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I have been without a refrigerator since the second week of July. It is now October 25th and still no fix. We have had a compressor put on, no fix. Next, a new board, still showing code of "r dh" and freezer not freezing, refrigerator freezing food. It was roaring so bad, we had to unplug it. Now we are waiting for 1 part of 4 ordered to try something else. Doesn't sound all that bad except for the fact the needed parts are always back ordered. (I have learned that that is because there are so many of this model are having problems). Please note that I did not hesitate to call in after each "fix" didn't work, it's just that it took sometimes weeks for a technician to get out, and then sometimes a month for the part to come in. At one point the wait for a technician was so long, I was told that I could use an alternate provider. I tried one company and was told they would not work on it because it was a Kenmore, and there was so much of an issue with these refrigerators and it was impossible to get parts. The last technician came out on October 11, and ordered parts. We have received three of them, but I received a call on the 22nd stating it was unknown how long it would be for the final part to come in. I asked Sears for a replacement but was told that I am not eligible for a replacement yet. I find this absolutely ridiculous that they think anyone can do without a refrigerator for this long.

  • Updated by JG Johnson, Nov 05, 2018

    OK, received the final part and technician came out on Wednesday, October 31st and installed them. Put a few things in the refrigerator section and the next day all vegetables in the drawers had frozen. On Saturday we woke up to the lights out again on the door panel and the "r dh" code showing. Not making ice. Same problem as the last 3 times it was worked on. I have had it. I would like a reimbursement for this refrigerator, not a replacement, because I do not ever want another Sears, Kenmore or LG product in my home.

Oct 25, 2018

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