy to open (including our 75x65 sliding one).

    So, you are upset that they "don't open with one finger, a selling point" give me a break. People will do anything to take a buck from a larger corporation these days.

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  • Sh
    Shane Tapp Aug 07, 2007
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    Verified customer

    I have to completely disagree with your statement Jan. If a company promises you something and goes so far as to include it as a guarantee in the service/quality of the product, then you damn well better believe they are liable for any deference from that promise/guarantee. I JUST had a Sears representative in my house today and precisely as was stated in the message, we were sold on the "One-Finger Ease" of opening the window. Also, companies that laud themselves as so reliable that they can offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back are just that... reliable and do the right things to make customers happy. In this case Sears has done anything BUT make the customer happy. So, in legal eyes, the woman above deserves a full refund and accommodations to have her windows replaced with ones that work.

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  • Sp
    spiralsands Dec 13, 2007
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    Verified customer

    Sears has a history of failing to live up to their 'guarantees'. My newly widowed step-mother recently had Sears tell her to shove it when she complained that the 'guaranteed' paint job on her house had changed color.

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  • Ga
    gabriel Feb 19, 2009

    sears promised opaque windows, or the meassure man did. opening with one finger can be possible if installation is perfect, i install windows for a living. even windows that don't open with one finger are properly installed.
    100% satisfaction warranty with the actual windows and installation, maybe some damage along the way on the windows. they don't warranty against third party promises. sounds to me they told you they have your opaque windows and let you know they were extra money, and you answered that the sales man or meassure man should buy you windows.
    the reason, because they suggested i should have opaque windows . lol

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  • Bi
    bill Feb 20, 2009

    OK First thing first. You need to read and understand your contract.
    It states that sears will only back the items on the contract and not any promisses made by the project conslutant. If the contract states you ordered clear windows no matter what the contractor saids then clear windows is what you should get.

    If your windows are closer than 18 inches to the floor or over a tub/shower or over 9 square feet they need to be temper. They do not
    need to be tempered just because they are in your bathroom.

    It sounds to me like you are upset because you tried to get away with getting something you did not pay for and got caught. You did not pay to have the windows opaque.

    A law suit for something like this PLEASE

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Resolved sears repair department in general

A copy of a letter i sent to Sears: I'm sure this is nothing your company hasn't heard before as I...

Resolved sears refused to fix my freezer while under service contract

My Feezer failed around July of 2006 . Food all rotted as freezer is chest type in basement and I didn't realize that it had failed until I went to get some food out of it. The smell was terrible. I called Sears and after several missed appointments the service man came and replaced a part got the freezer working. I had already cleaned it out but the smell remained. I was told it would go away. I tried many different cleaning processes and after 2 more service visits I was told that the smell was in the insulation and the only thing I could do was replace the freezer. Sears refused to repair or replace the freezer. I have had A Sears service contract on this and other home appliances for over 10 years and had no service except a gasket and on one of our refrigerators and a plastic drawer on the same unit. I have called many times about this matter and also called for service on another refrigerator at the end of Dec. 2006 and no one showed up for the appointment on Jan 9th. I was out of town and the unit was working and only showed a "service" warning so my wife didn't bother calling again. I called after I came home end of Feb. and was told contract had expired so no service would be done. What happened to the old Sears "Satisfaction or your money back" policy?

being cheated and taken complete advantage of!

To Whom It May Concern: I’m writing this letter in frustration and in hopes of showing the public how...

rebate check scam, customer relations service is very poor!

We had been shopping for a new washer and dryer for quite some time. We decided that we liked the Kenmore High Efficiency washers, but were waiting for a good time to buy. When we went to the store on June 10, we were told about a rebate program happening in the store that day. Consumers would receive a gift card for 10% of the amount of all purchases on June 9 & 10. And there was a 0% financing deal on top of that. So we bought the washer, dryer and pedestals. The salesman printed out our receipt and an additional copy of the receipt which he instructed us to use for the rebate. So I mailed in the rebate using the receipt he gave us prior to the June 30 mailing deadline. Then we received a letter July 19 stating that the sales check on our receipt was scanned and found to be invalid for the rebate. So I called the rebate center (spoke to Nicole) and was told the receipt was not a valid receipt and that I should call the store to find out what's wrong. So I called the store and was told to call Customer Relations. I spoke with Kirsten who saw that the receipt the salesman printed out didn't have the sale date on it. I asked if I should resubmit with a copy of our original receipt and was told no. She was going to resubmit it for me and that I should have a gift card within 2-3 weeks.

Weeks went by with no card. So I called again October 26 @ 5:30 pm and spoke with Brittney. She told me that she would send an escalation and gave me the number for gift card services to that I could check the status on the card, but to wait a week or two.

Again weeks went by with no card. So I called the Gift Card Services and spoke with Emanuel. He told me that he could not help me without a gift card number and that I had to call Customer Relations again. So I called Customer Relations again and spoke to Willie and Alex on December 10. They indicated that they would pass the matter on to a manager and I could receive a call back within the week.

The next day, I was home from work sick and asleep when a manager called. I didn't get his name (think it was George) and was told that the problem was that they had my address incorrect and he had since fixed it and I'd get a card in the mail within the next 2 weeks. I asked him to verify the address that it was being sent to and he indicated an address that we hadn't lived at for 2 years. When I told him the address was wrong, he, very huffily, said "Well are you getting your mail forwarded." I told him we hadn't lived there in 2 years so NO, it wasn't being forwarded any longer. He confirmed my new address and said he'd have to fix it again and hung up on me.

The holidays went by and I called again on January 16, 2007. I spoke with Amy D. at Customer Relations and was told that the department that could help me was in Texas and because of the bad weather was not open. She said that someone would call me back in a few days. No call.

So I called back this morning, January 29, 2007 and spoke with Shavonne. She escalated my call to someone named Renee, who was sympathetic to my plight, but I'm not sure she will be very helpful. She is going to resubmit the rebate claim, but now that it's been 7 months, she can't find the program in her system to resubmit it. And she can't find any information that shows I spoke with the people above. I am waiting on her to call me back today. Don't worry. I'm not holding my breath.

Since this whole ordeal started I have made only one purchase from Sears (Lands End snow boots). Should this matter not be resolved before my 1 year no interest promotion is up, I will be cancelling my Sears card and will no longer be shopping at their stores. Which is sad, because I've loved my Kenmore appliances that we filled our last house with (the one where the December gift card is probably sitting). Needless to say that I've already warned everyone I know to not purchase anything from Sears that involves a rebate of any kind. Should this ever be resolved I will update my complaint.

Sears - Polaris Fashion Place Store, Westerville, OH

restocking used and broken product!

I went to Sears about 7 months ago to get a Kenmore vacuum cleaner. Consumer Reports said it was the best. I got it and when I brought it home, a piece that fastens an attachment in was broken, and it was obvious the vacuum was a returned item and not new. I returned it and got another one, and it was broken in another place, and was also a pre-owned item. The vacuum cleaner itself is not very good. The only way I could see Consumer Reports giving it a #1 (over Miele and Oreck, nonetheless!) is if they are on the take from Sears. They give exceptionally high ratings to Sears products. But Consumer Reports is another story... Sears has done even worse...

Ok, that was pretty bad, but this is worse. Yesterday I went there to get a replacement Pur water filter for my Kenmore refrigerator. When I got it home, I noticed the box had been previously opened. The filter was not wrapped in plastic, and it was dripping water out of it. It was a USED water filter. That is completely unhealthy. I called Pur and they told me their water filters are sealed in plastic, and I must have got a used water filter.

Pur is investigating this. I will also file a complaint with the California State Attorney General. This is completely wrong and disgusting. Drinking water from a used water filter is not safe.

  • Fi
    fired for being honest Nov 18, 2010

    sears has very strict policy about putting any returned item back on the shelf I have seen millions of what looks like brand new product in the dumpster however at that pay rate there may be a lack of product care, .

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poor customer service!

Do not use Sears Home Central for any home repair work. I contracted with them for an air conditioner in...

Machine quality is is very poor!

We purchased a front load washer and dryer in 1999 from Sears, I've tried on phone to get help with...

I am through with sears!

I am so upset and disappointed with Sears. When we moved into our home, i bought all my appliances at Sears - stove, microwave, washer, dryer, and refrigerator. I also purchased the warranties for all the appliances. I make sure that service is done on all the appliances every year as is recommended. On January 9, 2007, my washer flooded and water went right through to the basement (which is all finished as a recreation room) and did damage to the ceiling. I called Sears to come and repair the machine. They scheduled someone to come in that week, who only looked at the machine but could not repair it. They made another appointment for the following week to come in and do the repairs. Up until this point i did not have a problem until i got the call that that appointment had to be cancelled and scheduled for the following week. It was coming to two weeks and my children were running out of clothes. I complained to them that this was an inconvenience and that i was going to have to take the clothes to a "wash and fold" laundromat and that they would have to pay for the laundry. I could not see myself at the laundromat with three children - that would be a nightmare for me. The supervisor came on the phone and told me that they could only pay $20 maximum for laundry and that i would have to do it myself, "wash and fold" was not an option. The machines at the local laundromat cost $4.50 for the large load, you can't do much laundry for $20. Sears does not care for its customers - they are only good to you when they are getting money from you. Has the supervisor tried to do laundry at the laundromat with three children? Does she even know how much it costs to do one load of laundry or does she just want me to wash my clothes and not dry them? I am through with Sears!